Mission Complete

I was finally able to check something off of my bucket list this past weekend.  For the past 5 years or so I have tried to get into a very fun 5k down in Delaware. It’s called the Dogfish Dash and it is held by Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE.  Dogfish is very special to me and my husband. They have such an awesome selection of beers – probably some of our favorites and the brewery is about a mile up the road from where he grew up.  It has grown over the past 20 years into an amazing brewery that we try to visit as often as possible. And my basement has a beer room which is pretty much dedicated to all things Dogfish.

Well each year for the past 10 or so years they have held an awesome race called the Dogfish Dash.  I have tried over the years to get in but it sells out VERY fast.  One year I was in and just about to check out with my credit card and BOOM it was full. This was literally less than 10 minutes after the race opened up. Thankfully I didn’t get in that year because I ended up getting pregnant with Owen.  I could barely walk, let alone run a race.  Two other times I attempted but it was full within minutes even when they had two races a 5k and a 10k. I would never attempt the 10k but both always sold out faster than any concert that I have ever attempted to get tickets for.

This year was going to be different!  I could feel it. I still wasn’t training at all but I knew that I just wanted into this race.   I have always heard that it was a fun time and of course there’s BEER at the end of it.  Oh and I forgot to mention that the race was no longer a 5k, it was now an 8k.  That’s two extra miles people! AHHH but I was going to do it.  It helped that my new neighbors up the road were going to run in it in too.

As registration day approached I sat by my computer, probably with a highly fatty lunch and Coke Zero in hand, counting down to the moment registration opened up.  I was determined to get in this year, even though I was carrying a ton of extra weight and couldn’t run a 1/4 mile without feeling like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. Registration opened and I typed as fast I could filling in all of the personal, financial information and then finally after several glitches with their checkout process freezing, I did get my confirmation email! YEAH, I was in. I was probably more excited about getting in than running the race!!!!!!  I signed Joey up as well but after his terrible leg injury this summer, we knew he was just going to be my cheerleader (and designated beer drinker).

So now I was set! The race was months away and I had plenty of time to train, right? I did run a 5k in May called The Hair of the Dog at the Working Dog Winery.


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I struggled through that one.  Right away my leg cramped up, but I didn’t give up and I finished it. But I am not going to lie, it was rough. But I will do anything for wine. Notice a theme with my races? I only run towards alcohol, isn’t that the only thing worth running towards? Haha

So after the Working Dog 5k, I thought that if I just trained over the next few months then I would be okay at the Dash.  Well, life took over.  I spent the summer running kids all over the place for camps, Owen cried every time that I tried putting him in day care at the gym and honestly I just gave up and drank wine and ignored the fact that the race was quickly approaching. I figured at the very least, I would walk the race and just come in last. As long as I could beat the street sweepers that were going to pick up trash after the race, then I was still going to do it.

The kids finally went back to school. Owen too (I’ll blog about that soon). So I was able to go to the gym and train – I trained a solid 4 days (eeek).  Oh but I did give up wine and ate a lot healthier for a few weeks prior to the race so that was one good thing. I could run on a treadmill but the same leg pain that bothered me during the May 5k was killing me again.  I ran through it each day but I knew it was not going away before the race. I thought about giving up and not going through with it, but I knew that I would kick myself if I did that. I always tell the boys that they need to follow through with things, I couldn’t show them that it was okay to give up. Especially Ben, he knew that my leg hurt but was always there to offer support or bring me my ice pack when I needed it. I couldn’t let him down.

Well this past Saturday, we loaded the family up and headed down to Milton, Delaware to the race packet pickup at the Brewery! I will say that Dogfish Head really does put together a nice swag bag.  The t-shirts were awesome and the tote bags were pretty cool too. But the best is the beer kanteen that you get when you complete the race (keep reading to see that cup).

dogfish dash 1

The night before I was full of nerves, I couldn’t sleep and my leg was killing me.  But early Sunday morning, Joey and I got up and headed over to the brewery to prep for the race.  The set up there is amazing.  Beer tents, food tents, DJs, and people. Lots and lots of people!  We had to get there early and had about an hour and a half to kill.  It was nerve wracking waiting around but also good for me.  I wished that I had taken a few more pictures but I just wanted to focus on the race.

Finally, 9:30am arrived and the gun went off.  I was running with a few of my friends but I knew that they would be gone within the first few seconds after we crossed the starting line.  They are actual runners. Within the first 1/4 mile both legs and my knee started to hurt. I thought to myself what the hell did I get myself into? Why did I push myself when I knew that I was out of shape?  But I just kept on running.  The first mile was the absolute hardest. I was in so much pain but as soon as I saw a mom pushing a double stroller running probably an 8 minute mile, I knew that I could do it too.  I mean it looked like one of her kids was only a few weeks old.  She was hardcore. I saw older woman walking, I saw men on the side of the road stretching out their cramped legs.  I knew that I was in good company.  I was probably running with the same crew for about 3 of the 5 miles.  Once the true racers took off and things spread out it was a little less stressful.

This time around I had no issues with breathing. I didn’t feel like I could die. It helped that it was also an absolutely GORGEOUS DAY! We had zero humidity, cool temperatures and such a nice breeze.  As I was running, I kept thinking just 4 more miles, just 3 more miles, etc.  I saw a sign that said 1/2 way done.  Then there were kids along the route high fiving all of the runners.  The fact that they were still there when this slow poke ran by was very uplifting.

There was even a point where I ran past a sign that showed your current time at the 5k point.  I noticed that I had beat my earlier 5k time from May so that gave me hope that I could do this. That I could actually run, errr slightly jog 5 miles.  Finally I saw this sign and knew that I was going to finish.

dogfish dash 2

I am very familiar with the town and I knew that the brewery was so close.  As I rounded the corner and got ready to turn into the brewery I started running full speed. As I approached the finish line, I saw Joey standing on the side cheering me on and taking pictures/video.  I ran across the line and felt so much relief! I know people run all of the time, I know that many people can do 7 minute miles or can run marathons but I am not one of them.  This is a huge accomplishment for me.  Yeah I may have finished in 1801st place but I finished.  Oh and there were several hundred people that came in after me. I expected my time to be closer to 1 hour 30 minutes based on my last run before race day but I surprised myself.

dogfish dash 4

As soon as I crossed that finish line, I ran over and grabbed my free beer cup, then I met up with Joey and our friends (who finished about 15 minutes ahead of me) for some brews and music and food.

dogfish dash 3

We enjoyed some post party festivities for a few hours after the race but I knew that if I sat down that I might not get back up. It was a Sunday and we still had to head back to NJ that afternoon/evening.  The kids had school the next day and Joey had work.  It was a long day and next year I plan on everyone taking a vacation day the Monday after.   I want to thank my husband for supporting me on race day, I want to thank my in-laws for watching the three crazy boys while I could check something off of my bucket list and I want to thank all of my awesome friends that lifted me up with their support over the past few weeks and on race day! It kept me motivated to not throw in the towel and to keep on moving.

So there’s only a few more months until registration opens for next years race. I plan on entering once again, this time I am going to train. Yeah I know that I have said that before, but I promise that this time I will.  Who is going to hold me to that????

PS – I haven’t been back to the gym to run since the race. My leg is still bothering me but I plan on heading back next week.


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Throwback Thursday


Happy Thursday! The weekend is so close!  We are headed to Hershey Park this weekend. I can’t wait to visit with one of my dear friends and then take the kids to the park for the day!  It should be a blast!

For today’s TBT, I dug up some older pictures of me as a kid.  I think that I was about 2 or 3 in the first picture and 4 almost 5 in the second one.  I guess I liked walking around in my underwear as a kid!

photo 1 (7)

photo 2 (3)

Me: A to Z

I saw this post a few months ago over at a fellow bloggers page. Kera from Nugget on a Budget had this cute little post that I thought that I would steal from her.  You can check out her original post here: http://www.nuggetonabudget.com/2013/01/me-to-z.html.
A // Available or Married?
Married! Gotta love my hubby who works so hard for our family!
240 ErinJoey
B // Book?
Normally I would have to admit that I haven’t read a book in a year {The 50 Shades of Gray trilogy} but I can finally say that I actually read two books this week.  The first one was “Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders” by Brandi Glanville.  Yes, I am a Real Housewives fan and a lover of celebrity gossip. So of course I was going to read this for some inside scoop on her breakup with Eddie!  It was a quick read and quite entertaining!  The other book that I read was from my fellow bloggers “I Just Want to Pee Alone”.  Another fun and quick read! You won’t want to put it down. There were some really hilarious stories in there!  I highly recommend it!
C // Cake or Pie?
Cake! Definitely cake.
D // Drink of choice?
I can’t go a day without some Coke Zero, it’s kind of an obsession.
E // Essential item?
iPhone and lip gloss.
F // Favorite color?
Hmm this is a hard one. I love black when wearing clothes {hey it’s a slimming color}. But if it’s not clothes, then I would have to say green or blue.
G // Game to play or watch?
I love, love watching University of Delaware and NFL Football. I can’t get enough of it and I am so sad that the season is so far away!
550172_10151235205528586_587278910_n (1)
H // Hometown?
New Castle, Delaware. I spent my entire childhood there and I am always visiting my mom! It’s not the same as it used to be but it’s still home.
I // Indulgence?
Naps. If I am lucky enough to get both boys to lay down for a nap then I sneak one in as well.  Even if it’s just for 20 minutes. I love naps.
J // Job?
Stay at home mama to 2 little boys. Oh and I write this blog, does that count?
K // Kids and names?
Most of you know that I have two boys! Benjamin is 5 and Sean is 3 1/2.  They are wild and crazy, but they are pretty darn funny.
L // Life is incomplete without?
My family.
M // Music group or singer?
I am a sucker for boy bands and pop singers!
N // Number of siblings?
I have one sister, Tara, who is 4 1/2 years older than me!
O // Oranges or apples?
Um neither! Okay if I had to pick it would be apples!
P // Phobias/Fears?
I have several fear! The first one is blood and anything gross like that. I have a fear of someone breaking into my house {and I wake up in the middle of the night quite often because of this fear}. I also have a fear of losing a kid somewhere.
Q // Favorite quote?
“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss
R // Reason to smile?
My two wonderful little boys
S // Season?
OMG definitely the Fall. It’s the perfect time of year. The weather is perfect, the leaves are perfect, the smells are perfect! You can’t beat a gorgeous fall day.
T // Tattoos?
None! I would like to get one someday but I am too scared of the pain!
U // Unknown facts about me?
I don’t know if I have any unknown facts anymore. I have pretty much blogged about everything in my life. I know that I have shared that I was born in an ambulance on I-95 but nothing else is all that interesting! Hmmmm I have to think about this one.
V // Vegetables you love?
Corn on the cob!
W // Worst habit?
Biting my nails and procrastinating!
X // X-Rays you’ve had?
I guess just on my teeth.  I have had MRIs and Cat Scans but I can’t recall X-Rays other than from my dentist. I have never broken anything.
Y // Your favorite food?
Pizza! I can never say no to a slice of pizza pie.
Z // Zodiac?
I’m a Capricorn. I don’t follow Zodiac too much so I am not all that familiar with it.
Happy Monday everyone! Today I am taking Ben for his Kindergarten evaluation.  He is a little nervous but also excited to show them what he knows!   I can’t believe that my baby is going to kindergarten already!

8 Things You Never Knew About Me

I decided that since I have so many new friends following me I thought it was the perfect time to share a few things with you about myself. If you have known me for awhile then you might already know this stuff. But if you are new to my blog here are some little facts about this mama! 

Number 8:
I spent the first 28 years of my life living in Delaware before moving to NYC and then eventually NJ.  I grew up in New Castle Delaware then lived a few other places around Delaware before moving to NYC in 2004. Then in 2007 we moved to New Jersey – which is half way between Delaware (where are family still resides and NYC where the hubby works). I have lived here in NJ now for 5 years and I still don’t know where anything is. Just ask my Jersey friends. They will ask to meet at a certain place and I ALWAYS have to ask where that is. I never know where people are talking about. But ask me anything about Delaware and I can probably help you out. I guess it’s time I better start learning about my new home state.

Number 7: 
I went to catholic school for 12 years of my life. I loved the education, my group of friends and the fact that I had a uniform. I liked getting up and not having to pick out an outfit – it made dressing in college a lot harder but I didn’t mind the uniform at all. From 1st grade through 8th grade I went to Our Lady of Fatima in New Castle, DE. Then for 9th -12th, I went to St. Mark’s High School in Wilmington, DE. Both were great schools and I wouldn’t trade the education or the experience for the world.  I must admit that I have horrible grammar (if you are a regular on the blog you know that one by now). Sorry guys! I just didn’t do well in English classes!

Number 6: 
I am slightly obsessed with cheesy boy bands and pop singers. I must confess that I still listen to New Kids on the Block, N’Sync and Backstreet on my iPod. Especially at the gym! I have also attended one or two NKOTB concerts recently oh and a NKOTBSB concert as well.  My obsession doesn’t end with the boy bands I still love Britney and Jessica. If either of them went back on tour I would soooo be there!!!! I know I am almost 36 years old but trust me after attending these concerts I realized that I am one of the “normal” fans. There are some crazy nut bags that stalk these guys!

Number 5: 
I am obsessed with football – most specifically the Philadelphia Eagles and the University of Delaware. I can’t help it. I grew up watching football with my dad and going to every UD game with my parents from the time that I was a little itty bitty baby all the way through my four years at the college. Now if you have been reading this blog for awhile you already know about this slight obsession. I just wish that I was little bit richer so I could start going to some NFL games and if we lived back in Delaware I would definitely be going to every UD home game!

Number 4: 
I am obsessed and I do me OBSESSED with celebrity gossip. I can’t stop going online to TMZ, Radar Online, Perez Hilton, etc. It has been an issue now ever since the website Gawker.com came out with a celebrity stalking site (a long time ago). When I was living and working in NYC it was an obsession. You could log on and read where people posted celebrity sightings all around town. So if you wanted to, you could go stalk them.  I promise I never did! I swear, I did have a job that I needed to go to every day. But then Perez Hilton and TMZ started and the obsession lived on. I check these sites all of the time and I love sharing the latest celebrity gossip with all of my friends. I even got my mom into those websites. But I do realize that the older I get, the less I know who the heck these kids are anymore that they are gossiping about. I was probably the last to know who the Twilight peeps were. I have less time these days to really read the articles but have kept up with the Kardashians and I know all things Britney and Jessica. If you were to quiz me in the latest celeb gossip, I know that I would get an A++. Just don’t dare ask me where a comma belongs!

My favorite TMZ starlet. She’s like a train wreck I hate to see the results but I can’t look away.

Number 3: 
I have a terrible (and I mean pass out on the floor) fear of blood and anything medical. From as young as I remember I always passed out if I saw anything gross or gory. I don’t know how I survived two c-sections.  Honestly I think it was better that I had c-sections than natural childbirth. The moment my kids were out the anxiety medicine was administered to me very quickly. I was okay during Ben’s birth until the end but with Sean I was hyperventilating the entire time. It was better that I couldn’t see a thing! Even though my husband did explain things that he saw later on. I am getting queasy just thinking about it.

I don’t handle my kids blood any better. I am dreading the day that they lose their first tooth (eww gross). Now I know that I get stitches at my dermatologist all of the time but I can take anxiety meds for that. I can prepare myself. I can’t prepare for the moment one of my kids gets injured. When Ben got hurt at school last month and busted his teeth/lips/gums, the teachers laughed that my first question to them was “Did the bleeding stop? Is he all cleaned up”.  I always thought that I would outgrow it but I haven’t. I still have the anxiety but I have gotten a lot better than I was just a few years ago! I mean just 6 years ago I never could have done the whole dermatology thing by myself. I always needed someone to go with me! Now I am an old pro. 

Number 2: 
I went to college at the University of Delaware and studied Consumer Economics! To this day I don’t think that I could explain my major. After college I worked in marketing at Wilmington Trust for a few years. Then when we moved to NYC I started working at Ralph Lauren Childrenswear – besides being a mom this was the BEST JOB EVER.  I did not have any experience with fashion or design whatsoever but that didn’t matter. It was such a wonderful job experience and there are a lot of days that I wish that I was still working there (and not just for the awesome discount). I learned so much about manufacturing and design. Oh and I made so many wonderful friends, had an amazing boss and overall it was such a wonderful experience.  It was just a great place to work. I miss being on the inside of the fashion world. Now I just live out my fashion life at Kohls or Target ! God, I miss Ralph!  
And the number one thing that you might not know about me is…drumroll please….
Number 1
I was born in January during the blizzard of 1977. Not that this is something special but I was born in an ambulance that was stuck on I-95 in that blizzard. My mom of course went into labor and had to call an ambulance (one because of the weather and two because I was coming quickly).  I just couldn’t wait and on the way to the hospital I popped out! I am just thankful that my parents didn’t name me I-95 or anything stupid like that. So as I tell people my 15 minutes of fame were the first 15 minutes of my life (I need to find my news paper articles about my birth to prove that I was sort of famous).  Now I know it’s not as cool as being born in a taxi or at a bus stop but still… it’s a fun story to tell. 
There you have it, 8 things that you probably never wanted or needed to know about me, but now you do! Why only 8 and not 10? Well that’s all that I could think of today! Ha!

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A Crazed Lunatic

I want to apologize to anyone that I may have come into contact with over the past 3 years weeks. For some reason I have been so out of it lately and I am not sure why. I can’t hold a conversation for shit and I lose my train of thought mid sentence. Ever since the storm I haven’t been able to get anything back on track. I can’t focus on anything long enough so my house is not clean, I can’t stay on my diet and I can’t get my butt in gear to get to the gym.  I am officially losing it! I am a crazed lunatic. 
The worst part is I usually switch up / clean out my purse at least 2 times a week. I hate having a messy purse. Well today when I got home from a long play date at an indoor playground (thank God for those places) I was wondering why my purse was much heavier than normal.  I guess I haven’t cleaned it out in almost two weeks.  
After I removed Sean’s winter coat and hat, this is what I found in my bag. 
I had 2 pairs of Sean’s underwear, pullups/wipes and a change of pants (potty training stuff).  I had my wallet, makeup bag and ipod case, 2 pairs of sunglasses, my Chrysler car manual and two new sets of light bulbs that I have to replace tomorrow. I also had sseveral McDonald’s skateboards and 2 milk containers from Mickey D’s. Don’t judge!!! Tons of grocery receipts and coupons and pens rounded out the front pockets. Oh and I figured out what was weighing it down even more – Sean threw in some rocks that he found the other day! 
I don’t normally carry this much stuff around. I like to keep my purse contents to a minimum but for some reason I am losing my mind and it’s all going into my purse. Do you girls keep your purses neat or do you just collect things until your bag is about to burst? Oh and my favorite Coach bag has a big ketchup stain on the outside. I hope it comes out!!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone

30 Days of Thanks – November 7th

November 7, 2012

Today I am thankful for my wonderful dermatologist. I had my quarterly visit at Princeton Dermatology on Monday and I only had one mole that might be suspicious.  Right now it’s just something we need to keep an eye on and it’s on my behind so I am sure that Joey will be happy to keep an eye on it for me.  Other than that no biopsies and nothing else looked suspicious. This is huge for me. For the past few years at every appointment I have had at least 1-2 biopsies. It was such a relief to walk out of there with no bandages and no stitches. I swear if I get one more scar on my body I am going to turn into a creepy monster that scares all of the children away. 

For my entire life I have had issues with my skin. Ever since I was about 7 or 8 years old, I have had multiple “suspicious/precancerous” moles removed.  I have had several basal cell carcinomas, several MOHS surgeries and I even had a melanoma. On top of all of that I know that I have had at least a couple of dozen suspicious moles removed. So every few months when I walk into that office my heart sinks to the floor fearing the worst. So to walk out of there on Monday with a “clean and healthy” visit, I wanted to kiss the ground. Because when you are at the young age of 29 and get a phone call that your latest biopsy came back with a positive for melanoma is quite a shock. I have had several people make fun of me because I am a stickler for sunscreen, umbrellas and hats when I am at the beach but until they get that phone call they can shove it. Sorry but it pisses me off when people make fun of me for being over protective of myself and my pale and pasty family. Ben was born with 9 moles on his arm and he goes yearly to the NYC skin and cancer center for appointments. His 9 moles have turned into a dozen but thankfully they are just cosmetic, but they can turn suspicious at any moment.  

So for the next 3-6 months I am a happy camper to have no skin cancer issues! I still keep an eye on every mole on my body and wear my sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY but I am thankful for a few months of peace of mind.

PS. The pictures will be pretty boring for this post. I don’t think the world needs to see all of my gruesome scars (email me if you really want to see them). But right now I will just post pictures of my favorite sun care products. How does that sounds? Boring I know, but tough, it’s my blog. 

Kiehls has my favorite every day skin care lotion. I use this if I am not going to be spending a lot of time in the sun. They have an awesome light weight body lotion with SPF 30.  This is what I use when I am only running errands in the car, picking the kids up from school, etc. It is not my daily sunscreen and it does not replace my sunscreen if I am spending time at the park, the beach or hanging out by the pool but it does the job for my daily schedule. This is just an everyday lotion for me and I LOVE IT. I love it because it doesn’t smell like sunscreen – I hate smelling like sunscreen!  I also use their ultra facial moisturizer with SPF 15, again just for every day use. If I am going to be out in the sun for more than a 1/2 hour I will use pure sunscreen (usually a Neutrogena product). Kiehls is a little bit costly but they have worked for me. I will say that Target products also have a high rating and seem to do the trick when I am spending a few hours out in the sun at Great Adventure!   

Sunscreen and skin cancer is something that I care deeply about so if you are still reading this post I appreciate it. I will get off my soap box now and let you get back to your daily scheduled program! 

In case you missed any of my previous 30 days 
of thanks, you can click below to view them all.

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Their Back….

So the stomach pains came back.. with a vengence! They were so bad I went to my regular doctor and they ordered two CT scans. I had to wait all weekend to get the scans and they finally came back with the results…… fibroids, umbilical hernia & a slightly enlarged spleen. Sounds nice huh? My regular dr said refer to my OB my OB said refer to my regular dr. So as of now I’m just hanging out. I will get a number of a surgeon for an opinon on the hernia but other than that the OB thinks the fibroids will eventually shrink. Let’s hope so because I am sick of stomach pains!!


So today I woke up perfectly fine but within a few minutes I started to get excruciating stomach pains. So much I could barely stand. So after some time I decided I had to go to the ER. My mom came up and watched the boys while I drove to the ER. By the time I got there the pain was gone but I figured I would stay and get checked out anyway. Something is causing the pain and it’s not the first time. So after 5 hours and a few ultrasounds they said it was just my fibroids… something I have had thru both pregnancies. The OBGYN says they will keep an eye on it but just take some Motrin. Yeah ok… like that helps! Ugghh I hope I don’t have pain again for a long time b/c WOW it hurt.

Time for my MOHS

So today is the day I had my MOHS surgery. Now if you know anything about me at all you know that I cannot stand blood & guts. I am not a fan of any type of doctor, surgery, blood, needles, etc. I hate it all. I used to pass out whenever I saw blood – I’m getting better but I still get queasy. How did I ever have 2 csections (oh drugs that’s right).  Well Joey drove me over to my dermatologist this morning for my surgery. It really is a minor surgery but it can take a few hours depending on how deep they need to go. Today I lucked out.  I went back and they took off the first layer on my forehead (by my hairline). I went to the waiting room and within 5 minutes the testing was done and they had to take off some more. Back to the chair I go after about another 5 minutes it’s back to the waiting room.  Again after a few moments they told me they got it all so it was back to the chair for stitches! It was the quickest MOHS ever. I mean seriously I wasn’t even there a full hour! If it wasn’t skin cancer surgery on my forehead I would say that was an awesome visit….. 
I have a handful of stitches in my head but the good news is my Dr. said that you will barely notice the scar at all after a few months! Let’s hope so.  I love this doctor too. He was very accomodating and understood I HATE SURGERY!!!!!  We chatted about our kids and within moments it was all over! He is the type of doctor that gives you his home & cell number!! You don’t find too many of those doctors anymore!!!