One Crazy Busy Week

I feel like I haven’t typed a post in ages! I mean a real post, not a baby update or a Wordless Wednesday post.  I finally have a few minutes a day while Sean is at camp to type up some posts. Of course Ben has been sick the past few days so my time is limited.  Let’s see what’s been going on with us.
Last Saturday my in-laws came up to our house so I could go to a Dave Matthews concert with Joey and some of our friends.  It was the first DMB concert that I have been to since I had Ben. I honestly think that my last DMB concert was back in 2006.  I couldn’t believe that it has been that long but lately I have been sending Joey to concerts with his friends. It’s too hard to get a babysitter all of the time so I pick and choose the shows wisely.  So it was nice to finally get out on the town and bar hop {oh wait, bar hopping sucks when you can’t drink beer}! But it was still fun hanging out with friends in Philly.  The concert was a lot of fun but I must admit that I didn’t know a lot of the songs.  I really haven’t been following Dave’s new songs over the past few years so I was a bit lost.  Thankfully I had good company!!!!


Sunday we spent the day packing up Ben’s stuff for his trip to southern Delaware with my in-laws.  It was his first time away without mommy and daddy!  We have gone away for a night here or there but never for this long.  He was so excited to go and I think that he packed up almost every single toy in our basement to take with him.  He just wanted to pack everything up so Sean couldn’t touch it.

photo 1 (2)

From what I hear, he had a great week!  He played outside, spent a lot of time in his swing, got his haircut, and even played “bop the can”.  I’m still trying to figure that one out!  But he had fun and was well behaved so I am thankful. I missed him so much but it was nice to Facetime with him while he was away. I just love technology.  I remember spending a week or two at my grandparents house when I was little and waiting for that rotary dial phone {the only phone in their house} to ring so I could talk to my parents.  Times sure have changed.

Sunday night after Ben left we went out to dinner with daddy!  He was craving some ribs so we popped into Texas Roadhouse for some food!   Some of my best pictures of Joey and the boys are sitting in a booth at a restaurant.

photo 2 (2)

While Ben is away, Sean and I will play.  And by play I mean we just moved in with my mom in northern Delaware.  She has a big pool in her backyard so we decided to spend our time there since it was so freaking hot outside.  We went down Monday afternoon and swam all week long.  We did take a break to run some errands on Tuesday.  We hit up Newark to full fill my Grotto Pizza craving {twice}.

photo 5 (2)

On Wednesday we met up with my sister to do a tour of the Herr’s Potato Chip Factory!  I love a tour that gives out fresh chips at the end! We wrapped up that day by stopping by the mall to do some retail therapy {and Sean had some play time}.

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)

photo 4 (1) photo 3 (1)

We also went to a friends house for their annual July 4th picnic.  What did Sean do at the picnic? Well he swam for 4 hours straight. I could not get him out of that pool to eat.

photo 1

While we were at the July 4th picnic, Joey went down state to pick up Ben from his parents house.   He spent the day visiting with them and drove back up that evening.  I was so happy to see Ben, but I think that Sean was a little more excited!  Despite all of their fighting he really did miss his brother. Oh and they had a fight within 10 minutes of reuniting!

On Friday we said goodbye to daddy so he could go off on his 4 day Phish tour in Saratoga Springs, NY.  I spent two more days at my moms with the boys and then headed back to New Jersey on Sunday afternoon.  We managed to squeeze in two more days of pool time. I don’t think that my mom has been in the pool that much since they put it in.  I know that she has never been in it this early in the season {or that early in the morning}.  She was a trooper with the boys!

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3 (2)

So here we are on Wednesday.  I have my 20 week OBGYN appointment this afternoon and Joey is off to another Phish show tonight.  Sean started his first week of camp ever at his preschool.  HE LOVES IT!  This week they are celebrating all of the holidays.  Monday was Halloween and Tuesday was Christmas.  Sean told me Tuesday was Easter so I put him in an Easter shirt, only to find out it was Christmas! AHHH.  That kid loves to mess with me.

Ben has been sick now for a few days with a headache {and a fever at night}.  The boy refuses to take any kind of medicine other than his seizure meds.  The poor little guy, I hope he starts feeling better soon.  He was supposed to start karate last night but  I had to reschedule his orientation because he was sick.  I am so excited for him to start, I just hope that he enjoys it.  I can’t get this boy to commit to anything.  He wasn’t a fan of soccer and refused to do t-ball.  Let’s hope karate does it.  I want him to be active in something other than his angry bird games!

Well I guess that’s it for now.  Nothing else to report here in New Jersey other than it’s hot and humid! Happy Summer!


Avalon… In Pictures

I like to do my annual beach photo shoot but this year I could not get my good camera to work so I used my mom’s little camera. I also didn’t have good lighting this year. Due to the expected rain, we had to move it to the morning and the sun was just a little too bright for the boys. We have a lot of squinting and closed eyes. Oh and they were NOT in the mood for pictures {especially Ben}, so I couldn’t get as many shots as I wanted. Oh well, I was still able to get some cute pictures of the boys.

DSC00188   DSC00192

DSC00195  DSC00200


DSC00204  DSC00215

Is he deep in thought or just mad at me for taking pictures?



DSC00219  DSC00220

This one picture cracks me up. Ben was crying because of the sun and Sean was holding himself because he had to pee! Nice one boys!


The one photo I have with me and the boys!


DSC00228   DSC00234





Stay tuned this week for a few more pictures! I am trying to go through the ones on my iPhone.

Vacation….Jersey Shore Style

So we leave tomorrow for a week at the shore! I can’t wait!  New Jersey has been through so much since Hurricane Sandy but like the Governor and President said “We are Stronger Than the Storm”.


But don’t worry, I will be posting next week. I have some posts that are scheduled and ready to go.  Plus I will be writing one or two posts to share with you all while I am down the shore.  I will definitely have my Wordless Wednesday, ThrowBack Thursday and Finish the Sentence Friday posts.   I may also have a post that will reveal the sex of the baby{no I don’t know yet but soon}.   I also have a great sponsor to share with you.  So don’t go anywhere!!!!

Oh and if you want to see some pictures of us down the shore, make sure that you follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I am sure that I will be posting obsessively on those two sites!  Check them out now!!!


Have a great week everyone!


Longing for the Summer……

I figured that since it was a snowy day here on the East Coast that I would write a quick post about the summer! Something to help us all think about the warm weather and not the slush and sleet outside.I cannot believe that it is already mid March and the majority (if not all of) of our big vacations are already planned. I feel like it was just yesterday that I wrote this post What I Did On My Summer Vacation and now we are ao close to another fun one! Normally, we end up flying by the seat of our pants but this summer seems to be all planned out and now we just have to wait. And wait. And wait some more! Come on summer get here already.

Actually, we don’t even need to wait until the summer for our first vacation. We will be traveling a bit in April. Next month we are headed down to North Carolina for a long weekend to spend time with some friends that we haven’t seen in probably 5-7 years! They are Joey’s friends from college and we have always lived so far apart from one another that it’s been nearly impossible to get together.  We will stop at my husbands college, Radford University in Virginia, for one night on the way down to break up the driving on the trip. I already know that I will need to get a prescription for anxiety meds for this trip since it will be quite a long drive with the two boys in the back of the car. I need to start hitting up the dollar store for some little treats to help get us through the trip. I might also need to pick up some new movies at the library for the car DVD Player! But it will be worth it to catch up with some old friends. We have never met each others kids and it will be nice to catch up again.

Then after this vacation I am headed on a girls trip with my mom and sister to Hershey Hotel and Spa for a night away from the kids (with a few spa treatments and a delicious dinner thrown in there).  I cannot wait for this trip. It will be our third year in a row and I LOVE this tradition!!!!  I am just hoping that the weather is nice so we can see the Gardens and drink wine on the patio.


 In June we are headed to Avalon for a wonderful week in the sun and sand.  This is an annual trip with the family.  It’s just so nice for the kids and I to see my husband for an entire week straight. The kids love catching frogs, building sandcastles and eating ice cream. I love having extra hands for a week as well as sitting under my umbrella, in my hat and 100+ SPF sunscreen watching my husband play in the water with the boys! It’s too cold for mommy (brrrrr).

July will be filled with camps for the boys and then a trip to Hershey Park. This time it’s not for the spa (damn) but for a family trip to Hershey Park! It should be a great vacation – of course my kids will probably be all hyped up on chocolate but they will love it. Oh and mommy and daddy will definitely hit up Troegs while we are there!  Can’t miss the brewery!

August we will have another week of camp for Ben in preperation for Kindergarten (ahhhh I’m crying now).

Of course we will spend a lot of time at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ since we live about 15 minutes away. This is our second year in a row that we have had season passes and we even got one for daddy this year.  The boys love all of the rides and this year I might actually be able to take them both there by myself without having a meltdown (me not them – they will definitely have meltdowns).

 And of course there will be tons of trips to my moms pool in Delaware and my in-laws house in Rehoboth.  We will hit up the boardwalk, the rides and of course Dogfish Head Brewery.

So what are your plans for the summertime? Do you guys usually stay close to home? Do you travel cross country? One year I would like to go to an island or even Disney World but I am not ready just yet to put the kids on an airplane? Maybe next summer?

Home Sweet Home

I thought today I would share with you all the different homes that Joey and I have shared together. Now we have been married for 9 years this past October and together for 11.  (Feel free to check out our wedding pictures here).  The average person would probably move one or two times in those 11 years but lucky for us (and all the moving companies that we paid), we have moved 6 times.  When we first got engaged, I moved in with him to his first floor apartment in Wilmington, De.  It was a nice little apartment but it was on the block in between $750,000 homes and MURDER TOWN USA.  I was ready to move out of that place the first time the cops chased someone into our back yard when I was outside alone walking the dog! It was a cute apartment  with a lot of old city charm and I would show you more pictures but I am way too lazy to pull them out of storage (this was before we saved photos online and on chips). 

It was a quaint little first floor apartment that was very convenient to our jobs, but it was time to move on.

So we moved to Bear, DE. We bought a cute little town house that I thought would be perfect for a few years! We would work in Wilmington, DE and enjoy a quiet little life for a few years then move to our dream house and have tons of babies!

Our 1st and only Christmas in this house!

My large kitchen (some days I wish that I had the width of this kitchen)

Our cute little “great room”.

Well 18 months later we were on the move again. This time to New York City!  That was a huge shocker! The hubby was doing his MBA program at Pace University and he took a job in the city. He did commute from Delaware to NYC for almost a year before he decided it was too much. Since we didn’t have kids, he (err we) decided to move to New York City….You’ve heard of it before, right?  I always think of the Jay Z lyrics now for Empire State of Mind.

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There’s nothin’ you can’t do
Now you’re in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let’s hear it for New York, New York,
New York

Well our dreams were made in a one bedroom 700 sq ft high-rise apartment in downtown NYC. It was at 10 Liberty Plaza  It was so much fun trying to squeeze furniture from a 3 bedroom town house into a tiny one bedroom apartment. Let’s just say that most of our stuff ended up in each of our parents basements. 

We were two blocks from Wall Street and the World Trade Center site.  For NYC, it was a gorgeous apartment. It was a brand new building with hardwood floors, granite counter tops, new appliances and we even had a washer/dryer. They had a gym (which I never saw) and a swimming pool (which I never saw). It was a pretty sweet place!  We lived up on the 32nd floor and if you leaned a little to the right when looking out the window you could see the Empire State Building. Below are some pics of the place (we probably rearranged the place 10 times but these are the only pictures that I have)

We lived way up there – 32nd Floor (floor not shown)

View from our family room into our kitchen and foyer

View from Kitchen into our Family Room
Our One Bedroom
We lived in this brand new luxury apartment for two years before DOWNSIZING (WHAT???) to a 500 sq ft walk up apartment.
We moved uptown to where there were more restaurants, bars and it was also much closer to our jobs. When I think back to that time, I cannot believe that I lived in such a tiny little place.  It was a TRUE NYC apartment. This was the type of apartment that you only slept in. You would come home from work, change then head out for dinner and drinks. You didn’t have friends over because there was no room but I did discover a ton of new ways to organize and store things living in such a tiny place. Now remember, our furniture was from a huge house, so most of it ended up at our parents places and what we could fit, looked ridiculous!  This apartment was not the fancy ones that everyone on TV lived in. It was maybe the size of the Monica and Rachel’s kitchen on Friends.  If the Friends apartment existed in real life, we would have been paying $15k a month in rent. 

Here are a few (horrible) picture that I did find of the place. You can see it’s not wide AT ALL.  Now imagine that the person taking this picture was standing in our kitchen and our bedroom was right next store and it was the exact same width. Oh and the curtains came with the place! Just sayin…

Our Tiny Little Family Room

Our massive kitchen! Ha! I never once used that stove. I think the only thing that was used in that kitchen was the microwave and the alcohol sitting on top of the microwave. If you notice there is no refrigerator in the kitchen! It was down the hall on the way to the bathroom. God I wish I had more pictures of this place!

It was a cute little walkup on a gorgeous tree lined street

BUT…..after a year there, baby Benjamin was about to make an appearance so we headed to the suburbs. There was no room for a new t-shirt in that old apartment let alone a baby and all that comes with a baby! So we moved to central NJ. We found this gorgeous brand new condo in a new town center that was 3 times the size of our apartment and we didn’t have to pay $450/month for a parking spot. Instead we each just paid that much to travel to NYC for work. 

Family Room (before painting)

Master Bedroom (I sure do miss this bedroom it was huge)
Master Bath

Hall Bath

My gorgeous kitchen

Ben’s Nursery (for 4 months)

I absolutely loved this place. My master bedroom was larger than the last apartment we lived in. I had a huge master bath and walk in closet and I was completely in love with my huge kitchen! 

Well we lasted in that place for only 9 short months (long story that involved loud music from the restaurant below us). So again, we called the movers and relocated down the street into a town house, where we still reside today. 

We are the second house from the right.

Dining Room/Living Room or our “great room” as they call them these days

Family Room
My tiny kitchen
Other Half of the Kitchen

We finished the basement last summer to give ourselves a little more space but it never seems to be enough. There are only a few things I would change in our house right now – a bigger kitchen, fourth bedroom and a larger backyard.  But for right now we are staying put.

And why would you want to leave this neighborhood. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We have a huge lake, walking trails, a pavilion with summer concerts and tons of kids parks. It’s a great place. 

PS – did you notice that those damn leather couches have traveled with us to every single house?  They started off at Broom Street in Wilmington, DE and continued with us to every single house (even our tiny NYC apartments where the love seat ended up in our bedroom in the tiny apartment). They are starting to show their age and travels….. 

Happy Wednesday!

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A Whole Lot of Stuff Going On.

Today’s post is pretty much a catch up post. I have wanted to do a bunch of posts this week but since Sandy reared her ugly head I have been without power and without my mind. I haven’t been able to put a thought or two together, let alone type some of my posts. But here we go!
Today, we finally arrived back to NJ (after a quick trip to Delaware for some heat and hot water). I am so happy to be back home with our electricity. It has been a long and crazy week but we survived it together as a family.  Our power went out on Monday around 2pm during our hurricane party. We had a few friends over and just as we were all getting buzzed and finished our food… ZAP. Our power went out. We were so upset but enjoyed another hour in the sunlight before darkness set in. 

We all went to bed around 6:30pm that night and tried to catch up on sleep. Tuesday morning we woke up without power and I decided to take a little tour of the town. Our neighborhood was spared the worst but the town was a mess. Only one store, a 7-11, was open and the line for coffee was about an hour long. I headed back home to hang out with the family.  Tuesday afternoon we took the kids out for a car ride – just to get them out of the house and to survey the damage. I felt so bad for our town. So many trees were down and there was just so much damage to so many properties.  But the kids kids were happy to be in the swagger wagon with our DVD player. 
We decided to stop of and fill up our gas tank just in case we needed to head out of town. We waited for about an hour to get the gas but the guys were moving everyone through fast and honestly it was better than sitting at home. We debated going to my moms on Tuesday but thought we would give it one more night. If the power wasn’t on by Wednesday morning we would then head to Delaware. Well Tuesday night 95% of our neighborhood came back on but not our house. It gave me hope that it would be back on by the morning….. but morning came and we were still without power. Our ice packs were starting to melt so we decided to pack up the car and head to my moms in Delaware. We weren’t there more than 2 hours before we got the call that our power was back on. Thankfully our neighbors checked in on our house and turned off any appliances that had been left on when the power went off. 
So here we are 4 days after the storm and thankfully we are back to “normal”. I am not sure when the hubby will get back into NYC for work and I doubt the kids will get back to school tomorrow so it’s going to be a long couple of days. The kids did get to go trick or treating last night in Delaware so they were happy. Plus we get to go again on Monday. New Jersey postponed all Halloween festivities to Monday! They kids are going to be super happy to get back out there for candy!