Baby Update – Weeks 34 & 35

Wow, here we are just five weeks left until my due date! It feels like the longest pregnancy ever but we are getting to the end guys.  I’m now 35 weeks and only 35 days left until my due date!

Number of Weeks: 35 Weeks

Here I am last week at 34 weeks

photo (1)

and then today at 35 weeks

35 weeks

The type of shirt you wear can really change the picture. I look soooo much bigger in the green shirt from last week.  UGH.

How I’m Feeling: I have good days and bad days but right now the bad outweigh the good.  Today I am having trouble walking around.  The baby is laying is such a way that it’s causing me a lot of pain.  Tomorrow he will switch it up and I won’t be able to breath {but I will be able to walk}.  This kid better be one calm, relaxed and laid back infant after all the pain I’m feeling now!  I am at the point now that if I eat anything I am in so much pain for the next 4 hours.  It’s almost not worth eating.  Listen I said almost people, I’m not that crazy!  I did spy some yummy snacks while shopping at BJs yesterday! Perfect little pick me up for the afternoons with Sean!

photo (2)

My Wardrobe: My maternity clothes are barely fitting now.  The pants fall down and the shirts are too short. It’s a beautiful sight! I’ve given up on all fashion and I am now in the jeans, t-shirt and Uggs phase of this pregnancy!  I did finally go and buy some new maternity PJs. They still aren’t perfect but I bought whatever the maternity store was selling.  I want something presentable for the hospital.

Doctor Updates:  I went last week for my latest checkup.  My weight and BP are still good according to my doctor.  The baby is starting to measure bigger now {no big surprise here – I have large babies}.  I will go back again on Tuesday {and weekly visits after that}.  My next visit they will start weekly monitoring of the baby.  I guess it’s like a stress test or fetal monitoring that they do because of my “advanced” age.  Hot dog! See it’s fun having a baby over the age of 35! So many more tests and ultrasounds!

Ready for Delivery: So I have the hospital bag and diaper bag pretty much packed.  I will have to throw in some last minute items {like my charger and camera} but I am pretty much set.  I’m being a little realistic with the birth this time.  I have never, ever gone early.  My c-sections were always at 39 weeks and I never felt a contraction! But… this time around is so much different.  I have had so many other issues, pains, cramps, etc. I feel like there could be a chance that this baby tries to break out before his planned birthday!  So I want to have everything ready just in case.

The room is ready, the diapers/wipes are ready, the bassinet is all set up and ready in my bedroom and the swing is just waiting for the little man.  The only thing left to do is set up the pack and play on the first floor and install the carseat.  Those things can wait until right before I have this guy.  Of course I should probably put Ben in the third row of the swagger wagon soon so he gets used to sitting back there.  I’m just not prepared for the fight with Sean over why Ben get’s to sit back there and he doesn’t!

I have the baby’s coming home outfit all ironed and ready to go.  My boys each wore a striped Ralph Lauren outfit so of course I had to pick up a new one for this little guy!

Ben is in the yellow/blue and Sean is in the green/blue.  This little man’s outfit will be red/blue combo.

DSCN2299   IMG_1957

I even have all three boys Christmas outfits all ready to go for pictures!  I told you that I am shopping early and getting everything done!  Now if I could just get motivated enough to finish with the Christmas shopping!

Alright, so that’s my latest baby update! I hope to blog soon about the boys and some of their latest adventures! I need to just sit down and type! Maybe tonight I will try if I don’t pass out before 10pm!

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  1. Totally missed you around here and glad to get a baby update. Cannot believe you have only 5 weeks left and can’t wait for you to meet you new little guy! I totally remember being uncomfortable by this point in both my pregnancies and you are right the last few weeks I would always feel so full and not really want to eat, because I just couldn’t.

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