All You Runners, Please Help!!!

Okay so I started running as some form of exercise about 9 months ago. I started off well, then slacked off a bit, but now I am trying to get my butt back into gear so I can run my first 5K this year! I already know which one I am signing up for the Dogfish Dash in Delaware. Of course the end goal is beer so I know that I can make it 3.1 miles for beer! I just don’t want to come in last place so I need some help, advice, etc. I have a few questions for all of you runners out there (see below). Please comment in the post so I can become a “runner” soon!

Right now this is my motto!

  1. What are the best types of sneakers to wear. I am using just basic every day sneaker from Kohls. I know that they are not great for running but I didn’t want to make an investment until I started showing improvement. 
  2. What’s the best type of clothing to wear? Any specific brands? I am talking tops, shorts/pants and socks? 
  3. Girls – Now this is for the big busted ladies out there (woo hoo!) but I need a really good sports bra. I was in pain while running the other day and my back still hurts and I am still sporting black eyes! Any recommendations? I can’t spend my entire run holding onto the girls b/c that may look a bit weird to the other runners. 
  4. What is a good time to expect for a “novice” runner. I started out with 15 minute miles – remember I am sooooooo out of shape! I mean I couldn’t even run more than 2 tenths of a mile when I first started and today I did under an 11 minute mile – my personal best! I know that I WILL DO BETTER but it’s going to take some time.  Again what is good for an average runner who is doing it for fun?
  5. Any other tips you can share with me? Please do! 

Thanks for any and all advice!

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  1. Hi Erin, I started running not so long ago too and trust me it does wonders to the body and soul, so you have a double benefit there. I wear normal sneakers, nike, adidas, whatever is comfortable with a good fit. I started off wearing my regular shorts and t-shirts like you said did not want to invest immediately and then later on bought some real jogging wear. All the best!

    • That’s my problem. I hate the initial investment. I wanted to see how much I liked it before I spent money on fancy clothes and sneakers!! I know the one thing I will need to invest in is a bra! UGHHHH I hate sports bras but I am realizing how important they are…

  2. I started running last March and used the couch to 5k program. It is wonderful and it is a free app so maybe try that?
    I ran my first 5k in September and am running the Color Run in May so I will begin training again in the end of March because I have asthma and can’t run all year long (winter in Chicago is baaaad).
    Shoes is a good question because I am actually looking into getting a new pair next month. I heard Reebok DMX Sky….not sure if that is the name….are good.
    The best piece of advice I got when I started running was to go to an actual running store. They will put you on a treadmill to see how you run and will get you the right shoe for your pace, gait etc. You will be paying a lot of moola but its worth it.

    Good luck!!!

    • OH I started out with the couch to 5k program too. I was in the last 2 weeks when I got sick and never went back to it. I think I need to start using that app again from the beginning. It did help out a lot. Thanks for the advice. I will have to hit up a running store near me!

  3. Hi Erin

    Good luck with your running. I have only been running a couple of years and when I first started would run for 2 mins then walk for 2 mins, and gradually increased the running time and decreased the walking time.

    It might be worth investing in a good pair of trainers. I was going to suggest the same as Kari, and find a store where you can get on a treadmill so they can assess and find the perfect shoes for you and your running style.

    Kate x

    • Thank you Kate. I will have to research the stores around me. I think there’s one not too far away! I think a bra and sneakers is where I will start first!

  4. I have no advice, because I am not a runner by any means. In the warmer weather, I walk in the neighborhood in the evenings with Kevin and the kids, but that probably doesn’t qualify. Totally rooting for you though and the beer sounds like a great reward!!

    • Thanks Janine. I need all the support that I can get! I am in no way shape or form a runner. I started it because I needed to get out of the house over the summer with the boys. So I put them in the daycare and started on the treadmill. I set a goal to do a 5k by the end of last year but failed miserable. Now I am giving myself until this one in September to get it done!!!! AHHHHHHH Nice walks in the neighborhood are perfect I cannot wait for the weather to warm up a bit to start that again!

  5. I am not a runner. Never have been, never will be. However, I do run. What does that mean? It means I run 3.1 several times a week but that’s it. After a lifetime of gymnastics, soccer and cheerleading and a commitment to fitness since I was 18 I am very strong but I am not build like a runner. I am short, have a tiny stride and there is not one thing long and lean about me;) So I just run the best I can. I commit to a time or distance with each run. I am a 10 minute miler. Certainly not going to win e any medals but I’m consistent.

    As for shoes… Invest NOW. They will make your runs better, stronger, more comfortable. But more importantly they will prevent injury that will take you out of training. Go for it girl! Set a goal to o the 5k and train consistently and with confidence. You can do it!!

    • Thanks Vicky for the feedback! I think I am going to invest in shoes and a new sports bra really soon! I think that’s great that you run that each week. My goal is to build up to that… I can do a mile at once now I just have to figure out how to add 2 more onto that. I am not as concerned with speed right now. I wanted to see how fast I could go and I was around 11 minutes – but that was just for 1 mile. If I do 3.1 then I am sure I will be closer to 15-20 minutes! Ha okay not that bad but I will probably sit around the 12-13 minute mark. Thanks again for the feedback! I have a goal of September – I know that seems far away but I always get sidetracked with the kids. So if I am ready earlier I might find something sooner but right now Sept. is my goal!

  6. Oh and I don’t run like I stole something. I run like I just want to be done already!

  7. It’s so great that you started running!! I’m by no means a hard core runner, but I enjoy running and love having races lined up throughout the year so it gives me a goal to work up to. Here are some of my opinions on your questions…
    #1. Running shoes are definitely something you want to get your feet analyzed for (for us, Princeton Running Company and Road Runner are two great places). I personally love Brooks, but right now I’m running in Asics, which are working great.
    #2. Okay, this will definitely depend on money! I’ve tried a lot of types and brands, but this is what works for me and my bodytype. I used to do a lot of running in the Old Navy Wide Leg Active pants and capris (I tried their running pants and they fell down about 30 seconds into a race!!). Once I became more committed to running, I justified spending more money, and I’m so glad I did!! My favorites are North Face and also one of the LuLu Lemon winter running pants (can’t remember which one at the moment). Definitely more money but WORTH it!! PS…I don’t run in shorts. No one needs to witness that.
    #3. Sports bras…I would look at the running stores I mentioned above. They have good quality ones that will support the ladies!
    #4. Time is a hard one. Once you start running more races, you’ll set personal goals for yourself…I would say that maybe for your first race, shoot for under 40 minutes. If you’re running 11 minute miles, you’ll definitely be under that!
    #5. Okay, this is something that I’ve had to work on…when you run races, just remember to pace yourself! Races are very exciting and motivating, and you’ll want to run full force off the starting line. DON’T!! Even if it feels like everyone is passing you. DO NOT!! Stay where you’re comfortable…you can always pick it up later in the race (and sprint at the end!). I used to start off really strong, but then I’d burn out really fast and I would be angry with myself for not keeping the pace I’m comfortable with.
    Good luck!!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!

    • Thanks Leslie! I will have to check out the Running Company. I need to get something soon. I might as well just break down and do it.

      Everyone talks about LuLu Lemon when you say expensive how much is expensive??? I am afraid to check it out myself. Hahaha.

      I figure I will give myself 40 minutes for my first one. I am not running 11 minute miles consistently at that is just one mile at a time. once I attempt to run 3.1 miles I will in no way shape or form be going that fast!

      Thanks again Leslie for the advice. I will have to check out some of these shops that you mentioned. Remind me to grab my husbands CC before I go!

  8. The Moving Comfort sports bras are great. My current favorite is the Fiona. I ordered them off of Amazon (free shipping with Prime!) and they came direct from Moving Comfort. They are pricy at full price, but there are often specials (especially if you don’t care about the color) and I got mine for $27. Still maybe a bit pricy, but totally worth it if you are well endowed in that department!

  9. 3. I have tired all kinds of extra support bras when it came to running. The best thing I have ever done for them is wear two at a time. Which sound uncomfortable I know, but it works and you don’t even feel them. But you don’t have any pain when running.

    4. Best thing you can do in my experience when starting out is to do intervals. Meaning walk a minute and a half then run for a minute. If you do that for 20 mins for about two weeks and don’t give up you can be running a 10 minute mile at the end of it.

    Also good luck with you 5k I am training for one too!

    • Thanks Paulina! Good luck with your training! I might have to double up on the bras until I can get a good one. My back and neck are so sore after each run. I was still in pain Thursday from my Sunday run. It was really bad!!!!!

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