Owen’s New Bed / Bedtime Torture

Since the day that he outgrew it, I have been dying to break out Ben’s old Thomas the Tank Engine bed. Well the day finally came when Spider-Man {aka Owen} discovered that he could escape his crib. Oh crap! My days of plopping him in the crib at nap/bed time were over. He is now a free man. Free to roam his room (which is pretty pathetic right now since he has no furniture). He’s free to open his door and scream “all done” at 3am. No Owen, bedtime doesn’t end at 3am. You are not “done”.

It didn’t take long to put the bed together but banging plastic into plastic is not fun  it never fits properly so after a few bad words and a few glasses of wine the bed was done.



He loved his bed so much the first night, that this is where he passed out.  So adorable. I did carry him back into his bed. It was hard, I kind of wanted to leave him there because he looked so freaking cute, but I moved him.  He did this a few nights in a row.


The first few nights in the toddler bed went well. The boys, especially Ben, were so excited to snuggle with him. He was sleeping through the night and even slept til 7:30 the first few mornings. I thought, damn this is going great. Then boom. It happened. He discovered the freedom. He realized that he had some control now. Let me tell you, the past month has sucked big time. He now wakes up at 3am and refuses to go back to bed. So I end up bringing him in our bed, which at this point usually occupies a husband and one or both of the other boys. Thank goodness we upgraded to a king sized bed last year.

Joey and I are both so physically exhausted. We are not used to him being up. It’s worse than the newborn stage. I have tried to let him cry it out but he usually knocks down the gate and then goes into his brothers room to play.

When he is sleeping, he manages to pack his bed with every single stuffed animal, train and toy that is left in his room. I don’t know how he sleeps in here, then he begs for me to snuggle. Yeah, mommy can’t fit in the bed with all that crap kid.


Now he is fighting his nap. He usually plays for 10 minutes then settles down. Not the past two weeks.  He is good the first hour playing, yelling and then he knocks down the gate.  He has broke free once or twice. Okay I lied, he has escaped about 74 times.

I swear, give me a newborn before a two year old. This kid is going to be the death of me. I forgot how hard this stage of parenting was. Give me the midnight and 4am feedings. At least then we all got to go back to sleep. God help me when I have to potty train.

Now the poor kid has pneumonia (two years in a row) so he is coughing and crying all night long.  It’s so sad to see and we all need some sleep in this house. I just need a weekend where I can lay down on the couch or in my bed and catch up.  Maybe in 15 years!  At least he is cute!


Now I just need to find the kid some furniture so I can finally decorate his room. That’s what happens when you are the third kid, sorry Owen! I’ll get your socks and PJs out of the plastic bins one day before you turn 5 (doutbtful).

PS. I wrote this post about a month ago.  Two weeks of trying to fix pics, two weeks of Owen and his pneumonia and double ear infection. One of these days I will put ME first and dedicate some time to writing about my kids but in the mean time I have take care of and love on them…… right…. that’s the point of being a mom and a parent. You put them first.  Before your own dinner, before your own shower, before your own drink of water, before your next blog post, before your next concert, before your next girls breakfast, etc….. It’s hard but that’s what parenting is all about. I would love to write so much more (and trust me, I have the material), I just don’t have the time.. I swear if someone followed me around all day writing shit down, I would have three blogs and at least 17 books published by now!!!


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