30 Days of Thanks – November 7th

November 7, 2012

Today I am thankful for my wonderful dermatologist. I had my quarterly visit at Princeton Dermatology on Monday and I only had one mole that might be suspicious.  Right now it’s just something we need to keep an eye on and it’s on my behind so I am sure that Joey will be happy to keep an eye on it for me.  Other than that no biopsies and nothing else looked suspicious. This is huge for me. For the past few years at every appointment I have had at least 1-2 biopsies. It was such a relief to walk out of there with no bandages and no stitches. I swear if I get one more scar on my body I am going to turn into a creepy monster that scares all of the children away. 

For my entire life I have had issues with my skin. Ever since I was about 7 or 8 years old, I have had multiple “suspicious/precancerous” moles removed.  I have had several basal cell carcinomas, several MOHS surgeries and I even had a melanoma. On top of all of that I know that I have had at least a couple of dozen suspicious moles removed. So every few months when I walk into that office my heart sinks to the floor fearing the worst. So to walk out of there on Monday with a “clean and healthy” visit, I wanted to kiss the ground. Because when you are at the young age of 29 and get a phone call that your latest biopsy came back with a positive for melanoma is quite a shock. I have had several people make fun of me because I am a stickler for sunscreen, umbrellas and hats when I am at the beach but until they get that phone call they can shove it. Sorry but it pisses me off when people make fun of me for being over protective of myself and my pale and pasty family. Ben was born with 9 moles on his arm and he goes yearly to the NYC skin and cancer center for appointments. His 9 moles have turned into a dozen but thankfully they are just cosmetic, but they can turn suspicious at any moment.  

So for the next 3-6 months I am a happy camper to have no skin cancer issues! I still keep an eye on every mole on my body and wear my sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY but I am thankful for a few months of peace of mind.

PS. The pictures will be pretty boring for this post. I don’t think the world needs to see all of my gruesome scars (email me if you really want to see them). But right now I will just post pictures of my favorite sun care products. How does that sounds? Boring I know, but tough, it’s my blog. 

Kiehls has my favorite every day skin care lotion. I use this if I am not going to be spending a lot of time in the sun. They have an awesome light weight body lotion with SPF 30.  This is what I use when I am only running errands in the car, picking the kids up from school, etc. It is not my daily sunscreen and it does not replace my sunscreen if I am spending time at the park, the beach or hanging out by the pool but it does the job for my daily schedule. This is just an everyday lotion for me and I LOVE IT. I love it because it doesn’t smell like sunscreen – I hate smelling like sunscreen!  I also use their ultra facial moisturizer with SPF 15, again just for every day use. If I am going to be out in the sun for more than a 1/2 hour I will use pure sunscreen (usually a Neutrogena product). Kiehls is a little bit costly but they have worked for me. I will say that Target products also have a high rating and seem to do the trick when I am spending a few hours out in the sun at Great Adventure!   

Sunscreen and skin cancer is something that I care deeply about so if you are still reading this post I appreciate it. I will get off my soap box now and let you get back to your daily scheduled program! 

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  1. I’m thankful that you have taught me how to stay pasty and how to keep the kids pasty white. Thank you for spreading the word in sunscreen. And I am VERY THANKFUL you had a clean visit!!!

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