My Baby is Off to School

So a few years ago, I never expected that I would have a third boy in our family. The two that we had in hour house were already very complicated and adding a third was not on the top of my list. But God laughed and Owen joined our family. All 10 plus pounds of him.


This kid is an amazing little boy. He is stubborn, can work an ipad better than his brothers and makes us laugh all of the time. Some of the things that come out of his mouth would shock an old person, but he will follow up his crude remarks with a sly eye, a shitty grin and an arm cross. He knows exactly what he is doing. I can’t believe that he will be three in about 2 months. And I also can’t believe that two weeks ago I took him to his very first day of school. The little man headed off to pre-school in the 2 1/2 year program. He is going to the same school that the other two boys attended years ago and loved so much.

He was so excited and talked about it non-stop the week before school started. He is extremely attached to me so I knew that this was going to be a hard transition for him. I knew that there would be tears – him not me ūüôā

IMG_6926    IMG_6921


We talked about his backpack, we talked about his teachers and on the first day, he walked into the school like he owned it. He ran right over to the train table and asked me to join him. But as soon as he realized that mommy wasn’t sticking around, the tears flowed. He was hysterical but since this is kid number 3, I knew that the best thing to do was to just give him a quick kiss and escape the room. His teacher scooped him up and I darted to my car. I was definitely sad, but I knew he would be okay. I spent two hours wondering if he was still crying or not. I figured if he was that I might have received a call from his teacher. At pickup time his teachers said that it took him awhile to come around. He wasn’t crying the entire time but he wasn’t happy either. Finally after recess he started to participate.

IMG_6954  IMG_6959

Day two was another day of tears. Joey came with me that morning and we did another quick drop off. Day three, the same thing but according to his teachers he stopped crying within 30 seconds.

Finally on week two (day 3) he had zero tears. He hung up his backpack, kissed me goodbye and then went off to play with his play dough. Ever since then he has been perfectly fine. It didn’t take that long at all for him to adjust to me leaving. He has some wonderful new classmates and two awesome teachers. I know that he is in good hands. I love getting artwork from him every day and I love the giant hug that I get when I walk into his classroom at pickup. He’s been there three weeks now and loves every minute of it.

owen's artwork2

owen's artwork

Owen, my baby has officially grown up! I know that I should be sad, and don’t get me wrong, I am. I miss those special little moments where he would snuggle up with me but I also don’t mind the 2 and 1/2 hours, 3 days a week that I get to myself. But I do miss that stubborn little bugger!



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My Sweet Little Owen

So let’s flashback to just a little over two years ago, say November 2013. ¬†Alright, are you there yet?

I was VERY pregnant with Owen {aka every time that I walked I thought a child was going to fall out of my body}. ¬†See, here’s the proof:¬†


But I also had Ben and Sean to take care of. Ben was finally in Kindergarten and Sean was in his last year of pre-school. ¬†Sean was always getting into trouble. He was the destroyer and Ben was turning from his quiet, calm self into a crazy, fighting, back talking maniac — but I say that with love. ¬†The moment that I found out that I was having a third boy, I kept doubting myself. ¬†How on earth could I handle three boys. ¬†I don’t do blood, Joey doesn’t do messes and together we were already exhausted from our first two boys. ¬†BUT…. everyone kept telling me that third child is always the calm one. ¬†The kid that just goes with flow, he will be relaxed, easy going and just a fun, quiet kid. ¬†I thought wow this new baby will be awesome. He will be the chill kid in the house. ¬†And he was…. until now.

God, just look at how adorable this kid was back then.

1495929_563136667087871_1439123447_o 740021_560818147319723_653730610_o

1888641_10203200308426517_2041657952_n  10584070_10204272918521099_309163281025079824_n

The¬†first year and a half Owen was an angel. The kid was an awesome sleeper/napper, he ate foods that I wouldn’t even try. He was what everyone promised me he would be.I should have known better than to think it would last. I knew it was too good to be true. His¬†second birthday snuck up on us and BAM Owen’s new behavior¬†hit me like a ton of bricks. ¬†First, I was sad emotionally that my very last baby was no longer a baby and second, that he was no longer the chill, calm, go with the flow kid that I had the first 2 years. ¬†¬†

Now I know that he learned all of his tricks from two other boys in our house but man, he has come up with a few doozies that even Sean, my insane toddler never even attempted. ¬†He turned into this adorable little maniac. He colors on my cabinets and floors and walls. It doesn’t matter if he is using pencils, pens, markets, crayons. ¬†He has no preference in his writing device. ¬† He climbs higher in the pantry then Sean ever tried. He constantly flushes toilets and dumps bath soap everywhere. ¬†He gets into everything in under 4 seconds. ¬†Just the other day I was in the family room cleaning up a water cup that he spilled and turned around to this image. ¬†

Mom, if you got me my yogurt when I asked, I wouldn’t have to climb


I never even heard the stool slide or the fridge open. ¬†Not only is he quick but he’s quiet when he’s being sneaky. ¬†The kid could be downstairs playing nicely and I’ll run upstairs to grab one thing. I will turn around and they little devil will be right there at my feet. Scares the crap out of me every single time.

Just trying to make this plane fly mom


It’s okay mom, I can get my own bowl of crackers


I spy peanut butter balls on this ledge!


Now he has pulled out his latest trick yet. ¬†Climbing out of his crib. ¬†Ben and Sean stayed in their cribs until very close to their third birthdays. ¬†I don’t even think Ben ever attempted to crawl out, but we decided it was time for him to get a toddler bed. ¬†Sean definitely climbed out many times, when we finally got his bed but again he was much closer to three. ¬†I am not at all prepared for this part of parenting. ¬†We are going back to sleepless nights. Nights where I worry about him escaping his room, the house, getting into some type of dangerous situation. ¬†So while we are away this holiday weekend I am thinking of my plan of attack when we get back home. ¬†The Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed will be making another appearance and child safety handles, door alarms and gates will be coming out of storage once again. ¬†I swear this part of parenting is much more difficult than the middle of the night feedings.

Wish me luck!

Oh here’s one more picture that my friend snapped the other day while we were shopping. ¬†This is the type of stuff that I deal with every single day!!!!!!! But God, I love this kid more than life!

Lollipop, oh you mean the one stuck in my hair? I was saving that for later!


P.S. Preschool for Owen starts in:

Countdown Clock


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Owen Thomas – 8 Months Old

Only 4 more months of formula! WAHOO {I am typing this as tears stream down my face}. My baby boy is growing up way too quickly. I cannot believe that he is 8 months. 4 more and he is going to be 1. I just can’t even think about that right now or I will be curled up in a ball on the floor crying hysterically. There’s just something about knowing that this is going to be the last of everything. No more babies so I am trying to savor and enjoy every moment with this guy.

IMG_8974    IMG_8982

Seriously, I still think of little Owen like this:

IMG_3938    IMG_3960

oh and this:

Owen fresh 48_16   Owen Newborn14

Photo Credit: Photography by Jen Davis

But now that he is 8 months old, he looks a lot more like this

IMG_8799    IMG_8659

So what has this little man been up to the past few weeks? Well let’s see. He now has two bottom teeth and a few more are trying to come through. He has a few grumpy days when his teeth hurt but other than that he has no issues. The drooling has slowed down a bit thank goodness because he was a soggy mess all day long.


He said his first word a few weeks ago! Thankfully I recorded it! ¬†Of course it was dada. ¬†You know the guy who isn’t getting up with the kid twice a night?! Dads always get the first word! But that’s okay Owen calls me dada all day long so the word really doesn’t connect yet!


He has been doing awesome with his rolling and sitting up. He doesn’t really fall over anymore when he’s sitting — except if he reaches too far for a toy. He hasn’t started crawling yet but I know that it’s coming soon. The past two days he has been getting up on all fours and rocking. Oh he definitely has the backwards scoot down now. I will set him on the floor with his toys to play while I clean or cook and I will look over and the kid is half way across the room. It’s almost time for baby gates and baby proofing! AHHHH I am so not ready for that. I feel like I finally just got all of that stuff put away from Sean and it’s already coming back out. So just a warning if you are coming to my house. I apologize if you have to go through 2 gates, a door knob lock and a toliet lock just to get to the bathroom!

Owen also had his first beach day last weekend.  We drove to Avalon for the day and he enjoyed every minute of it.  It was his first time in the sand and ocean.  It was the first time he ate sand too!  He loved the beach and smiled the entire time!

 IMG_4232    IMG_4244

  IMG_4250     IMG_4251 IMG_4262     IMG_8837IMG_8820

He also had his first taste of ice cream at Springers in Stone Harbor and sat in a high chair for the first time!

IMG_8854    IMG_8859

Then it was off to the park in Avalon for some swing time.  He loved it of course! Seriously this kid is ALWAYS SMILING!!!


So we have had some wonderful times with this kid! He truly is a blessing to our family. I didn’t think that I was going to have a third kid and now I cannot imagine my life without him. ¬†He just warms my heart up each and every day.



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6 Months Already??

I can’t believe that my baby, my last child, my sweet little Owen is 6 months old. I don’t know where the last 6 months went. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was freaking out over the thought of adding a 3rd child to the mix. I was freaking out about another csection and about how I was going to raise 3 boys in our townhouse. But here we are 6 months later and we are all alive (somehow). ¬†Owen is the kindest, happiest babies ever and we are all surviving in the townhouse.

I cannot get over how happy Owen makes us feel. He is such an awesome little kid. He is always smiling or laughing. The kid is just so darn sweet! ¬†Even when I’m yelling at the other two boys he still laughs!!! At least someone finds humor in their behavior.

Owen Thomas
6 months old
27 ”
17lbs 2ozs

image   image

IMG_7209 IMG_7717

Happy 6 Months to my sweet little baby boy! ¬†Please stay this perfect!!!!! ¬†You have been a wonderful blessing to our family and I couldn’t imagine my life without you {or your brothers}!!

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Owen Update

Happy 4 Months Owen!!!
IMG_6374   IMG_6403
Yes, I know that I am a few days late! But I finally finished my post! ¬†I can’t believe my baby, my last little baby is already 4 months old. He doesn’t even seem like a baby anymore. He is growing so quickly and babbling up a storm. He laughs at everything especially when you try and take his shirt off. He’s a ticklish little man. ¬†He loves his bouncer, his mamaroo and his booster seat. He loves watching his brothers and even will giggle when they are fighting and screaming.
IMG_5732   IMG_6346
Owen is now 15lbs 10ozs and is measuring in at 25 1/2″ tall. He is wearing mainly 6 months clothes with a few 9 months thrown in too! This guy wears clothes that his brothers didn’t wear until they were at least 9 months old.
He has started eating some food. My goal was to make his food and I will do some things here and there but after talking with friends it seems like the baby food isn’t the difference of becoming a picky eater or not. It’s what I feed him after the pur√©es. So right now I’m going to focus on all healthy foods when the time comes!! ¬†So far he has had peas, bananas and some oatmeal. He isn’t a big fan of the cereals right now but I think when I add in some bananas he will enjoy it. On his 3rd day of food he finished off an entire jar of Beech Nut bananas!!! And still wanted more.
Owen has brought so much joy to our family and knowing he is the last little guy it’s been an extra special experience. I am trying to cherish everything that I may have taken for granted with the other boys. ¬†And right now Owen is the easiest kid in the house (but that’s a whole other blog post that I need to write with a glass of wine in hand).

IMG_6305  IMG_6448

He has rolled over from back to front and is thisclose on rolling from front to back. ¬†I know that he has a tooth coming in soon because the drool machine has been in full effect for a week or two now. ¬†He sleeps pretty well too. He usually goes down around 7:30pm and will wake once for a feeding. Most times it’s around 3:30-4:00am but he does wake at 5am on occasion (like this morning). That’s a rough time for me. Joey is usually stirring for work and I am at the point where I want to go back to sleep but it’s hard. Thankfully today Owen and I both fell back asleep until 6:45. Even the older two boys were still sleeping. ¬†If I can get Owen back to sleep and actually get some burst of energy I would love to use that time to do my workout and shower. But 5am is not a fun hour!!!

But I love this little man so much and I’m trying so hard to be the best mom to him and all of my boys. It’s hard with 3 but honestly the baby is so easy right now that I don’t stress about him. If he poops I change him (even if it’s in the trunk of my car at the park). If he’s hungry I feed him and if he cries then I hold him. Now if only Ben and Sean were that easy!!
Good thing all of my boys are so cute!!
IMG_6067   IMG_5996 IMG_5798   IMG_5774

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So life with three kids is trucking along. ¬†Is it easy? No. Is it manageable? Absolutely! Do I enjoy every minute of it? No, but I love all three of my boys so much. ¬†I have a few friends that have 3-4 kids and they make it seem so easy. I don’t know how they do it. ¬†I think that they aren’t sharing their magic calming pills with me. ¬†But anyways. Bedtime has and always will be the worst 3 hours in our house. ¬†There will be yelling, there will be crying {and not always from the boys} and there most definitely will be wine.


I try my hardest to get Owen down by 7:30pm so I can work on the other two boys but he doesn’t always cooperate. I mean at three months he should figure out that the boys are crazy at this time of night and mommy needs to deal with them. ¬†Get with it Owen! Thankfully the past two nights have gone pretty smoothly {Dear Lord, I hope that I just didn’t jinx myself}. ¬†I have been able to get him in his crib and within 10 minutes he is asleep.

Whew! One down, 2 to go.

Now most nights I do the bath and bedtime routine by myself since it usually all happens before Joey gets home from New York City.  On the rare occasion that he {and NJ Transit} run on time he may be home for some snuggles and books.

The bedtime routine would be a lot easier if I didn’t have two major issues.

1st issue:  The boys share a room

2nd issue: One of the boys {who I will not name} is afraid of the dark and terribly afraid of being alone.  


So here’s my dilemma, I cannot put them in there together at the same time without me. ¬†There will be fights, there will be broken lamps and there will be crying and hitting. ¬†I try to get Sean down first but Ben, ummm I mean the kid that is afraid of being alone, cannot be by himself on my bed or downstairs with the iPad or a book. ¬†He has to be with me at all times. I would love to put Ben down first because he really needs a lot of sleep but we all know about my Sean stories. The kid cannot be left alone. ¬†Sean always finds himself in trouble. ¬†Food will be spilled, things will get broken and accidents will happen. Here are some older images to refresh your memory!

66250_1632454729227_7801623_n 386496_2744833898011_532956734_n 426828_3152218282366_1901246705_n

So my only option is to take both of them to bed together .. and I can’t leave. ¬†I am basically held hostage in their room until they are both sound asleep.

Usually after a 30-45 minutes I can get Sean to calm down and pass out. ¬†He is very fidgety but once he stops bouncing around he will pass out cold. ¬†Then I move on to Ben. He absolutely will not let me leave his room at all. ¬†I will turn on every night light and lamp but it’s still too dark for him. ¬†I will try and go to the bathroom or do laundry {which is in the closet outside of his bedroom} and he will come find me if I take more than 20 seconds. ¬†He will not take his eyes off of me until he is asleep. ¬†I don’t remember when all of this fear started. ¬†He was on medicine for awhile that would make him fall asleep quickly and once we took him off of that it started happening slowly. ¬† So we will read books, snuggle, look out the window and tell stories. ¬†Yes, I do enjoy that special time with him. ¬†I love that he can read books to me and he really is one of the best snugglers in the world but at some point I do have to leave his side.

But when that does happen I usually run into two problems when putting him to sleep — too soon or too late. ¬†I think that he is out cold so I move my arm off of him and he will sit up and give me a look. ¬†Damn… too soon. ¬†So I just tell him that I just had to scratch my nose and resume the snuggle. ¬†Or if I stay in there too long, I fall asleep myself and I hate that. I will wake up 1/2 hour later groggy and not in the mood to finish the laundry, dishes or exercise.

It really is a nightmare some nights. ¬†I just hope that I can get a routine with everyone soon because it’s driving me nuts. ¬†I finally had to leave Ben last night and he came back downstairs while I did my 21 Day Fix exercise program and he passed out on the couch when I was in between workouts.

I know that he can’t help being afraid of the dark. ¬†But I can’t have him follow me around until 10:30pm every night. ¬†He is missing out on some very important sleep {and so am I}. ¬† Suggestions on how to help a kid who is afraid of the dark or just being alone? He is like that during the daytime as well. ¬†He won’t run upstairs to get something unless someone goes with him. Poor kid is scared of his own shadow right now and I am not sure why.


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Nuby Feeding Nurser Review

I’m back again with another Nuby product review. ¬†This time I am testing out the Feeding Nurser.


It was time to switch Owen from his slow flow nipples to a medium flow so I pulled out this bottle to test it out first! ¬†Owen had no issues at all transferring to a faster nipple. ¬†This one also has an anti-colic air system that helps prevent ingestion of air by the baby. Which is very important to moms {and babies}. There’s nothing more frustrating than when your infants tummy is full of air. It’s so uncomfortable for them! ¬†It’s always a plus when searching for the perfect bottle.

unnamed (3)   unnamed (4)

The bottle that I tested had a slight blue tint, is BPA free and holds 4ozs (120ml). ¬†It also has teething nubs that help massage and stimulate the gums {perfect for babies who might be starting to teeth}. That’s going to be very important for Owen soon.

I think that Owen was quite pleased with this bottle!

unnamed (5)

You can check it out for yourselves at these retailers

Baby Depot at Burlington
JC Penney
DD’s Discounts

Nuby really does have a great line of products and I am happy to say that I have enjoyed testing them all out. ¬†I know that I have used a ton of products from Nuby when my older two boys were much younger. ¬†We still use the bowls and plates for Ben and Sean. ¬†Oh and I can’t wait to pick up a few of the snack cups when Owen is ready to start eating Cheerios and Puffs. ¬†So much has changed since Sean was a baby and there are so many fun, new products to pick from! ¬†So go check them out! I have two more items to review for next week so stay tuned for more information on a few of the Nuby Pacifiers!

You can follow Nuby on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for information on all of the awesome baby products.

I am writing this post as part of the NUBY Mommy Blogger Program. I did not receive compensation for this review but I did receive sample products.  All of the opinions stated above are my own. 



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Owen’s Baptism Day

This past Sunday we had Owen’s baptism. ¬†It was a wonderful day full of love and support from friends and close family. ¬†We chose not to have a huge celebration this time around. There is just so much going on that I didn’t have time {or money} to have a huge party. ¬†So I just invited my immediate family and some of my close friends. ¬†It was a gorgeous day on Sunday {the snow all melted that day, but of course it has returned today}. ¬†We spent the morning preparing the house and food!

My wonderful friend {and photographer at Photography by Jen Davis} pulled double duty on Sunday at Owen’s Baptism. ¬†Not only did she serve as his godmother but she also was his photographer! ¬†I am so thankful and grateful that I get to have these pictures to document Owen’s special moment in the Catholic Church. ¬†It’s one of those days where you don’t think to take pictures because you are in the middle of the ceremony but thankfully she is brilliant and captured each moment for us. ¬†I have said it many times before, if you live in central NJ book her NOW {see below pics for more details on Jen}.

Now onto these gorgeous pictures from Jen (warning there are a ton of pictures below. I just couldn’t pick 5 or 6. I picked a ton and these aren’t even all of the gorgeous ones that Jen snapped that day!

Owen Baptism_04

Owen Baptism_01    Owen Baptism_05

Owen Baptism_44

Owen Baptism_08

Owen Baptism_09    Owen Baptism_10  Owen Baptism_12    Owen Baptism_15

Owen Baptism_11    Owen Baptism_55  Owen Baptism_51    Owen Baptism_47

Owen Baptism_13    Owen Baptism_18Owen Baptism_19    Owen Baptism_21Owen Baptism_26    Owen Baptism_30  Owen Baptism_32    Owen Baptism_33

  Owen Baptism_30  Owen Baptism_32    Owen Baptism_33

Owen Baptism_37 

Owen Baptism_38Owen Baptism_40

Owen Baptism_41

Here are a few pictures that I snapped that day {amateur pics from my iphone}.

Owen’s wonderful godparents Jen and Gary. He is one lucky baby!

unnamed (2)    unnamed

unnamed (1)

Thanks again to Jen for documenting this wonderful day in our lives. ¬†I am anxiously awaiting the announcement from Jen on her spring mini sessions! I can’t wait to get some new pictures of my 3 boys together! You can find all of Jen’s details here:

Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Twitter  /  Pinterest  /  Google+

Happy Wednesday guys! Tomorrow I will be giving an update on my Beach Body 21 Day Fix. ¬†It’s still going beautifully. ¬†I didn’t even cheat on the day of the baptism. ¬†The only cheats that I have had this week are 3 Coke Zeros! ¬†Not too bad considering I usually have 3-4 a day! ¬†I’m even contemplating becoming a coach because it’s so much fun and it’s challenging too. ¬†I am trying my best to start setting an example for my kids on food and exercise. ¬†They don’t eat the healthiest things but if I can show them that I am doing it they may want to try it too! ¬†Sean has already asked me all about my new foods! He has even tried a few things!!!!

Talk to you all soon!

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A Few Updates….. Hey I’m Trying!

Okay so a little note before reading this blog post! I started it a month ago. It’s in multiple parts and I tried to piece it all together for you! What can I say it’s a madhouse around here and I am trying to type posts when I get a minute or two alone.

Wednesdsay, January 29th

My life has been so consumed with the three boys that I have not had a second to write some blog posts about the boys and our lives lately. I really want to get back into writing on here and back into the bloggy world but my brain is still foggy. ¬†Blogging is an awesome outlet for me being at home with the boys. ¬†I love sharing all of the crazy drama that is my life! ¬†For example I am sitting here watching the guys from Stanley Steemer clean my carpets because Ben had a bloody nose two weeks ago and walked all over the house in the middle of the night dripping blood everywhere. ¬†My bathroom (thank god for tile) looked like a murder scene. ¬†It’s crazy what a little blood from a 6 year old boys nose can do! But my carpets look gorgeous again!

It’s been a crazy few months now that I have the three boys. ¬†We are still trying to figure out a routine {is that even possible}? I have gotten down the routine of packing lunches, laying out the clothes, packing book bags and doing homework. ¬†We even have worked out a little system with my friend Wendi on getting Ben to karate! ¬†But the bedtime routine, Oh that dreaded bedtime routine DOES NOT EXIST! I try my best to do baths, books, and bed. But I have one kid afraid of being alone, another who still needs to cuddle and a third one who picks that time of night to scream his head off. ¬†It’s just mass chaos around here between 6:30-9:00pm. ¬†I do it all by myself most nights and I am still struggling to figure it all out. ¬†But we are doing it somehow? It may not be quiet or sane but I get them to sleep … most nights!

Thursday, January 30th

Last night I actually registered Sean for Kindergarten. I cannot believe that my baby {oh wait he is now the middle child} will be headed off to Kindergarten.  He will be riding the bus with Ben and will be forced to grow up.  I am happy and sad about it all.  I am happy that he is going off to school and I will get just a few more hours a week as a break but I am going to miss his sweet, smiling face {in between all of the I hate you mommy comments}.

Saturday, February 15th

Wow it’s been over two weeks since I started this post. ¬†Ahhh sorry guys! I know that I blogged a bit about my newest health and fitness plan. ¬†If you haven’t read it, you can check it out here. I start on Monday so I hope to update you this week with my progress! I need to take my before pictures, my before measurements and of course my before weight! Ahh I think that I will pour a large glass of wine before I step on that scale. ¬†Oh wait I should drink it after I step off the scale .. every ounce matters!

The boys have been pretty great with Owen. ¬†I have only ¬†had a few incidents. Sean is so in love with him and is such a great helper. ¬†He loves holding Owen’s bottle and throwing his diapers in the trash. ¬†Sean will sing to him and try to make Owen laugh. ¬†Ben loves to read to Owen. Just tonight he read the entire Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham to him. ¬†Owen was mesmorized {as was I} with Ben’s awesome reading skills. ¬†Ben has come so far this year with his reading! Every day I am more and more impressed.

Last week we finally celebrated Ben’s birthday with a few of his friends. ¬†It was crazy and chaotic but a great time. ¬†Ben was happy so that made me happy. ¬†His behavior during December was pretty out there so I told him that he couldn’t have a huge party at some expensive place. So we had a smaller one at home with pizza and cupcakes and a few kids! Of course it was Star Wars themed — which is his latest phase!


Last night Ben’s bus had a little incident and it seemed to have “disappeared” for 2 hours. ¬†It was quite scary and there was no communication between the bus company, the school or the parents. ¬†Finally parents called the cops and after 2 scary hours his bus showed up with a police escort. ¬†It was a pretty traumatizing situation for me! Ben didn’t notice at all. He said he never realized that he was on the bus for so long and that the substitute driver got lost. It’s a good thing that he didn’t have to go to the bathroom or he would have noticed that it took two hours to get home instead of 8 minutes! ¬† What a Valentine’s Day!!!!

Sean has been doing pretty well too. I have his conference coming up at the end of the month and I cannot wait to hear all about his progress. I think he is doing well with his writing but his behavior is still a little bit insane. I just hope that he behaves a little better at school than he does at home.  He is still a ham and makes me laugh each and every day!  That kid will drive you to the nut house one minute but the very next minute you will want to snuggle him and never let him go.


Owen is doing great! He is eating like a champ and growing like a weed. ¬†At his 2 month appointment he was almost 12lbs and 25″ long. ¬†He is wearing 6 month clothes already and size 2 diapers. I swear he will be wearing 9 months pretty soon! ¬†He is laughing a lot and babbling quite often. ¬†The kid despises tummy time and being set down. He loves being held and snuggled {especially in my bed}. ¬†He is getting better at going back to sleep in his crib at night. ¬†We had a two week stretch were it took me two hours or more to get him to go back to sleep after a 3am feeding. There were a few nights that I would get him back to sleep, lay in bed and then boom five minutes later Ben and Sean were up for the day! ¬†But it’s getting better. ¬†Right now he is sound asleep in his Mamaroo chair and I am afraid to transfer him to the crib.

IMG_3938  IMG_4727    IMG_4792 IMG_4361IMG_4842

Well I guess that’s about it for now! Sorry for the multiple updates in one post! I am trying to get my act together I swear. ¬†I need to start writing stuff down and then spend a few hours typing it all up for posts! ¬†I usually end up just posting on my Facebook page or over at Instagram.

It doesn’t help that I have been trapped in my house for 2 months with all three boys. Can this snow PLEASE STOP NOW!


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What’s Going On…

So besides baby updates and a few other miscellaneous posts I haven’t really written a blog post in AGES!! Sorry about that but the whole having three kids thing is taking up a lot of my time.

IMG_4231  IMG_4018  IMG_4204

My days have been filled with a lot of crazy lately.  Here are just a few things that I could unscramble out of my mommy brain and put into words.


  • The two and a half hours in the morning that I am alone with all three boys is pure torture. I am secretly plotting my first glass of wine for the day. ¬†But I don’t think that the phrase “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” applies to 5am
  • I wonder when I will be brave enough to go somewhere with all three of them by myself. ¬†Maybe when they can drive me?
  • Colic sucks. ¬†I was okay with it when it was from 9-10pm every night. ¬†Then it was from 7-10pm and now it starts around 4-5pm and doesn’t end until about 10pm. ¬†I know it’s mainly because he is exhausted but he refuses to sleep. I will rock him, feed him, change him, bounce him, drive him around in the car, etc. ¬†Nothing will get him to sleep.
  • Breaking up a fight between a 4 year old and a 6 year old is really hard. ¬†Especially when you are propping a bottle under your chin and holding the 6 week old while dragging the four year old to the time out step. ¬†Oh and the 6 year old is trying to pull my pants down.
  • Is it wrong to bring wine to the bus stop at 4pm?
  • I am ready to do my throat lozenges commercial {just like Martha Stewarts} but I will endorse another brand of lozenges. ¬†I yell so much that my throat is sore each and every day.
  • Three hours every night to get two boys to bed is just WRONG. ¬†Do you hear me Ben and Sean — it’s WRONG. ¬†No, you don’t need another glass of water, no I will not read another book, no I will not snuggle you for another 1/2 hour, no there are no monsters coming to get you. ¬†JUST GO TO SLEEP NOW.
  • There isn’t enough coke zero in New Jersey to keep me wide awake at 2pm every day.
  • Sean goes to extended day at his school on Mondays and Wednesday. ¬†Why God oh WHY don’t they offer this 5 days a week. ¬†Two days is not enough!!!
  • I read this in another blog post this week – all wipe containers should have a warning as to when you are nearing the last wipe. ¬†Every time I am cleaning up a massive diaper I run out of wipes. ¬†The last 10 wipes should be a different color to warn parents that you are close to the end. They do it with tissues, so why not wipes!
  • How can a 4 year old boy who has been up since 5:30am still have so much energy at 9pm?
  • Seriously wine in a tervis at the bus stop should be okay, right? {oh did I ask that already?}
  • It’s taken me four days to write this post. ¬†While typing this over the four days I have broken up 27 fist/foot fights, dragged a 4 year old to time out 19 times.
  • THANK GOD for friends! ¬†Thank you ladies for letting me vent to ¬†you over breakfast or at school drop off or via text. You know who you are!!!!


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