Snackeez – Sean’s Favorite Cup!


So last week I received such a fun product in the mail.  The Snackeez!  I know that you guys know all about this and I couldn't wait to give it to the boys to try out.   The only problem is that I have one Snackeez! and two boys! Thankfully they have been pretty good about taking turns {but I may have to run out and buy another one soon}. The Snackeez! is a pretty cool snack / drink cup.  It combines both into one. It's perfect for in the car or at the park. The bottom cup holds 16ozs of any … [Continue reading]

Nuby Product Review: Storage Bowls with Feeding Spoon


Welcome back to another great review from Nuby.  Today I am reviewing the Nuby Storage Bowls with Feeding Spoon. This great set is awesome when you are on the go with the little ones but still need to feed them without the mess.  I started using these right when Owen started eating baby food.  I knew at first he wouldn't be able to eat the entire jar so I would dump half of it into this container and cover for later.  Then when he started eating on the go it was perfect to throw a little … [Continue reading]

Color Me Rad – My 1st 5K Race

unnamed (7)

So this past weekend I ran my very first 5K. I was hoping to do this last year but instead I got pregnant with my sweet little Owen.  I figured that since I was trying to exercise using my Beachbody programs and I was trying to eat a little healthier … [Continue reading]

6 Months Already??


I can't believe that my baby, my last child, my sweet little Owen is 6 months old. I don't know where the last 6 months went. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was freaking out over the thought of adding a 3rd child to the mix. I was freaking … [Continue reading]

Nuby Product Review: Step-up Stool


Welcome back to another Nuby product review.  This was a fun one.  You would think that reviewing a step stool might be a little bit on the boring side but soooo many people in this house get use of it {ahem me!} that it's a wonderful product.  Check … [Continue reading]

Let’s Play Catch Up {While the Boys Play Catch}


Alrighty, I know that it's been a few weeks since I had a personal post.  As you can imagine life with 3 boys is a little bit hectic.  They keep me very busy each and every day.  Now that the weather is warming up we have been trying to do some fun … [Continue reading]

Beech-Nut 100% Natural Baby Food


So a few weeks ago Owen's doctor gave me the okay to start feeding him some baby food.  I always love this stage of my babies. I love seeing their faces when they have their first bite of food.  Will they like it? Will they grimace?  I love trying … [Continue reading]

Nuby Product Review: Wacky Ware Bowl


Never in a million years did I think one new bowl would cause so much controversy in my house.  I just love this cute bowl from Nuby {The Wacky Ware Bowl} and was lucky enough to get it for a review. I thought it would be perfect for Owen now that he … [Continue reading]

My Crazy Mind

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I don't know what it is but my mind is on overdrive these days.  I have so much going on but I can't just pick one thing and stick with it.  I have a to-do list of about 700 things and I am in the middle of about 10 projects but I can't complete … [Continue reading]

Spring Photos with Photography by Jen Davis

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-6

Now by now you know all about my friend Jen from Photography by Jen Davis and her awesome skills.  Well she did it again.  Since our family is finally complete I thought it was time to get a ton of new photos!  I plan on doing this a lot more often … [Continue reading]