A Shiny, Gold Necklace

So what did I do this morning you ask {oh you didn’t ask? Tough, I am going to tell you anyway}. Well spring break is over for the kids and Ben went back to school this morning so I did a big happy dance. After that dance ended I was off to buy a birthday gift for one of Ben’s friends at school. His friend {a girl} is having a party this weekend and I had to get her a gift. According to Ben it’s his girlfriend, so he wanted something special. I am thinking she doesn’t know that part about being his girlfriend and Ben is just crushing. But he is just so into her it’s adorable. All he talks about is this girl and how he can’t wait for her party! 
Well last week he informed me that he wanted to get this girl a shiny, gold necklace for her birthday. What? Seriously? He is five and wants to buy girls jewelry already?
So after looking around today, I found a cute butterfly necklace at Kohls. I was so worried to show it to him because it’s not gold, but at least it is shiny.  Well today he comes home from school and asks to see the necklace. He screamed out “WOW, it’s really pretty”. Thankfully it passed his test.  

But why must they grow up so fast? He is five, he isn’t supposed to be so smitten with a girl yet. The only girl he is supposed to buy a necklace for is me?? Did he just skip that phase?  Where’s my shiny, gold necklace? He has forgotten about me already {okay I am exaggerating but I feel like he is off to get married}.
Doesn’t he look so cute showing off the necklace? It almost looks like he is ready to propose! Ha!
Well if you son is buying jewelry for other girls at the age of five, you might as well enter my giveaway. At least you have a chance to win some free candles. 

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  1. Aww how precious is that. How is it my youngest has had the same girlfriend since first grade? Swear to you. They are in 6th grade now and already planning on attending prom together if one of them doesn’t move before then. Hey his relationship has landed longer than Kim Kardashian.

  2. Loved the necklace and at almost 4 years old today, Emma told me as soon as we got to the car that “Chase” was back in school today (her little boyfriend) and her whole face lit up. So, yes can relate completely!!

  3. That is so cute! My daughter’s best friend (boy-friend) is moving at the end of the month and we’re simply beside ourselves over it…


  1. […] ladies.  I swear each school year he has a new crush.  We all remember his crush from last year {A Shiny Gold Necklace}.  This year it’s a girl at his bus stop {who is also in his kindergarten class}.   She is […]

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