Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas this year.


Thank you for sticking by my side even though I took a bit of a hiatus in 2015. I hope to be back in 2016 with even more crazy posts.  In the meantime take a look at these awesome pictures that my friend Jen (Photography by Jen Davis) took for me in our backyard.  I don’t know how she manages to capture these awesome pictures. Oh wait, it’s called talent (and my cute, but uncooperative kids).  Thanks again Jen.

CallawayFamilyFall2015-22  CallawayFamilyFall2015-03

CallawayFamilyFall2015-09  CallawayFamilyFall2015-13

    CallawayFamilyFall2015-06  CallawayFamilyFall2015-07

CallawayFamilyFall2015-21  CallawayFamilyFall2015-20





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Spring Photos with Photography by Jen Davis

Now by now you know all about my friend Jen from Photography by Jen Davis and her awesome skills.  Well she did it again.  Since our family is finally complete I thought it was time to get a ton of new photos!  I plan on doing this a lot more often as the kids get older.  I am so guilty of taking a million pictures of my kids but they are all on my iPhone and I make a few of them {usually in an odd angled selfie with Owen}.  So I plan on trying to get pictures done at least once a year by a professional {ahem Photography by Jen Davis}.

The day started out great.  The boys were pretty good pre-game. They got dressed, brushed their teeth, their hair and we all managed to get out of the house on time and without any stains on our clothes! It was a miracle.

Well cue the camera and Owen started with the quivering lip and tears. I think that the boys were holding him too tightly and he was not a happy camper.  It was close to his nap time and the normal happy Owen just wanted a break.

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-4

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-11   Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-15

But he soon hammed it up for the camera but that’s when Sean decided to have his mini breakdown.  We were all going to sit on the blanket for a family photo but all of the sudden he was afraid to get the blanket dirty with his muddy shoes.  Even after we all stomped on the blanket he still didn’t want in on the pictures. But after some lolipops and bubbles he finally sat down and we got a few great pictures in with Mr. Moody! Notice Sean is missing from one of the pictures below!

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-17   Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-6

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-18

There were a few moments where the boys took off, had to use the restroom or wouldn’t put down their bribes {the lollipop} but of course non of this showed up on Jen’s awesome camera. Somehow she managed to capture the wonderful moments!

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-19

Callaway Family Spring 2014_12 Callaway Family Spring 2014_23

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-2  Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-10     Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-25 

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-30 Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-13

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-31 Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-32

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-33

I am so glad that we have these photos. I will cherish them forever. I am already struggling on which ones to print for our wall.  I need to sit down and organize my thoughts. I just want to put them all up there.  Thanks again Jen for such awesome pictures. Oh and I am glad that we didn’t do the mini sessions.  My kids would have never have survived that one!!!  A full session is a must for the Callaway crew!



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Owen’s Baptism Day

This past Sunday we had Owen’s baptism.  It was a wonderful day full of love and support from friends and close family.  We chose not to have a huge celebration this time around. There is just so much going on that I didn’t have time {or money} to have a huge party.  So I just invited my immediate family and some of my close friends.  It was a gorgeous day on Sunday {the snow all melted that day, but of course it has returned today}.  We spent the morning preparing the house and food!

My wonderful friend {and photographer at Photography by Jen Davis} pulled double duty on Sunday at Owen’s Baptism.  Not only did she serve as his godmother but she also was his photographer!  I am so thankful and grateful that I get to have these pictures to document Owen’s special moment in the Catholic Church.  It’s one of those days where you don’t think to take pictures because you are in the middle of the ceremony but thankfully she is brilliant and captured each moment for us.  I have said it many times before, if you live in central NJ book her NOW {see below pics for more details on Jen}.

Now onto these gorgeous pictures from Jen (warning there are a ton of pictures below. I just couldn’t pick 5 or 6. I picked a ton and these aren’t even all of the gorgeous ones that Jen snapped that day!

Owen Baptism_04

Owen Baptism_01    Owen Baptism_05

Owen Baptism_44

Owen Baptism_08

Owen Baptism_09    Owen Baptism_10  Owen Baptism_12    Owen Baptism_15

Owen Baptism_11    Owen Baptism_55  Owen Baptism_51    Owen Baptism_47

Owen Baptism_13    Owen Baptism_18Owen Baptism_19    Owen Baptism_21Owen Baptism_26    Owen Baptism_30  Owen Baptism_32    Owen Baptism_33

  Owen Baptism_30  Owen Baptism_32    Owen Baptism_33

Owen Baptism_37 

Owen Baptism_38Owen Baptism_40

Owen Baptism_41

Here are a few pictures that I snapped that day {amateur pics from my iphone}.

Owen’s wonderful godparents Jen and Gary. He is one lucky baby!

unnamed (2)    unnamed

unnamed (1)

Thanks again to Jen for documenting this wonderful day in our lives.  I am anxiously awaiting the announcement from Jen on her spring mini sessions! I can’t wait to get some new pictures of my 3 boys together! You can find all of Jen’s details here:

Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Twitter  /  Pinterest  /  Google+

Happy Wednesday guys! Tomorrow I will be giving an update on my Beach Body 21 Day Fix.  It’s still going beautifully.  I didn’t even cheat on the day of the baptism.  The only cheats that I have had this week are 3 Coke Zeros!  Not too bad considering I usually have 3-4 a day!  I’m even contemplating becoming a coach because it’s so much fun and it’s challenging too.  I am trying my best to start setting an example for my kids on food and exercise.  They don’t eat the healthiest things but if I can show them that I am doing it they may want to try it too!  Sean has already asked me all about my new foods! He has even tried a few things!!!!

Talk to you all soon!

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Five Things….

Hello there? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone still reading this? Sorry that I have been MIA lately. But yeah life with three kids doesn’t leave me a lot of time to blog. I don’t know how you moms do it everyday!  You rock!  

IMG_4721 IMG_4742 IMG_4792

A long, long time ago {maybe last summer} I saw this post over at my friend Janine’s page: Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic.  I thought it was a great idea for a fun little blog post!

Five things that I have a passion for:

  1. Family. My family is number 1 in my life.  No matter what they are the most important thing to me. Even if they are all driving me nuts I still love them and put them before anything else. Except maybe a quiet beach day to myself {kidding of course}.
  2. Friends. As you get older the definition of friendship really does change. It’s not a matter of quantity but quality. You will discover who your true friends are when you are experiencing the good and the bad.  The friends who check on you when you know you might need to hear their voice or read their text. They just “know” to reach out and chat. I am passionate about my friends! They mean the world to me and my family will always come first but friends are a close second!
  3. Blogging. I have spent the past year sharing almost every part of my life with my fabulous readers and I love every second of it.  I really hope to get back to blogging a lot more if things settle down here with the boys and I develop a routine.  Blogging gave me a voice, an outlet in an otherwise lonely world.  Being a stay at home mom can be lonely! Even if you have three kids keeping you busy non stop I crave interaction with adults — whether at breakfast with friends on comments on this page!  Having a place to write down my thoughts and experiences has been a great release. And that so many of you guys read this page and share your own issues makes it even better.  I don’t feel so alone! 
  4. My house. I love my house. Yes it is small and 364 out of 365 days a year I wish that I had a larger kitchen, a fourth bedroom and a large back yard. But we don’t so Joey and I make it work!  We try our best to make it feel comfortable for us and for any friends who want to stop by and visit. And when I walk in that door each day, I feel like I can relax because I am HOME.
  5. The beach.  I love the beach! It’s a lot harder these days with the kids but it is still a blast.  I love sitting in my chair {under the umbrella of course}, digging my toes into the sand and just closing my eyes so I can listen to the sounds of the waves.  I don’t get to do that much anymore since I am usually yelling “Don’t throw sand”, “don’t feed the birds” and “no you can’t have anymore snacks”.  But I still love it.  Which is odd because of my entire skin cancer issue!!!!!  I am pretty much allergic to the sun!
  6. Football.  Ok I cheated and did six for this one!  There are a lot of things that I enjoy and football is one of them.  I love watching my Philadelphia Eagles and my University of Delaware Blue Hens!  I am sad now that football season is over and neither of my teams went far this year.  But like a true fan I won’t give up and I hope next season is a better one for both of my teams!

Owen Newborn03

Photo Credit: Photography by Jen Davis (check her out, she is amazing)

Five things that I would like to do before I die:

  1. See all of my boys graduate college, get married, have babies. I can’t wait to see them as adults {if we all survive the toddler years}
  2. Take the boys to Disney World!!!
  3. Visit some exotic resort where Joey and I can live in a hut in the water for a week.  Just once, maybe after we get these three boys through college.
  4. Own our very own beach house!
  5. Run a marathon {crap at this point I would just like to do a 5k one day}.

Five things that I say a lot:

  1. Oh my God, just listen to me for once.  
  2. Ben stop hitting Sean.
  3. Sean stop hitting Ben.
  4. I need a glass of wine
  5. Leave the baby alone.

Five books or magazines that I have read lately: ummmm who has time to read with a newborn, a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old. 

  1. I have been reading Baby 411 lately. I am trying to remember all the stages of a newborn. It’s been over four years and I have forgotten a few things. 
  2. What about Does that count?
  3. Oh Seriously, do you see a pattern here.
  4. Delaware Today Magazine… Ok that counts. It’s an actual object and not a website.
  5. Facebook.

Here’s my winter reading list:


Yeah I haven’t read anything with any substance lately.  If I do have time by myself when the boys are at school and the baby is sleeping, then I am usually sleeping or catching up on the online news & gossip! Priorities people! Priorities!!!

Five favorite movies:

  1. Dirty Dancing
  2. Every Julia Robert’s flick ever made: Pretty Woman, Mystic Pizza, Steel Magnolia’s, My Best Friend’s Wedding, etc.. They count as one movie, right?
  3. Garden State
  4. The Notebook
  5. Love Actually


Five places that I would love to travel to:

  1. Greece
  2. London {I have already been there before but would love to go back}
  3. Ireland {I have been to Dublin but would love to see more of this gorgeous country}
  4. Hawaii – The beaches just look so pretty!!!! My mom just got back and I am super jealous!
  5. Bora Bora – I have always wanted to stay in one of those gorgeous little villas right over the water!







Well that’s my list! I hope that you enjoyed it. Please share some of your top fives with me!!!! And stay tuned for some more reviews of some products. I have a few ipad covers that I am reviewing as well as some baby items and lotions!  I also promise to sit down and write a little post about what is happening around here lately and how we are all surviving with 3 kids!


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Belly Pictures

I was looking through all of my pictures the other day from my pregnancy and I still can’t believe that I was carrying around a baby over 10lbs.  I thought I would put all of my stomach pictures together in one post to show everyone how large my stomach grew.  I still look like I am about 7 months pregnant and I know that this 3rd {and final} pregnancy destroyed my stomach. It’s going to take me months {probably years} to get it back in shape.  I will be joining Weight Watchers again soon and I hope to document my progress on here. I just need to get in the right frame of mind. Oh and 6 weeks later I am still trying to get my head above water with this 3 kid thing!

Here are the pictures of my belly from 13 weeks to delivery day!  Yes I know towards the end I wore the same 3 shirts but I was so big that they were the only ones that actually covered my stomach!!!

12 weeks13 weeks14 weeks15 weeks16 weeks

17 weeks18 weeks19 weeks20 weeks21 weeks22 weeks23 weeks24 weeks25 weeks26 weeks27 weeks28 weeks29 weeks30 weeks31 weeks32 weeks33 weeks34 weeks35 weeks36 weeks37 Weeks38 Weeks39 Weeks

Delivery Day Picture – 1 day shy of 40 Weeks
40 weeks
Worth every single ache, pain and stretch mark!

{image by Photography by Jen Davis}


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Owen in Pictures – Photography by Jen Davis

So not only am I lucky enough to have some of the best friends in town but they are also very talented!  As I have talked about in the past my good friend Jennifer is a pretty awesome photographer.  About two years ago she started her own business Photography by Jen Davis.  And boy has she taken off like crazy around central NJ.

I was lucky enough to have Jen photograph Owen in the hospital for her new Fresh 48 sessions.  Take a look at those awesome pictures here

Owen fresh 48_14  BRAK2386-Edit-Editt-Edit-1024x682(pp_w730_h486)BRAK2388-Edit-Edit-1024x682(pp_w730_h486)   BRAK2379-Edit-Edit-1024x682(pp_w730_h486)BRAK2400-Edit-Edit-1024x682(pp_w730_h486)    Owen fresh 48_22

And my all time favorite photo 

Owen fresh 48_30

Then a few days later she came out to the house to take some more pictures of Owen and his older brothers.  I have been saving the pictures until my Christmas cards went out but now that they are all delivered I thought I would post some photos online!  

Owen-Newborn01-1024x682(pp_w730_h486)  Owen Newborn03


Owen Newborn07

Owen-Newborn14-1024x682(pp_w730_h486)   Owen Newborn16

Owen-Newborn23-1024x682(pp_w730_h486)  Owen Newborn26

Isn’t my little guy just so handsome!?  You can read all up on his birth story here.

I want to send a huge THANK YOU to Jen.  She is a truly talented photographer and an even more amazing friend!  If you are looking for a photographer and you live in or around central New Jersey, than you need to book her!   Check out her website and her Facebook page today!

Jen Davis is a Maternity, Newborn, Infant, Baby, Children & Family Photographer for New Jersey.  Jen Davis is also a Small Events, Birthday Party, Baptism, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Engagement and Wedding Photographer for New Jersey.


Baby Update – Week 27

Number of Weeks: 27 Weeks

I am 3 months away from my due date! 3 months! That’s it people 13 weeks. I know that this pregnancy seems to be going slow due to all of my fun little ailments but my goodness there’s only a short time left to prepare for this little guy.

photo (14)

Doctor Updates:   I passed my glucose test from last week {YEAH no 3 hour test} and next week I go for my rhogam study & injection.  I have done this twice before so I am not too stressed about that.  It’s going to be boring sitting there waiting at Maternal Fetal Medicine but it’s just something I have to do each pregnancy!   Oh, I did go to my cardiologist on Friday and everything seems to be okay.  My EKG was normal, my blood pressure was normal and I don’t have any swelling nor did he hear any fluid in my chest/lungs.   I do have a heart murmur, which is common, but he is sending me for an echo-cardiogram (i.e. an ultrasound) to check on my ticker.  Lordy, if it’s not one thing it’s something else.  At least this pregnancy is forcing me to get my entire body checked out by every doctor known to man.   I will have that test done on Monday the 16th {pending insurance approval} and should have the results by Friday the 20th.  Fingers crossed that it goes well.  I don’t go back to my OB again until Friday the 13th.   Then hopefully it’s just every two weeks with no other crazy doctor visits in between.

How I’m Feeling:  This week has been a rough one.  I thought I was doing much better and then BOOM something else hits.  I swear pregnancy in your late 30’s is rough.   I am having a lot of muscle pain so it’s been really hard to walk/stand.   Friday night my hubby and I had date night so we ran a few errands at the mall before going out to dinner. I think that I walked way too much that night and was a mess the rest of the weekend. I spent most of it laying down.   I was useless this weekend.  But thankfully we were with our family so there were lots of extra hands to help with the boys.

Delivery Date: I have my delivery date scheduled but I’m still not telling you!  The countdown is on.

Baby Photo Shoot: I have everything scheduled now with my awesome photographer, Photography by Jen Davis.  Not only is she a great friend but also the godmother of this little guy.  She is going to be at the hospital taking pics of the baby. Don’t don’t worry she isn’t shooting the delivery.  We also just set up some fun shoots at home with the baby and the boys!  I can’t wait to see her work.  You can check out some of her other awesome shoots over at her website: Photography by Jen Davis. I must run now to get cute coordinating outfits for all three boys for our Christmas card / birth announcement.  You will definitely be hearing more about her and her photos!  

That’s it for now.  See you next week with another update!  Of course I will be writing next week’s post through tears as the boys head back to school.


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Happy Birthday My Sweet Little Boy

I cannot believe that my little baby boy is now 4 years old.  I remember his birth like it was yesterday and hear I am waiting for the arrival of a new little man.


Four years ago I walked into the hospital for my scheduled c-section.  I was so ready to get this boy out.  I had a long and exhausting pregnancy {I laugh now because this one is 10x worse}.  The c-section went smoothly — except for my panic attack.  We went to recovery and started snuggling with our little man.  We finally decided on a name in that room, Sean Michael.  But pretty quickly they whisked him away to the NICU for some breathing issues.  I didn’t like being separated from my guy but I knew that he needed some extra care.  The nurses took me to my room and I waited and waited and waited.  Joey went down to check on him and finally after a few hours he was brought back up to the room.  He was perfect and LOUD!! We joked in the hospital that we should have called him pterodactyl because he was so darn loud.  Little did I know that that noise would never quiet down.  He has been screaming ever since.  After a day in the hospital he started to develop jaundice and had to go under the lights!  Even after we were sent home he had to bake under the bili blanket for a week or so.  I still think this is why he tans when no one else in our family does!

IMG_1826   IMG_1908

6448_1218327176297_1172422131_690359_6500512_n   n1172422131_695398_5914209

IMG_2041  11.29.09 - 11.31.09 Halloween Pics (2)  12.21.09 Sean's 4 Month Pictures (25)

IMG_4173 IMG_3010

 IMG_4017  Callaway-18  IMG_4462


DSC00218   IMG_4825

Over the past four years Sean has challenged me in so many ways.  He likes to dart in the street, run away from me, jump off the top step and climb into windows.  Every day I am scared to death over what he is going to do next.  But every night he still wants to snuggle me and kiss me and hold me.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  All the craziness disappears when he kisses me and tells me “I love you to the moon and back”. I know that sometimes I give this boy a bad rap but he really is a sweet little guy {with a side of crazy}.  And I love him more and more every day.

Sean’s Birthday’s over the years


08.21.2011 Sean's 2nd Birthday Party (17)


Like I said, Sean can be pretty challenging at times.  This week he has come up with a new phrase “That’s what you get”! Yesterday I asked him where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner. I threw out a few restaurant names and he decided on Chick-fil-a because of the mints and the indoor play ground.  The kid loves their mints!  Well he got pissed off because I wasn’t taking him there right this second so he striped naked and yelled “that’s what you get”. Umm okay weirdo! He is a crazy kid that’s for sure. I hope he doesn’t strip at school this year! I am not prepared for that conference. Earlier I wouldn’t give him any more lucky charms. So he striped naked again and said “that’s what you get”. This time I couldn’t get him dressed so he spent almost an hour playing in his toy room naked. I was just waiting for him to sit on a lego or something.

Every day it’s a new challenge with Sean. Whether it’s climbing, cussing, throwing, running or destroying everything in sight, he gets into it all. The boy likes to pee in corners, sing songs and spend all of his time outside.  He is my little explorer, the boy who can spot an ant a mile away. Oh  I can’t wait for the years to come but please say a prayer for me! Sean has kept me on my toes as a parent and I wouldn’t trade a day of it for anything else in the world! Mommy, Daddy and Ben love you, sweet little man! I can’t wait to see you in the next few months when you become a big brother.  I know that you are going to be my helper.

66250_1632454729227_7801623_n   IMG_4744

IMG_1035   photo 1 (1)

386496_2744833898011_532956734_n   IMG_4687

582567_4251263717815_783354566_n   photo 3


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My Swapper Friends (Part 1)

I wanted to give a shout out to all of my fellow swapper friends. I wanted to thank you all for advertising your blog page or businesses on my website. I love that the blogging community is such a friendly one and there is no competition. Everyone that I have met since I started writing Erin the Irish Mama has been extremely kind and friendly. No one has been rude or mean. They have all helped me out when I have had silly questions about the website or Facebook page! They have helped me when I wasn’t sure how to handle spammers or when I needed help setting up sponsor posts or advertising! You have all been so wonderful to me! Some of you have even done guest Blog Posts for me! You are all just so freaking awesome and I wanted to shout it out to all of my other readers!

You can always set up your own ad on my page by following the link below. It explains everything to you! Plus look out for a special promo code for February! Check out the webpage below for your code:

Here’s round 1 of some of my swapper friends! Round 2 will follow later this week


Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic

Janine and I became friends a few months ago – we just happened to find each other on the Facebook blogger world. She has helped me navigate the blog world and has introduced me to a ton of new friends. Thanks Janine – oh and she also just won a large ad space from my giveaway so look for a page dedicate to Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic coming up in the next few weeks! Enjoy!

 Hi all, my name is Janine. I am wife, a mother, and a teacher turned writer.  I actually started out working in the business world when I was single with a degree in Management, but decided to go back to school for education.  I have a master’s degree and am certified to teach math for grades 5-12.  I taught in both high school and middle school settings, when I was first married back in 2006.  My husband and I actually met on and only lived five minutes away from each other.

I was still teaching when I had my first daughter, Emma in July 2009.  Emma was only 7 1/2 months old, when I found out I was pregnant with our second.  As much as, I love our younger daughter, Lily, to say she was a surprise would be an understatement, because Emma had colic as an infant and still wasn’t sleeping through the night.  But in hindsight, I think it was a blessing in disguise, because I lost my teaching job when I was five months pregnant due to the tanking economy and budget cuts.  About a month later, I was put on bed rest from some abnormal spotting.  Thankfully, even though, this pregnancy was considered high risk for the remainder of it, Lily was born healthy and term at 39 weeks gestation in November 2010.  My girls are my world and just couldn’t imagine not having them.

However, almost a year after having her, there still were no teaching jobs opening or on the horizon.  In June 2012, I stumbled onto a site online called Hubpages, where I found my writing voice all over again.  By the way, I always loved to write, but time and age had somehow gotten in the way.  But Hubpages gave it back to me and then I started to blog in August 2012.  First on Blogger, then over to and eventually I decided to purchase my own domain and host my own site on  I have only been blogging for less than 6 months, but absolutely love it, because I have truly gained such a self worth from it, as well as become friends with some wonderful bloggers, who are nothing short of amazing.  By the way, in November 2012, I signed up for NanoWriMo (a novel writing contest), where I wrote a whole novel in a month’s time.  I am editing now and am so excited to finish editing to try my hand at self publishing.  In the end, I am just so thankful for my writing experiences and as crazy as my daily life is being a wife, mother and now indeed as a writer, I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Blog Page
Facebook Page
Twitter Page:

Michelle from Rodan and Fields Dermatologists
Michelle and I actually grew up together back in Delaware. We spent some time car pooling to gymnastics class. Well we never went to the same school and I think at least 25 years went by before we reconnected again on Facebook! We have quickly become close online friends and bond over the fact that we both have two toddler boys  around the same age! She has just started working for Rodan and Fields. So I would love to introduce you to her and her product line. 

My name is Michelle Rankin. I am a stay at home Mom of two little guys, Spencer (3), and Preston (almost 2!). I’ve been married to my husband, Sean, for 7 years now but I’ve known him for over 25 years… and knew that I was going to marry him for almost that long! Prior to staying at home with the boys, I worked for Limited Stores for almost 13 years. Sean has been a police officer for almost 15 years. We were both born and raised in Delaware and can’t think of a place where we would be any happier… except maybe just an hour South, beachfront in Delaware. Yes, Delaware has great beaches. No doubt that we’ll eventually settle in Rehoboth Beach at some point. That’s were we spent our summers growing up, where we have made friends on the beach who have become like family, and where I hope our boys will come to love as much as we do.  Some other things that I love… football, beach volleyball, old jeeps, rock crawling, music, fashion, home DIY projects, and RODAN AND FIELDS DERMATOLOGISTS!!

I partnered with Rodan and Fields Dermatologists after being introduced to the company by my friend and neighbor, Joanne. She is a busy Mom of 2 with a very high profile, full time job in pharmaceuticals. In addition, she teaches at The University of Delaware. I couldn’t imagine how she was possibly fitting anything else into her life. In the mean time, I had been secretly praying for something to come along that would allow me to work and contribute to our finances. While I love being at home with the kids, like so many other Moms, I began to lose a little of myself. I missed working but I knew that staying home was a bigger priority to me. I also missed having financial breathing room, but again, staying home was more important and I knew that with Sean’s shift work schedule, I would never be able to work without a major juggling act involving child care. I honestly worried about the future as we were living paycheck to paycheck. So… I started watching what Joanne was doing. I was skeptical because I didn’t really understand what it was all about… but the more she shared with me and seeing her success in such a short period of time, the more interested I became. I started my research and came to realize that direct sales is the perfect business model for this day and age for a product like this. Rodan and Fields are the world renowned doctors that created Proactiv Solution for acne and they have long dominated that industry. They have now develop a multi-med, clinically based skin care line to address concerns beyond acne such as sensitive skin, sun damage, and aging skin. While their line was successfully sold in retail stores the doctors knew that putting their product in the hands of independent consultants was the smarter way to market… and they were so right! I soon began to feel like I would regret passing up this once in a lifetime chance to introduce something brand new to a whole world of customers. I also realized that my prayer had been answered! I’m now completely changing the course for my family’s financial future… I’m doing it on my own time, in part time hours, while still allowing me to be at home and present with my children. I’m so excited to see our growth over the next several years and will be happy to look back and say that I was a part of the beginning!

I would love to share more about our skin changing products and our life changing business opportunity. 


Photography by Jen Davis

Jen Davis, is one of my closest friends in the world. I only met her 4 1/2 years ago but it only took a few playdates with our little ones to realize that we had a connection. Jen is a wonderful person and would do anything for you. This girl has so many awesome talents and photography is just one of them. You have to check out her site. She has taken pictures of my kids and I love her to death. Oh and she also designed a lot of my blog page – headers, buttons, etc. She is a genius and I could never repay her for all the work that she has done for me. Take a moment to read up on Jen and her Photography. She’s brilliant. 

I am a mom, wife, photographer, friend, playground gossip, and wine lover, though the order changes on any given day. I will add that I do all of these things with one hand, because the other always has some sort of caffeinated beverage…yes, I am quite the juggler. Priorities people.
Know what else I love? I mean, besides my offspring and handsome hubs? Cheesy things like reading, travelling, and drinking wine with friends. I’ll give you two guesses which ones I don’t do anymore since previously mentioned offspring were born {insert raised eyebrow here}.
I am a self taught photographer.  I have always loved the diving back into the memories that a picture can offer.  I love that that I can take pictures of families, babies, and children…and give them a lasting and treasured physical memory of a special time. I love making my clients happy.  Its what I strive to do with every session.  Thank you for choosing custom photography. Your family’s memories are priceless, and I appreciate you considering and trusting me to immortalize them. I look
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Thank you all again for your wonderful support! I look forward to swapping with your girls every month! You are all truly amazing at what you do!

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I just created a new video this weekend from my first month of photos from 1 Snap a Day (created by my wonderful friend Jen Davis). Check it out.

Back to Life…. Back to Reality

Woo Hoo! It’s back to school day for one of my kids. Thank goodness Ben is off at school this morning. They need a break from each other and honestly I need a little break too.  Sean starts back to school tomorrow. This holiday season went by so fast but was full of all sorts of crazy. We had to deal with Ben’s seizures, MRI and tons of Christmas meltdowns and fights.  But with the return to school comes the return of reality, packing lunches, grocery store trips and back to cleaning my house (that housekeeper that I asked for at Christmas never showed – maybe next week for my birthday). But I enjoy getting back into the routine. I like routine. I need routine. I do not enjoy surprises or getting off schedule. If something unexpected pops up I tend to get a little unhinged. I hate surprise parties (even if they are not for me). For some reason I like to know what is planned, so I know how I am going to adjust and react to it. It’s not that I am a control freak, I think it’s just my anxiety!  I like having a plan and sticking to it. 

So thank you so much for the return of school and our schedules. I feel a little more at ease now!  My husband and Sean are more go with the flow types while Ben and I enjoy the consistency of a routine. Is anyone else out there like me? Do you crave the routine or are you more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person?

On another note, I’m doing well with my 1 snap a day. Yes, I know that it’s only been three days but I’m keeping up with my photos, are you? Check out Jen’s 365 challenge over at Photography by Jen Davis or click here for her guest post from yesterday. 

Here’s my day three picture. This is what happens when you go to the kitchen for 10 seconds to pour yourself a glass of water. Your son manages to go into your bag and pull out your make up!

I am not going to have a new blog post every day with the pictures. You can check out all of my pictures over at my new 1 Snap a Day page. I will be posting them on Twitter and Instagram daily with the hashtags #1snapaday and #pbjd! So if you want to follow my pics there, here are the links below.


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