If I Were to Write a Christmas Letter, It Would Go Like This….


It's that time of year where everyone sends out Christmas and Holiday cards of their gorgeous families. I love opening up each and every one.  I also love getting letters from friends and family, especially when I haven't heard from someone in awhile and they aren't on Facebook so I don't get updates.  But I was thinking about the letters and what I would write if I had the time (or energy) to sit down and write one out.  I figured, I would give it a try here and share it with you … [Continue reading]

Erin’s Very 1st Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway


Okay folks, the time has come for my very first holiday gift guide and giveaway. I have done product reviews and giveaways in the past but nothing ever like this. This is huge! I have so many awesome things that I can't wait to share with you. No I wasn't paid to do any of this. I am doing this because I love all of you and I love the products that I am sharing with you. Yes, some of them I was asked to review and blog about but I am only sharing the ones that I love and would use even if I … [Continue reading]

Mommy Guilt


Okay maybe I should have titled this blog post "The Curse of the Cavity" (you will understand if you just keep reading). I swear my kids can never catch a break with health issues. Yes, I am sooooo thankful that it is small issues. I know that it … [Continue reading]

Holiday Gift Guide


Hey folks, I know that it may seem a bit early, but the holidays are quickly approaching. Once Halloween ends everyone will have one thing on their minds - Christmas. Just this past week I noticed that some stores are full of Christmas lights and … [Continue reading]

What’s Cooking Robbinsville?


So I got a little bored yesterday thinking of food ideas and decided that I needed to reach out to my friends and family. I was tired of the same Pinterest recipes and thought that some of the best recipes have to be with my friends, neighbors and … [Continue reading]

Vacation Should Be A Four Letter Word


Vacation. The word sounds relaxing and exciting, right? When you think of vacation, you think of a warm beach, a crystal clear pool, a snowy ski slope and of course oceans of wine. Am I right? As a kid I always remembered our vacations as a fun … [Continue reading]

PRODUCT REVIEW: Caboo Paper Products

unnamed (2)

I was approached a few weeks ago to test out some new products for my family.  The company is called Caboo and they make a variety of ecologically sustainable paper products such as toilet paper, tissues, baby wipes, etc.  I have never really given … [Continue reading]

My Baby is Off to School


So a few years ago, I never expected that I would have a third boy in our family. The two that we had in hour house were already very complicated and adding a third was not on the top of my list. But God laughed and Owen joined our family. All 10 … [Continue reading]

Mission Complete

dogfish dash 1

I was finally able to check something off of my bucket list this past weekend.  For the past 5 years or so I have tried to get into a very fun 5k down in Delaware. It's called the Dogfish Dash and it is held by Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE. … [Continue reading]

The Constant Struggle


So let's talk about ADHD otherwise known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a very common thing these days and I'm sure they everyone knows someone that has it. Whether it's your friends child, your child or even an adult friend. It … [Continue reading]