Let’s Play Catch Up {While the Boys Play Catch}

Alrighty, I know that it’s been a few weeks since I had a personal post.  As you can imagine life with 3 boys is a little bit hectic.  They keep me very busy each and every day.  Now that the weather is warming up we have been trying to do some fun family things.  We have spent a lot of time outside playing in the yard, riding bikes and had a trip to the Crayola Factory a few weekends ago.   We have also been trying to do some minor house repairs. I am trying to update Ben & Sean’s bedroom.  A long, long time ago — actually 6 years ago tomorrow — we moved into this place with just Ben.  So their room was the guest bedroom and I had painted it a light green to match my fancy Restoration Hardware bedding.  Fast forward 6 years {and two more kids later} and we no longer have that guest bedroom and that bedding is in a tote somewhere in our basement.  So I wanted to update the room a bit to make it their own.  I painted it a nice tan and I can’t wait to buy some wall name decals from Etsy for above their beds.   I also plan on finally hanging the curtains {the ones that Sean ripped down two years ago} and add a few shelves.  One of these days I will finish it and post some pictures.  But I did get the painting done one morning so that’s a start!

Last week my dryer broke — it just stopped heating.  So I waited around today for the GE repair man to show up and tell me what’s wrong with the thing.  Of course it wasn’t the dryer.  He said that I am getting no airflow so my ducts are probably in need of a good cleaning!  Now having your dryer break when you have 3 kids is not fun.  I have been hanging up my clothes all over the place.  It’s not fun washing boys socks and hanging them over the shower rod.  Then your shower rod falls down at night and scares the living daylights out of you.  Oh and during this time, Sean had an accident over night and Ben had a bloody nose.  So I had two comforters and a set of sheets to wash.  Thankfully we spent some time in Delaware this past weekend so our laundry made the trip with us.  Thanks to our moms for helping us wash our clothes! It’s just like when we brought them home over Christmas break in college!  I really wished that it could have been fixed today because I need to do some more laundry ASAP!

So I can’t believe that Owen is almost six months old and that summer is just around the corner.  The past six months have been crazy and hectic but it really has flown by.  My little guy is getting so big and I want to stop the clock and slow it down.  Owen is rolling over, trying to sit up and already eating a ton of food!  Here are some recent pictures of him.

IMG_7128   IMG_7283

IMG_7305   10402495_10203582105291200_6746423533434821431_n

I mean come on, how freaking cute is this kid.  Just six months ago he was this “tiny” little 10lb chunky monkey!!

Owen fresh 48_15 Owen fresh 48_16 Owen Newborn14

Photography Credit: Photography by Jen Davis

Ben has been doing pretty well at school. He loves going (even though he is home sick today with a “sore throat”). He loves reading books and doing his homework. The kid has handwriting like his father…. Messy. But he is such a hard worker.  We are also working on some of his behavior issues and hopefully we can get them under control soon!  Ben has an exciting summer coming up.  He will be going to 2 weeks of CCD camp right after school ends and then he has a few other weeks of Rec Camp.  I can’t wait for him to get out there this summer and enjoy himself.  He is always so anxious when he is trying new things {hmmm not sure where he gets that one from} so I really hope that he has a fun time at his camps.


IMG_7242   IMG_7351

Ben is starting to enjoy sports a little bit more.  He has started to play basketball a little bit more and wants to play for our rec league.  He also spent the weekend in Milton playing baseball with his daddy!  Both kids had some great hits.  I’m still trying to explain the game to them but tonight they did go outside together and to have a catch!  It was quite amusing watching them play.  I think between the two of them they caught the ball 3 times but they didn’t care.  They had a blast.  Ben even told me tonight that it’s not about catching the ball, it’s about having fun.  A quote that he just picked up from watching the movie The Sandlot this week.


Sean is also enjoying school. He loves his friends and he definitely can’t wait for September. He cannot wait for kindergarten and the bus ride! I can’t wait either.  Sean also has a few weeks of camp this summer as well.  He has Kindergarten camp.  Ben went for one week last year and loved it so I decided to sign Sean up for 3 weeks.

IMG_7252    IMG_7360


Between the camps, visits to Milton and my mom’s pool I plan on keeping the kids super busy this summer.  Less time for trouble and lots of time for fun.  I hope that they both learn to ride their bikes without their training wheels too.  Sean rides his bike a lot more than Ben so I have a feeling that he will be the first to get it.  But fingers crossed for both of them.



This past weekend we took a trip down to my in-laws for some rest and relaxation!  It was nice to just hang out all weekend.  We didn’t make it into Rehoboth because Sean got sick but we did have a lot of fun cooking Smore’s on the firepit and swinging in the trees!

10372336_10203579609348803_6208749356709299556_n   10294344_10203594569722803_4714287922989843676_n10374878_10203594568962784_560720645504502977_n

So that’s the latest with our crew.  I am busy every day running to the bus stop, school, karate, grocery stores, painting bedrooms and scheduling dryer repair men!  In a few weeks school will end and the schedules will be all over the place.  I hope that it’s not too crazy and we all have a fun and exciting summer!  We hope to make it up to Hershey Park, take the boys camping for the first time and get to the Jersey Shore as much as possible!

What are you summer plans for the kids? Pool? Camps?

Have a good weekend!!!!!


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My Crazy Mind

I don’t know what it is but my mind is on overdrive these days.  I have so much going on but I can’t just pick one thing and stick with it.  I have a to-do list of about 700 things and I am in the middle of about 10 projects but I can’t complete anything.

I don’t know if it’s the third kid adding to all of the craziness in my brain but I am getting so frustrated. I am so used to order and control and ORGANIZATION.  I have lists about other lists.  That’s the type of person I am. I am slightly OCD {about certain things, not all} and I feel like I am losing control of it all.

For example here’s a little bit from my to-do list:

1. Exercise – I have been trying to do Hip Hop Abs for 2 weeks now. I just need to put the DVD in and START. I need to stop all of the damn excuses…..

2. Dishes. Oh dear lord the dishes. Well it’s just the darn bottles! Can they please create a cycle on dishwashers called “Dr. Brown’s”. It would make my life soooooo much easier.
3. Create a food journal – but not based on the last two weeks.  Back on track MONDAY! NO EXCUSES.
4. Create a personal growth/goal journal. I need to start writing shit down…..
5. Eat healthy — DUH!
6. Fix the boys room so they feel like they have their own individual style in a shared room {i.e. curtains, paint, shelves, pictures, etc}
7. Fix the toilet seats in two of the three bathrooms. Boys!!!!
8. Fix my kitchen sink {I have the parts but I don’t know where to start}. Stupid fancy faucet!
9. Stain the steps on my back “deck”
10. Organize the boys clothes {somewhat done.  I just need a few extra totes and either donate, sell or get rid of the clothes that Owen has outgrown}
11. Organize the basement {aka – toy room from HELL}
12. Organize and purge my clothes that I haven’t worn since I worked 6 1/2 years ago – dear Lord it’s been that long since I had contact with humans that didn’t wear diapers but still complained about too much shit.
13. The ongoing piles of laundry. I used to love laundry but now I can’t keep track of what’s clean and what’s dirty.  Who hates when they think that they are on top of things by throwing in an “extra load” then realizing when it’s time for the dryer that there is still a pile in there that’s only half dry…..
14. Organize my kitchen drawers. I have so much crap and so few cabinets. I store Owen’s bibs in my pasta drainer!
15. Don’t even look in my coat closet. You open it up things may rain down on you {and it won’t be dollar bills y’all}
16. Find a spot for Owen’s pack and play! Right now his changing table is my dining room table so good luck solving this mystery! Oh and please ignore the pile of boys artwork and papers behind Owen’s changing pad.  I have not thrown out ONE thing since Ben started preschool back in 2010. Yeah… do the math. That’s 4 years worth of papers from Ben and 2 years from Sean.  I swear that I am NOT a hoarder but their shit is so darn cute.  How can I throw it out?

unnamed (3)
17. Oh I just discovered that from Sean climbing on my kitchen cabinets that he split the wood in a very expensive cabinet door. Do I use wood glue? Do I replace? UGHHHHH. Yes, I know that my cabinets are dirty. I was cleaning them when I spotted the big crack

unnamed (1)

18. Have Joey call Moen to order a new toilet paper holder – THANK GOD for MOEN and their free replacement parts. We have definitely taken advantage of that with these boys and our bathroom/kitchen products

unnamed (2)

It’s an ongoing list and this is only half of it. I have so many projects and so little time {and money} to complete them all.

How do you guys handle this stuff? There are things that my husband can/will do {i.e. he does all of the yardwork, planting, etc} but I try and do indoor stuff like painting and fixing things. He works so much that he doesn’t have time at all during the week to do a lot but take out the trash at 10:30pm when he gets home. So when the weekend rolls around I would rather him occupy the kids so I can do laundry, clean, etc. But he does do laundry and lots of other things for me. So I can’t complain about that at all. I am home all day but I still don’t have the time to get things done. I want to just hire a handy man to do so many things but dear lord who can afford one? I just finally got a cleaning lady every few weeks to help me out with the dusting and the bathrooms.

I feel like I have no time for myself. And now that Owen is around I want to spend time during the day with him and not plopping him down in a seat while he watches me clean dishes. But some days that’s what happens. But he isn’t that kid that will sit long and since I know for a fact that he is my last baby I want to spend as much time as I can with him. I want to lay on the floor and roll with him, sing him songs, shake the rattles. I don’t want to miss one moment with this kid. So how am I going to accomplish everything on this list??? HELP!!!!

PS. Since I started typing this I did change one toilet seat! Woo Hoo!!!!

So tell me moms {and dads} how do you get it all done?  I am so overwhelmed that I feel like the walls are closing in on me because I can’t do it all. It’s my job to do these things and I can’t even keep my floor clean let alone take some time for myself.

Thank goodness that I love these kids so much. They are pretty darn cute, right?
Callaway Family Spring 2014_03

Photography Credit: Photography by Jen Davis



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Rides, Games and Tears

Here we are back at Monday again.  The day that I dread.  I am exhausted from the weekend and a late night plus Ben starts a week of Kindergarten camp today.  He did okay at drop off.  He just told me once that he didn’t want to stay at camp long and that he was really going to miss me.  But I think that he is going to have a blast {and he’s going to be exhausted}.  But I am glad that I signed him up for full day camp since his school day goes well past 3pm.  He will need to get used to the long days.

Sean on the other hand has been such a handful lately.  He is back to destroying everything in my house.  Last week he ripped the curtains off our wall in our dining room.  I could kill the kid!  Then today he flushed one of those paper bathroom cups down his toliet.  I haven’t gone up there yet to work on that one.  I am hoping that the plunger does the trick or he is paying for the plumber out of his college fund.

There’s so much to do around the house right now.  I need walls repaired, paint work, plumbing work, a hose down and some other miscellaneous projects!  The exterminator comes tomorrow to help us with the ant problem!  I hope that they can get rid of those little buggers because I am sick of seeing them.

It’s been such an exhausting day and it’s only 1pm.  AHHHHHH


Oops it’s now after 4pm and I am finally getting this post finished.  I had to run out and get Ben from camp!  He said that he had a lot of fun and is looking forward to going back again tomorrow! SUCCESS!!!!!  He was a sweaty mess.

This past weekend we headed down to Delaware to visit with all of the grandparents!  The first stop on Friday night was my mom’s house.  We ended up getting there pretty late so the kids went to bed after a little bit of play time.  The next morning they were up bright and early so we threw them in the pool for a little bit.   Then it was time to head downstate to visit with Joey’s parents.  We spent the day at the house and then Sunday we went into Rehoboth for some games, rides, ice cream and of course Dogfish!

The boys were actually pretty well behaved at lunch! It was amazing.

photo 2 photo 1 (7)

After lunch it was off to the rides and games! The boys love these rides. I was starting to get a little sad when I saw that Ben has almost outgrown some of them. Then I remembered that I have a new baby coming and another couple of years left in Funland. I mean you can’t beat it. The tickets are so cheap, the rides are too cute and I remember riding the same ones when I was a kid.
photo 4 photo 5

Here are some pictures from Ben’s tantrum because he didn’t win the Despicable Me minion in the claw game behind him. It was a pretty impressive meltdown. Screaming, kicking, scratching and tons of tears. He finally stopped when I threw him on the tea cups and he couldn’t stop laughing.

photo 3 (1)  photo 2 (1)

photo 5 (1) photo 4 (1)

photo 3

Sean’s awesome Skee-Ball score! Not bad for a 3 year old!  He beat some of the adults playing next to us.

photo (1)

It was a pretty awesome day!  We topped it off with ice cream before we had to head back to Milton and pack up and say our goodbyes! We then stopped off at my mom’s house for some dinner and then drove back to New Jersey to face the week!

Alright guys, I’m off to go deal with Sean.  I can’t type for long or he will break something else in my house.  I don’t know what I am going to do when I have three boys destroying things????

I hope you all have a great week! I will be back tomorrow with a mini baby update. Oh and if you could please click on the Top Mommy Blogs icon below to vote for my blog I would greatly appreciate it. I have almost cracked the Top 100. Every vote counts. All you need to do is click on the icon and when the page loads, you are done! Thanks!


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Baby Update: Week 17

I can’t believe that I am getting so close to the 1/2 way point in my pregnancy.  I can’t say that it’s flying by but we are moving along quickly. So here’s this week’s update!

Number of Weeks: 17 weeks. Yes, I know that I am massive already! Just wait until I am over 30 weeks! UGHHH I am dreading it already.  But I am still okay with it since my weight hasn’t fluctuated {yet}.

erin week 17

Doctor Updates:  In two weeks I go for my 20 week ultrasound and anatomy scan! I can’t wait to see the little guy on the big TV screen again!  It’s so nice watching him bounce around my tummy {even though I don’t feel him yet}.

I am still waiting for the results of my MRI from last week.  Hopefully I will hear something soon.  If not,  I will start calling them everyday until my results come in.

Summer Goals: I have been through this {and by this I mean pregnancy} twice already so I know that I don’t want to leave anything until the last minute.  I know that those last 2 months I will be shipping the kids off to school and then I will just sit on the couch all day relaxing.  So my goal is to get everything done by the end of the summer.  Yes, I know that seems early to get everything done considering the little guy isn’t due until Dec 3rd but that’s my goal. I want the room done, everything purchased and put together!  I wish that I could have all of my Christmas shopping done too but that’s not going to happen.

Right now I have all the clothes organized and ready to go.  I will wash them as it gets closer to the due date but I wanted to organize what I had {and purchase anything else that I needed}. Thankfully, I kept a lot of the newborn clothes so I didn’t need a ton — but I did make a big purchase from Ralph Lauren this weekend!  I can’t wait for all those goodies to arrive in a few days.

Nursery Update:  I had a few hours this weekend to organize the nursery {thanks dear for keeping the boys entertained for a bit}.  I can’t do too much more until the toddler beds are out of there.  We are still using them for the boys when we have company so they will be there a little bit longer.  But once they are in storage I can get the painting ready to go!  Ben destroyed the walls so they need to be patched up a bit and then repainted!  I organized the bookcase and got the bottom shelf out so I can put in the changing pad {once I buy it}.   Here are a few before / after pictures. I know that it doesn’t look like a huge improvement but I did do a lot of work!  I still have to do the shelves in the closet. I organized all of the clothes and moved all of the boys out of there!  I just have a few totes on the bottom that need to go into the basement.

messy  nursery

Bedding:  Here’s the bedding that I have used for the boys and will use again!  I just need to pick up a few new sheets since the boys destroyed the ones that go with this set.


Thanks for joining me this week!

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Oh How I Miss Those Pottery Barn Kids Bedrooms!

Do you remember when you first brought your newborn home from the hospital. You had their room all set up beautifully. I know mine was set up straight from the Pottery Barn catalog.  Well what happened to those days. I miss those rooms! I miss how pretty and perfect they were. Not a thing was out of place. They smelled of fresh paint and baby lotion.

Such a pretty little crib and bedding set

A nice and organized bookcase!

Now my boys are 3 and 5 and their rooms have turned into prison cells with markings of attempts at a prison break.  Sean no longer has anything in his room but his two dressers (which are empty) and a bed.  There may be a blanket or pillow in there but it varies from day to day. His closet is empty (except for things on the top shelf). Now why is Sean sleeping in these conditions? Let me just share with you a few of things that he has done over the past year and half since he climbed out of his crib for the first time.

He has ripped down two sets of PBK curtains right off the rods.

He has ripped out one of those wire racks in the closet

 He picked at a nail pop until he got through! Oh and he wanted to hide the fact that he picked off the wall by running a toy over it and creating this wonderful display of color on the paint. 

He has pulled out every article of clothing in those dressers, broke a $200 PB lamp and has scratched up his door and walls so much that he can’t have anything other than a stuffed animal in there. He does have a nightlight but most mornings I find that ripped out of the wall and thrown on top of one of his dressers.  I swear this kid is so darn destructive. So much for his pretty little room.

Ben on the other hand is still allowed to have “stuff” in his room. Besides his Thomas bed, he does have all the clothes in his closet, stuffed animals, a toy box and a big old book case full of books. Ben’s dresser has all the stuff I have confiscated from Sean’s room (i.e. piggy banks, clocks, books, cute baskets).  Now don’t get me wrong, Ben’s room is not all roses and unicorns. It still may be a cute room, but if you closely you will see the destruction. For some reason both of my boys have enjoyed pulling out the door stoppers then slamming their doors into the wall. So I have patched up that hole in the wall not once, but twice. I refuse to patch it up a third time. Well until we either move or he turns 21.  The back of his door is also full of scratches and markings from his time outs!

These stickers were in such a cute design around his room but he has moved them to cover up all of dents and scratches in his wall from his toys and tantrums!

This is the somewhat normal side of the room. Not too bad. This is why he is still allowed to have books and clothes in there. 

 Oh I just wish for one day that I could have those pretty little rooms back! But as long as they aren’t putting their boogies on the wall I guess I will have to live with it. Am I the only one who has boys that are so destructive to their rooms? Is this a boy thing or do girls do this as well??

I won’t even get into what they have done to the rest of my house! It might just make me cry.

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!!!

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Worst Day Ever

Okay, so I know that it wasn’t the worst day ever. Things could have been really bad, but today was shit, pure shit!

I should have known that when I accidentally broke my 46″ flat screen by 6:30am that the day was not going to go well. I should have packed it in and gone straight to bed, but no I had to continue on. It was a freak accident that broke the TV.  Ben was on the couch next to me and kept shoving his milk cup in my face (the kid is a little out of control this week because of his birthday on Friday). So after telling him to stop 10 times I set the cup down on the couch. Well he did it again, so I again set it down. When he started to pick it up I just took my hand and flung it off the couch onto the carpet. Little did I know that small swing of my hand would cause such damage. Of course the 1 in a million chance happened. It hit a dog bone sitting on the floor and bounced up and right into the TV. The screen went blank and it looked like a huge crack on the front.

Now the screen itself is not cracked but if you know anything about flat screens the inside part is damaged. Of course I contact Best Buy’s Geek Squad and it would cost $150 to just look at the darn thing! UGH. Not in the mood to buy a new TV anytime soon.  A couple people have asked me why I just didn’t pin this one on one of the boys. I easily could have but Sean, the little tattle tale, went running upstairs to tell Joey that “mommy broke the TV”.  So I couldn’t have gotten away with that one. They are too old now to blame things on them. But I couldn’t ever blame them for something this major. They destroy enough stuff in my house I had to take the bullet for this one.

So after I had one panic attack at the broken TV I proceeded to get the kids ready for school. It was full on meltdown from both boys from 6:45-8:30am when we were running out the door.  I don’t know how many times I yelled but my voice was starting to hurt. It was kind of sad that I was looking forward to getting my mammogram this morning. Ahhhh quiet time in the doctors office.

So if that wasn’t enough drama for one day… I have more. I picked up Sean from school at 12 noon and then headed back at 1pm to pick up Ben.  Sean through a major tantrum in the middle of school – one that even the teachers were shutting their doors because he was so loud. He continued to scream the entire car ride home – when all of the sudden a warning light popped up on my car. Well by the time we got home it had gone away so I figured it was just something from the frigid temperatures.

The boys were supposed to nap today so I could ice a Thomas cake and cupcakes but that didn’t happen. So I have a crappy looking cake because they kept trying to stick their fingers all over it. I got one of the colors wrong and I just couldn’t decorate it properly with two little boys throwing things at me and the dog for an hour. It wasn’t a pleasant time. I was thisclose to cancelling his party!

Here’s the Thomas the Tank Engine cake I made. This was a hard one – I made the gray way too dark. Oops! And the eyes, I swear, I can never get the eyes right on cakes.  Oh well, I don’t think Ben will notice at all.

Well 4:30 comes around and I realize I need to head out to register Ben for Kindergarten. I spend about 10 minutes getting the kids socks, shoes and jackets on. Then get them all packed up into the van. I go to start the van and nothing. I try again. Nothing. I try a third time and it’s dead. So that light from earlier must have meant something.  So right now I have a broken TV, a broken car and a broken spirit. I am exhausted and praying that the car just needs a jump or some antifreeze or something. I can’t take another major issue. I might just lose it.

So anyway, enough of my drama. Sorry to bore you with this post! I was going to write one about how I registered Ben for Kindergarten but that will have to wait until another day. We never did get there to do it.

I just needed somewhere to vent and I thought you guys would all be there for me!

Home Sweet Home

I thought today I would share with you all the different homes that Joey and I have shared together. Now we have been married for 9 years this past October and together for 11.  (Feel free to check out our wedding pictures here).  The average person would probably move one or two times in those 11 years but lucky for us (and all the moving companies that we paid), we have moved 6 times.  When we first got engaged, I moved in with him to his first floor apartment in Wilmington, De.  It was a nice little apartment but it was on the block in between $750,000 homes and MURDER TOWN USA.  I was ready to move out of that place the first time the cops chased someone into our back yard when I was outside alone walking the dog! It was a cute apartment  with a lot of old city charm and I would show you more pictures but I am way too lazy to pull them out of storage (this was before we saved photos online and on chips). 

It was a quaint little first floor apartment that was very convenient to our jobs, but it was time to move on.

So we moved to Bear, DE. We bought a cute little town house that I thought would be perfect for a few years! We would work in Wilmington, DE and enjoy a quiet little life for a few years then move to our dream house and have tons of babies!

Our 1st and only Christmas in this house!

My large kitchen (some days I wish that I had the width of this kitchen)

Our cute little “great room”.

Well 18 months later we were on the move again. This time to New York City!  That was a huge shocker! The hubby was doing his MBA program at Pace University and he took a job in the city. He did commute from Delaware to NYC for almost a year before he decided it was too much. Since we didn’t have kids, he (err we) decided to move to New York City….You’ve heard of it before, right?  I always think of the Jay Z lyrics now for Empire State of Mind.

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothin’ you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York, New York,
New York

Well our dreams were made in a one bedroom 700 sq ft high-rise apartment in downtown NYC. It was at 10 Liberty Plaza  It was so much fun trying to squeeze furniture from a 3 bedroom town house into a tiny one bedroom apartment. Let’s just say that most of our stuff ended up in each of our parents basements. 

We were two blocks from Wall Street and the World Trade Center site.  For NYC, it was a gorgeous apartment. It was a brand new building with hardwood floors, granite counter tops, new appliances and we even had a washer/dryer. They had a gym (which I never saw) and a swimming pool (which I never saw). It was a pretty sweet place!  We lived up on the 32nd floor and if you leaned a little to the right when looking out the window you could see the Empire State Building. Below are some pics of the place (we probably rearranged the place 10 times but these are the only pictures that I have)

We lived way up there – 32nd Floor (floor not shown)

View from our family room into our kitchen and foyer

View from Kitchen into our Family Room
Our One Bedroom
We lived in this brand new luxury apartment for two years before DOWNSIZING (WHAT???) to a 500 sq ft walk up apartment.
We moved uptown to where there were more restaurants, bars and it was also much closer to our jobs. When I think back to that time, I cannot believe that I lived in such a tiny little place.  It was a TRUE NYC apartment. This was the type of apartment that you only slept in. You would come home from work, change then head out for dinner and drinks. You didn’t have friends over because there was no room but I did discover a ton of new ways to organize and store things living in such a tiny place. Now remember, our furniture was from a huge house, so most of it ended up at our parents places and what we could fit, looked ridiculous!  This apartment was not the fancy ones that everyone on TV lived in. It was maybe the size of the Monica and Rachel’s kitchen on Friends.  If the Friends apartment existed in real life, we would have been paying $15k a month in rent. 

Here are a few (horrible) picture that I did find of the place. You can see it’s not wide AT ALL.  Now imagine that the person taking this picture was standing in our kitchen and our bedroom was right next store and it was the exact same width. Oh and the curtains came with the place! Just sayin…

Our Tiny Little Family Room

Our massive kitchen! Ha! I never once used that stove. I think the only thing that was used in that kitchen was the microwave and the alcohol sitting on top of the microwave. If you notice there is no refrigerator in the kitchen! It was down the hall on the way to the bathroom. God I wish I had more pictures of this place!

It was a cute little walkup on a gorgeous tree lined street

BUT…..after a year there, baby Benjamin was about to make an appearance so we headed to the suburbs. There was no room for a new t-shirt in that old apartment let alone a baby and all that comes with a baby! So we moved to central NJ. We found this gorgeous brand new condo in a new town center that was 3 times the size of our apartment and we didn’t have to pay $450/month for a parking spot. Instead we each just paid that much to travel to NYC for work. 

Family Room (before painting)

Master Bedroom (I sure do miss this bedroom it was huge)
Master Bath

Hall Bath

My gorgeous kitchen

Ben’s Nursery (for 4 months)

I absolutely loved this place. My master bedroom was larger than the last apartment we lived in. I had a huge master bath and walk in closet and I was completely in love with my huge kitchen! 

Well we lasted in that place for only 9 short months (long story that involved loud music from the restaurant below us). So again, we called the movers and relocated down the street into a town house, where we still reside today. 

We are the second house from the right.

Dining Room/Living Room or our “great room” as they call them these days

Family Room
My tiny kitchen
Other Half of the Kitchen

We finished the basement last summer to give ourselves a little more space but it never seems to be enough. There are only a few things I would change in our house right now – a bigger kitchen, fourth bedroom and a larger backyard.  But for right now we are staying put.

And why would you want to leave this neighborhood. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We have a huge lake, walking trails, a pavilion with summer concerts and tons of kids parks. It’s a great place. 

PS – did you notice that those damn leather couches have traveled with us to every single house?  They started off at Broom Street in Wilmington, DE and continued with us to every single house (even our tiny NYC apartments where the love seat ended up in our bedroom in the tiny apartment). They are starting to show their age and travels….. 

Happy Wednesday!

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Roomies or My Worst Idea Ever?

Okay so I have tried having the boys room together several times over the past 3 years and its never quite worked out because of naps. But now that the naps are pretty much over with for both boys I thought that I would attempt it again! Am I just crazy? Should I just suck it up and do it. How long can it take for them to settle down at night and adjust to being roomies?
We live in a 3 bedroom townhouse and whenever we have company someone always ends up on the couch and its not very comforting or welcoming. I am dying to get my guest room back and the only way for this to happen is to have the boys shack up together.

Time to retire the toddler beds?

My goal for early next year is to get twin beds. I already have all the bedding and sheets from Pottery Barn Kids last year because they went on sale. I had been eyeing them for years and finally broke down and bought them! I just love the madras print!

 I would love to move my queen bed into the guest room and purchase a king for my bedroom! It’s a lot of rearranging but in the end will work out, right? Ahahahahahaha ok that just made me laugh too.

Is this an appropriate age to stick them together? They are three and almost five. I have always wanted them in the same room – not just so I could have a guest room but I want them to have fun childhood memories rooming together.
Okay so am I nuts? Don’t answer that I already know that I am. But should I give it a week, 3 weeks, 3 months? How long before I give up and separate them. I don’t want to buy the furniture only to separate them again. I know the first few weeks will be filled with late night antics but will it settle down at some point?

If you have put your kids together in the same room, how long did it take for them to adjust. How many sleepless nights did you have until this finally calmed down?

Happy Friday everyone. Tomorrow we are going to cut down our real tree. This is the first time that we are doing it. We have always had a fake tree (and we still do) but this year I really wanted a real one! I want to start taking the kids each year to pick out a tree for our house! But this is the one that mommy gets to decorate! HA! We also have a holiday party tomorrow night which I am looking forward to spending time with my husband and some neighbors without the kids! It should be a lot of fun!

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers about Ben! I will keep you posted – but no news until after Christmas!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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30 Days of Thanks – November 28th

Day 28 – November 28th
Today I am thankful for having a house! It may not be as big as other homes and it may not be as neat and tidy as others but it is ours! I know that I may complain that we never have enough room and that we don’t have a guest room. I complain that our kitchen is too small and we don’t have enough storage, but I am just thankful that we are lucky enough to have a house to come home too. We have lived in our home now for 4 1/2 years now (the longest that I have lived anywhere other than my house growing up) and my kids have known no other place! This is our home sweet home!

We are the second house from the right – this was right before we moved in!

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30 Days of Thanks – November 20th

Day 20 – November 20th

Today I am thankful that I am surrounding by two best stores in the world. Kohls and Target. Seriously within 15 minutes I have two of each store.

I know this is a cheese ball post today but that’s okay it’s my blog and I’m allowed to write it. 

These stores are awesome. If I had unlimited gift cards to these two stores I would be perfectly content! I mean they have everything.  But has anyone ever thought about what the world would be like if these two stores were ever to combine? It would be the Superstore of all Superstores!!!!

Just think about it for a minute. Everytime that I am in Kohls I wished they sold milk and bread and every time that I am in Target I wish that I could use my Kohls cash and coupons. I mean you can’t get out of either store without spending less than $100.

 I love Kohls for their clothes and home decorating stuff. Between the sales, the coupons and the Kohls cash I feel like I am stealing from them. Now I know that things are priced higher and discounted to make you think you are saving a ton but it still feels good!!

And Target. How can I even put it into words the feeling that takes over me when walking into that wonderful store. I mean you go in for a box of diapers and walk about spending $150. You always find something that you need or have to have. 

So if any big executive is reading my blog (come on it could happen), could you please take my suggestion and combine forces with one another! You would make this mommy (and millions of others) very happy!!

Now if I can only get the pharmacist to get me a gallon or two of milk when I pick up my prescriptions we could be on to something!!!

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