PRODUCT REVIEW: Caboo Paper Products

I was approached a few weeks ago to test out some new products for my family.  The company is called Caboo and they make a variety of ecologically sustainable paper products such as toilet paper, tissues, baby wipes, etc.  I have never really given any thought about the products that I use for my family.  I never focused on how bad they were for the environment or maybe how unsafe they were for my kids.  So I thought that I would give them a try.


I received a variety of products from Caboo.  I received a ton of baby wipes, tissues, napkins as well as toilet paper. The nice thing about Caboo products is that their paper products are made from fast-growing, renewable sugarcane and bamboo instead of trees. They are also 100% biodegradable.

The first thing that I tried out was the toilet paper.  Let me say that I am very picky about my toilet paper and I was very impressed.  The roll isn’t huge so with a house full of boys, we did go through it very quickly but it was soft and very gentle.  I don’t think that anyone in the house noticed that I switched out from our normal t.p. which is a good sign!

unnamed (1)

The Caboo Toilet Paper is:

  • Biodegradable & Septic Safe
  • Whitened without Chemicals containing Chlorine Bleach
  • Fragrance Free
  • BPA Free
  • Non-GMO Certified
  • Soft & Strong 2-Ply

Next, I jumped into the baby wipes. They were also very nice.  It has an aloe scent, which wasn’t my favorite, but I usually buy scent free wipes. But the scent wasn’t bad or offensive, just not what I am used too.  They worked wonderfully on Owen.  It’s also nice to read from Caboo that they are hypoallergenic, paraben and chlorine free as well as BPA free.   Finally my kids bum was getting the royal treatment. He didn’t notice anything different and they worked great for us.  Another great product.


Finally I tried the napkins and the tissues.  The napkins were awesome as well.  I switched these out with what I normally put out for dinner or send to school for lunch. Again, no complaints.  They worked great and absorbed all of my kids messes (and they make a lot of messes – trust me).  Finally, I tried out the tissues.  They were not my favorite of the Caboo products but only because the first few were hard to get out of the box.  I felt like I wasted 5-6 just trying to get one out without ripping.  Once I took a few out, it was fine.  They were your standard tissue.  Not super soft but definitely not too rough.  Another great product from Caboo.


Overall, I was very impressed by all of the products that Caboo sent to me.  I am not one to run out and buy environmental friendly products, I usually stick to whats on sale at the store but I was pretty impressed by these products.  I also liked the fact that my kids were using products that were not harmful to them or to the environment.

Want to find out more about Caboo and their products, then check out their video here below.

Where to Buy:

You can find a variety of Caboo products at your local Wegmans or Whole Foods.  You can also check out their page here for other locations near you.


** Erin the Irish Mama was not compensated for this review, but I did receive free products to test out.  All opinions are my own **


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Mission Complete

I was finally able to check something off of my bucket list this past weekend.  For the past 5 years or so I have tried to get into a very fun 5k down in Delaware. It’s called the Dogfish Dash and it is held by Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE.  Dogfish is very special to me and my husband. They have such an awesome selection of beers – probably some of our favorites and the brewery is about a mile up the road from where he grew up.  It has grown over the past 20 years into an amazing brewery that we try to visit as often as possible. And my basement has a beer room which is pretty much dedicated to all things Dogfish.

Well each year for the past 10 or so years they have held an awesome race called the Dogfish Dash.  I have tried over the years to get in but it sells out VERY fast.  One year I was in and just about to check out with my credit card and BOOM it was full. This was literally less than 10 minutes after the race opened up. Thankfully I didn’t get in that year because I ended up getting pregnant with Owen.  I could barely walk, let alone run a race.  Two other times I attempted but it was full within minutes even when they had two races a 5k and a 10k. I would never attempt the 10k but both always sold out faster than any concert that I have ever attempted to get tickets for.

This year was going to be different!  I could feel it. I still wasn’t training at all but I knew that I just wanted into this race.   I have always heard that it was a fun time and of course there’s BEER at the end of it.  Oh and I forgot to mention that the race was no longer a 5k, it was now an 8k.  That’s two extra miles people! AHHH but I was going to do it.  It helped that my new neighbors up the road were going to run in it in too.

As registration day approached I sat by my computer, probably with a highly fatty lunch and Coke Zero in hand, counting down to the moment registration opened up.  I was determined to get in this year, even though I was carrying a ton of extra weight and couldn’t run a 1/4 mile without feeling like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. Registration opened and I typed as fast I could filling in all of the personal, financial information and then finally after several glitches with their checkout process freezing, I did get my confirmation email! YEAH, I was in. I was probably more excited about getting in than running the race!!!!!!  I signed Joey up as well but after his terrible leg injury this summer, we knew he was just going to be my cheerleader (and designated beer drinker).

So now I was set! The race was months away and I had plenty of time to train, right? I did run a 5k in May called The Hair of the Dog at the Working Dog Winery.


fab4a324-8a2d-4bd7-9f72-639f87dfe4a8  0935c7ea-136c-4434-97bc-1d0e91a9df7e

I struggled through that one.  Right away my leg cramped up, but I didn’t give up and I finished it. But I am not going to lie, it was rough. But I will do anything for wine. Notice a theme with my races? I only run towards alcohol, isn’t that the only thing worth running towards? Haha

So after the Working Dog 5k, I thought that if I just trained over the next few months then I would be okay at the Dash.  Well, life took over.  I spent the summer running kids all over the place for camps, Owen cried every time that I tried putting him in day care at the gym and honestly I just gave up and drank wine and ignored the fact that the race was quickly approaching. I figured at the very least, I would walk the race and just come in last. As long as I could beat the street sweepers that were going to pick up trash after the race, then I was still going to do it.

The kids finally went back to school. Owen too (I’ll blog about that soon). So I was able to go to the gym and train – I trained a solid 4 days (eeek).  Oh but I did give up wine and ate a lot healthier for a few weeks prior to the race so that was one good thing. I could run on a treadmill but the same leg pain that bothered me during the May 5k was killing me again.  I ran through it each day but I knew it was not going away before the race. I thought about giving up and not going through with it, but I knew that I would kick myself if I did that. I always tell the boys that they need to follow through with things, I couldn’t show them that it was okay to give up. Especially Ben, he knew that my leg hurt but was always there to offer support or bring me my ice pack when I needed it. I couldn’t let him down.

Well this past Saturday, we loaded the family up and headed down to Milton, Delaware to the race packet pickup at the Brewery! I will say that Dogfish Head really does put together a nice swag bag.  The t-shirts were awesome and the tote bags were pretty cool too. But the best is the beer kanteen that you get when you complete the race (keep reading to see that cup).

dogfish dash 1

The night before I was full of nerves, I couldn’t sleep and my leg was killing me.  But early Sunday morning, Joey and I got up and headed over to the brewery to prep for the race.  The set up there is amazing.  Beer tents, food tents, DJs, and people. Lots and lots of people!  We had to get there early and had about an hour and a half to kill.  It was nerve wracking waiting around but also good for me.  I wished that I had taken a few more pictures but I just wanted to focus on the race.

Finally, 9:30am arrived and the gun went off.  I was running with a few of my friends but I knew that they would be gone within the first few seconds after we crossed the starting line.  They are actual runners. Within the first 1/4 mile both legs and my knee started to hurt. I thought to myself what the hell did I get myself into? Why did I push myself when I knew that I was out of shape?  But I just kept on running.  The first mile was the absolute hardest. I was in so much pain but as soon as I saw a mom pushing a double stroller running probably an 8 minute mile, I knew that I could do it too.  I mean it looked like one of her kids was only a few weeks old.  She was hardcore. I saw older woman walking, I saw men on the side of the road stretching out their cramped legs.  I knew that I was in good company.  I was probably running with the same crew for about 3 of the 5 miles.  Once the true racers took off and things spread out it was a little less stressful.

This time around I had no issues with breathing. I didn’t feel like I could die. It helped that it was also an absolutely GORGEOUS DAY! We had zero humidity, cool temperatures and such a nice breeze.  As I was running, I kept thinking just 4 more miles, just 3 more miles, etc.  I saw a sign that said 1/2 way done.  Then there were kids along the route high fiving all of the runners.  The fact that they were still there when this slow poke ran by was very uplifting.

There was even a point where I ran past a sign that showed your current time at the 5k point.  I noticed that I had beat my earlier 5k time from May so that gave me hope that I could do this. That I could actually run, errr slightly jog 5 miles.  Finally I saw this sign and knew that I was going to finish.

dogfish dash 2

I am very familiar with the town and I knew that the brewery was so close.  As I rounded the corner and got ready to turn into the brewery I started running full speed. As I approached the finish line, I saw Joey standing on the side cheering me on and taking pictures/video.  I ran across the line and felt so much relief! I know people run all of the time, I know that many people can do 7 minute miles or can run marathons but I am not one of them.  This is a huge accomplishment for me.  Yeah I may have finished in 1801st place but I finished.  Oh and there were several hundred people that came in after me. I expected my time to be closer to 1 hour 30 minutes based on my last run before race day but I surprised myself.

dogfish dash 4

As soon as I crossed that finish line, I ran over and grabbed my free beer cup, then I met up with Joey and our friends (who finished about 15 minutes ahead of me) for some brews and music and food.

dogfish dash 3

We enjoyed some post party festivities for a few hours after the race but I knew that if I sat down that I might not get back up. It was a Sunday and we still had to head back to NJ that afternoon/evening.  The kids had school the next day and Joey had work.  It was a long day and next year I plan on everyone taking a vacation day the Monday after.   I want to thank my husband for supporting me on race day, I want to thank my in-laws for watching the three crazy boys while I could check something off of my bucket list and I want to thank all of my awesome friends that lifted me up with their support over the past few weeks and on race day! It kept me motivated to not throw in the towel and to keep on moving.

So there’s only a few more months until registration opens for next years race. I plan on entering once again, this time I am going to train. Yeah I know that I have said that before, but I promise that this time I will.  Who is going to hold me to that????

PS – I haven’t been back to the gym to run since the race. My leg is still bothering me but I plan on heading back next week.


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I’m Back!

Hi guys, sorry for my long delay but I am back {again}.  I go through phases with the blog. Some months I could write 30 posts in a few hours and some months I just don’t feel like typing anything at all. Well obviously I have been in the no typing phase lately {okay since February}. Sorry about that. I could use the “I have 3 boys” excuse or the “we have had so much going on” excuse or “my computer broke” excuse — all are true, but honestly, I just didn’t feel like typing.  I guess it was writer’s block.  Who knows.

I really can’t believe that I haven’t posted anything on here in months. I probably have about 1 million + stories about my silly kids, school photos, first sacraments, hubby’s health issues, laughable moments and some frustrating ones too, but I can’t remember them all. I did post a lot on my blog Facebook page so you could always get caught up over there. I seem to post on there a little more often.

Right now we are close to ending the school year, our first year of cub scouts and we are starting to gear up for summer. Normally I have the entire summer mapped out for the kids. I always have their camps and swim lessons scheduled long before the start of June. Let’s just say that we have our week of vacation booked and one week of cub scout camp booked. I haven’t done anything else. If I don’t get moving my kids are going to be home all day, every day, all summer long. And that won’t be healthy for any of us.  They will want to play on the iPads all day {since 90% of their friends will be at camp}. Oh wait, I forgot Sean doesn’t have an iPad anymore.  He had a Memorial Day accident this past weekend with his iPad.  I don’t think that this baby can be resuscitated. Let’s just say don’t turn on Spotify and then set your iPad down on the see saw glider. Once you start riding, the iPad will get crushed. And so will the child’s heart.


I promise in the next few weeks that I will update you guys on a bunch of things. But here’s my “I’m back” post!!!

P.S. The biggest shocker over the past few months is that I ran a 5k….. WHAT??? Who am I? Oh I forgot to mention that at the end of the 5k they handed you a wine glass and supplied you with samples of wine!!! There it is! The reason that I signed up for that thing.

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Moms Don’t Have Time For Stitches

You know that you are a mom when you know that you need stitches but shrug it off because it’s too much of a hassle. Ain’t nobody got time got that.

Yeah my can opener is on its last leg and sometimes leaves jagged edges. Of course tonight I cut myself on one of those edges. Blood everywhere. I usually pass out or get very nauseous but tonight I did ok. I tried everything but it wouldn’t stop. I know that I probably needed a stitch or two but why on earth would I drag three boys out at dinner/homework/bedtime to an urgent care center for stitches?? That’s insane. I’ll just keep wrapping it until it stops bleeding….

Okay 3 hours later and I’m back. The blood isn’t gushing anymore. We are at a slow trickle (at most). I think that I’ll live. This happened about a year ago when I broke one of those fancy new light bulbs. Those things are horrific. Sean accidently dropped one and it shattered it everywhere. I cleaned it up and put it in a trash bag. Well I forgot it was in there and dropped the bag on my foot. Yeah that foot was slashed to death. I probably needed about 5 stitches but again, I’m a mom. I don’t have time for stitches.

So while I know that I’ll live, it really got me thinking about how many of us moms brush off our own health issues because of the kids? I know that I do. Not just haircuts and pedicures but real health issues. I’m talking about mammograms, annual Obgyn visits, flu shots, dentist appts and obviously stitches. I’ve put them all on the back burner since I’ve had kids. I save my babysitters for important issues like school conferences, kids doctor appts and concerts (obviously).

Why do we do that? Why don’t we put our own health first? It’s like flying on an airplane. They always tell us to put on your oxygen mask before your kids. Why don’t we (moms and dads) take care of ourselves first. If we are sick and suffering then our kids suffer. Ok so I vow to schedule a bunch of appointments this week. I’ve been avoiding so many doctors for way too long. I’ve avoided the Obgyn even though I have had extreme stomach pains ever past three months. I’ve avoided the dentist. Why? Well because it’s the dentist. I think I need to see a gastro dr for an endoscopy. My dad died of stomach cancer and I know that I need to start testing early. Oh crap I just realized that I am 4 months behind on for my dermatologist appointment. That’s something that I have never slacked on. I am actually pissed that I missed that last appointment. Of course I canceled it because it was the week Sean broke his wrist.

So please tell me that I’m not the only one that avoids doctors. My husband thinks I’m nuts. He’s the complete opposite. He’s at the dr weekly….

So let’s take care of our bodies. Let’s schedule those appointments that we have avoided. Mammograms don’t hurt, the dentist isn’t that bad and really the dermatologist hurts less than my finger right now.

**** Sorry no pictures these post because no one wants to see bloody fingers sliced open by a metal can ****


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He’s Definitely My Son

So Tuesday was a very traumatic day for Ben.  He had to get eye drops! Yes, I said that right, eye drops.  Poor kid!

As you know Benjamin has worn glasses for about 2 1/2 years now. I don’t recognize him when he doesn’t have them on.  They are just a part of him now. And he is so adorable with them.

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-3

Well he wears them because at his 4 year check-up we discovered that he had some eye issues.  His right eye has a cataract and poor vision.  It’s not terrible but because of his cataract he used his left eye a lot and his right eye never strengthened.  We tried patching for a year and that didn’t work.  So we figured that the boy would just wear glasses going forward.  After his last eye appointment his doctor suggested that we meet with a top doc in Philly to confirm that the cataract is “normal”.

IMG_2246  IMG_2979

On Tuesday Ben, Owen and I drove down to Philly while Sean was in school. I knew that it was going to be a long day so I packed accordingly.  Teaching hospitals / doctors offices never move quickly.  We learned this from his yearly visits to the NYU Skin Cancer clinic.  A 20 minute appointment usually takes several hours because of all the doctors that pop in to check him out.

And because it always happens this way…. the kid with the most medical issues is the one with the most fear/phobias/anxiety.  The poor kid is definitely my son. I hate all things medical and I have had multiple skin cancers removed, three c-sections, etc.  I tend to have panic/anxiety attacks whenever I am faced with anything medical — even if it’s just something minor.  So of course Benjamin is that kid in our family.

The first thing that he asked the doctor was if he would need eye drops? The doctor said maybe {which we all know means yes} and it all went downhill from there.   The first doctor did the eye exam, then the second one did his.  Now it was time for the drops.  Three doctors and one mom {me} had to hold the kid down to get those drops in.  But we got them in after a ton of hysterical crying and kicking and screaming.  Once they were in we had to wait for his eyes to dilate.  A half hour later we were back in the room to visit with another doctor.  This is when he got upset all over again.  The drops had worked and now his eyes were all blurry.  He kept crying to me that he was going blind and he couldn’t see.  I felt so bad for the boy.  It’s hard to explain that they will wear off in a bit and he can go back to reading his Lego Chima book.

unnamed (19)

The poor kid was so tired from the long ride, appointment and screaming.  He fell asleep for a few minutes while waiting for the final doctor to come in and visit with him.

unnamed (20)

  Finally after three hours (and 3 doctors) we met with the head doctor and he confirmed that his eyes are great.  The right one does have a cataract but he was born with it and it hasn’t changed at all. His eye sight is not getting any worse.  The risk of any surgery to remove it would not be worth the reward.  Meaning it wouldn’t change his vision much {if at all}. So he said that he would NEVER put the boy through the surgery and a few weeks worth of daily drops just to see if it helps his vision.  THANK GOD! I would not want to wheel Ben into eye surgery EVER.  So despite the drama of the 3 hour visit and drive to/from Philly it turned out to be great news.

PS — give me NYC traffic anyday over Philly!!!!



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Seizure Action Plan

I still can’t believe that the above phrase is now a major part of my back to school supply list!

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-30

I never really admitted it to myself but Ben has epilepsy.  I always just told myself that he had a few seizures and that was it.  Yes, he was on medicine and went to the neurologist for sleep studies, EKGs, etc. But I never wanted to say that he had epilepsy.  His first two seizures happened at pre-school a few years ago and I never witnessed one. I guess that’s why it was easier for me to deny the term epilepsy.  Then he gave me a huge scare early on in the summer after he came home one day from basketball camp. I witnessed my very first seizure.  Thank goodness my mom was there or I probably would have lost it.  It was fast but it was scary.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.

After his appointment at CHOP, the doctor decided to up his medicine.  We think that he probably outgrew his old dosage.  But she told Joey that to expect more and pray that he outgrows it after puberty.  But as Joey and I were talking about this all one night, he really just looked at me and said “Erin, Ben has epilepsy”.  I  never said it before.  Saying it out loud means that it must be true.  I never used to say that I had skin cancer either. I just said “oh I had moles removed”. But when those moles are melanoma and basal cells, you have to just one day throw in the towel and call it what it is… skin cancer. It’s weird that once you put a name to something it’s real.

My son has epilepsy….

And we are all OK.  It’s going to be fine.  I thank God everyday that it’s not severe, it seems to be pretty minor but it’s still scary. There are some nights that I lay in bed until 3 am worrying that he might have a seizure on the playground and hurt himself. I worry what will happen but I know that I can’t control them, I can only control how I react to them. I pray to God that I never witness another one again.  But deep down I know that I probably will.  I am also thankful that I have a strong husband that can handle the doctors appointments, the overnight sleep studies, and the ever so wonderful blood work!  Without him I would be a mess.

Callaway Family Spring 2014_32

Since we did increase his medicine, everything has been calm.  Well as calm as it can be with three loud and crazy boys! But it’s calm!

IMG_9396 IMG_9411 IMG_9604

Photo Credit: Photography by Jen Davis

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Color Me Rad – My 1st 5K Race

So this past weekend I ran my very first 5K. I was hoping to do this last year but instead I got pregnant with my sweet little Owen.  I figured that since I was trying to exercise using my Beachbody programs and I was trying to eat a little healthier that I would attempt to run again.  So I signed up for my first 5K.  I had 2 months to train and start running again. I was going to get a treadmill from my moms house.  Well I didn’t get the treadmill to my house and I didn’t join the gym. So all of my training was non-existent. Zero, zilch, nada! I didn’t want to quit though. I was going to run {or walk} the 5k no matter what.


My friend Leslie {from Three Peas and a Dog} was my running partner. We signed up for the Color Me Rad race at the Jersey Shore! I figured that my first race should be a fun one without worrying about times.

I felt myself getting stomach aches the week leading up to the race. I was so nervous because I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I did go on a little jog on Friday with the stroller and it wasn’t too bad but 1/4 mile is nothing compared to 3.1 miles.  I knew it would going to be a struggle for me.

Well the big day finally arrived and there was no turning back. It was go time. Leslie picked me up at 7:30am and we were on our way.


We got there early and were able to sneak into the first heat. We had a great time. It wasn’t too bad at all. Did I run the entire time? No, but there were these three hills that I could barely walk up let alone run. But we gave ourselves goals along the way For example if we had to walk up the hill then we would  start running the moment we got to the top.

The color bombs were fun and they weren’t as bad as I thought.  I thought I was going to be pelted non stop with the color. But it was only 5 or so color tents that we had to run through.  The only problem with the color was that you had to run through it with your mouth and eyes closed. I think that I ran through it like a zombie with my hands out front making sure that I didn’t run into anything or anyone.  At one point I think I knocked a little kid over {not my fault she stopped inside to get more color}. Then I had contact issues when I didn’t shut my eyes in time. But they were still a lot of fun. Oh and I spent all day Sunday blowing out orange and pink powder!

Towards the end my heart was racing pretty fast but I could see the finish line and as much as I wanted to stop, I didn’t. They handed out some color packets right at the end so we coated ourselves with color and then made a mad dash to the end!!! Then I just sat my butt on the ground and drank a bottle of water!!! I did it! I finished my first 5K. Was I fast? No! But we finished and we had a blast!

unnamed (7)   unnamed (8)

Thanks Leslie for encouraging me to do it!! Here’s to many more. Now I just really need to start training before the next one comes around.

unnamed (9)


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Beech-Nut 100% Natural Baby Food

So a few weeks ago Owen’s doctor gave me the okay to start feeding him some baby food.  I always love this stage of my babies. I love seeing their faces when they have their first bite of food.  Will they like it? Will they grimace?  I love trying out new foods to see what the kids enjoy.  This time around I want to make sure that Owen is getting some of the best foods that I can provide for him.  I want him to have some healthier eating habits than my other two boys. I also had every intention of making my own baby food.  I went back and forth over this and finally decided that I would make sure that the foods that I give to him are healthy and natural.  I will make sure that as he gets older that I provide him with some wonderful meals {not happy meals}!

Well a few weeks before Owen got the okay to eat food, I was contacted by Beech-Nut to sample some of their newest baby foods.  They just launched their newest 100% natural foods. PERFECT!!!! I couldn’t wait for Owen to have his first taste of food.


The samples came in the most beautiful wooden box.  The packaging was beautifully branded and the new jar designs are pretty nice and fancy too.  And they were not sample size at all.  I received four full jars of baby food.  Two in Stage 1 {Just Carrots and Just Honeycrisp Apples} and Two in Stage 2 {Just Spinach, Zucchini & Peas and Beets, Pear & Pomegranate}.


Beech-Nut food for babies is made with natural ingredients. That means no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Beech-Nut takes out everything moms don’t want, and leaves in the essential nutrients that babies need. They use a wonderful new method called gentle cooking™ to make the food.

What is just gentle cooking™?

  1. Close-to-Home Ingredients  – We get the best quality ingredients we can find, staying as close to home as we can but
    going where we need in order to get the best quality.
  2. Cold Puree  – We love food just the way it is, and don’t want to do anything more than what’s necessary.So to be as gentle as possible, we create a puree from raw fruits and vegetables instead of cooking them first in order to avoid cooking nutrients away.
  3. No Artificial Preservatives  – Deaeration means we take the excess air out of the food so the good stuff like nutrients and great taste can stay in the food without adding any kind of preservatives. The good stuff is everything that lets you know this is real food: vibrant color, natural aromas and great flavor.
  4. Gently Cooked  – When we cook our new food for babies, we use indirect heat similar to a double boiler so that none of the flavor or nutrients gets watered down. Cook time varies according to the ingredients; you wouldn’t cook a pear and a sweet potato for the same length of time, and neither would we
  5. Jar  – And finally, the food goes into our BPA-free glass jars

Beach-Nut has 40 delicious new flavors with foods like pomegranate, avocado, papaya and beets. They select only the highest quality varieties of fruits and vegetables, like Honeycrisp apples, Bartlett pears and Haas avocados.

Here are just a few of their newest flavors:
• just honeycrisp apple
• just sugarsnap peas
• just mango, kiwi & papaya
• just mango, apple & avocado
• beets, pear & pomegranate
• just pear, raspberry & asparagus
• just apple & aronia berry
• spinach, zucchini & quinoa

The first one that I gave to Owen was the carrots.  They were so beautiful and bright and I tasted a little bit so I know that they were good too.  Now by looking at the pictures below I can guarantee to you that Owen agreed.  The kid just started eating food and he downed the entire jar!


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The next one that I fed to Owen was the just honeycrisp apples.  Again he devoured them!  What can I say my boy loves his food.  I know that I have tried several brands with my other boys but I plan on sticking with Beech-Nut and their 100% natural products. I cannot wait to go shopping for more of their flavors.

The new Beech-Nut line will be available in stores, including Wal-Mart, Kroger, Meijer and Publix, in spring 2014.

Visit Beach-Nut for more information about their flavors and to find the new Beech-Nut line in your neighborhood.

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Beech-Nut is also working with the Non-GMO Project and they are in the process of seeking verification for all of their products.  I know that this is very important for a lot of families out there.

** Please note that I was not compensated for this review but I did receive samples of the product.  All opinions are my own **


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Yes, I Cheated…

On the 21 Day Fix that is… not on the husband!

I have had a rough few days with the kids and like I said before I am an emotional eater.  Well once I dropped the not so sweet angels off at the bus stop and at school I came home and had some cold pizza.  For some reason I cannot stop eating pizza. It’s my weakness. Even cold DiGiorno pizza {It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno}.

unnamed (2)

It happens but I am going to pick myself back up and keep on going.  One rough day is not going to stop me.  That’s what I am trying to learn in this whole process. Not to let one slip up derail my whole day, which turns into a week then a month.  I won’t let it stop me from reaching my goal… which is hitting my goal weight {18lbs to go} and wearing a cute white top that doesn’t show a saggy muffin top.  I want to feel more comfortable in my skin.

This picture was 3 years ago and I liked my body then. I felt good then. I want to be there again.

05.28.10 -06.04.10Avalon NJ (22)  IMG_0857

So I think for lunch I will have another awesome shake and reflect on why I’m eating the cold pizza.  One of my Beachbody coaches {hey Nikki} suggested on our Facebook page that when you cheat, it may be because you are bored.  So maybe I am just bored eating the same foods and I need to go through the 21 Day Fix book again and reboot my meals.  I have been eating the same things for almost 2 1/2 months now.  So maybe I need to switch.  Also, after this round I need to get a new workout routine. I love the programs in there but it’s good to switch it up. I keep going back and forth on what I want to try so today my goal is to figure out AND ORDER my next fitness program!!!!!!

unnamed (1)

Well gang, the weekend is here.  Spring Break is starting today when those kids get out of school.  So say a prayer that we all make it through the next week without going off the plan and my exercise routine.  We will be spending some days down in Delaware and I know I will be packing my containers, my shakes and my videos.  Just because I am in a different state doesn’t mean that I can’t continue to reach my goals.

Sooooo are you willing to give it a try? Summer is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!! Do you want to feel comfortable in your swimsuit? I know that I want to not hide under my towel when I’m sitting on the beach this summer and I am going to continue to keep moving!  How about you join me and we can hold each other accountable? I have a great team that I work with and you can too.   Plus there are some great deals right now on a few programs that can help you reach those goals!

If you want to know what Beachbody or the 21 Day Fix is all about please drop me a quick email, call me, visit my Facebook page or just run on over and check out my Beachbody Website.

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Why I Eat, Breaking the Cycle

The main reason for starting this new journey of beachbody and shakeology was to lose that extra baby weight and to get my body back Into shape. The past 6-7 years I have let myself spiral out of control both physically and a little mentally.

I think what I have learned over few months is that I am a food addict. There I said it. I am an emotional eater and addicted to harmful foods.  About 10-12 years ago I would have said the opposite. If I was sad or depressed then I didn’t eat. If I was nervous or scared then I skipped meals. All throughout high school and college I had severe social anxiety. I would like to say that I hid it well but it was a struggle. I hated going out to parties or dinner. Anything that involved food or a new experience  freaked me out. I would get sick or find excuses to not go. Towards the end of college and the few years after I learned to go with the flow a little better but it was still very hard for me.

See I was skinny at one time!


But somewhere in the past 7-8 years it’s like a switch went off and I became an eater. I would eat whenever and wherever. I couldn’t turn down a slice of pizza or a bacon cheeseburger with fries. I was skinny and had high metabolism so I would never gain weight. Well here I am 3 kids later and I am at the heaviest non pregnancy weight of my life.  It scared me. I hated it. This girl who never gained weight and could eat whatever the heck I wanted, was now packing on the pounds. Yes I used my pregnancies as an excuse. Each pregnancy gave me a reason {excuse} to eat whatever I wanted.  Well this time it backfired on me because the weight didn’t just fly off. Why am I an emotional eater now? Well I just ordered a book recommended to me by a friend and I’m hoping to find out and break that cycle.   When my kids stress me out I run towards the refrigerator or pantry. If I am bored, I eat.  If I am tired, I eat.  I need to reprogram my brain but in the meantime I can work on my diet and my exercise and try and undo the damage that I’ve already caused to my body.


I must also admit that I have {had} an addiction to fast food. I always have.  I love McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A but hey I wasn’t partial to any fast food.  Especially since I stopped working it’s been a hard habit to break.  When you are running around with the kids or stopping at the grocery store and Target or you are just driving around trying to get a baby to sleep it’s so easy to go through the drive thru and grab some grub.  Whether it’s for breakfast {mmmm Chick-fil-A mini bites} or dinner {a McDouble} I couldn’t stop.  So when I started this new diet {21 Day Fix} I knew that I needed to use this opportunity to break the cycle of horrible eating.  Fast food was my number one goal.  I am proud to say that I have been free of fast food for 50+ days. Now I may have had a few fries here and there but I haven’t had anything else.  No cheeseburgers, no chicken sandwiches, zip, zilch, nada!!!  I have ordered a diet coke and that’s it.  Yeah that’s my next addiction that I need to break — baby steps, one addiction at a time.  And it really is an addiction.  Do I need the fast food and the diet cokes – ABSOLUTELY NOT.


Over the past 50 or so days, I have eaten a clean diet {mostly} and I feel good.  I’m not as tired during the day like I used to be. I don’t need those naps that I craved so much.  Yes, it’s nice to take a little nap here or there because I was up with the baby or the boys were driving me nuts but if I can’t sneak it in I’m okay.  I can keep going. It all has to do with my new changes. Is it the shakeology? Yes. Is it the healthy foods? Yes. Is it the exercise? YES! YES! YES!  One huge change that I have noticed is that I don’t need the soda for my energy and caffeine.  Right now it’s just an addiction.  I did a little experiment while on the 21 Day Fix.  I did the first round without any diet coke {I started to add them in towards the end}.  I was fine drinking the shakes and not drinking soda.  But when I did start drinking it, I noticed that my energy levels would start crashing shortly after that soda so I would reach for another.  The soda was making me tired making me lose my energy.  It didn’t help keep me going throughout the day it helped me keep up with the addiction.  Now I’m still struggling with this soda thing.  I like the taste of them but I am getting better. I used to drink about 5 a day {yes I know I’m slapping myself too}, but now I am down to about 2.  Some days I don’t have any.  I will beat that addiction just like I did the fast food one!  Like I said, one thing at a time.

Alright, now that I let that off my chest, it’s time to move forward. I had a week off from my meal planning and my strict exercise so I’m ready for more.  I’m going to do one more round of the 21 Day Fix  — I just started today.  I have a few friends that are doing it for the first time and I want to do this journey with them.  Then I will do one other workout before I hope to start with PiYo at the beginning of the summer! I can’t wait.

New beginnings for me. I am hoping to make these changes now so that they will last a lifetime. I know that I have already screwed up with my kids and their diet and I am trying to change myself so that I can make the changes with them. Oh and I forgot to give you guys updates on my changes after two rounds.. I will try and get that up soon. Email me if you want to see before and after pictures!!! Or you can join our challenge groups on Facebook where my pictures are splattered all over {but you have to commit to a program from Beachbody and share your pics too}!!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

So are you ready to make a change in your life? I was the queen of excuses but I finally threw them all away and got up off of the couch and started my life over!  If you want to know what Beachbody or the 21 Day Fix is all about please drop me a quick email, call me, visit my Facebook page or just run on over and check out my Beachbody Website.

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