A Few Updates….. Hey I’m Trying!

Okay so a little note before reading this blog post! I started it a month ago. It’s in multiple parts and I tried to piece it all together for you! What can I say it’s a madhouse around here and I am trying to type posts when I get a minute or two alone.

Wednesdsay, January 29th

My life has been so consumed with the three boys that I have not had a second to write some blog posts about the boys and our lives lately. I really want to get back into writing on here and back into the bloggy world but my brain is still foggy.  Blogging is an awesome outlet for me being at home with the boys.  I love sharing all of the crazy drama that is my life!  For example I am sitting here watching the guys from Stanley Steemer clean my carpets because Ben had a bloody nose two weeks ago and walked all over the house in the middle of the night dripping blood everywhere.  My bathroom (thank god for tile) looked like a murder scene.  It’s crazy what a little blood from a 6 year old boys nose can do! But my carpets look gorgeous again!

It’s been a crazy few months now that I have the three boys.  We are still trying to figure out a routine {is that even possible}? I have gotten down the routine of packing lunches, laying out the clothes, packing book bags and doing homework.  We even have worked out a little system with my friend Wendi on getting Ben to karate!  But the bedtime routine, Oh that dreaded bedtime routine DOES NOT EXIST! I try my best to do baths, books, and bed. But I have one kid afraid of being alone, another who still needs to cuddle and a third one who picks that time of night to scream his head off.  It’s just mass chaos around here between 6:30-9:00pm.  I do it all by myself most nights and I am still struggling to figure it all out.  But we are doing it somehow? It may not be quiet or sane but I get them to sleep … most nights!

Thursday, January 30th

Last night I actually registered Sean for Kindergarten. I cannot believe that my baby {oh wait he is now the middle child} will be headed off to Kindergarten.  He will be riding the bus with Ben and will be forced to grow up.  I am happy and sad about it all.  I am happy that he is going off to school and I will get just a few more hours a week as a break but I am going to miss his sweet, smiling face {in between all of the I hate you mommy comments}.

Saturday, February 15th

Wow it’s been over two weeks since I started this post.  Ahhh sorry guys! I know that I blogged a bit about my newest health and fitness plan.  If you haven’t read it, you can check it out here. I start on Monday so I hope to update you this week with my progress! I need to take my before pictures, my before measurements and of course my before weight! Ahh I think that I will pour a large glass of wine before I step on that scale.  Oh wait I should drink it after I step off the scale .. every ounce matters!

The boys have been pretty great with Owen.  I have only  had a few incidents. Sean is so in love with him and is such a great helper.  He loves holding Owen’s bottle and throwing his diapers in the trash.  Sean will sing to him and try to make Owen laugh.  Ben loves to read to Owen. Just tonight he read the entire Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham to him.  Owen was mesmorized {as was I} with Ben’s awesome reading skills.  Ben has come so far this year with his reading! Every day I am more and more impressed.

Last week we finally celebrated Ben’s birthday with a few of his friends.  It was crazy and chaotic but a great time.  Ben was happy so that made me happy.  His behavior during December was pretty out there so I told him that he couldn’t have a huge party at some expensive place. So we had a smaller one at home with pizza and cupcakes and a few kids! Of course it was Star Wars themed — which is his latest phase!


Last night Ben’s bus had a little incident and it seemed to have “disappeared” for 2 hours.  It was quite scary and there was no communication between the bus company, the school or the parents.  Finally parents called the cops and after 2 scary hours his bus showed up with a police escort.  It was a pretty traumatizing situation for me! Ben didn’t notice at all. He said he never realized that he was on the bus for so long and that the substitute driver got lost. It’s a good thing that he didn’t have to go to the bathroom or he would have noticed that it took two hours to get home instead of 8 minutes!   What a Valentine’s Day!!!!

Sean has been doing pretty well too. I have his conference coming up at the end of the month and I cannot wait to hear all about his progress. I think he is doing well with his writing but his behavior is still a little bit insane. I just hope that he behaves a little better at school than he does at home.  He is still a ham and makes me laugh each and every day!  That kid will drive you to the nut house one minute but the very next minute you will want to snuggle him and never let him go.


Owen is doing great! He is eating like a champ and growing like a weed.  At his 2 month appointment he was almost 12lbs and 25″ long.  He is wearing 6 month clothes already and size 2 diapers. I swear he will be wearing 9 months pretty soon!  He is laughing a lot and babbling quite often.  The kid despises tummy time and being set down. He loves being held and snuggled {especially in my bed}.  He is getting better at going back to sleep in his crib at night.  We had a two week stretch were it took me two hours or more to get him to go back to sleep after a 3am feeding. There were a few nights that I would get him back to sleep, lay in bed and then boom five minutes later Ben and Sean were up for the day!  But it’s getting better.  Right now he is sound asleep in his Mamaroo chair and I am afraid to transfer him to the crib.

IMG_3938  IMG_4727    IMG_4792 IMG_4361IMG_4842

Well I guess that’s about it for now! Sorry for the multiple updates in one post! I am trying to get my act together I swear.  I need to start writing stuff down and then spend a few hours typing it all up for posts!  I usually end up just posting on my Facebook page or over at Instagram.

It doesn’t help that I have been trapped in my house for 2 months with all three boys. Can this snow PLEASE STOP NOW!


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  1. The bus incident sounded scary and we had a lockdown at pickup time for my girls at pre-school this past week. There were helicopters over head and all. Turns out a local tenant didn’t want to pay his rent and went after his landlord with a rifle. Shots were fired, but thankfully no one was injured. But he barricaded himself and there was a standoff with the cops for over 2 hours, which led to the lockdown at the school which is a few block away from where this occurred. Thankfully, all is well that ended well, but like you during it I was definitely in panic mode.

    • OMG Janine that sounds so scary. It’s one of those moments where you just want to run to your baby and grab them so tightly! Ben was wondering why I was so upset? Thankfully they are young and don’t realize some of these things! So scary!!!!!!


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