My Baby is Off to School

So a few years ago, I never expected that I would have a third boy in our family. The two that we had in hour house were already very complicated and adding a third was not on the top of my list. But God laughed and Owen joined our family. All 10 plus pounds of him.


This kid is an amazing little boy. He is stubborn, can work an ipad better than his brothers and makes us laugh all of the time. Some of the things that come out of his mouth would shock an old person, but he will follow up his crude remarks with a sly eye, a shitty grin and an arm cross. He knows exactly what he is doing. I can’t believe that he will be three in about 2 months. And I also can’t believe that two weeks ago I took him to his very first day of school. The little man headed off to pre-school in the 2 1/2 year program. He is going to the same school that the other two boys attended years ago and loved so much.

He was so excited and talked about it non-stop the week before school started. He is extremely attached to me so I knew that this was going to be a hard transition for him. I knew that there would be tears – him not me ūüôā

IMG_6926    IMG_6921


We talked about his backpack, we talked about his teachers and on the first day, he walked into the school like he owned it. He ran right over to the train table and asked me to join him. But as soon as he realized that mommy wasn’t sticking around, the tears flowed. He was hysterical but since this is kid number 3, I knew that the best thing to do was to just give him a quick kiss and escape the room. His teacher scooped him up and I darted to my car. I was definitely sad, but I knew he would be okay. I spent two hours wondering if he was still crying or not. I figured if he was that I might have received a call from his teacher. At pickup time his teachers said that it took him awhile to come around. He wasn’t crying the entire time but he wasn’t happy either. Finally after recess he started to participate.

IMG_6954  IMG_6959

Day two was another day of tears. Joey came with me that morning and we did another quick drop off. Day three, the same thing but according to his teachers he stopped crying within 30 seconds.

Finally on week two (day 3) he had zero tears. He hung up his backpack, kissed me goodbye and then went off to play with his play dough. Ever since then he has been perfectly fine. It didn’t take that long at all for him to adjust to me leaving. He has some wonderful new classmates and two awesome teachers. I know that he is in good hands. I love getting artwork from him every day and I love the giant hug that I get when I walk into his classroom at pickup. He’s been there three weeks now and loves every minute of it.

owen's artwork2

owen's artwork

Owen, my baby has officially grown up! I know that I should be sad, and don’t get me wrong, I am. I miss those special little moments where he would snuggle up with me but I also don’t mind the 2 and 1/2 hours, 3 days a week that I get to myself. But I do miss that stubborn little bugger!



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Life: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly….

The main reason that I started writing my blog was to share all of the fun and crazy times that we have with the kids. I wanted to share with my friends and family all of our silly pictures and stories since they aren’t aren’t always here to witness¬†it all. ¬†Plus no one would really believe half the stuff that happens with these boys if I didn’t take pictures and write about it. The blog has¬†grown a little bigger then I ever imagined and I started to fall behind on posts. But I miss it so much. I miss sharing everyday stories with you guys. I have always promised myself that I wouldn’t hide behind the perfect Facebook pictures or Blog posts. I always wanted to be honest and share the good, the bad and the ugly. And when you have three boys … Trust me there’s a lot of ugly. That’s why I haven’t had time to blog as much as I normally do. Despite the craziness of LIFE, these boys are the light of my life and I couldn’t get through it all without them and the hubby.


It’s been an emotional and crazy few weeks in our house. The kids have been super busy with school, Cub Scouts, CCD and now basketball season has started. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off most days. I used to be an extremely organized person. ¬†But lately it feels like I’m walking around in a haze (and that’s not from the wine). Between the new house, school, Christmas shopping, remembering to move the elf, feeding kids, taking the boys everywhere and entertaining the little 2 year old, I’ve lost all of my organization skills. I need help finding them, but I know that they are just buried under a pile of papers on my desk. That’s one of my goals for 2016 — better organization. ¬†My house is a mess and my mind is even messier. ¬†I don’t know if having the third kid has finally caught up with me or what. But I’m struggling to keep up. ¬†Just like most parents, I am trying to find a balance between it all. ¬†That’s why this blog post will be all over the place as well. ¬†MY BRAIN IS A JUMBLED MESS.

So here’s the latest happenings…

A few times a month we have Cub Scout events and since I am one of the co-leaders of Sean’s den, I have a little bit more on my plate. But that I can handle. It’s been a lot of fun working with a few of the other moms teaching our group of boys. Don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of work but it’s all worth it. I work so much on his den that I forget that Ben has projects too. In the next few weeks we will experience our very first pinewood derby race. The boys are designing Minecraft derby cars — obviously. So hopefully the boys will love working on their cars over the next 2 weeks. I just need the hubby to help them out a bit. I’m not very creative, so I rely on Joey for that.


Basketball started a few weeks ago and I love going to watch them play. ¬†Practices are now over and games start in early January. Ben and Sean are on the same team so that makes the schedule a lot easier. ¬† There’s something about watching 1st and 2nd graders play ball. You have some kids that can’t dribble and then there are the few that are dunking the ball. I love every minute of it and so do they.


CCD has been pretty hectic this year. I decided not to home school them this year, so I send them weekly to class. Ben makes two sacraments this year so I thought the in class instruction would be better for him. I am dying to see him make his first reconciliation. What is he going to tell the priest??

Homework and school have been pretty easy for Ben so far. He doesn’t put up a fight. He does his math, his words and we read together each night. He seems to have the school thing down. He loves his teachers and he always tries to be the teachers pet. He is my little brown-noser and I love it. We just need to work on that kids handwriting.

Sean on the other hand has been struggling.

He struggles with attention, reading, math and his behavior. Joey and I hate seeing him struggle so much. It just makes me so sad that school doesn’t come as easy for him as it does for Ben. Now riding a bike … that’s easy! Sean is pretty much the youngest kid in his class. He is a whole year younger than most of the other 1st graders. That’s what happens when you have an August birthday. So we know that his maturity level is still a little off from the other kids. He started off school just fine but after a few weeks I could see him starting to struggle.

We have been working with the school and now he attends a daily one-on-one reading class. He also gets extra math help a few times a week. His reading has improved tremendously. But something was still off with him. He cannot focus or sit still in class. His attention span is basically at an all time low and it was causing issues in class. ¬†We knew that we had to do something before things got worse. So we had him tested for ADHD. I knew years ago that he had it. Mothers intuition. But now I have it on paper. After tons of long conversations, my husband and I decided to start him on medication. I know that this doesn’t work for all kids and parents but this was the best decision for us.

He just started it a few days ago. So we are still in the early stages. It’s been a struggle each morning getting him to swallow the pill but it does seem to be helping him. Even after just 3 days we have noticed a change. I’m curious to see what his teachers think.

I am really hoping that this helps him out. I get so emotional and cry when I see him get so worked up over a simple addition problem. First graders should not be shedding tears at homework time. Not when the problem is 2+3. He knows the answer. He just can’t figure out how to settle in his chair and write it down. We will do anything to help him out.

Have any of you other moms experienced this? Did you Medicate? Did it help? Please share your experiences with me! I know that we are doing the right thing for him but it’s not always easy. ¬†As long as my Sean keeps the same sweet, crazy, funny, and goofy personality than we will be happy. ¬†I just want him to enjoy life and school just a little bit more!

520982bd-c343-47c7-bddb-196c674ee7fb   ed7ec93c-12b3-4474-bde5-3e2d9b919210

Oh and in the middle of all of this my little guy turned¬†2¬†and the old man turned 40. I can’t forget about those two important milestone days!¬†I will post a few pictures from their special days soon.

Christmas is almost here and I can’t wait to see the boys reactions on Christmas morning. ¬†I will also be happy that I don’t have to move that darn elf anymore. ¬†I was pretty good this year. I didn’t forget to move him once!

Talk to you all soon! Thanks for letting me share with you. Look toward to another post tomorrow. I have a Nuby bath toy review coming up!



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Déjà Vu

Do you ever feel like you are living in the movie Groundhog’s Day? No? Well I feel that my entire life the past year has been the theme of that movie. ¬†Day in and day out I go through the exact same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN! ¬†It never changes. ¬†Just one day I hope for a change but it never happens. The boys fight all day long, every single day, non-stop. ¬†I can’t get it to end! ¬†I understand that kids, especially siblings, fight alot but this is getting out of hand.

Why can’t they be more like this:


And less like this:


Yesterday was one of those days that you just want to erase and forget all about. Please tell me that you all have those days. The scary part is, I know that it’s going to happen all over again tomorrow. You know¬†from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep that it’s going to be torture. ¬†I thought it was going to be okay because Owen slept all night and only woke up around 5:45 am for the day. ¬†Not the best wake up call, but not horrible. ¬†Sean was up at 7 am and Ben rolled out of bed around 7:30 am. ¬†The morning was fine until Sean started sneaking twizzlers and juice boxes for breakfast! Sorry kid, that’s not what we eat at 7:17 am. ¬†So that meltdown woke Ben up a few minutes later. ¬†Neither one of them would get dressed for school {shocking!}. ¬†It’s so annoying since no one will get dressed or brush their teeth upstairs. ¬†Everything is done in the family room and it drives me wild. Well they do brush their teeth in the powder room and not the family room. ¬†I just wish that they could take care of this upstairs. ¬†I have tried training them hundreds of times, but it never sticks.

So I finally get them all dressed, brushed and packed for school. ¬†Then at¬†8:25am we slam the door, scream at each other and head off to the bus stop. ¬†This half block walk consists of Sean darting into the street no less than 3 times before he runs all of the way across the park to the bus stop. ¬†Ben was fine on the walk but then all hell broke loose once we hit our corner. ¬†The fighting begins. ¬†“I was here first!”, “No I was!” AHHHHHHH the daily fight over who is first in line. ¬†Then they spend the next few minutes pushing each other into traffic until the bus arrives. ¬†I try breaking them up but then I get caught in the line of fire. ¬†The pushing and shoving is now directed towards¬†me!!!!!!! ¬†I just want to crawl into a hole. I am so embarrassed every morning but I cannot control them at all while I am also holding Owen. ¬†I separate them, I scold them, I threaten their existence. ¬†Nothing gets through to them. ¬†Then after a few choice words the bus shows up and off they go! I think that I actually skip back to the house now that they are in someone else’s hands!

So my day is fairly calm. ¬†Owen and I do chores, shop and he naps! ¬†Then at 3:55 we head back to the bus stop to pick up the raving lunatics {errr I mean my boys}. ¬†They come flying off the bus at 125 mph. Sean takes off up the street while Ben is hanging on Owen’s stroller. ¬†By the time I catch up to Sean, he is half way across the street. UGH this kid is going to give me a heart attack. ¬†I swear to God, no matter how many times I talk to him he still takes off running. ¬†Then we get inside where they invade the snack closet for the next hour straight.

The rest of the night is too embarrassing to type out for you! Just close your eyes and imagine living with the Gosselin’s in the middle of their lowest point with a side of Roseanne! Yeah, that’s how I feel most nights. ¬†I am struggling to find the balance right now of homework, snack, dinner, outside play, baths, etc. ¬†It’s been a huge adjustment this year and I pray that I can figure it out before summertime! I finally just organized all of the school papers that have been piling up since the start of school 3 weeks ago. ¬†I am never going to catch up!!! AHHHHH


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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, I am not talking about Christmas! ¬†You know what time it is. It’s Back to School time. ¬†Yes, I know that the boys have been back for a few weeks now but I finally have the chance to catch up on everything!


The first few weeks have gone very well. Ben is an old pro at the bus and full day of school thing. Homework starts tonight for him so we will see how that goes. Oh and his first spelling test is this Friday. ¬†Why am I soooo nervous? He loves that the first graders can buy snacks at lunch so of course he asks for a dollar everyday. ¬†He LOVES getting an icy pop! ¬†The kid is having a blast meeting new friends. Every day he comes home with a new name of someone that he met on the playground or he recognized from karate. It’s so cool seeing his excitement. ¬†


Sean has done very well too. He loves the bus and as far as I can tell he loves school too. He has had a few glitches with the bus but nothing major. On the second day of school he was stung by a bee right before he got off at our stop. The poor guy was hysterical but after 45 minutes of screaming and icing it, he passed out on the couch. 

unnamed (22)

Then on the 3rd day of school he got off at the wrong stop. Thankfully he figured it out and jumped back on the bus before the driver pulled away. I wished he had never told me, but I have recovered (slightly). Other than that the bus has been ok.


Both of the boys are quiet when it comes to what actually happens at school. How was your day? Good. What did you do? Nothing.¬† I’ve tried asking in different ways. ¬†Did you play kickball¬†or basketball¬†in gym? ¬†Who did you sit next to at lunch today? Did anyone have to go see the principal?

But they still don’t answer.¬† Oh well, I guess that I better get used to that.

IMG_9935    IMG_9943

This week we had back to school night for each grade. Sean has the same teacher that Ben had last year so I know what to expect.  She said that Sean is doing well, he is just a chatterbox! SHOCKING! They have a very busy schedule each day but Sean is hanging tough. I think the hardest part is not having lunch until 1:25 pm.  

unnamed (19)    unnamed (18)

Last night I met Ben’s teacher and sat in his desk. He is so excited that he has a spot in his desk for all of his papers and books (aka a real school desk and not a table).

unnamed (20)    unnamed (21)

So overall, this school year has been a success. ¬†Let’s pray that we have a very UNEVENTFUL year of Kindergarten and First Grade! I will fill you in after conferences in Oct!

Oh and what have I been doing these past few weeks? Well I have been snuggling up with Owen, decorating for fall and trying to organize this house! Every day I tackle a new project.  I just fixed my kitchen sink this morning.  Later I need to tackle the toy room!




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Happy Birthday Sean!

Again because of vacation, school, teething and just the fact that I haven’t sat down at my computer, I am a little behind on all of my posts! I’m playing catch up this week. ¬†I will be back on track in a week or two¬†I PROMISE YOU!

So a few weeks ago we had a big birthday in our house. ¬†My middle guy turned 5.¬†¬† He is now one whole hand. ¬†Five full fingers! The kid couldn’t have been more excited. ¬†He was very lucky and had a few birthday celebrations!

This is what 5 looks like.


The first was a great party with his friends and family at our local bowling alley.  Watching a bunch of 5 year old kids bowl is quite hilarious.  Some are pretty awesome, some are pretty dangerous but they are all adorable.

IMG_9339 IMG_9349

The boys spent and hour and a half bowling. ¬†They dropped balls, threw balls over the gutters and bowled in other people’s lanes. ¬†But it was a blast. ¬†They devoured pizza and cake and then hit up the arcade to play games.

After the party the family headed back home to open up some more presents. ¬†My mom as well as my in-laws were there to celebrate Sean’s big day.

IMG_9361 IMG_9380

I can’t believe that Sean is five. ¬†Time has flown by with this kid {even though the days seem to be so long and drawn out with him}. ¬†I remember when he was born he was already scaring me. ¬†He was in NICU for a few hours for breathing issues, then he had jaundice and was under the lights in the hospital and then again at home for a week. ¬†Every day since his birth he has surprised me with his antics.


He is my little daredevil, my crazy maniac. ¬†The kid makes me lose my breath at least once a day and he definitely keeps me on my toes. ¬†But he has such this sweet, kind and loving side to him. ¬†He is very sensitive but he is now¬†starting to fight back. ¬†And my goodness the kids is smart and athletic. ¬†Everytime I introduce a new sport to him, he just “gets it”. ¬†He even taught himself how to ride a bike after 3 days.

227428_2010240413633_6872594_n   247504_2060278464553_6073646_n

386496_2744833898011_532956734_n  10629650_10204237259429644_8188839653003501781_n

Now he is in Kindergarten. ¬†Full day with a bus ride and all. ¬†My little guy isn’t so little anymore!


We Love you Sean!

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It’s Sean’s Turn Today

Now that I am finally over the emotions from yesterday {you can read all about Ben’s morning here}, I get to start all over again today with Sean. ¬†It was his first day of preschool {year 2}. ¬†This year he is going 5 days a week until 1pm. ¬†This is the same program that we sent Ben to last year. I love it because they get to enjoy lunch at school and have a little bit of a longer day to prepare them for full day kindergarten next year {which is a super long day}.

He was very excited this morning to get back to school. ¬†Yesterday was meet the teacher day so he got to visit with his classroom for about an hour. ¬†He has the same two teachers that Ben had last year so he was happy. ¬†Plus the teachers know how “energetic” Sean can be! ¬†I have warned them!!!! ¬†But he enjoys school a lot so I don’t think he will be too crazy like he is at home. ¬†¬†He is my independent, don’t look back kid.

Here are some pictures from this morning. ¬†Taking pictures with Sean can be difficult. ¬†The kid either has a crazy psycho smile or his mouth is wide open screaming. ¬†But I did manage to get a few good ones. ¬†Oh and check out the pictures with me. That’s when he decided that he was done and didn’t want to smile anymore!

IMG_1724    IMG_1734

IMG_1728    IMG_1736

IMG_1747    IMG_1751



IMG_1771    IMG_1773

Here are a pictures of Sean headed off to school last September. ¬†He has grown sooooo much over the past year. ¬†Don’t worry I have given the kid a haircut since this picture was taken. ¬†Just look at that crazy hair.

IMG_4848   IMG_4865

IMG_4867  IMG_4869


My little man is growing up way to quickly. ¬†Some days I can’t wait for him to grow up and be a little calmer and less crazy but other days I can’t stand the thought of him getting older. ¬†He is so freaking funny and the faces this kid makes crack me up every single day! ¬†I almost {almost} forget that he runs in the street, takes off without me and is a very dangerous and wild child. ¬† Thank goodness he is one hilarious and good looking kid. ¬†As I tell him every night “I love you to the moon and back”. ¬†His response last night “I love you to the potty and back”.




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Kindergarten Here We Come….

I can’t believe it, my little baby, my first born, my sweet little Benjamin, got on the bus and headed to his very first day of Kindergarten. ¬†I said KINDERGARTEN people!!!! ¬†Where on earth did the past 5 1/2 years go? He is just too young to be in kindergarten, right? Okay, I know, I am in complete denial, but I have so many worries and fears for my guy. ¬†He is such a big kid and I know that he can handle himself but so many things run through my mind. ¬†Who is going to get him off the bus? How is he going to find his classroom? How is he going to do in the cafeteria for lunch? Who is going to help him if he has trouble opening his juice box? ¬†Yes, I know that these are all normal fears any many moms think about these things as they send their little ones off to school.

I thought sending the kids to preschool was hard but Kindergarten is much worse. ¬†He has to be so independent and coming from someone who isn’t, that’s hard for me to understand. ¬†I want to walk him to his classroom every morning, but I can’t. ¬†I want to get his napkin in case he spills something, but I can’t. ¬†I want to walk with him to his classroom, but I can’t. ¬†I want to make sure that no one is mean to him, but I can’t. ¬†I want to make sure that he behaves and listens to his teacher, but I can’t. ¬†I know that the is going to be okay, but I can’t help but worry!

How can this sweet little boy go from his first day of preschool three years ago….

IMG_1774   IMG_1799  IMG_1791   IMG_1850


Now he is off to Kindergarten this morning?

He wasn’t into taking pictures this morning.

photo 2  photo 1


But he finally warmed up a bit and started to flash that gorgeous smile.

photo 4 (1)   photo 5 (3)

Just look at how proud he was as we were taking pictures this morning.

image   photo 5 (1)

photo 1 (1)   image

Here are a few pictures of us waiting at the bus stop and of Benjamin getting on the bus for the very first time ever! The sun was in his eyes so I couldn’t get one with his eyes open!

photo 2 (2)    photo 1 (5)

photo 4 (3)

photo 3 (2)    photo 5 (2)

photo 4 (2)    photo 3 (1)

He picked the front row seat right near the door and driver!  You can see his head to the left oft he sign!!

photo 1 (4)

And he was off! The bus drove away and now I am left to wonder how he is doing. ¬†But I¬†still can’t stop thinking of my guy as a little infant. ¬†It was just yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital and held him so close. ¬† No matter how much he grows up and not matter what happens, he will always be my little baby.

DSCN2087  100_2709  DSCN2156

DSCN2291   Ben - Mar 3 Crib Plaid Outfit2

Ben - Mar 21 Carseat Snuggly2   159

Ben - Sept 13 UD Game04   Ben - Oct 31 Halloween Turkey8 Benjamin20

I pray that Benjamin is having a wonderful time at school making tons of new friends, learning a million new things and eating his lunch like a big boy in the cafeteria.  I pray that he remembers how much I love and miss him!

Good luck little guy! You are going to do wonderful {even if your mommy is having a breakdown}.  And tomorrow I get to do it all over again as I send Sean off to his last year of preschool.  God help this emotional pregnant mama!


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It’s Graduation Day!

Get ready for a massive amount of photos!  Sorry but I am a proud {and teary eyed} mama!

I was pretty impressed that we got 5 adults and 2 kids out of the house before 8:30am so that we could get to the church in time to scoop up the prime seats. ¬† We even had plenty of time to go out front and snap our end of year pictures! ¬†Ben wasn’t being to cooperative at first but he finally got into it.

Here are a few of Sean on his very last day of 3 year old preschool.  Next year he is moving up to the 4 year old class {which is five days a week РWOO HOO}

IMG_5145  IMG_5151

Finally, Ben decided to put a big smile on for a few pictures.


Brotherly love!

IMG_5163 IMG_5168

IMG_5169 IMG_5175

Our family {baby 5 is photo bombing in my massive stomach}

IMG_5181  DSCF0927

Grandparent love

IMG_5195  IMG_5189

And now onto the actual Graduation ceremony at Little Tree Preschool.

DSCF0936  DSC00264

DSC00266   DSC00265

DSC00281  DSCF0951


There’s my little man walking across the stage!

DSC00289  DSC00290 DSC00291

Carrying his diploma and bible. ¬†When he walked past me he whispered “we get to keep this book”.


Ben and his ladies! ¬†Emily is his classmate who he bought the shiny gold necklace for {you can read all about that¬†here}. ¬† Maddie {on the right} is one of his lifelong friends from the neighborhood! ¬† Oh and in case you didn’t notice it, she loves the camera {and the camera loves her}.

DSC00307 DSC00311

Ben with some of the boys from his class.  I just love the hands in the pocket!


Now back to the house for some subs, cupcakes and end of school year presents!






I can’t believe that my baby is going to kindergarten in September! I was pretty proud of myself today. I held it together during the ceremony until the very end. ¬†The last song they sang before diplomas was “Kindergarten Here We Come”. ¬†I shed a few tears but I really lost it when one of the teachers got up to talk and she started crying. ¬†I think every mom lost it at that point. ¬†I am so glad that we chose to send our kids to Little Tree. ¬†All of the teachers really do care about the kids, even if they are not in their class. ¬†Ben went through a lot this year with his seizures and I felt that they cared so much about him and his safety. ¬†I am so glad that Sean has another year there {and if we are still living in this town the baby will go there as well}.

School’s Out for SUMMER!!!!

Stay tuned for my baby update!  I am officially 16 weeks now!  


First & Last

So I thought that I would post a few pictures of the boys from their first and last days of school this year! ¬†I can’t believe how much they have grown in just one year!

Here’s Sean in September

IMG_4849   IMG_4841

IMG_4825   IMG_4867

And here he is on Friday with his teacher.


And on Monday – his last day of school


IMG_5151   IMG_5152

Here’s Ben in September


IMG_4813   IMG_4814

And here he is with his teachers on Friday and then Monday on graduation day!

IMG_0251  IMG_0252


But if you really want to shed some tears {trust me I have}, then here are a few pictures of Ben’s first day of school 3 years ago {September 2010}. ¬†He looks so little! ¬†This was before the angry birds, the tantrums and the seizures! He was just so innocent and shy. ¬†I can’t believe how much he has grown up in the past 3 years! ¬†I love him and I am so proud of him.

IMG_1791   IMG_1771

IMG_1799   IMG_1774


Tune in tomorrow for the full set of graduation pictures! ¬†I do have a lot. ¬†Between my iPhone, my mom’s camera, ¬†Joey’s iPhone and my mother-in-laws camera, I have ALOT of pictures!

Mother’s Day Surprises – Ben’s Class

So today I headed into Ben’s class for my Mother’s Day muffins and songs! ¬†It was another great morning full of surprises! ¬†Ben was so cute getting me my muffins and asking what I wanted to drink.

His mug shot card that he made for me!


IMG_9677   IMG_9678

Ben and his friend Tommy!  The two partners in crime.


Here’s their first song.

I missed the beginning of the second song because my iPhone was a little slow to start recording!

I just loved my two days of Mother’s Day celebrations!!!!