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Hey folks, I know that it may seem a bit early, but the holidays are quickly approaching. Once Halloween ends everyone will have one thing on their minds – Christmas. Just this past week I noticed that some stores are full of Christmas lights and decorations already.  The toy sections are stocking up and I am already stressing about what to buy for the holidays.  I need gifts for my kids, family, teachers, etc. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful time. I would love to take some of that stress off of you by helping my readers out.

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I thought that this year I would make a list of some of my favorite items and share them with you. They might be small stocking stuffers or maybe just some great gifts for a teacher or friend. I would also love to showcase products that I have reviewed on my blog or items that I have purchased outside of blogging life, whether they were from Etsy, my friends or neighbors, or local shops.  There are so many things that I would love to share with you.

So here’s what I am asking, if you would like your product or company to appear in my Holiday Must Have’s, let me know.  Shoot me an email, text me, Facebook me, etc.   I am also trying to put together a big giveaway of all of the items too.  Don’t get too excited, I am not Oprah!

If you want to be included in my list and want to participate in the giveaway, I am accepting donations of one (or two) of your items from your company. If you are unable to do that, maybe you could create a specific freebie or discount code for the winner?  I know that I have many friends that have small businesses and I am including you guys too. Don’t think that this is just for the larger companies that I write about on the blog! The only requirement is that I have ordered from you in the past and I have used or tested your product. I have a list already in my mind and I will be reaching out to some of you shortly. But, if you have a product that you sell, make and I haven’t tried it yet, but would love to be included on the list/giveway, contact me ASAP so I can test it out. I only like to showcase items that I have experience with.  Remember, the more the merrier!




Click on the image below to vote for me! This is one way that all of those awesome companies find me to review their products! The higher up on the list, the more requests that I get from companies.  So please, click this link and then click on the yellow box in the pop up screen! Thank you so much for your support.

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What exactly is  Well it’s something that I wished that I had back in my college days {wow, I sounded really old there}.  But it’s an awesome website that allows you to search online for textbooks and will rent them to you for a low cost.  No need to buy them anymore from your campus bookstore {or wherever you kids are buying your textbooks from these days}.

Here are some of the awesome perks of the program:

– Save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
– Free shipping both ways
– You can even highlight in the textbooks
– Flexible renting periods
– Live customer support
– 30 day risk free returns
– They donate to Operation Smile with each textbook rented

Here’s a video that explains it all to you:

But renting textbooks is not all that they offer to students.  If you were unfortunate enough to spend the $$$ on a textbook that you probably opened 5 times all semester, then they have something for you!  It’s a wonderful new program called RentBack.

RentBack is a great new way for a student to earn money on books that they have already purchased.  You send it in to RentBack and they will rent it out to other students for you and you will get paid each time someone rents the book!  Pretty cool, right?  See, why didn’t someone come up with this stuff when I was at UD.  I hated waiting in line at the end of each semester praying that I would get at least $100 back on the $500+ that I spent!


Well if you aren’t sold on then this might help you out. They have partnered up with Operation Smile and will donate money from each book rented to this wonderful program.  If you aren’t familiar with Operation Smile, than you must check them out now.  They are a great international charity that help children who are born with a cleft lip.  They will provide free cleft surgeries to these wonderful children whose families may not be able to afford the surgery otherwise.  It’s life changing for these children!


Please check out their website today!

If you know anyone in college right now who is spending a ton of money on books, tell them to STOP and check out or today!

Thanks and remember to enter the Wondershare Video Editor giveaway below!
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This is a sponsored post from  I was compensated for the post but all of the opinions are my own.


About two weeks ago I was approached by Conscious Box to host a giveaway and for doing so I would receive my very own Conscious Box.  Well it arrived in the mail last week and I must say that I was quite impressed with the contents.  
Now what is Conscious Box you ask? It’s an online monthly subscription to some of the best products around.  Each month you receive anywhere between 10-20 Natural and Eco friendly products on the planet. All from a variety of companies that are chosen for you.   You can pick if you would like a vegan or a gluten free box.  The items are not just limited to food, they also have a large variety of health and beauty as well as some all natural household products.  They have quite a large variety to pick from all delivered to your doorstep each and every month.   
Now that you get an idea of what Conscious Box has to offer, let me share with you what was in my awesome box this month.  
When I first opened my box I thought that it was going to be a little larger in size but that didn’t mean what was inside was something small. It was jammed packed with some awesome goodies.  
I had about 15 different goodies in my box ranging from disposable iphone sleeves, wheatgrass boast, some teas, vitamins, cough syrup, diaper rash cream and a few other fun things to sample.  There was the perfect amount of stuff in here for my husband and I to both try.  I was pretty impressed with everything too!


This month, Conscious Box is sending out a special Earth Day box!
Inside, you’ll find incredible products that help you lighten your carbon footprint and better show your love for Mother Earth. From healthy, sustainable snacks to ultra-conscious home products, the April Earth Box will introduce you exciting exciting new things in the world of green! What are you waiting for?! Sign up for Conscious Box today and find all new ways to support a healthier, happier planet!” – Conscious Box
Does this sound interesting to you? If so, now’s your chance to try it for free.  Enter my giveaway below to win a free 3 Month Subscription to Conscious Box.  
If you can’t wait that long and would like to try Conscious Box for yourself, you can head on over to their website for a 50% OFF discount for any Conscious Box subscription. Use code: DISCOVERNATURAL.  That’s an awesome deal!

Please make sure that you stop by their various pages {and make sure that Erin the Irish Mama sent you over to check them out}. Plus they are one of my newest affiliates, so you can always click on the icon on the right side of my page for some great deals! 

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*** Please note that this is not a paid review, I received a one month supply from Conscious Box to review and host a giveaway for my readers. All opinions are my own and are not at all influenced by anyone. ***

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Awesome Affliliates

So I have these awesome people on my page that are my affiliates! They sometimes do fun product reviews and giveaways and sometimes they just like to link up with my page and share their products and / or services with my wonderful readers!

Well today I wanted to give a special thanks to a few of those affiliates! I also wanted to pass along some of the discount codes that they want me to share with you, my fabulous readers of Erin the Irish Mama. 

Enter IRISHMAMA for 10% off of your very first purchase

I did a product review & giveaway a few weeks ago talking about Cape Java and their awesome deals on K-Cup & Keurig Machines.  Everyone loves and needs coffee so you might as well head on over to visit this fabulous company today. 

Just Simply Baby
Use code JSBAR63 for a 10% refund off of your first purchase
Just Simply Baby is a great family-owned business who specializes in cloth diapers and natural baby products.  They have a ton of great products over on their website.  Just Simply Baby was generous to let me host a fabulous giveaway.  We gave away a $25 gift card code to their website. It was a fun promotion!!!  Check them out today. 


50% off your order Click Here

Wondershare is a great online photo slide show builder! I tested out this product and each month I put my 1 Snap A Day Photos into one of their fabulous slide shows.  I did a product review and also hosted a giveaway where FIVE lucky winners won free lifetime codes for the online software!  Make sure you check them out today. They are still offering my readers 50% off the product.   Just click here
Conscious Box

Conscious Box is someone who I just recently linked up with. I will be doing a giveaway with them very shortly so stay tuned. But they are a great online company that offers all natural products delivered to your doorstep every month. They offer all natural beauty products, health foods and even non-toxic home goods. Each month your box will contain between 10-20 different products! I just received my first box the other day and I couldn’t believe everything that was in there! Now it’s time to test it all out and get the information to you guys! But in the meantime, feel free to check them out yourselves by clicking here:  Discover the Best Natural Products on the Planet with Conscious Box!


Shabby Apple
Dresses from Shabby Apple
Shabby Apple is a great woman owned company that I am affiliated with.  They have a massive website full of dresses, skirts, swimsuits and even maternity clothes for woman.  They also sell a variety of kids and preteens clothes as well.   Be sure to click here: Dresses from Shabby Apple to check out their page today!


Thank you to all of my affiliates. I am very sincere when I say that I do appreciate all of your support. Whether through a product review or giveaway, I am very grateful that you picked my page!
If you would like to advertise on my page, sponsor a giveaway or even have me do a product review, then click here for all of the fabulous information!  Right now all of my ad spots are 50% off! You can’t beat those prices.  This is perfect if you have an Etsy shop, sell Lia Sophia, Tastefully Simple, Thirty One or Partylite.  If you pick a larger ad you can even get a whole post dedicated to your business or blog!!!!!  It’s the perfect way to get new business to your page!

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{PRODUCT REVIEW & GIVEAWAY} Serenity Candle Company

When you live in a house with 3 boys candles are a necessity. Trust me! Boys can be pretty smelly.  My husband and I love burning candles so I was thrilled when I was given the chance to review two candle scents from Serenity Candle Company. This company sells a huge variety of hand poured, earth friendly, soy candles. 

The two scents that I chose where Lavender Vanilla and Apple Crumble. I received two Travel Tins (which are bigger than a tealight and last a lot longer) and let me tell you that the second I opened up the box, I could smell them. You never know if the smaller candles will have the strong scents but these candles do!

The first one I picked to burn was the Lavender Vanilla.  It was perfect. This scent was so calming and relaxing and it wasn’t at all overwhelming like some candles tend to be.  It is my favorite one of the two.  And they do burn for a long time. I burned mine for a few hours each day over a couple of days and they still had the great scent! 

Just this past weekend I burned the Apple Crumble tin.  This one is perfect for your kitchen, especially if you want your husband to think that you actually baked something nice. It smelled delicious!!!  I love food scented candles – I think I might have to try the Cinnamon Stick and French Vanilla one next. 

Right now if you head on over to their website you can get 5% off your order if you use the code: SOYSERENITY {in all caps}. Plus shipping is ridiculously cheap. The flat rate shipping fee is only $4.95. You can’t beat that.  They sell 4 different sizes of jar candles, travel sized tins, tealights, candle melts, wax tarts and a variety of accessories! Oh and did I forget to mention that right now all of their candles are 20% off? No, well they are so you better get your behind over there now! These are perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.  Trust me, I would love to get a few of these in May {hint, hint to whoever is reading this and should be helping the kids pick out my mothers day gift}.

But right now Serenity Candle Company is giving one of my lucky readers the chance to win not one but Two LARGE Scented Jar Candles. How awesome is that? I wish that I could enter this giveaway!

So make sure that you stop on by their different pages listed below {make sure that you tell them that I sent you} and then enter the giveaway!

Good Luck! And now that I have used up my two candles, my house is back to smelling like stinky boys again! HELP! I need to run over and get in on this deal now!

Please continue to vote for me every day! Thanks for your support!

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*** Please note that this is not a paid review, I received a few products from Serenity Candle Company to review and host a giveaway for my readers. All opinions are my own and are not at all influenced by anyone. Your own opinions may differ than mine but I am just sharing mine here on Erin the Irish Mama. ***

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