Baby Update: Weeks 32 & 33

So I am really behind on my blogging lately but it has taken a backseat because I am just too darn tired to type people.  When the kids are at school I am either catching up on all of the housework, shopping or I’m sleeping.  I honestly am not in the mood to type.  And when the kids are home from school they command my attention 100%.  Sean is into anything and everything lately.  If I turn my head for a second its trouble. The other night I gave him a bath and as I was hanging up the towels he snuck into the powder room and dumped half a bottle of bath and body works soap on his head because he wanted to wash his hair again.  It took forever getting the hand soap out of his hair. UGH.  On Sunday when I was folding laundry he went into my bathroom {he said he had to go} but he really just opened up my drawer and destroyed about a weeks worth of contact lenses by opening up the packages and dumping them into the trash.  Thank goodness I have daily lenses but they are not cheap.

Ben has also been acting up like I mentioned a few weeks ago.  He is still very hyper and a little to wound up.  When Sean gets that way I know how to get him to calm down — just give him a job or a project to work on.  With Ben there’s no answer.  He just goes on little rampages whether it’s hitting, stomping on feet or just acting like a crazed little boy.

So as you can see I have my hands full these past few weeks. I thought that once I had them in school I would be able to catch a little break but that hasn’t happened yet.  Oh and in case you forgot Christmas is right around the corner and that means CRAZY KIDS! Ahhhhh!!!

Number of Weeks: 33 Weeks, 7 to go! 49 days until my official due date.  That’s less than 50 people!

Here’s my 32 week photo – all dressed up for a wedding! My belly arrived to the wedding about an hour before the rest of my body.

32 weeks

And now here’s my 33 week photo


Doctor Updates:  I went to my doctor last week for my appointment.  All is well with the little man. His heart is beating strong, he is moving around like a little gymnast. The doctor always has a hard time with the heartbeat because he is constantly tossing around.  As if he had to tell me that, I can feel it for myself doc! I have gained almost 30lbs already.  My goal was no more than 35lbs but I think I might top that again this pregnancy! 7 weeks and usually a pound a week. UGH.  But I am starting to get full a little quicker now that I have no more room in my stomach so maybe that will help slow things down a bit.  But you know what, who really cares. If I gain 25, 35 or 45lbs it will be okay.  I will find a way to get it off again.  I did it before and I will do it again.  As long as this little guy and myself are healthy screw the extra pounds. I deserve that chocolate peanut butter ice cream dammit!

Oh sorry about that little rant, back to my doctor updates! We are healthy and doing well.  I go back again next week.  Then I believe I will start going weekly until my c-section.

How I’m Feeling:  I am feeling blah! Some days I cannot function at all.  There was one day last week that I was feeling a little tired and out of it.  Then at the bus stop Sean took off around the block and I had to run and chase him.  Yes, it was not pretty and I am sure the waddling run was quite attractive. But I caught him and then I couldn’t move for another day and a half.   My muscles are very week and they just gave out and caused enormous amounts of pain — especially since there was a baby pushing down on them.  When I feel like this I just have to sit and not move for hours and hours at a time.  Now could someone please share that with my two boys who still need to go to karate, get their homework done, eat dinner, get their baths and go to bed?  I will say that I kicked butt at story time this week!!!  I read at least 20 books over those two days!

Names:  The stocking has been ordered! Okay I lied, two stockings have been ordered.  We have narrowed it down to two names.  I had to order the stockings because they were on sale {yeah} and I had an additional coupon {hell yeah!}. So I just ordered two.  I will just sell whichever one we don’t end up using.

Delivery Date:  It’s coming up soon people!  I will tell you that it’s 7 weeks or less!

Alright I guess that’s it for now.  Still just trucking along until baby!

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  1. Lily was my active baby and got told at every weekly NST that she was all over the place. My reaction the same as yours that I felt it all day long. No wonder she was a cat napper and didn’t sleep much during the day, but she did sleep good at night, so no complaints on that one here!! Yay to 7 weeks and can’t wait for you!! 🙂

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