Christmas with the Callaways

This post is only 2 months late, oops!  I thought that I posted it back on New Years!

Even though we have an extremely hectic life we still have found some time to squeeze in some fun this holiday season. It’s not always ideal and there may be fights, kicking, hitting and throwing of iPads (note… by the kids not me LOL).

I am so thankful that we had Owen, for a variety of reason.  One of the perks of having another boy is that we were able to experience the live experience of Thomas the Tank Engine.  I really did miss going to Strasburg, PA to see Thomas.  It’s always a wonderful day, we have been there so many times and each time has been a great experience for the boys.  This year was Owen’s first time.  He loved it.  And the older boys had an awesome time as well. I think that they forgot how much that they really enjoyed riding the train, and the gift shop. Of course, they loved the gift shop.  The kids haven’t played with the trains since they discovered the iPad but this year they HAD to buy stuff.  Of course, we gave in.



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We also had a great day picking out our tree. The first few years we used an artificial tree but I really wanted the tradition of going to a tree farm and chopping down a tree. I love it. Joey may disagree since he has to do the dirty work.


e035ddb3-1502-4489-9342-808d52cbc708 8bac40b5-90ee-49f4-8931-6ec2c4f0decb de3fbedd-05b1-41f9-8dc8-6a526bfe3182


After decorating the house for Christmas, we had a wonderful night celebrating with Ben and the second grade class during their Snowflake Spectacular.  They did an awesome job singing holiday songs!


One night, my friend Wendi and I took the kids over to Shadybrook Farms in PA to see their awesome Christmas lights display!  Considering that we have 5 WILD and CRAZY kids in the car they did behave pretty well.  Wendi and I came prepared.  She brought presents and treats and I had a scavenger hunt for light displays.  It was an awesome night.


40a90285-49d6-4bd2-80f9-1fe96454c0c5  18a7ca1d-99ca-4b67-906f-78c559d8360b

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In the midst of it all I had my 20th High School Reunion.  The St. Mark’s Class off 1995 ROCKS!  An awesome night with great friends!  It really was a wonderful night.



Finally, on the 24th we had time to go and visit with the best Santa Claus in the world.  He is so sweet and kind and caring.  We have been to him every year for the past  7 years (even though I have a year or two without pictures)


The kids had a wonderful Christmas.  We got to spend time with our families and it was great.  Despite some minor fights, they did have a great holiday. I just love seeing the smiles on their faces on Christmas morning.  Worth all of the stress and hassle.

FullSizeRender  IMG_1876

New Year’s Eve


The only one who could hang with me until midnight!!!!



 I hope that everyone had a nice and safe Christmas and New Years {and now a happy Groundhogs Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and all of the other holidays that have passed since I originally typed out this email}!

Oh and Ben also celebrated his 8th Birthday recently… I will try and get a post up about that one shortly {hopefully before we hit Memorial Day}. I also have some posts coming on our blizzard, Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby Day, and a few other small ones coming soon. So keep on reading and check in often. I am trying to get all caught up!


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Owen’s Baptism Day

This past Sunday we had Owen’s baptism.  It was a wonderful day full of love and support from friends and close family.  We chose not to have a huge celebration this time around. There is just so much going on that I didn’t have time {or money} to have a huge party.  So I just invited my immediate family and some of my close friends.  It was a gorgeous day on Sunday {the snow all melted that day, but of course it has returned today}.  We spent the morning preparing the house and food!

My wonderful friend {and photographer at Photography by Jen Davis} pulled double duty on Sunday at Owen’s Baptism.  Not only did she serve as his godmother but she also was his photographer!  I am so thankful and grateful that I get to have these pictures to document Owen’s special moment in the Catholic Church.  It’s one of those days where you don’t think to take pictures because you are in the middle of the ceremony but thankfully she is brilliant and captured each moment for us.  I have said it many times before, if you live in central NJ book her NOW {see below pics for more details on Jen}.

Now onto these gorgeous pictures from Jen (warning there are a ton of pictures below. I just couldn’t pick 5 or 6. I picked a ton and these aren’t even all of the gorgeous ones that Jen snapped that day!

Owen Baptism_04

Owen Baptism_01    Owen Baptism_05

Owen Baptism_44

Owen Baptism_08

Owen Baptism_09    Owen Baptism_10  Owen Baptism_12    Owen Baptism_15

Owen Baptism_11    Owen Baptism_55  Owen Baptism_51    Owen Baptism_47

Owen Baptism_13    Owen Baptism_18Owen Baptism_19    Owen Baptism_21Owen Baptism_26    Owen Baptism_30  Owen Baptism_32    Owen Baptism_33

  Owen Baptism_30  Owen Baptism_32    Owen Baptism_33

Owen Baptism_37 

Owen Baptism_38Owen Baptism_40

Owen Baptism_41

Here are a few pictures that I snapped that day {amateur pics from my iphone}.

Owen’s wonderful godparents Jen and Gary. He is one lucky baby!

unnamed (2)    unnamed

unnamed (1)

Thanks again to Jen for documenting this wonderful day in our lives.  I am anxiously awaiting the announcement from Jen on her spring mini sessions! I can’t wait to get some new pictures of my 3 boys together! You can find all of Jen’s details here:

Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Twitter  /  Pinterest  /  Google+

Happy Wednesday guys! Tomorrow I will be giving an update on my Beach Body 21 Day Fix.  It’s still going beautifully.  I didn’t even cheat on the day of the baptism.  The only cheats that I have had this week are 3 Coke Zeros!  Not too bad considering I usually have 3-4 a day!  I’m even contemplating becoming a coach because it’s so much fun and it’s challenging too.  I am trying my best to start setting an example for my kids on food and exercise.  They don’t eat the healthiest things but if I can show them that I am doing it they may want to try it too!  Sean has already asked me all about my new foods! He has even tried a few things!!!!

Talk to you all soon!

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Five Things….

Hello there? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone still reading this? Sorry that I have been MIA lately. But yeah life with three kids doesn’t leave me a lot of time to blog. I don’t know how you moms do it everyday!  You rock!  

IMG_4721 IMG_4742 IMG_4792

A long, long time ago {maybe last summer} I saw this post over at my friend Janine’s page: Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic.  I thought it was a great idea for a fun little blog post!

Five things that I have a passion for:

  1. Family. My family is number 1 in my life.  No matter what they are the most important thing to me. Even if they are all driving me nuts I still love them and put them before anything else. Except maybe a quiet beach day to myself {kidding of course}.
  2. Friends. As you get older the definition of friendship really does change. It’s not a matter of quantity but quality. You will discover who your true friends are when you are experiencing the good and the bad.  The friends who check on you when you know you might need to hear their voice or read their text. They just “know” to reach out and chat. I am passionate about my friends! They mean the world to me and my family will always come first but friends are a close second!
  3. Blogging. I have spent the past year sharing almost every part of my life with my fabulous readers and I love every second of it.  I really hope to get back to blogging a lot more if things settle down here with the boys and I develop a routine.  Blogging gave me a voice, an outlet in an otherwise lonely world.  Being a stay at home mom can be lonely! Even if you have three kids keeping you busy non stop I crave interaction with adults — whether at breakfast with friends on comments on this page!  Having a place to write down my thoughts and experiences has been a great release. And that so many of you guys read this page and share your own issues makes it even better.  I don’t feel so alone! 
  4. My house. I love my house. Yes it is small and 364 out of 365 days a year I wish that I had a larger kitchen, a fourth bedroom and a large back yard. But we don’t so Joey and I make it work!  We try our best to make it feel comfortable for us and for any friends who want to stop by and visit. And when I walk in that door each day, I feel like I can relax because I am HOME.
  5. The beach.  I love the beach! It’s a lot harder these days with the kids but it is still a blast.  I love sitting in my chair {under the umbrella of course}, digging my toes into the sand and just closing my eyes so I can listen to the sounds of the waves.  I don’t get to do that much anymore since I am usually yelling “Don’t throw sand”, “don’t feed the birds” and “no you can’t have anymore snacks”.  But I still love it.  Which is odd because of my entire skin cancer issue!!!!!  I am pretty much allergic to the sun!
  6. Football.  Ok I cheated and did six for this one!  There are a lot of things that I enjoy and football is one of them.  I love watching my Philadelphia Eagles and my University of Delaware Blue Hens!  I am sad now that football season is over and neither of my teams went far this year.  But like a true fan I won’t give up and I hope next season is a better one for both of my teams!

Owen Newborn03

Photo Credit: Photography by Jen Davis (check her out, she is amazing)

Five things that I would like to do before I die:

  1. See all of my boys graduate college, get married, have babies. I can’t wait to see them as adults {if we all survive the toddler years}
  2. Take the boys to Disney World!!!
  3. Visit some exotic resort where Joey and I can live in a hut in the water for a week.  Just once, maybe after we get these three boys through college.
  4. Own our very own beach house!
  5. Run a marathon {crap at this point I would just like to do a 5k one day}.

Five things that I say a lot:

  1. Oh my God, just listen to me for once.  
  2. Ben stop hitting Sean.
  3. Sean stop hitting Ben.
  4. I need a glass of wine
  5. Leave the baby alone.

Five books or magazines that I have read lately: ummmm who has time to read with a newborn, a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old. 

  1. I have been reading Baby 411 lately. I am trying to remember all the stages of a newborn. It’s been over four years and I have forgotten a few things. 
  2. What about Does that count?
  3. Oh Seriously, do you see a pattern here.
  4. Delaware Today Magazine… Ok that counts. It’s an actual object and not a website.
  5. Facebook.

Here’s my winter reading list:


Yeah I haven’t read anything with any substance lately.  If I do have time by myself when the boys are at school and the baby is sleeping, then I am usually sleeping or catching up on the online news & gossip! Priorities people! Priorities!!!

Five favorite movies:

  1. Dirty Dancing
  2. Every Julia Robert’s flick ever made: Pretty Woman, Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolia’s, My Best Friend’s Wedding, etc.. They count as one movie, right?
  3. Garden State
  4. The Notebook
  5. Love Actually


Five places that I would love to travel to:

  1. Greece
  2. London {I have already been there before but would love to go back}
  3. Ireland {I have been to Dublin but would love to see more of this gorgeous country}
  4. Hawaii – The beaches just look so pretty!!!! My mom just got back and I am super jealous!
  5. Bora Bora – I have always wanted to stay in one of those gorgeous little villas right over the water!







Well that’s my list! I hope that you enjoyed it. Please share some of your top fives with me!!!! And stay tuned for some more reviews of some products. I have a few ipad covers that I am reviewing as well as some baby items and lotions!  I also promise to sit down and write a little post about what is happening around here lately and how we are all surviving with 3 kids!


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What’s Going On…

So besides baby updates and a few other miscellaneous posts I haven’t really written a blog post in AGES!! Sorry about that but the whole having three kids thing is taking up a lot of my time.

IMG_4231  IMG_4018  IMG_4204

My days have been filled with a lot of crazy lately.  Here are just a few things that I could unscramble out of my mommy brain and put into words.


  • The two and a half hours in the morning that I am alone with all three boys is pure torture. I am secretly plotting my first glass of wine for the day.  But I don’t think that the phrase “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” applies to 5am
  • I wonder when I will be brave enough to go somewhere with all three of them by myself.  Maybe when they can drive me?
  • Colic sucks.  I was okay with it when it was from 9-10pm every night.  Then it was from 7-10pm and now it starts around 4-5pm and doesn’t end until about 10pm.  I know it’s mainly because he is exhausted but he refuses to sleep. I will rock him, feed him, change him, bounce him, drive him around in the car, etc.  Nothing will get him to sleep.
  • Breaking up a fight between a 4 year old and a 6 year old is really hard.  Especially when you are propping a bottle under your chin and holding the 6 week old while dragging the four year old to the time out step.  Oh and the 6 year old is trying to pull my pants down.
  • Is it wrong to bring wine to the bus stop at 4pm?
  • I am ready to do my throat lozenges commercial {just like Martha Stewarts} but I will endorse another brand of lozenges.  I yell so much that my throat is sore each and every day.
  • Three hours every night to get two boys to bed is just WRONG.  Do you hear me Ben and Sean — it’s WRONG.  No, you don’t need another glass of water, no I will not read another book, no I will not snuggle you for another 1/2 hour, no there are no monsters coming to get you.  JUST GO TO SLEEP NOW.
  • There isn’t enough coke zero in New Jersey to keep me wide awake at 2pm every day.
  • Sean goes to extended day at his school on Mondays and Wednesday.  Why God oh WHY don’t they offer this 5 days a week.  Two days is not enough!!!
  • I read this in another blog post this week – all wipe containers should have a warning as to when you are nearing the last wipe.  Every time I am cleaning up a massive diaper I run out of wipes.  The last 10 wipes should be a different color to warn parents that you are close to the end. They do it with tissues, so why not wipes!
  • How can a 4 year old boy who has been up since 5:30am still have so much energy at 9pm?
  • Seriously wine in a tervis at the bus stop should be okay, right? {oh did I ask that already?}
  • It’s taken me four days to write this post.  While typing this over the four days I have broken up 27 fist/foot fights, dragged a 4 year old to time out 19 times.
  • THANK GOD for friends!  Thank you ladies for letting me vent to  you over breakfast or at school drop off or via text. You know who you are!!!!


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Wordless Wednesday

It’s time for a photo dump from my iPhone.  I couldn’t just pick one picture for today’s Wordless Wednesday post so I thought I would post some pictures of our weekend in Hershey Park!  We had a great day visiting with my college friend Janelle and her family.  It was so nice getting together and my kids actually behaved!  All the kids got along and played nicely. It was a great time.

IMG_0869   IMG_0870


Saturday night Joey headed off to the Dave Matthews Concert and I stuck around the hotel with the boys.  It was bedtime and after a day of playing I figured that they would pass out! Nope, I was wrong.  Ben passed out around 9pm and Sean followed around 10pm.  It wasn’t too bad though because they had some new McDonald’s toys to annoy me play with.

The next day we headed to Hershey Park in the horrible heat.  It was an extremely hot and humid day but we still had a blast.  It started off a little slow because Ben doesn’t like to walk.  So I had to run back and rent a stroller for him.  Then he was too hot to get on a few rides.  Finally after some water and a slushy he bounced back and had a great time.   The kids enjoyed a ton of rides, the sea lion show skee-ball and of course french fries!

Everything went pretty smoothly that day.  Then we stopped back into Chocolate World for a delicious snack and it happened.  The meltdown of all meltdowns. The one where everyone looks at you like you are trying to kidnap your own child.  The one where other parents are giving you dirty looks and judging because your kid is screaming his head off and there’s nothing that you can do.  Yeah it was that kind of meltdown.   Joey had to hold one of his hands and I held the other and we basically carried him out of the massive store and back to the car.   The entire time he was screaming his head off and was trying everything in his power to annoy us.  It was a long day and everyone was hot and tired so I know it wasn’t all of his fault.

Here are some pictures of the fun times at the park!

Chocolate World Tour – Yes I will take that whole thing of Reese’s please!

IMG_0876 IMG_0884

Now it’s time for the park!

IMG_0886 IMG_0887 IMG_0889

The boys found the giant Hershey bar.  For the first time ever, Ben wasn’t shy or afraid of a character! Yeah!!!  Maybe he will sit on Santa’s lap this year.

IMG_0892 IMG_0894 IMG_0933

Sean loved having this ride all to himself.  I think he went on it 3 or 4 times.  I lost track.


Our view from the kissing tower.



Sean was really into the sea lion show!


IMG_0921 IMG_0925


Sean’s last day of camp is tomorrow and then we are off for a pool play date with friends!  It’s going to be another hot one out there. I know I am having trouble breathing when I am outside so make sure that you all take care of yourself if you are spending any time out in this heat wave!!!!!  Is it too early to put up my Fall decorations? I can dream right? My favorite season has to be coming up soon, because this heat is pure torture!

Well that’s all for now! I’ll be back tomorrow for Throwback Thursday!


Parties, Zoos and Parks, Oh My!

I am finally getting a minute to sit down and write up a small post about this past weekend. 
First up on the list was Ben’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for a friend from his class.  It was his first time at Chuck E Cheese and his first official school party.  He was cracking me up on the car ride over asking all sorts of questions about the party. He wanted to know if his teachers were going to be there or if they were going to do work? Poor kid was so confused with the idea of a party with all of his classmates.  But once he got there and got over his shyness he had a blast.  Just like his mommy, he didn’t want to leave the skee-ball section! The kid even got his ball in the 100,000 top corner hole! I was so proud!  Then he tried Mario Cart… I made a mental note to myself that when it’s time, that I need to let my husband teach him how to drive! I was getting car sick sitting next to him racing. But he had a wonderful time with his friends and even traded in his tickets for a few fun prizes! Plus he was so excited to give the necklace to his friend! I hope that she liked it.  You can read all about that story here


After the party we all headed down to my mom’s house in Delaware. Tonight was the kickoff event for Katie’s Cancer Crusade. So Joey and I dropped the boys off at my parents house and headed over to the beef and beer! It was a great night. Katie and her gang did a wonderful job setting up the hall! They had a huge turnout and everyone had an awesome night! 

Here are some self portraits of Joey and myself, and then one of Katie & I. Congratulations Katie, you are doing a great job trying to raise money so we can kick cancers butt!

The next morning we packed up the kids and headed back to NJ. But on the way home we decided to stop off in Philadelphia and head to the zoo.  Our season passes were about to expire and we wanted to squeeze in one more trip before the end of the month.  The kids had a blast and it helped that we got there before the crowds. Plus it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day! The kids behaved and everyone had a blast. Sean was so tired he passed out 5 minutes into the car ride out of Philly.  He walked the entire time at zoo.  Ben on the other hand rode in the stroller.


This week turned out to be a gorgeous one. The great weather that we had Sunday lasted all the way through Wednesday.  We had a very busy Monday, but Tuesday I was determined to get the kids outside. Of course that didn’t happen. They just wanted to wear their Halloween costumes and play inside.  


On Wednesday, I finally convinced Ben & Sean to go to the park after school.  We played for about an hour and a half before they were too sweaty to continue.  Sean finally learned how to pump his legs on the swing {Ben – yeah, um, not so much.  Maybe by the end of the summer}. 

And because we got into the car and the temperature said this…..

… we decided to head over to Wendy’s. It was definitely a chocolate frosty kind of day!  When we finally got home this afternoon, they returned to their normal fighting and kicking and screaming! It’s going to be a long, long summer!

I hope that wherever you are reading this that you were able to enjoy the gorgeous weather over the past few days! Our fun day ended with a crazy rain storm.  Today, it’s cloudy and overcast and it looks like it could pour at any minute.  But I do like the temperature right now!!!

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Longing for the Summer……

I figured that since it was a snowy day here on the East Coast that I would write a quick post about the summer! Something to help us all think about the warm weather and not the slush and sleet outside.I cannot believe that it is already mid March and the majority (if not all of) of our big vacations are already planned. I feel like it was just yesterday that I wrote this post What I Did On My Summer Vacation and now we are ao close to another fun one! Normally, we end up flying by the seat of our pants but this summer seems to be all planned out and now we just have to wait. And wait. And wait some more! Come on summer get here already.

Actually, we don’t even need to wait until the summer for our first vacation. We will be traveling a bit in April. Next month we are headed down to North Carolina for a long weekend to spend time with some friends that we haven’t seen in probably 5-7 years! They are Joey’s friends from college and we have always lived so far apart from one another that it’s been nearly impossible to get together.  We will stop at my husbands college, Radford University in Virginia, for one night on the way down to break up the driving on the trip. I already know that I will need to get a prescription for anxiety meds for this trip since it will be quite a long drive with the two boys in the back of the car. I need to start hitting up the dollar store for some little treats to help get us through the trip. I might also need to pick up some new movies at the library for the car DVD Player! But it will be worth it to catch up with some old friends. We have never met each others kids and it will be nice to catch up again.

Then after this vacation I am headed on a girls trip with my mom and sister to Hershey Hotel and Spa for a night away from the kids (with a few spa treatments and a delicious dinner thrown in there).  I cannot wait for this trip. It will be our third year in a row and I LOVE this tradition!!!!  I am just hoping that the weather is nice so we can see the Gardens and drink wine on the patio.


 In June we are headed to Avalon for a wonderful week in the sun and sand.  This is an annual trip with the family.  It’s just so nice for the kids and I to see my husband for an entire week straight. The kids love catching frogs, building sandcastles and eating ice cream. I love having extra hands for a week as well as sitting under my umbrella, in my hat and 100+ SPF sunscreen watching my husband play in the water with the boys! It’s too cold for mommy (brrrrr).

July will be filled with camps for the boys and then a trip to Hershey Park. This time it’s not for the spa (damn) but for a family trip to Hershey Park! It should be a great vacation – of course my kids will probably be all hyped up on chocolate but they will love it. Oh and mommy and daddy will definitely hit up Troegs while we are there!  Can’t miss the brewery!

August we will have another week of camp for Ben in preperation for Kindergarten (ahhhh I’m crying now).

Of course we will spend a lot of time at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ since we live about 15 minutes away. This is our second year in a row that we have had season passes and we even got one for daddy this year.  The boys love all of the rides and this year I might actually be able to take them both there by myself without having a meltdown (me not them – they will definitely have meltdowns).

 And of course there will be tons of trips to my moms pool in Delaware and my in-laws house in Rehoboth.  We will hit up the boardwalk, the rides and of course Dogfish Head Brewery.

So what are your plans for the summertime? Do you guys usually stay close to home? Do you travel cross country? One year I would like to go to an island or even Disney World but I am not ready just yet to put the kids on an airplane? Maybe next summer?

Sponsor Love – Michelle from Rodan & Fields

I wanted to introduce you all to someone that I adore.  She is a sponsor on Erin the Irish Mama, but she is also a wonderful person and friend. Michelle and I grew up together in the same neighborhood in Delaware (p.s. Ryan Phillippe lived there too – you are jealous, right)? We didn’t go to the same schools but we did go to gymnastics together for some time. Our moms used to carpool each week.  I can honestly tell you that the last time that I actually saw Michelle was probably 30 years ago.  We reconnected over Facebook about 3 years ago and talk all of the time now.  We bonded over the old neighborhood, our similar pregnancies and now the fact that we have two boys who are both so close in age.  Michelle has become a great friend and I hope to get back to Delaware to visit with her in person soon!!   But I wanted her to share a little bit about her now that she is selling an amazing new skin care line! 

Take it away Michelle. 

My name is Michelle Rankin. I am a stay at home Mom of two little guys, Spencer (3), and Preston (almost 2!). I’ve been married to my husband, Sean, for 7 years now but I’ve known him for over 25 years… and knew that I was going to marry him for almost that long! Prior to staying at home with the boys, I worked for Limited Stores for almost 13 years. Sean has been a police officer for almost 15 years. We were both born and raised in Delaware and can’t think of a place where we would be any happier… except maybe just an hour South, beachfront in Delaware. Yes, Delaware has great beaches. No doubt that we’ll eventually settle in Rehoboth Beach at some point. That’s were we spent our summers growing up, where we have made friends on the beach who have become like family, and where I hope our boys will come to love as much as we do.  Some other things that I love… football, beach volleyball, old jeeps, rock crawling, music, fashion, home DIY projects, and RODAN AND FIELDS DERMATOLOGISTS!!

I partnered with Rodan and Fields Dermatologists after being introduced to the company by my friend and neighbor, Joanne. She is a busy Mom of 2 with a very high profile, full time job in pharmaceuticals. In addition, she teaches at The University of Delaware. I couldn’t imagine how she was possibly fitting anything else into her life. In the mean time, I had been secretly praying for something to come along that would allow me to work and contribute to our finances. While I love being at home with the kids, like so many other Moms, I began to lose a little of myself. I missed working but I knew that staying home was a bigger priority to me. I also missed having financial breathing room, but again, staying home was more important and I knew that with Sean’s shift work schedule, I would never be able to work without a major juggling act involving child care. I honestly worried about the future as we were living paycheck to paycheck. So… I started watching what Joanne was doing. I was skeptical because I didn’t really understand what it was all about… but the more she shared with me and seeing her success in such a short period of time, the more interested I became. I started my research and came to realize that direct sales is the perfect business model for this day and age for a product like this. Rodan and Fields are the world renowned doctors that created Proactiv Solution for acne and they have long dominated that industry. They have now develop a multi-med, clinically based skin care line to address concerns beyond acne such as sensitive skin, sun damage, and aging skin. While their line was successfully sold in retail stores the doctors knew that putting their product in the hands of independent consultants was the smarter way to market… and they were so right! I soon began to feel like I would regret passing up this once in a lifetime chance to introduce something brand new to a whole world of customers. I also realized that my prayer had been answered! I’m now completely changing the course for my family’s financial future… I’m doing it on my own time, in part time hours, while still allowing me to be at home and present with my children. I’m so excited to see our growth over the next several years and will be happy to look back and say that I was a part of the beginning!

I would love to share more about our skin changing products and our life changing business opportunity. Please visit my website:


If you are interested in Michelle and her product line, check her out now. Or feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with her! And right now she is one of my sponsors, so you can always find her link on the left side of my page! Just click the Rodan and Fields icon and it will take you right to her website. 

Weekly Weight Watchers – Week 6

Alright so for some reason my blogger page decided to delete a few of my posts on me without asking (UGH). So I am trying to retype them from memory (which I seriously am lacking right now).  So let me try and remember my Weight Watchers Check In for today.
I know today was going to be a rough morning on the scale! I had a long week with the kids and their behavior and I decided to eat potato chips to make me feel better! Wrong, I know! Plus we went to a kick ass Super Bowl party on Sunday night and I ate everything in sight.  I mean our wonderful hosts (Caralyn & Mike) provided food for about 60 people – there were only 8 of us! Ha!  When I walked in the front door I was amazed at the set up. Chips, pretzels, Doritos, dips, shrimp, cheese & meats, beer, alcohol, etc.  When I made a comment at all of the food she told me that this wasn’t even dinner. Dinner consisted of a massive tray of sandwiches, baked pasta, sausage and peppers, chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for the kids and I know that there were a few other things in the back trays that I didn’t even get too! Oh and she was awesome and provided us all with take out containers to fill up on the leftovers! So the party was awesome, my boy Joe Flacco won the Superbowl and I gained some weight! It was a great night!

Weekly Weight Loss: +2lbs
Overall Weight Loss*: -5lbs
*Technically I am now officially down 16 pounds but with this new round of WW it’s only 5 pounds.
Confused yet? I went off the plan for a few weeks and now I am starting back up on it. The first round of WW I lost 11lbs and stopped doing it because of the holidays and such. Started back up again on this round of WW and now I am down 5lbs – so 16lbs overall. There’s my little disclaimer – it makes me feel better about myself! alright?!!

So this week I am going to try and get my butt back on the diet. I am still exercising so that is good. I ran a 1.5 miles today which is great for me. My goal is to hit 2 miles really soon! I am not giving myself a time limit just going with the flow. It helped that in the theatre room today they were showing a Dave Matthews concert! That helped me get through the workout!!!
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Here’s the latest video that I made with my January pictures from the 1 Snap a Day project!

Throwback Thursday / Superbowl Sunday

Like everyone else in the country, we are getting ready for Sunday’s big Superbowl. I am a die hard football fan so the Superbowl is a little bittersweet for me. Yes, I love the big game and the commercials but I am sad that football season is over. It’s a long couple of months until the new season starts and I really miss my Sunday games.

This Sunday we are headed to a friends house to celebrate and watch the game. Now if you haven’t figured it out by now I am a huge University of Delaware fan. I grew up attending every single home football game from the moment that I was born. I was an automatic fan (something that my father passed down to me).  I did go to school there and watched the games as a student.  Now, I am also a very dedicated Eagles fan. I know I get a lot of flack for it but since my Eagles haven’t made the SuperBowl in quite some time, I am choosing to root for my fellow UD alumni – Joe Flacco.  He is the second University of Delaware Quarterback to play in the Super Bowl in less than 10 years – Rich Gannon made it to the big game in 2003. Not bad for a little university in the small state of Delaware.

So in honor of throwback Thursday I thought I would post some pics of my boys sporting their UD gear as well as some pics of my memorabilia that I have collected from my parents and some of my shopping excursions. Yes I’m a bit obsessed but like I said I’m a girl who likes her football and I’m a dedicated fan!

Benjamin sporting his UD gear from 3 weeks old

Getting ready for his first UD game at 8 months old
Second UD Game at 9 Months Old
Sean sporting his UD gear
My boys in their UD colors
Photo shoot with Katie Nagle Photography at UD campus sporting some UD gear
My autographed Joe Flacco UD helmet!
Some of my decor in my mom cave

Yes, I am obsessed, I know, but I do love some UD Football. Now go win the Superbowl Joe for all of your UD fans and supporters!!!  Go Ravens!

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