Baby Update – Week 28

Well as you have read, the past two days have been pretty emotional for me but very exciting for the kids.  They are both officially back to school.  I can’t believe it.  I will be writing a quick post for tomorrow on how everyone’s first days went!  It’s a pretty exciting time around here!  But now onto the baby update!

Number of Weeks: 28 Weeks – Welcome to the 3rd Trimester


Doctor Updates:  Tomorrow I am headed to Maternal Fetal Medicine to get my Rhogam shot bright and early in the morning.  On Friday I head on over to my OB appointment for my bi-weekly appointment and then on Monday I head back to the cardiologist for my echo cardiogram.  Fun times!  But I am officially in the 3rd trimester! The last one, the end of this pregnancy is near. 

How I’m Feeling: I am finally feeling a lot better.  I can breath again and I don’t have any more headaches.  The only issue now is soreness but that’s going to happen.  Some days I can barely put my pants on but I had this with Ben so I know what to expect.

Shopping: I think that I am officially done buying baby things.  I have everything that I need {minus a few little things that I can pick up when he arrives}.  I have diapers, wipes, binkies, bottles, all the necessary gear and bedding.  I think I am going to be ready {shopping wise} when he makes his appearance in 12 weeks!

Names: Still no final name yet.  I don’t think that we are going to share now until after he arrives! It might be kept a secret just like the date of his birth!  I am evil, I know.  

Delivery Date: I have my delivery date scheduled but I’m still not telling you!  The countdown is on.

Okay that’s all for now. These last few weeks are going to be boring {hopefully}. There’s not much else to share! But I will continue to post my updates because I want a record of my weekly belly shots and anything else that may be going on. Oh and since both boys are back in school this mama is going to spend about 3 1/2 hours a day doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  So I am off for my last 1/2 hour of doing nothing!  I’ll have another post coming later today with Sean’s back to school pictures!  Stay tuned….


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  1. best wishes, nothing like the rhogam shot … funny how after delivery u could care less but before delivery a little different…lol… I remember with my last shot, with Nolan, I was wearing steve’s underwear 🙂 gave the nurse a good laugh for the day – I said hey this is my third – so what ! who cares ! lol !! Hope everyone is enjoying school , all these baby posts really make me *almost* wish for another , they are just such blessings !! …maybe if i hit that mega lotto another one, but the are getting to expensive for me 🙂

  2. Heading to your second post and saw your last line and realized why you did two posts in one day. I had Kevin home today, but otherwise, I too will have 2 1/2 hours now all to myself. And you also made me laugh about being evil and not telling us when you are having the baby or what you are naming him!! I will just keep waiting patiently though and seriously can’t wait now though!! 🙂

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