Ben’s 8th Birthday Party

My baby is officially 8 years old now. I can’t believe it, he may still act 3 some days but other days he acts 45. Ben is one amazing kid. He’s doing great is school, scouts and is improving weekly at basketball. He is still obsessed with Minecraft and Pokemon. He loves Star Wars but that has dwindled a bit lately.

When it comes to planning kids birthday parties I am horrible at it. I procrastinate, especially with Ben’s. His falls so close to Christmas that I can never get things booked and invites out early enough. But this year I think that we pulled it off.

A few months ago he went to a neighbors party and they had the video game truck.  Ben has never really been into video console games {except for ipad games}. But after that party he was a little obsessed. He wanted to play our Wii more and he kept asking for Xbox and the minecraft game {which he did get for Christmas}. So for this years birthday we decided to do the game truck and a sleepover. We planned on having a few kids sleep over on his actual birthday weekend and then host his party the following weekend. But then we had a blizzard and had to postpone his sleepover.



But it all worked out. We had a sleepover on Saturday. It was a success. Ben invited 3 boys over to spend the night. They made pizzas, ate brownies, played on the iPads and with the Pokemon cards. They even went to bed around 11pm. Okay, I went to bed around 11pm. Joey said one or two kids were up until about 1am.

Then Sunday afternoon after waffles and games, the game truck arrived.  We had about 21 kids come over to play, eat and party.


The game truck was a bit behind schedule because of a tire issue. So we had an hour of trying to entertain all of those kids until the truck arrived. Thankfully it was nice out so some kids played basketball, some played light saber battles and others watched a little bit of the Goonies movie.

When the truck finally arrived the kids were so excited.  Ben was in heaven. He got to sit front and center and play minecraft for 90 minutes straight! The rest of the kids played NHL, Star Wars, Madden and a ton of other games that I never heard of before.

IMG_2805  IMG_2798  IMG_2791

After the truck left the kids enjoyed pizza and cake.


It was such a fun {and exhausting} day. But definitely worth it seeing how happy Ben was afterwards! This will probably be his last big party for awhile so I hope we went out with a bang! Next year — low key party!



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