Baby Update – Week 30

Wow, I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged in a week.  I am seriously slacking lately.  The kids have been in school for two weeks now and you may be asking what am I doing with my free time? Well it’s been filled up with doctors appointments, trips to Shop Rite and I have even squeezed in a few moms only playdates!  I have also been busy trying to keep this house clean.  Of course I don’t last long with the cleaning or the shopping since it is really hard for me to do a lot of walking.  I still have a lot of pain when I walk or lift anything {that means you Sean when you have your tantrums}.  I am really trying to take it easy but it’s hard.  I will admit that two days I did just put Ben on the bus, drove Sean to school and I came home and napped!!!  It was glorious.  But I have been at several doctors appointments and I hate spending my free time at the doctors!  Oh well at least I don’t have to drag a kid or two along with me.

Number of Weeks: 30 Weeks, 10 to go!



Doctor Updates:  Like I mentioned above I have spent at least 6 days sitting in doctors offices.  I have had 2 OBGYN appts, 1 hospital appt for my Rhogam shot and 3 cardiologist appointments.  It’s been a busy two weeks {not to mention Sean’s 4 year check up and tomorrow both boys have their dentist appointments}.  Thankfully everything seems to be moving along smoothly with the pregnancy.  I did have my cardiologist appointment and my echocardiogram last week.  Thankfully the doctor said my heart looks good.  I do have a murmur but other than that everything seems to be ticking fine.  What a relief. I still have to go back after I have this baby to make sure that I don’t have any fluid on my lungs like I did after I had my c-section with Sean.  But at least as of right now everything is good.

I had my OB appointment yesterday and everything still looks good.  I don’t like the number on the scale but what can I do, the baby is growing and I can’t complain about that.  He is a good size and not big at all {unlike Ben and Sean at this point}. So I may actually have a “normal” sized baby! We shall see.  Who wants to start taking bets on the weight? Ben was 9lbs 8ozs and Sean was 9lbs 20zs! I am guessing that this guy will be 8lbs 8ozs.

Alright that’s it for now. Like I said these are going to be short and sweet for the next few weeks!!!!

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  1. I so wish I could nap, but I am constantly working on something when the girls are in school and just never stopping. But I guess that is a good thing and I am not pregnant so I should keep busy. Getting closer and closer and you must be getting excited. I will guess 8lbs 3ozs. 🙂

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