Baby Update – Week 27

Number of Weeks: 27 Weeks

I am 3 months away from my due date! 3 months! That’s it people 13 weeks. I know that this pregnancy seems to be going slow due to all of my fun little ailments but my goodness there’s only a short time left to prepare for this little guy.

photo (14)

Doctor Updates:   I passed my glucose test from last week {YEAH no 3 hour test} and next week I go for my rhogam study & injection.  I have done this twice before so I am not too stressed about that.  It’s going to be boring sitting there waiting at Maternal Fetal Medicine but it’s just something I have to do each pregnancy!   Oh, I did go to my cardiologist on Friday and everything seems to be okay.  My EKG was normal, my blood pressure was normal and I don’t have any swelling nor did he hear any fluid in my chest/lungs.   I do have a heart murmur, which is common, but he is sending me for an echo-cardiogram (i.e. an ultrasound) to check on my ticker.  Lordy, if it’s not one thing it’s something else.  At least this pregnancy is forcing me to get my entire body checked out by every doctor known to man.   I will have that test done on Monday the 16th {pending insurance approval} and should have the results by Friday the 20th.  Fingers crossed that it goes well.  I don’t go back to my OB again until Friday the 13th.   Then hopefully it’s just every two weeks with no other crazy doctor visits in between.

How I’m Feeling:  This week has been a rough one.  I thought I was doing much better and then BOOM something else hits.  I swear pregnancy in your late 30’s is rough.   I am having a lot of muscle pain so it’s been really hard to walk/stand.   Friday night my hubby and I had date night so we ran a few errands at the mall before going out to dinner. I think that I walked way too much that night and was a mess the rest of the weekend. I spent most of it laying down.   I was useless this weekend.  But thankfully we were with our family so there were lots of extra hands to help with the boys.

Delivery Date: I have my delivery date scheduled but I’m still not telling you!  The countdown is on.

Baby Photo Shoot: I have everything scheduled now with my awesome photographer, Photography by Jen Davis.  Not only is she a great friend but also the godmother of this little guy.  She is going to be at the hospital taking pics of the baby. Don’t don’t worry she isn’t shooting the delivery.  We also just set up some fun shoots at home with the baby and the boys!  I can’t wait to see her work.  You can check out some of her other awesome shoots over at her website: Photography by Jen Davis. I must run now to get cute coordinating outfits for all three boys for our Christmas card / birth announcement.  You will definitely be hearing more about her and her photos!  

That’s it for now.  See you next week with another update!  Of course I will be writing next week’s post through tears as the boys head back to school.


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Baby Update – Week 26

I am a little behind this week on the blog.  I haven’t been feeling to hot lately so I had to take a break from the blog. My body is achy and I am already having problems walking. I was like this when I was pregnant with Ben too. I stopped working 5 weeks before my due date because of it. I’m still having a hard time breathing … Especially when I’m laying down or walking up steps. I had a rough day earlier in the week but I’m functioning. I think when school starts I am putting myself on bed rest! Chasing after my little escape artist is really taking a toll on my body!

Number of Weeks: 26 Weeks, 3 Days


I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to post any more selfies!! Ugh this was a bad one. Oh and I apologize for the mirror. I took this right after Sean brushed his teeth and I didn’t see the spot he left! It’s clean now, I promise.

Doctor Updates: I went to my OB today and all is well. My blood pressure & weight are still good (I am up 19lbs ugh). I got to see the little guy on the U/S today which was a nice little surprise. Sean was with me so he got a quick glance as well. Oh and it’s still a boy! But he looked great!

I go to the cardiologist tomorrow to see what the deal is with my heart and difficulty breathing. I am praying to God that its just the baby pushing up on me and nothing serious.

Delivery Date: I have my delivery date scheduled but I’m not telling you! I filled out my hospital registration form today! The countdown is on.

Baby’s Nursery: I made some real progress in here this past weekend. After trying to figure out the correct screws, I assembled the crib. Yes ME!!! I have no patience so I did it myself!! Sean helped out a bit too. My hubby moved a few things around and the room is now in place. I just need to repair and paint the wall and decorate. I have a few things to hang and once we finalize the name I want to get a cure train/name decal from Etsy. It’s all picked out, I just need that name. Take a look at some pics! What do you think? We’ve managed to cram a lot into a little space!!!

image. image


Sean had to test out my crib building skills

Baby Names:  We are still choosing the name but each week we are getting closer. I think we are now down to about 4 names! We have 3 months and some change to cut 3 off that list. We can do it. I just want to know already so I can order a few things (ie that Christmas stocking). Oh and I already have my birth announcements / Christmas cards picked out! I just need the name, weight and some pictures. It’s all ready set up in my shopping cart waiting to be filled in.
Alright I’m off to bed. I am going to listen to some UD Football tonight and pass out early. After I have some ice cream of course! This is why I’ve gained almost 20lbs!

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Baby Update – Week 25

So here we are again. Only 15 weeks left but most likely 14 since my doctor said that I can start planning my c-section for the end of November.  Yeah!  Let’s see if I can work this baby’s birth around Thanksgiving break from school.  It would make things a little easier that’s for sure.   I have been feeling a little better this week.  I still feel like a stuffed turkey {speaking of Thanksgiving} but I think that I am just getting used to it.

This week is going to be a crazy week around here.  Camps are all done and I have both boys home with me all week long! So please say a prayer that we survive.  Ben will have karate {which is torture for me because Sean is a nightmare during the class} but he loves it.   And if Ben loves something other than sitting on the couch with my iPad then I am definitely signing him up for the class.

Oh and did I mention that we have a birthday tomorrow!  My baby boy Sean is turning 4 years old! I can’t believe it.  This time 4 years ago I was snuggling up on the couch with Ben wondering what life with two boys was going to be like.  Now I am chasing them both around scared to death about what 3 boys is going to bring! But more on the birthday boy tomorrow!   Here’s the latest baby update! I feel like my stomach doubled in size since last week!

Number of Weeks: 25 Weeks

photo 3

How I’m Feeling: Like I said above, I am feeling a little better this week.  Even though my stomach is growing daily I am getting used to the massive size.  I still have some pain but that’s from chasing the boys around the house and park.  My headaches are gone {thank goodness} but I am still having a hard time sleeping.  I woke up about 6 times last night because I thought someone was sitting on me. That’s the only way to describe the pressure.  I try to prop myself up when I go to sleep but somehow I always end up flat on my side.

Doctor Updates: My doctor appointment was a crazy one last week.  The baby was jumping all around so he couldn’t get the heart rate.  We would hear it for two seconds and then he would move. This happened three of four times before the doctor gave up and said that he’s pretty darn active! But we did hear the heartbeat so that’s all that matters.  Although, I am a little nervous that this kid is going to be a repeat of Sean…. AHHHHH two crazy wild boys?? I can’t take it!

My blood pressure and weight are still great {even though I am not happy with the weight gain}.  But it’s all within normal ranges!  I now am at the point in the pregnancy where I have to go every 2 weeks to visit him.  Thankfully the kids are back in school soon and I don’t have to worry about dragging them with me or finding baby sitters.  This past appt. was a pain because Sean had to come with me and the doctor was over an hour behind schedule {did I mention that this was at 9:30am}.  But I think that a patient before me was having issues so I won’t complain.

I did mention to him that I am having a hard time sleeping and breathing at night.  The doctor thought it was all normal but to let him know if it got any worse.  Then I reminded him how I had breathing issues after my last c-section and he told me to make an appointment with a cardiologist.  Lovely, my brain just got clearance and now my heart is acting up.  I swear to you this is my last child.  This one is taking it’s toll on my body {and mind}.  So I have that appointment scheduled for next Friday.  Let’s just hope that it’s the baby carrying high and my big boobs pushing on my lungs and heart. Sounds great right? But that’s the best case scenario!

Names: I think we have narrowed it down to five names!  Yes, you heart me we have a short list! WOO HOO! I want to get this named picked out quickly so I can ordered the little guys Pottery Barn stocking.  I have to make sure that they all match and I want to get it ASAP {yes, I know that it’s August}.  But I can’t wait to add it to the steps this year!


Baby’s Room: Ugh, I really thought that I was making progress in here but every day I go in to organize and it gets worse and worse. Some of the stuff has to stay in the room until we get closer to his arrival.  I have no where to put the car seat, the bassinet or the high chair until it’s time to start using them.  This is the current view now!

photo 1

I still need to fix the wall and paint.  Then put the crib up.  Once the crib is up I will have a little more room since I can put the sheets, bumpers, etc in the crib.  The hubby finally got the toddler beds out of there so I have a little bit more space.  But oh my gosh what I found under Ben’s Thomas bed was pretty disgusting!

Oh and the closet .. what do I do with the closet? I have used the closet in here for storage for the past year or so and now I have no where to put this stuff.  I have two large bins of the boys school artwork on the floor. I know that I need to go through it all and pick out what I should keep and what I should trash but I just don’t have the time.  Every time that I attempt it, the boys come in and start yelling at me. Ben keeps screaming “you can’t throw that out”.  I think that I am raising hoarders!

Alright I guess that’s all for this week!

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Baby Update – Week 24

So we are down to the last 16 weeks of this pregnancy and I hope that it goes by pretty quickly. I am sure that most of it will with school starting soon and then the countdown to Christmas shopping!

Number of Weeks: 16 Weeks

photo (2)

Doctor Update: I head to the doctor on Friday.

How I’m Feeling: Again it’s been another rough week but this time I have had trouble sleeping and breathing.  If you have ever been pregnant you know that the last few weeks of your pregnancy suck. You can’t lay down because if feels like someone place a giant boulder on your chest.  You can’t lay on either side because you feel like that one side is getting crushed.  Yeah, well I already have that feeling.  The past few nights I have had to prop myself up in bed because I felt like I was suffocating.  I can’t believe that this is starting already! I hope that this is a short term thing because I don’t know how I will take another 16 weeks of this pain.

I am also at the point where I can’t eat large portions anymore.  Everything is cut in half now because I fill up way to fast.  I had such a short time this pregnancy where I could shove my face with food.  The first 12-13 weeks I was nauseous and didn’t want to eat and now I have already hit the point where I have no room for food in my stomach!!’

The Nursery: It’s still a complete mess but we finally got one of the toddler beds out of there.  This week we need to move the giant Thomas the Tank Engine bed.  I also picked up my glider from my mom’s house.  She was storing it for us the past two years.

Baby Names: We have been chatting a little bit more about the names.  Even though we haven’t decided on anything yet, I think that we are getting a little bit closer.  Well closer than we were a few weeks ago!  I think we have it narrowed down to about 25 names! Hahah, yeah we haven’t accomplished much on this yet.

That’s it for now!  No big updates to report.  Everything is just moving along!


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Baby Update: Week 23

I can’t believe that it’s already time for another baby update!  Right now I feel like the pregnancy weeks are flying by.  I only have 17 weeks left.

Number of Weeks: 23 Weeks

photo (14)

Doctor Updates: Everything went well last week at the doctor.  My blood pressure and weight are still good. I have now gained 15lbs and I really only want to gain about 10-5 more.  I am not sure if that’s going to be possible now.  The last 2 months of the pregnancy you gain so much weight. AHHHHHH!! But of course I will keep gaining weight if I don’t stop eating these…


I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks so I can get all of my scripts for the glucose test and for my rhogam shot.  I was hoping that he would just give me the scripts this past week but he wanted to see me again before doing so.

How I’m Feeling: I feel horrible.  My body is already so exhausted and worn out.  I spent 15 minutes on the floor yesterday because I couldn’t get up after folding some laundry.  My back was killing me and I just couldn’t move.  It finally felt better and I could get up – but man that’s not supposed to happen until at least 35 weeks.

I haven’t had a good nights sleep for two weeks now {well actually over 5 years but who’s counting}.  I am so uncomfortable and I have to pee every hour.  Plus Sean keeps waking up and having accidents.  But when I am asleep I am out cold.  The other night Sean peed himself and I never heard him crying.  I always hear him so I must have been in a deep sleep.   Oh and my belly is so big that I can’t get comfortable on my big pillow.  I toss from right to left all night long.  I really do miss sleeping on my stomach!

Movement:  I have been feeling the baby move a lot and finally the kids have been able to feel it too.  I just loved the look on Sean’s face when he felt the baby move for the first time.  It was something that I will never forget.   They both love talking to him.  I took the boys for Frosty’s yesterday at Wendy’s and Ben wanted to know if we could come back when the baby was born so he could get his own Frosty.  I told him not to worry that Mommy was giving him plenty of ice cream!

I think that’s it for now.  No other updates to report!  I’m off to the park with the boys.  I’m trying to get their energy out as much as possible so that they sleep well each night.  They are wearing me out this summer!!!!!

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Baby Update – Week 22

It’s only Tuesday and I am ready to give up on this week. My kids are being naughty, my body is aching and my house is dirty! So I think I will escape and head to my mom’s house to invade her pool. The kids need a change of scenery {and so do I}.  They are acting up a little too much and I think they are just getting bored with their toys, their bikes and the backyard!  I can only do the park when I have help or a lot of energy.  Sean ran away again last week at the park and right now I have no energy to chase him.  So it’s off to the pool we go!

Here’s my latest baby update!

Number of Weeks: 22 Weeks

photo (14)

Doctor Updates: My next OB appt is on Friday morning. I swear I blink and its already time for my next appointment. Again this one should be a quick one. Check the little guys growth and listen to that heart beat. I also think that I will get the info either this appt or the next in my glucose test as well as my Rhogam shot. I’m lucky enough to have the odd blood type … you know the one that could poison my children.

How I’m Feeling: Exhausted. I’m so freaking tired all of the time. When I was pregnant with Sean, I was able to nap a lot since Ben was still very young and taking 2 naps a day.  I had plenty of time to sleep. Plus he would lay on the couch and snuggle with me all of the time. This time around I have to crazy boys who don’t nap anymore. All I want to do from 12:30-3pm is sleep. All they want to so is destroy! I can’t keep up with them.

I am also feeling like a stuffed turkey.  I feel like my timer has popped up and no one is taking me out of the oven. I am just over the halfway point and I am already so uncomfortable.  I know that I was big for my other two pregnancies and this one is no different but I just feel worse this time around.  Everything aches, every move hurts, etc.  It’s going to be a long 17-18 weeks!

Baby Movement: I am finally feeling consistent movements with the little guy.  I usually feel it at night when I am sitting on the couch or laying in bed.  But lately I have noticed them throughout the day!  It’s such a wonderful feeling — you know that your little guy is doing alright when they are tumbling in your tummy!

Weight Gain: 10lbs. I have hit the big 10lb mark and I know that it’s only going to get worse. I am a little scared to see the official number at the doctors office on Friday.  I was already a little over weight when I got pregnant so I really wanted to control my number during pregnancy but it’s been a little hard.  The first 3 months I did okay because I didn’t want to eat anything at all.  But I am making up for that right now during the second trimester.   I am determined to not gain more than 25lbs this pregnancy {I averaged 35-40 the last two times around} but those darn sweets are getting me this time around.  I am obsessed with chocolate — brownies, cookies, ice cream, candy, etc.  If there’s anything chocolate in front of me, I will eat it.

Names: Again, we are still at a standstill on this one.  I warned you but there may not be a decision on a name until the kid fills out his college application.  There’s one or two that are in the running but I’m not completely sold on it yet.  It flows with the other boys names but I am not set on it because I don’t like the nickname!  And we know all kids will get called by their nickname.   I feel like I have gone through that baby boy list over 1,000 times in the past 6 years. I have exhausted every single option.  The ones that I love the hubby doesn’t and vice versa!  I am just not falling in love with any names like I did with Ben and Sean.

Shopping: I am pretty much done all of my shopping for the baby. I picked up some crib sheets, binkies and car seat toys.  I also just got a new battery for the video monitor so that is all ready to go.  I just need to get a playmat {I found the one I want, I am just waiting for a coupon}, bottles {and all the bottle accessories} and then finally some diapers and wipes.  I think that everything else is ready to go!



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Baby Update – Week 21

I don’t know how I survived this past week.  Between Ben’s stomach bug, Sean’s naughtiness and the heat wave, I was dying of exhaustion.  Sean had camp every day last week and just walking from the car to the school wore me out.  The heat was horrible and I had trouble catching my breath.   Plus Ben’s stomach bug stuck around most of the week.  He was throwing up all the way through Thursday but was still having some issues through the weekend.  Thankfully he had a pretty decent day on Sunday and ate some food! So off to camp he went on Monday!  He was pretty tired and worn out and after camp he said his stomach hurt but now I think it’s because he hasn’t eaten a decent meal in well over a week and he’s just pretty weak.  He ate some more today so I am hoping that he gains some strength back.  I will say that he takes after his mother and knows how to milk an illness.  This kid is being pampered like a king!

Alright so here are some baby updates for you!

Number of Weeks: 21 Weeks

photo (14)

Ultrasound Update: I went to my ultrasound yesterday to check the baby’s heart.  At my 19 week ultrasound, he wasn’t cooperating and kept jumping around so they couldn’t get a good view of his heart.  I had to trek back over to the hospital and get some more pictures done {not that I am complaining about seeing the little guy again}. This time around he was holding his arms over his heart so it took a long time until she could get some decent pictures!  Thankfully, she was able to capture enough to make the doctor happy.  So I don’t have to come back again for a follow-up.

Here’s another picture for you guys!


Baby Movement: I finally have real baby movement.  The past few weeks I have felt the little flutters and rumblings in my stomach but nothing that felt like a true baby kick.  Well I can finally say that it happened this past weekend.  I could even see my stomach move around a bit.  He tends to move later in the evening when I am finally sitting my butt down on the couch for more than 45 seconds.  He also likes to move a lot right when I get into bed.  It always feels like he is doing flips in there {and based on his movement during the past 2 ultrasounds, he is}.

That’s all that I have this week.  Other than the nursery is a mess again since it keeps filling up with tons of baby stuff.  After this upcoming weekend, I am going to have Joey take the toddler beds out and put them away in storage and hopefully I will be able to clean up the room a bit.  I also need to patch up and paint one of the walls in there that Ben destroyed.  Thankfully we don’t have to pain the entire room over again!  I’m off to take Ben to camp {and watch continuous coverage of the front door of William & Kate’s hospital}.


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One Crazy Busy Week

I feel like I haven’t typed a post in ages! I mean a real post, not a baby update or a Wordless Wednesday post.  I finally have a few minutes a day while Sean is at camp to type up some posts. Of course Ben has been sick the past few days so my time is limited.  Let’s see what’s been going on with us.
Last Saturday my in-laws came up to our house so I could go to a Dave Matthews concert with Joey and some of our friends.  It was the first DMB concert that I have been to since I had Ben. I honestly think that my last DMB concert was back in 2006.  I couldn’t believe that it has been that long but lately I have been sending Joey to concerts with his friends. It’s too hard to get a babysitter all of the time so I pick and choose the shows wisely.  So it was nice to finally get out on the town and bar hop {oh wait, bar hopping sucks when you can’t drink beer}! But it was still fun hanging out with friends in Philly.  The concert was a lot of fun but I must admit that I didn’t know a lot of the songs.  I really haven’t been following Dave’s new songs over the past few years so I was a bit lost.  Thankfully I had good company!!!!


Sunday we spent the day packing up Ben’s stuff for his trip to southern Delaware with my in-laws.  It was his first time away without mommy and daddy!  We have gone away for a night here or there but never for this long.  He was so excited to go and I think that he packed up almost every single toy in our basement to take with him.  He just wanted to pack everything up so Sean couldn’t touch it.

photo 1 (2)

From what I hear, he had a great week!  He played outside, spent a lot of time in his swing, got his haircut, and even played “bop the can”.  I’m still trying to figure that one out!  But he had fun and was well behaved so I am thankful. I missed him so much but it was nice to Facetime with him while he was away. I just love technology.  I remember spending a week or two at my grandparents house when I was little and waiting for that rotary dial phone {the only phone in their house} to ring so I could talk to my parents.  Times sure have changed.

Sunday night after Ben left we went out to dinner with daddy!  He was craving some ribs so we popped into Texas Roadhouse for some food!   Some of my best pictures of Joey and the boys are sitting in a booth at a restaurant.

photo 2 (2)

While Ben is away, Sean and I will play.  And by play I mean we just moved in with my mom in northern Delaware.  She has a big pool in her backyard so we decided to spend our time there since it was so freaking hot outside.  We went down Monday afternoon and swam all week long.  We did take a break to run some errands on Tuesday.  We hit up Newark to full fill my Grotto Pizza craving {twice}.

photo 5 (2)

On Wednesday we met up with my sister to do a tour of the Herr’s Potato Chip Factory!  I love a tour that gives out fresh chips at the end! We wrapped up that day by stopping by the mall to do some retail therapy {and Sean had some play time}.

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)

photo 4 (1) photo 3 (1)

We also went to a friends house for their annual July 4th picnic.  What did Sean do at the picnic? Well he swam for 4 hours straight. I could not get him out of that pool to eat.

photo 1

While we were at the July 4th picnic, Joey went down state to pick up Ben from his parents house.   He spent the day visiting with them and drove back up that evening.  I was so happy to see Ben, but I think that Sean was a little more excited!  Despite all of their fighting he really did miss his brother. Oh and they had a fight within 10 minutes of reuniting!

On Friday we said goodbye to daddy so he could go off on his 4 day Phish tour in Saratoga Springs, NY.  I spent two more days at my moms with the boys and then headed back to New Jersey on Sunday afternoon.  We managed to squeeze in two more days of pool time. I don’t think that my mom has been in the pool that much since they put it in.  I know that she has never been in it this early in the season {or that early in the morning}.  She was a trooper with the boys!

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3 (2)

So here we are on Wednesday.  I have my 20 week OBGYN appointment this afternoon and Joey is off to another Phish show tonight.  Sean started his first week of camp ever at his preschool.  HE LOVES IT!  This week they are celebrating all of the holidays.  Monday was Halloween and Tuesday was Christmas.  Sean told me Tuesday was Easter so I put him in an Easter shirt, only to find out it was Christmas! AHHH.  That kid loves to mess with me.

Ben has been sick now for a few days with a headache {and a fever at night}.  The boy refuses to take any kind of medicine other than his seizure meds.  The poor little guy, I hope he starts feeling better soon.  He was supposed to start karate last night but  I had to reschedule his orientation because he was sick.  I am so excited for him to start, I just hope that he enjoys it.  I can’t get this boy to commit to anything.  He wasn’t a fan of soccer and refused to do t-ball.  Let’s hope karate does it.  I want him to be active in something other than his angry bird games!

Well I guess that’s it for now.  Nothing else to report here in New Jersey other than it’s hot and humid! Happy Summer!


Baby Update – Week 19

Okay I am back on track with my posts! Since I was traveling last week my Week 18 update was a little late! But here we are now at week 19.  Yesterday I went for my level 2 ultrasound! I  love seeing the little guy on the tv!

Number of Weeks: 19 Weeks

Sorry for the lack of make-up and goof ball smile! I was just happy that I got a picture done this morning after everything that’s going on! Oh and I realized after this picture that I need to clean the mirror in the boys bathroom!!!

photo (4)

Ultrasound Update:  Yesterday I went for my level 2 ultrasound.  They were running a little behind schedule so by the time I got into my room it was 4:30 and I didn’t get out of there until after 6pm. UGHHH! I was starving but thankfully they had crackers and juice so I could eat a bit.  Don’t they know that my dinner time is 5pm on the dot!!!!   But back to the baby.  If you have ever been pregnant and gone for the level 2, then you know that it’s a very long appt.  They measure all the different parts of the baby to check his/her growth.  It’s a lot of quiet time and honestly I could have fallen asleep laying there.  The first images of the little guy were the best ones, but then he shifted.  She was able to measure everything but the heart and I really didn’t get any full length body shots because he was moving around so much.  He was not happy and he even started punching at one point when she was pressing down trying to see the face.  Well it looked like he was trying to punch!  I guess I have another wild one on the way!  Good thing that I have experience with hyper kids.

Here’s the best shot that we could get yesterday.  It’s his head and belly!

photo (13)

The doctor said that everything looks good and is growing properly but I do have to go back for another ultrasound in two weeks to check the heart.  They just couldn’t get a good shot of it and need to make sure that all is well.  Oh and she double checked for me, it is a boy! So the genetic test was correct with their 99.9% accuracy.  I am not part of the 0.01%.

Doctor’s Visit: I head to the OBGYN tomorrow for my 20 week appointment.  My doctor is on vacation this week so I am going tomorrow.  It should just be another quick visit to hear the heartbeat {which was 145 yesterday at the u/s}.

Hospital:  For this c-section I won’t be going to my normal hospital.  My doctor has switched practices and now works out of the brand new hospital in town.  I must admit that I am kind of excited to check this one out.  It looks so nice and fancy!  The maternity floor is on the top of the hospital and has a pretty view! The rooms are all singles {which I had for both of the other boys and I think is the norm now}.  But they have flat screens, nice pull out beds for the spouse, and even internet access through the flat screen tv!

Just take a look at this room.  It looks pretty sweet {and large, not cramped}! I still want to look into scheduling a tour of the place as well as the siblings class for the boys.  Ben was so young when I had Sean but now I think they are both at a good age for the class.


Alright, I guess that’s it for now.  Have a great week!


Baby Update: Week 18

We  have had such a busy week around here that I haven’t had a moment to blog. I hope to get a new one up for you tomorrow with some updates on the boys! But for today I’m just going to post a quick baby update (and then my Throwback Thursday post).

Number of Weeks: 18 weeks, 2 days


Doctor Updates: I have my 20 week ultrasound on Monday so I can’t wait to see how the little guy is growing. I should have some pictures of him to share as well.  I also have my 20 week OB visit Next week. I will only be 19 weeks but my doctor is on vacation the following week.  It should be another quick visit! I just love hearing his heartbeat!!!

I have also been playing phone tag with my neurologist so no updates on the MRI. I am assuming if it was bad they would have called. But this office is a little crazy so she probably hasn’t looked at it yet.

Baby Names: Nothing yet! We still haven’t come close on picking yet. I have names and Joey has names but we don’t share any (yet). We have picked {and asked} the godparents but no names yet!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I need to get a name soon so I can start ordering some personalized stuff!!!

Baby Gear: so I have been shopping like crazy the past two weeks. I told you I wanted to get everything done by the end of summer!!!! The stroller and car seat came in so I tested them out on Sean (well just the stroller). I love it!! Plus I know the hubby will too. He’s pretty tall and always complained how low the stroller handles are — well this one is pretty high! He should be happy.  And how cute is Sean?? He looks so tall and grown up in this picture. I can’t believe that he is going to be four in August.


I have picked up a ton of odds and ends as well. I picked up a bath tub, a space saver high chair as well as the changing pad and cover.  I also bought a ton of clothes! I am so happy that I was able to get my hands on some Ralph Lauren outfits. I really do miss working there!!!


All I really need to get now is a playmat, my crib and some new crib sheets. The rest will just be little odds and ends. I did stumble upon this awesome seat at Buy, Buy Baby. I really wish that I had an extra $240 because this seat is freaking awesome.  It’s from 4moms and this seat does everything.  Ahhhh if only!!  I guess my kid will survive without it!



Alright! That’s it for this week. I hope that everyone has a wonderful July 4th holiday! I’m off to a BBQ plus I get to see my little Ben tonight. He’s been spending his time in the country at my inlaws. It’s his first time away from home and he’s been having a blast, but I can’t wait to squeeze him.