Spring Photos with Photography by Jen Davis

Now by now you know all about my friend Jen from Photography by Jen Davis and her awesome skills.  Well she did it again.  Since our family is finally complete I thought it was time to get a ton of new photos!  I plan on doing this a lot more often as the kids get older.  I am so guilty of taking a million pictures of my kids but they are all on my iPhone and I make a few of them {usually in an odd angled selfie with Owen}.  So I plan on trying to get pictures done at least once a year by a professional {ahem Photography by Jen Davis}.

The day started out great.  The boys were pretty good pre-game. They got dressed, brushed their teeth, their hair and we all managed to get out of the house on time and without any stains on our clothes! It was a miracle.

Well cue the camera and Owen started with the quivering lip and tears. I think that the boys were holding him too tightly and he was not a happy camper.  It was close to his nap time and the normal happy Owen just wanted a break.

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-4

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-11   Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-15

But he soon hammed it up for the camera but that’s when Sean decided to have his mini breakdown.  We were all going to sit on the blanket for a family photo but all of the sudden he was afraid to get the blanket dirty with his muddy shoes.  Even after we all stomped on the blanket he still didn’t want in on the pictures. But after some lolipops and bubbles he finally sat down and we got a few great pictures in with Mr. Moody! Notice Sean is missing from one of the pictures below!

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-17   Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-6

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-18

There were a few moments where the boys took off, had to use the restroom or wouldn’t put down their bribes {the lollipop} but of course non of this showed up on Jen’s awesome camera. Somehow she managed to capture the wonderful moments!

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-19

Callaway Family Spring 2014_12 Callaway Family Spring 2014_23

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-2  Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-10     Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-25 

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-30 Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-13

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-31 Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-32

Callaway Family Spring 2014 WEB-33

I am so glad that we have these photos. I will cherish them forever. I am already struggling on which ones to print for our wall.  I need to sit down and organize my thoughts. I just want to put them all up there.  Thanks again Jen for such awesome pictures. Oh and I am glad that we didn’t do the mini sessions.  My kids would have never have survived that one!!!  A full session is a must for the Callaway crew!



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My Kodak Moments

I was recently asked by the folks at Kodak to do a quick review of their Kodak Kiosks.  I thought that this would be a great review since I have never used one of the photo kiosks before.  I usually do a lot of my photo printing online but not in the store.


I headed over to my local CVS this past weekend to start printing away.  I took my camera chip with pictures that I selected before I left.  The kiosks are very easy to use! I stuck my chip in and started my projects.

I thought that I would make a yearly calendar, a holiday card and a mini collage.  I think I put all three products together within 5-7 minutes.  It was so much easier than I ever expected it to be.  I thought for sure I would be there for 2 hours working on this.  But the touch screens made it very simple.

For the calendar I just picked my template {backgrounds} and then selected my photos.  It adjusted each page to however many number of photos I selected.  I didn’t have to adjust anything.  Usually these calendars take me an hour or so to put together on my computer but the process went much quicker in the store.   The other thing about ordering online you usually have to wait a bit before you can get pick it up and if you are using certain sites, you need to wait a week before it’s shipped to you.  This calendar was printed out in minutes.  I was pretty impressed and I know that I will go back and do this again at the end of the year for the calendars that I like to hand out to family at Christmas time.

photo 1 (2)

Next I moved onto my collage.  I picked one of the smaller ones (4×6) and created it with photos from Halloween / Fall over the past few years.  I went back into my selected photos and grabbed the ones that I wanted and the Kodak Kiosk put them into the collage for me.  Again I didn’t need to worry about the placement or the sizes, it was all done for me.   I also didn’t need to use a lot of the extra editing tools at the kiosk (such as red eye, cropping, facial retouch or resolution) but they were there for me in case I needed them.

photo 3 (1)

The final product that I made was a picture card.  I thought I would use some of my older Halloween and Fall pictures again to create a Thanksgiving card.  I selected a card from over hundreds of options.  You can pick from a ton of themes  — holidays, birthdays, graduation, etc.  Your options or limitless.  The card printed out within seconds and I was all set!

photo 2 (2)

Once you complete your products and everything is placed in your cart, you confirm your order.  The order will upload and the kiosk will print out a receipt for you.  You take your receipt to the checkout and they will pick up your order and hand it to you.  Everything was done within minutes! The calendar took a little longer to put together but that’s only because it needs to be bound!

You can make a ton of things using the Kodak Kiosk.  Anything from prints, enlargements, calendars, photo books, posters and more.

Using the latest Kodak technology, moms can make their most important mommy moments extra-special, including:

  • Shower Invitations – Create custom photo invites to share the new baby excitement with friends and family.
  • Birth Announcements – Within minutes, design and print custom birth announcements to show the world your new bundle of joy!
  • Baby Photo books & Collages – Capture every moment from the baby shower to your child’s first birthday by compiling your favorite pictures in a personalized photo book or collage.

Oh and I forgot to mention one of the best parts. You can print directly from your Facebook account.  I know that will come in very useful for me in the future.  I usually upload a ton of pictures to Facebook and this saves a lot of time for me. No need to search my computer for the pictures. I can grab them straight from Facebook.   You can even access your friends pictures if you want to print those as well.

I know that I will definitely use the Kodak Kiosk again.  I have been intimidated by them in the past but it really is simple to use! Check it out for yourself!

** I received this gift card from Kodak as part of its Kiosk Review Blogger Program.  I was not require to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own **




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Wordless Wednesday

It’s school picture time in our house. Their school doesn’t do the photos until late February, so I have to wait half the school year to get them done. But I finally received them this past week. 

Here’s Sean’s first school picture! How handsome does he look! I just love this cute little face! I am just so happy that his hair stayed put, it tends to get a little poofy and curly but the gel worked.  I love the little man and he loves getting his picture taken.  

Here’s a peak at Ben’s picture. I can’t believe that I already have 3 years of class photos for him and he’s only 5.  I love this one best of all. I look back at the older pictures and I forget that he didn’t always wear glasses! Damn this is one cute kid with those specs on! It’s funny, he must have zipped his sweater all of the way up to his neck! I know I didn’t that morning!

This is from last school year (2011-2012)

This one is from his first year of school (2010-2011). 

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30 Days of Thanks – November 5th

Day #5 – November 5, 2012

Today I am thankful for all of those individuals and businesses who are giving their time and their sevices to those who have lost everything in the storm. I am very thankful that my dear friend Jen Davis is one of those. 

Jen is a family photographer and she just posted this awesome giveaway on her photography website. It’s called Shoots for the Shore.  If you know someone that lost everything due to Sandy and could benefit from this, please click on her website and nominate them.  Also, please do me a favor and forward this on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Spread the word. This a great opportunity for someone who has lost everything this past week. 

Here’s the information straight from her site.

The well known quote tells us that a picture is worth a thousand words and as a photographer, I strive to create images for my clients that resonate with them.  Capture that ‘one’ moment in time of their family, or life with the kids, or the moment they get engaged.  Its my ‘job’ if you will.

In the wake of hurricane Sandy, a picture is worth more than words. These images we are seeing now depict the horrible loss of so many.  Lives and homes have been lost.  And in those homes, precious property.  Things that can never be replaced.  Memories.  Couples no longer have their wedding photos.  Moms don’t have those treasured baby pictures.  Grandparents are without pictures of their smiling grandkids.  

I was without power for 3 days from this storm, and I counted so many blessings during that time.  Everyone is coming together in these days to help.  I want to be a part of that.

I am introducing Shoots for the Shore.  I will be giving away to 3 families a free photo shoot complete with images.  I know that what I am offering cannot replace images and memories that have been swept away. But I hope it will be a wonderful way to start fresh.  Capture some memories going forward and rebuild with new smiles.  All you have to do is click ‘enter’ below and nominate someone.  Please include a valid email address (it can be yours) so I have a point of contact once the winners are chosen.

Will you help me spread the word?  Share and forward to friends and family.  All you need to do is enter using the giveaway tab below.  This seemed to be the easiest way to keep track of all the entries. In order to give people who don’t have power a chance to nominate someone, I will leave this open until November 30th.  On December 1st, 3 names will be chosen at random…at which time I will post on this blog and contact with the valid email address that you left with the entry.  Thank you so much.  Jersey Strong

Please go to her site Photography by Jen Davis to nominate someone that you know. Thanks again and thank you Jen for doing something so wonderful for those who lost those precious family photos. 
In case you missed any of my previous 30 days of thanks, you can click below to view them all.

Remember to comment on my blog, my Facebook PageMy Twitter page or even post a picture on my Instagram (erintheirishmama) of what you are thankful for today. Just use the hash tag #erins30daysofthanks.