7 Things for my Bloppy Bloggers

I recently joined a great new Facebook blog page this week – Bloppy Bloggers. It is a great page where my fellow bloggers can get together to chat and support one another and our adventures. Well today I was “tagged” in a fun little game that bloggers like to play. This one is a fun one that I have always enjoyed doing. I recall it going around via email back in the day BF (Before Facebook).


I need to share 7 things about myself that you may not know. If you are new to my blog then this should all be new to you, but if you have followed me for more than 3 weeks than this post may sound a little to familiar from this previous post! But watch out fellow bloggers….I may have tagged you below to play along in our little game! I always love these tags because it is the best way to learn a few things about one another. I have made so many new friends in the past few weeks and I admit I haven’t had the chance to go back and read their blogs from the beginning of time.

So here we go!

Number 7:
I spent the first 28 years of my life living in Delaware before moving to NYC and then eventually NJ.  I grew up in New Castle Delaware then lived a few other places around Delaware before moving to NYC in 2004. We lived in two different apartments over 3 years. It was a tight fit but this was before kids so it wasn’t too bad. Then in 2007 we moved to New Jersey – which is half way between Delaware (where our family still resides and NYC where the hubby works). I have lived here in NJ now for 5 years and I still don’t know where anything is. Just ask my Jersey friends. They will ask to meet at a certain place and I ALWAYS have to ask where that is. I never know where people are talking about. But ask me anything about Delaware and I can probably help you out. I guess it’s time I better start learning about my new home state.

My tiny little NYC apartment!


Number 6: 
I went to catholic school for 12 years of my life. I loved the education, my group of friends and the fact that I had a uniform. I liked getting up and not having to pick out an outfit but it did make picking out clothes in college a lot harder. From 1st grade through 8th grade I went to Our Lady of Fatima in New Castle, DE. Then for 9th -12th, I went to St. Mark’s High School in Wilmington, DE. Both were great schools and I wouldn’t trade the education or the experience for the world.  I must admit that I have horrible grammar (if you are a regular on the blog you know that one by now). Sorry guys! I just didn’t do well in English classes!

Here’s my 1st grade photo. I am in the bottom left corner next to the apple sporting my Dorothy Hamill haircut and rocking the uniform (see I loved that uniform)

Number 5: 

I am obsessed with football – most specifically the Philadelphia Eagles and the University of Delaware. I can’t help it. I grew up watching football with my dad and going to every UD game with my parents from the time that I was a little itty bitty baby all the way through my four years at the college. Now if you have been reading this blog for awhile you already know about this slight obsession. I just wish that I was little bit richer so I could start going to some NFL games and if we lived back in Delaware I would definitely be going to every UD home game!

Number 4: 
I am obsessed and I do me OBSESSED with celebrity gossip. I can’t stop going online to TMZ, Radar Online, Perez Hilton, etc. It has been an issue now ever since the website Gawker.com came out with a celebrity stalking site (a long time ago). When I was living and working in NYC it was an obsession. You could log on and read where people posted celebrity sightings all around town. So if you wanted to, you could go stalk them.  I promise I never did! I swear, I did have a job that I needed to go to every day. But then Perez Hilton and TMZ started and the obsession lived on. I check these sites all of the time and I love sharing the latest celebrity gossip with all of my friends. I even got my mom into those websites. But I do realize that the older I get, the less I know who the heck these kids are anymore that they are gossiping about. I was probably the last to know who the Twilight peeps were. I have less time these days to really read the articles but have kept up with the Kardashians and I know all things Britney and Jessica. If you were to quiz me in the latest celeb gossip, I know that I would get an A++. Just don’t dare ask me where a comma belongs!

My favorite TMZ starlet. She’s like a train wreck I hate to see the results but I can’t look away.

Number 3: 
I have a terrible (and I mean pass out on the floor) fear of blood and anything medical. From as young as I remember I always passed out if I saw anything gross or gory. I don’t know how I survived two c-sections.  Honestly I think it was better that I had c-sections than natural childbirth. The moment my kids were out the anxiety medicine was administered to me very quickly. I was okay during Ben’s birth until the end but with Sean I was hyperventilating the entire time. It was better that I couldn’t see a thing! Even though my husband did explain things that he saw later on. I am getting queasy just thinking about it. But they were worth every second of pain and blood and gore for these two beautiful boys!

I don’t handle my kids blood any better. I am dreading the day that they lose their first tooth (eww gross). Now I know that I get stitches at my dermatologist all of the time but I can take anxiety meds for that. I can prepare myself. I can’t prepare for the moment one of my kids gets injured. When Ben got hurt at school last month and busted his teeth/lips/gums, the teachers laughed that my first question to them was “Did the bleeding stop? Is he all cleaned up”.  I always thought that I would outgrow it but I haven’t. I still have the anxiety but I have gotten a lot better than I was just a few years ago! I mean just 6 years ago I never could have done the whole dermatology thing by myself. I always needed someone to go with me! Now I am an old pro.

Number 2: 
I went to college at the University of Delaware and studied Consumer Economics! To this day I don’t think that I could explain my major. After college I worked in marketing at Wilmington Trust for a few years. Then when we moved to NYC I started working at Ralph Lauren Childrenswear – besides being a mom this was the BEST JOB EVER.  I did not have any experience with fashion or design whatsoever but that didn’t matter. It was such a wonderful job and there are a lot of days that I wish that I was still working there (and not just for the awesome discount). I learned so much about manufacturing and design. Oh and I made so many wonderful friends, had an amazing boss and overall it was such a wonderful experience.  It was just a great place to work. I miss being on the inside of the fashion world. Now I just live out my fashion life at Kohls or Target ! God, I miss Ralph!


And the number one thing that you might not know about me is…drumroll please….
Number 1
I was born in January during the blizzard of 1977. Not that this is something special but I was born in an ambulance that was stuck on I-95 in that blizzard. My mom of course went into labor and had to call an ambulance (one because of the weather and two because I was coming quickly).  I just couldn’t wait and on the way to the hospital I popped out! I am just thankful that my parents didn’t name me I-95 or anything stupid like that. So as I tell people my 15 minutes of fame were the first 15 minutes of my life (I need to find my news paper articles about my birth to prove that I was sort of famous).  Now I know it’s not as cool as being born in a taxi or at a bus stop but still… it’s a fun story to tell. 

There you have it, 7 things that you probably never wanted or needed to know about me, but now you do! Oh and now comes the time that I tag some of my fellow bloggers to share 7 things about themselves. Make sure you post on my Facebook page so I can read and share!! I know it’s the holidays so I won’t be forcing you to have this done by the end of the day, I am not that mean. These are just a few bloggers I would love to learn more about!

Tag, you’re it:

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