Yes, I Cheated…

On the 21 Day Fix that is… not on the husband!

I have had a rough few days with the kids and like I said before I am an emotional eater.  Well once I dropped the not so sweet angels off at the bus stop and at school I came home and had some cold pizza.  For some reason I cannot stop eating pizza. It’s my weakness. Even cold DiGiorno pizza {It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno}.

unnamed (2)

It happens but I am going to pick myself back up and keep on going.  One rough day is not going to stop me.  That’s what I am trying to learn in this whole process. Not to let one slip up derail my whole day, which turns into a week then a month.  I won’t let it stop me from reaching my goal… which is hitting my goal weight {18lbs to go} and wearing a cute white top that doesn’t show a saggy muffin top.  I want to feel more comfortable in my skin.

This picture was 3 years ago and I liked my body then. I felt good then. I want to be there again.

05.28.10 -06.04.10Avalon NJ (22)  IMG_0857

So I think for lunch I will have another awesome shake and reflect on why I’m eating the cold pizza.  One of my Beachbody coaches {hey Nikki} suggested on our Facebook page that when you cheat, it may be because you are bored.  So maybe I am just bored eating the same foods and I need to go through the 21 Day Fix book again and reboot my meals.  I have been eating the same things for almost 2 1/2 months now.  So maybe I need to switch.  Also, after this round I need to get a new workout routine. I love the programs in there but it’s good to switch it up. I keep going back and forth on what I want to try so today my goal is to figure out AND ORDER my next fitness program!!!!!!

unnamed (1)

Well gang, the weekend is here.  Spring Break is starting today when those kids get out of school.  So say a prayer that we all make it through the next week without going off the plan and my exercise routine.  We will be spending some days down in Delaware and I know I will be packing my containers, my shakes and my videos.  Just because I am in a different state doesn’t mean that I can’t continue to reach my goals.

Sooooo are you willing to give it a try? Summer is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!! Do you want to feel comfortable in your swimsuit? I know that I want to not hide under my towel when I’m sitting on the beach this summer and I am going to continue to keep moving!  How about you join me and we can hold each other accountable? I have a great team that I work with and you can too.   Plus there are some great deals right now on a few programs that can help you reach those goals!

If you want to know what Beachbody or the 21 Day Fix is all about please drop me a quick email, call me, visit my Facebook page or just run on over and check out my Beachbody Website.

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Owen Update

Happy 4 Months Owen!!!
IMG_6374   IMG_6403
Yes, I know that I am a few days late! But I finally finished my post!  I can’t believe my baby, my last little baby is already 4 months old. He doesn’t even seem like a baby anymore. He is growing so quickly and babbling up a storm. He laughs at everything especially when you try and take his shirt off. He’s a ticklish little man.  He loves his bouncer, his mamaroo and his booster seat. He loves watching his brothers and even will giggle when they are fighting and screaming.
IMG_5732   IMG_6346
Owen is now 15lbs 10ozs and is measuring in at 25 1/2″ tall. He is wearing mainly 6 months clothes with a few 9 months thrown in too! This guy wears clothes that his brothers didn’t wear until they were at least 9 months old.
He has started eating some food. My goal was to make his food and I will do some things here and there but after talking with friends it seems like the baby food isn’t the difference of becoming a picky eater or not. It’s what I feed him after the purées. So right now I’m going to focus on all healthy foods when the time comes!!  So far he has had peas, bananas and some oatmeal. He isn’t a big fan of the cereals right now but I think when I add in some bananas he will enjoy it. On his 3rd day of food he finished off an entire jar of Beech Nut bananas!!! And still wanted more.
Owen has brought so much joy to our family and knowing he is the last little guy it’s been an extra special experience. I am trying to cherish everything that I may have taken for granted with the other boys.  And right now Owen is the easiest kid in the house (but that’s a whole other blog post that I need to write with a glass of wine in hand).

IMG_6305  IMG_6448

He has rolled over from back to front and is thisclose on rolling from front to back.  I know that he has a tooth coming in soon because the drool machine has been in full effect for a week or two now.  He sleeps pretty well too. He usually goes down around 7:30pm and will wake once for a feeding. Most times it’s around 3:30-4:00am but he does wake at 5am on occasion (like this morning). That’s a rough time for me. Joey is usually stirring for work and I am at the point where I want to go back to sleep but it’s hard. Thankfully today Owen and I both fell back asleep until 6:45. Even the older two boys were still sleeping.  If I can get Owen back to sleep and actually get some burst of energy I would love to use that time to do my workout and shower. But 5am is not a fun hour!!!

But I love this little man so much and I’m trying so hard to be the best mom to him and all of my boys. It’s hard with 3 but honestly the baby is so easy right now that I don’t stress about him. If he poops I change him (even if it’s in the trunk of my car at the park). If he’s hungry I feed him and if he cries then I hold him. Now if only Ben and Sean were that easy!!
Good thing all of my boys are so cute!!
IMG_6067   IMG_5996 IMG_5798   IMG_5774

So are you ready to make a change in your life? I was the queen of excuses but I finally threw them all away and got up off of the couch and started my life over!  If you want to know what Beachbody or the 21 Day Fix is all about please drop me a quick email, call me, visit my Facebook page or just run on over and check out my Beachbody Website.

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Why I Eat, Breaking the Cycle

The main reason for starting this new journey of beachbody and shakeology was to lose that extra baby weight and to get my body back Into shape. The past 6-7 years I have let myself spiral out of control both physically and a little mentally.

I think what I have learned over few months is that I am a food addict. There I said it. I am an emotional eater and addicted to harmful foods.  About 10-12 years ago I would have said the opposite. If I was sad or depressed then I didn’t eat. If I was nervous or scared then I skipped meals. All throughout high school and college I had severe social anxiety. I would like to say that I hid it well but it was a struggle. I hated going out to parties or dinner. Anything that involved food or a new experience  freaked me out. I would get sick or find excuses to not go. Towards the end of college and the few years after I learned to go with the flow a little better but it was still very hard for me.

See I was skinny at one time!


But somewhere in the past 7-8 years it’s like a switch went off and I became an eater. I would eat whenever and wherever. I couldn’t turn down a slice of pizza or a bacon cheeseburger with fries. I was skinny and had high metabolism so I would never gain weight. Well here I am 3 kids later and I am at the heaviest non pregnancy weight of my life.  It scared me. I hated it. This girl who never gained weight and could eat whatever the heck I wanted, was now packing on the pounds. Yes I used my pregnancies as an excuse. Each pregnancy gave me a reason {excuse} to eat whatever I wanted.  Well this time it backfired on me because the weight didn’t just fly off. Why am I an emotional eater now? Well I just ordered a book recommended to me by a friend and I’m hoping to find out and break that cycle.   When my kids stress me out I run towards the refrigerator or pantry. If I am bored, I eat.  If I am tired, I eat.  I need to reprogram my brain but in the meantime I can work on my diet and my exercise and try and undo the damage that I’ve already caused to my body.


I must also admit that I have {had} an addiction to fast food. I always have.  I love McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A but hey I wasn’t partial to any fast food.  Especially since I stopped working it’s been a hard habit to break.  When you are running around with the kids or stopping at the grocery store and Target or you are just driving around trying to get a baby to sleep it’s so easy to go through the drive thru and grab some grub.  Whether it’s for breakfast {mmmm Chick-fil-A mini bites} or dinner {a McDouble} I couldn’t stop.  So when I started this new diet {21 Day Fix} I knew that I needed to use this opportunity to break the cycle of horrible eating.  Fast food was my number one goal.  I am proud to say that I have been free of fast food for 50+ days. Now I may have had a few fries here and there but I haven’t had anything else.  No cheeseburgers, no chicken sandwiches, zip, zilch, nada!!!  I have ordered a diet coke and that’s it.  Yeah that’s my next addiction that I need to break — baby steps, one addiction at a time.  And it really is an addiction.  Do I need the fast food and the diet cokes – ABSOLUTELY NOT.


Over the past 50 or so days, I have eaten a clean diet {mostly} and I feel good.  I’m not as tired during the day like I used to be. I don’t need those naps that I craved so much.  Yes, it’s nice to take a little nap here or there because I was up with the baby or the boys were driving me nuts but if I can’t sneak it in I’m okay.  I can keep going. It all has to do with my new changes. Is it the shakeology? Yes. Is it the healthy foods? Yes. Is it the exercise? YES! YES! YES!  One huge change that I have noticed is that I don’t need the soda for my energy and caffeine.  Right now it’s just an addiction.  I did a little experiment while on the 21 Day Fix.  I did the first round without any diet coke {I started to add them in towards the end}.  I was fine drinking the shakes and not drinking soda.  But when I did start drinking it, I noticed that my energy levels would start crashing shortly after that soda so I would reach for another.  The soda was making me tired making me lose my energy.  It didn’t help keep me going throughout the day it helped me keep up with the addiction.  Now I’m still struggling with this soda thing.  I like the taste of them but I am getting better. I used to drink about 5 a day {yes I know I’m slapping myself too}, but now I am down to about 2.  Some days I don’t have any.  I will beat that addiction just like I did the fast food one!  Like I said, one thing at a time.

Alright, now that I let that off my chest, it’s time to move forward. I had a week off from my meal planning and my strict exercise so I’m ready for more.  I’m going to do one more round of the 21 Day Fix  — I just started today.  I have a few friends that are doing it for the first time and I want to do this journey with them.  Then I will do one other workout before I hope to start with PiYo at the beginning of the summer! I can’t wait.

New beginnings for me. I am hoping to make these changes now so that they will last a lifetime. I know that I have already screwed up with my kids and their diet and I am trying to change myself so that I can make the changes with them. Oh and I forgot to give you guys updates on my changes after two rounds.. I will try and get that up soon. Email me if you want to see before and after pictures!!! Or you can join our challenge groups on Facebook where my pictures are splattered all over {but you have to commit to a program from Beachbody and share your pics too}!!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

So are you ready to make a change in your life? I was the queen of excuses but I finally threw them all away and got up off of the couch and started my life over!  If you want to know what Beachbody or the 21 Day Fix is all about please drop me a quick email, call me, visit my Facebook page or just run on over and check out my Beachbody Website.

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21 Day Fix Mission Complete: Round 1

So I officially finished the 21 Day Fix.

Was it easy?  No, not everyday was a walk in the park, but it was totally worth it.


Lost 13lbs

3 1/2″ from my waist
1 1/2″ from each of my thighs
2″ from my hips
4″ from my bust {don’t worry I can afford to lose the weight there}
12 1/2″ overall lost!

How awesome is that? All in 3 weeks!

Would I do it again? Yes, I am glad that you asked because I am doing it again right now. I went right back into the program and I am now almost at the halfway point of round two.  I decided that I am not taking any measurements until the end this time because I don’t want to worry about what the scale is saying.  I am going on how I feel.  I need to make it more about my new lifestyle, not about weight loss.  Yes, I am doing this to shred those pounds but I am also doing it to make HUGE changes in my eating.

I definitely want/need to lose more and the 21 Day Fix has been a fun and exciting path for me. It gave me the jumpstart that I needed to get healthy again. I have enjoyed the meal plans and the portion containers.  I knew that I was overeating but to see how much was shocking.  I have skipped all of the horrible snacks {like my chips and dips and snacks} and I have not had one bit of fast food in over 30 days!  That’s huge for me.  As much as I still want some of the junk food, l I am trying my best to walk away. I know that they make me feel horrible and not worth it.  I don’t even have them in the house anymore {except for the kids snacks – which I am slowly trying to improve as well}. I threw out an entire container of onion dip last week because I knew it would be too tempting.  It was left over from a party that we had and I knew that I just had to get rid of it. I know that what I am doing is the right thing. I even went to a St. Patrick’s Day party this past weekend and I stayed away from the chips and the cheese doodles. I didn’t even touch the hot dogs or the corned beef and cabbage. I had a nice turkey wrap and just enjoyed chatting with my husband and friends.   It was a struggle but I did it and I felt great. I even came home and did my exercises for the day.  I didn’t let the party interfere with my health.

And what has shocked me the most is that I actually enjoy Shakeology. That was one of my biggest fears is that I would not enjoy the shakes.  But they are DELICIOUS!!!!  I wake up in the morning craving my chocolate shake with banana and peanut butter! YUMMY! I have even encouraged my husband to take on a healthier lifestyle.  He just started doing Shakeology and really does enjoy it as well.  He took his bag to work and will have his shakes there.

Now it wasn’t always a walk in the park.  Did I mess up at all. You betcha. I had more wine than I should {umm hello! I am a mom of three boys here}. I had a little bit of pizza but I always, always worked out. In the 31 days that I have been doing the program I have only missed one Yoga exercise.  I made up for it the next day by doubling up on a few others! Another thing that I started doing recently was adding the 10 minute ab exercise into my routine.  My stomach is my huge issue {3 c-sections in less than 6 years} but I can definitely see a huge difference and I want to see more changes.  I have noticed some toning in my obliques but I still have this bump of fat that I MUST get rid of.  I am working on it.

I am also so much more flexible now and I am able to do more exercises without modifying the moves.  I still struggle with planks and the core exercises but I am getting so much better each and every day.  I also just graduated to heavier weights to help tone some more.  I am pretty weak since I was not an exercise person so I started out with very small weights! But I will keep increasing them as I chug along.   I also live in a townhouse so I don’t have a ton of space.  See pictures below to view my gym.  Space is not an excuse.  I just shove all the baby items to one side and get moving.  I even work out with my husband and/or a kid sitting on the couch!

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

Not only have I changed my lifestyle over the past month but I have made a ton of new friends who are so supportive and encouraging.  I actually enjoy being challenged everyday to make the right decisions. I even signed up as a coach so I could possible help or inspire others on their own weight loss / healthy lifestyle goals.   I love chatting with friends {old and new} about what they are doing to stay healthy.  What programs have worked for them and which ones that they want to try next.

What am I going to do after I finish this round? Well, I will definitely continue with the shakes.  That is just going to be a new part of my life. I may not always have them for my breakfast but they will be part of my daily routine.

I haven’t decided my next challenge yet but I am chatting with my coach about it. I will post as soon as I decide my next challenge group. I really hope that you guys join me on this journey.  You can really try out anything from the 21 Day Fix to the Ultimate Reset to P90X or Insanity.  You can even just try the Shakeology.  There is so much to pick and choose from. You can customize it to YOU! That’s what is so awesome about Beachbody.  Plus at the end of May there is going to be a new release from Chalene Johnson called PiYo. It will be a combination of the best moves from pilates and yoga! I can’t wait. CLICK HERE and enter your email address so you can be one of the first to know about PiYo.

So are you ready to make a change in your life? I was the queen of excuses but I finally threw them all away and got up off of the couch and started my life over!  If you want to know what Beachbody or the 21 Day Fix is all about please drop me a quick email, call me, visit my Facebook page or just run on over and check out my Beachbody Website.

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Give your insides the ultimate workout with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ program!


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Beach Body Coach

I can’t believe that I am doing this! It’s not like me at all to try something new and out of my comfort zone.

If you have known me a long time than you know that up until about 6-8 years ago I could eat mcDonalds, pizza and whatever I wanted and not gain any weight. I was skinny. Never weighing more than 110-115.  Then the dreaded 30th birthday happened and there was an immediate switch in my body that turned on and I started gaining weight. I tried watching what I ate but at the time I was living in NYC and when in NYC you eat out at least 95% of your meals. I might have used my toaster and microwave a few times in the 3 years living there. So the weight kept adding up. Them I got pregnant and had Ben in Jan 2008. By November 2008 I was pregnant again with Sean. My body went through 2 csections and a lot of stretching (both boys were well over 9lbs). I took a break from babies and about 2 years ago I did lose some of my weight. But I was still well over my goal. Yes I will admit some numbers here but I ranged anywhere between 130-150lbs. Then last year I got pregnant again. I got pregnant weighing 150 and knew it was going to be a long road. I took the whole “I’m pregnant” to the extreme with my eating.  At first I did great but as the months went on I kept packing on the pounds. I ate Oreos and pizza and well everything in sight. Oh and the potato chips, especially with French onion dip! Wow this post is making me a little bit hungry.

So here I am 3 months after giving birth to Owen (who weighed well over 10lbs) and my body just didn’t bounce back as quickly as the other two boys. I was feeling depressed and about to start another weight loss program that worked for me before. Then my friend Jen introduced me to Beach Body. She was going to try the 21 Day Fix and asked if I wanted to join her. I was hesitant at first because well I always am with new and Scary things.  Could I do it? Then I thought 21 days why not! I had a friend for support. Let’s do this!!!

What is 21 Day Fix? 
• A 21-day program of simple portion control and 30-minute workouts that anyone can do
• Simple, fast weight loss—no weighing food or counting calories, carbs, or points
• You can lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days

What makes 21 Day Fix unique?
• Portion-control containers take all the guesswork out of losing weight
• It’s the simplest way to control how much you eat
• 30-minute workouts that anyone can do and fit into everyone’s busy life

Link to the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack: CLICK HERE

My website

The night before I started I finished off those Tag a long Girl Scout cookies and had some pizza and fries. Monday morning I woke up and started the plan. I had my meals prepped and cooked and I was ready to go. It wasn’t too bad. Was I hungry? Yes. Was I starving! No. I spaced everything out so I didn’t go more than 3 hours without a snack or meal.  I messed up my shake at first and added too much powder, but once I figured that out I am now craving my chocolate shakeology with my tsp of peanut butter and a 1/2 of a banana. I think Joey might actually start trying them too.

The portion-control containers have worked wonders for me. I am now learning what the proper portion size is for everything. I was probably eating double {even triple in some cases} than what I should have been each night.  There’s no more guessing how much, if it fits in the container, you can eat it.  Like I said before I have not been starving.  There are some habits that I am still trying to break. I still want to eat that last chicken nugget that my son didn’t finish or I want to eat his pizza crust.  But I am slowly learning that I need to stop that. I am trying to be healthier and stronger and that would just go against my main goal.  Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you that I have changed and I am never eating pizza or chips or having beer again.  That would be a lie. But I am learning portion control and if I put the exercise in, then I can enjoy those treats!

Now let’s talk about the exercise videos.  They were not horrible but they also were not easy. I have not worked out in over a year but I have finished each and every one.  I have not given up. I have pushed myself and then pushed a little bit harder.  Yes, I do modify some moves {there’s an awesome girl Kat every video that shows you the modified moves}.  But each day I am watching her less and less.  Week two was a little bit more rough on my body but it was a good kind of pain.  I have lost over 8lbs and it’s still dropping with another week left on the plan.  It really is amazing.

Now here’s the crazy part of my entire Beach Body experience… I just signed up to be a coach! Crazy right!!!!??? I’m not a very outgoing person and could never do direct sales shows at people’s homes but I actually have enjoyed this and thought I can share this with my friends. I know that there are a lot of people out there doing shakeology. And some of you have tried p90x or Insanity and have given up. But this 21 Day Fix is awesome. There are a ton of different exercises. One day is cardio, one day is upper, there’s Pilates and even a yoga day. 30 minutes that it.  I have stuck to the meal plan (besides a few cheats in the diet coke). I’ve traded some of my yellow containers for wine and I survived. Do I miss the wine. Hell yes. But I am doing it.

21 days that’s it. I’m already deciding what my next challenge should be. Abs!? Buns?

So if anyone is interested in hearing more about this plan and my experience, email me now. The special pricing on the 21 Day Fix ends this weekend. So act now! It will still be available but you will just have to pay a little but more. So if you are on the fence now is the time!!

You can do it with or without the shakes! I never thought I would do a shake EVER. I mean do you see what is in there!!! I would never eat that stuff but it honestly tastes like chocolate. I haven’t tried the vanilla yet but I hear that it’s awesome with some fruit thrown in there. There’s even a strawberry.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get in shape. Spring and summer are coming up quickly (not soon enough if you ask me) and I know that I want to fit into some shorts and a nice tshirt without wanting to cover up my body!!

Link to the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack: CLICK HERE

Email me at:

If you are interested let me know!!! You may even want to become a coach yourself (for some of the great discounts) or to share with your friends and maybe make a few extra $$$.

Join me on this journey. Yes I’m still nervous but I’m going to try my best. I need to learn to eat healthy and plan meals. Not only for me but for my family. Once I get this down I need to get my kids involved. I swore to myself that Owen will not be introduced to some of the foods that I allow the other two to eat. I’m slowly eliminating the bad ones and hoping to add some fresh and healthy options. It’s a work in progress.Erin


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21 Day Fix – Day 6

Well I have survived the first five days of the 21 Day fix. I am currently down 6lbs and 2 1/2 inches in my waist. My pre-pregnancy jeans finally button again.  Now I am not saying that I don’t have a huge muffin top, cause I do, but they snap!  I couldn’t get them to snap last weekend before I started the 21 Day Fix.

If you know me than you know that I enjoy my food. I love my pizza, chips and dips.  I thought that this was going to be impossible for me to stick with.  I thought I would get a hunger craving one day and just gave and binge on some chips.  But honestly I am not starving at all. Yes, I do have hunger pains every so often but since I schedule my meals & snacks within 2-3 hours apart I know that I can wait that extra 45 minutes until my next meal.  I have noticed so much success in the first 5 days that I don’t want to ruin it now. I don’t want to sabotage myself.

unnamed (9)

Now it hasn’t been a piece of cake either {ohhh cake, I want cake}!  But if I can stick with this, so can you.  I am horrible at diets and never follow through but this jumpstart is just what I needed.  It’s not something that you stick with for too long {that’s why it’s called the 21 day fix}. I am using it to get my body clean again.  I am addicted to chips, pre-packaged meals, processed foods, etc.  If I can eat healthy for 21 days then maybe I can continue it even longer.  Now that doesn’t mean I won’t have pizza or quesadillas again because I MUST HAVE THEM.  I know that I can’t deny myself the bad {but oh so good} stuff, but I know that I can and will make the right choices.  Maybe in the future I will have one slice of pizza instead of 3.  Or I will skip McDonalds forever. Okay those fries are pretty darn tasty.

The hardest part for me has been cutting out my soda consumption. I don’t drink coffee or tea and Coke Zero is my source of caffeine.  I need caffeine with 3 boys {one who still likes to wake up in the middle of the night to eat}.  But I have suvived and I am not exhausted.  Now for my confession, I did have two coke zeros this week.  The first one I spread it out over a day and I think my husband finished half of it when he came home from work.  And my second one I had today.  So far I had a half of a can and the rest is sitting in my refrigerator.  I am prepping for Owen’s baptism today and I felt like I just needed a little jolt of caffeine this morning.  But since I am used to have about 4 Coke Zeros a day, having 2 over 6 days is pretty darn good. I know that they are bad for me but I am hoping to break that craving now and only need it occasionally instead of hourly.  The wine is also a little hard to go without.  I did have one glass the other night {but I had to substitute one of my yellow containers}

Now I am horrible at meal planning but knowing that I am limited to certain foods on this 21 Day Fix has helped me schedule and plan out my meals for a few days. I hit up the grocery store last week and bought a bunch of healthy foods so I couldn’t say “Oh I ran out of broccoli so I might as well just have some chips”.  If I am keeping the healthy stuff stocked then I have no excuse to reach for anything else.

The true test will be this afternoon at Owen’s Christening & Party.  I have lots of food ready to serve and I won’t touch most of it.  I will skip the baked ziti and the meatballs. I will skip the Tostitos chips & 7 layer dip. I will even skip the chocolate sheet cake. I made sure that I will have salad, turkey and some healthy bread for my lunch and snack.  Fingers crossed that I don’t give into the temptation.

As far as the exercise videos go, I am still walking.  They have been rough but I got through all of them so far.  I have sweated, I have cursed and I have laid flat on my back when I completed them.  But I did them. I may not have followed Autumn {the kick ass trainer} 100% of the time.  I may have used Kat {the girl who shows you the modified moves} about 30% of the time. I got through every video so far and I have survived.  The abs have been the hardest {since I did just have a C-section I really modified those moves}. Oh and the planking moves, dear God why is planking so painful?


But if I can do it, anyone can!  Let me know if you are interested in checking out this program or any of the other wonderful Beach Body programs {including the Shakeology}.

I am doing it all for these clowns!

IMG_5220  IMG_4465


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Day 1: Beach Body 21 Day Fix

Well I survived the first day of the 21 day fix.  Only 20 days left {but who’s counting?}. It wasn’t that terrible! Now coming from someone who has spent the last 11 months {9 months pregnant and 2 months post partum} not exercising and eating everything in sight it really isn’t that bad.  I picked a bunch of foods off the lists that I liked and bought them.  I still need to make some of the salad dressings but other than that I am stocked up for a week or so.

I started off my day with the shakeology and strawberries. I still need to test it out a bit but I wasn’t a fan. I am not a shake girl at all.  I put too much of the powder in the blender.  Tomorrow I will test out my drink with some peanut butter and hope it tastes a little bit better. As you can see Sean finished it for me. He loved it.

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Around 10am I snuck downstairs to do the first exercise program — cardio.  I survived! It wasn’t too bad but I will admit I was already sweating after the warm-up. Like I said I haven’t really exercised since I found out I was pregnant last spring.  I did a lot of the routines as is but I did have to modify a bit and follow the less painful versions a few times. Especially during the middle of the routine.  It didn’t help that my husband walked downstairs during my cool down with a Klondike Bar in his hand!  Stinker! Oh and on a side note, I messed up and did the cardio fix instead of the total body cardio fix.  Oops! I grabbed a disc, saw cardio and went with it. I had two boys screaming at my side throwing around the weights and matchbox cars. It wasn’t the best of conditions to start my workout in and I didn’t focus when putting in the DVD. Oh well. Tomorrow will be better.  On Friday when it’s time to do the cardio fix I will switch it up and do the total body that I was supposed to do today.

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I followed up my routine with a shower and a snack. I chose carrots and hummus – nothing odd or out of the ordinary! It filled me up for a few hours until my lunch!  Lunch was pretty filling. I chose lettuce, whole wheat pasta and tuna.  I still need to make some dressings so today I used oil and lemon juice.  I think that I need add something to the pasta too. I am not a fan of plain pasta. Any suggestions. I miss my sauce.

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My afternoon snack was turkey breast on a pita! Something that I could live on.  I can add mustard to it as well which doesn’t count against my colored containers.  It’s a freebie!

Now this is the time of day where I want to snack and eat the most.  I will admit that I struggled between my afternoon snack and my dinner.  It was tough but I made it and I didn’t give in to any cravings. I didn’t grab any of Sean’s popcorn and I didn’t reach for the wine which was hard to do because I love my wine. And with three boys and too many snow days to count I need my wine. I will have to save some yellow containers so I can switch them out for a glass or two this week.

Dinner was baked chicken and broccoli. Serving size was perfect. And I wrapped up my evening with some grapes for my snack. Not too bad.

The hardest part of my day was not drinking the amount of wine and diet coke that I am used too!!!!!!  But the soda is something that I need to cut back on anyway so I know that it’s the right thing. It’s just hard to survive without my caffeine when I don’t drink coffee or tea!

So overall I am impressed {except for my shake snafu}. Tomorrow is another day and I think that I can do this. I think that I can survive. I didn’t feel famished at all since you are eating every 2 hours or so. I just have to see if I can find the right recipe for my shakes. That’s my main issue. If I can’t do them no biggie. I will just do eggs or something else. I’m trying them and if it works it works if it doesn’t it doesn’t. As long as I stick to the plan and exercise the shakes aren’t a huge deal. There are other options and flavors. Maybe I would prefer the strawberry or the vanilla.

I won’t be posting pictures of my meals and updates everyday. I will try and do a post every couple of days with some updates. I know people don’t want to look at my pictures of lettuce each and every day and I don’t have time for all of that right now. I can barely figure out when I am going to shower and meal plan let alone type about it.  But I just wanted to let you know that I am up and running and I will stick with this for the next 20 days!


If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers