All of the Cool Moms Wear Brown

It’s been about 8 years since I stopped worked. 8 years since I stopped commuting into NYC. 8 years since I left my job in fashion to become a stay at home mom. 8 years since I stopped wearing cool clothes.

Now what the heck am I wearing? How did I go from wearing Ralph Lauren to this awful, light brown (tan? taupe?) button up outdoorsy styled shirt? Just look at those cool patches.


Oh did I forget to mention that I have become a Cub Scout Den mom?? What??? Both boys have joined Cub Scouts this year. Ben is a Wolf and Sean is a Tiger Scout.  Well Sean’s den was without a leader so I stepped in {along with the help of two fabulous co-leaders}.  I was a Girl Scout and have always wanted my boys to become Boy Scouts.  So far they seem to enjoy it.  They already had their first camping trip. Which was a huge success.

camp 2 camp

Here’s my new reading material for the next 10 months. I have been spending the past few weeks reading and studying all of the adventures that these boys need to complete over the next year.  I think that I have never studied this hard in my life.

unnamed (1)

So tonight I will be hosting my first ever den meeting at my house.  When I agreed we had about 8-9 scouts.  Now we are up to 11.  Oh my! I will be running the entire meeting, start to finish.  Yes me, the person who doesn’t like to speak in crowds, can’t handle my own three kids, and gets anxiety when more than 5 people are in a room…. Yeah I’ll have 11 kids (1st grade boys) as well as their parents (plus my kids) all at my house in a few hours. I might have to count how many times I hear the word fart, poop, pee and hungry. Boys!

I’m terrified. Why? I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because they don’t make this shirt in a flattering color or size/shape for woman (I will need to contact Ralph so he can get to work on that). I just don’t like standing in front of people and teaching. That’s why I decided not to major in elementary education in college. So here I am about to teach 11 boys all about cub scouts, the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, and lead them through the many activities of scouting. I am the one (along with the the help of their parents) that will start them on their journey into Boy Scouts.  Pray for me! Oh wait no maybe you should pray for them. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I am not very crafty but I did create poster boards, games, spreadsheets and charts.

boy scouts boards

boy  scout  unnamed

So does anyone know a good tailor for my shirt. I need to shorten it about 8 inches! UGH! So unflattering.  And there’s no way that I am posting a picture of myself in this shirt. It comes down to my knees (since they only make it in a men’s). I might have to tie it off to the side to give it some shape and style.

Oh and on a side note…. The boys are selling popcorn to support their Pack.  If you have any interest, please let me know.  The popcorn is not cheap, so consider it a wonderful donation to the Boy Scouts of America! LOL.

popcorn popcorn2

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