Throwback Thursday


I can’t believe that we only have two days until our vacation begins! I am so excited for another week in Avalon.  We look forward to this trip all year long!  The boys spent last weekend packing up all of their beach toys, so I know that they are excited to get their toes in the sand.  So before I go into my crazy packing mode today & tomorrow, I thought I would post some pics from our previous years down at the shore!!!!

Happy Thursday!



05.28.10 -06.04.10Avalon NJ (22)

05.28.10 -06.04.10Avalon NJ (88)

05.28.10 -06.04.10Avalon NJ (130)












Throwback Thursday

Here are a few pictures for Throwback Thursday.  As I am sitting here thinking about Ben graduating from Pre-school in a few weeks, I started thinking about what we were doing five years ago.  So I dug up these great pictures of Ben’s first trip to the beach (Rehoboth Beach).  He was so cute and full of rolls!  I just can’t belive how much he has grown over the past 5 years.  Even though the days go by so slowly, the years really do fly by!

Ben - May 25 Rehoboth Beach

Ben - May 25 Rehoboth Beach28   Ben - May 25 Rehoboth Beach6

Ben - May 25 Rehoboth Beach13   Ben - May 25 Rehoboth Beach14

Park Time…

I just love going back and looking through pictures of the boys and how they have grown.  I also like when I can capture a picture that’s similar to one from a previous year.  Well the boys and I were outside enjoying the gorgeous weather today, when I was able to snap a picture of them while hanging on the slide.  After I took it, I remembered that I had one from 2 years ago that was pretty similar.  Just look at how much they have grown up in two years! Sean now has hair and Ben has his glasses!

IMG_1750      photo 1 (7)

Wordless Wednesday

This past weekend was a gorgeous one weather wise.  We finally got a taste of spring and a reminder that summer is right around the corner.  I could not stop thinking about all of the fun summers that we have had with the boys.  I am so excited for another summer this year.  We always pack them in with tons of stuff.  Here’s a look back at some of the memories of our summers past!

We always try and get down to Rehoboth a few times each summer.  The boys love visiting with their mom mom and pop pop and they can’t wait to get on the rides at the boardwalk.    

They love mom mom & pop pop’s back yard because it’s big and full of fun things — like tractors and tree swings! 

We of course get our butts to the beach as much as possible. 

And we always have a pit stop at mom mom’s pool. 

  We get to celebrate Sean’s birthday – this year he will be 4 years old! 

We go to summer camps

And of course we always go to Great Adventure for the rides & games

We go on road trips & have hotel sleepovers!

We visit children’s museums 


We hit up the parks!

We enjoy popsicles in the sun. 

 We always hit up Dogfish Head and a few other breweries!

 It’s always a fun time and I cannot wait to share another wonderful summer full of family, friends, vacations and swimming with the boys!  Now we just need summer to get here!!!

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Longing for the Summer……

I figured that since it was a snowy day here on the East Coast that I would write a quick post about the summer! Something to help us all think about the warm weather and not the slush and sleet outside.I cannot believe that it is already mid March and the majority (if not all of) of our big vacations are already planned. I feel like it was just yesterday that I wrote this post What I Did On My Summer Vacation and now we are ao close to another fun one! Normally, we end up flying by the seat of our pants but this summer seems to be all planned out and now we just have to wait. And wait. And wait some more! Come on summer get here already.

Actually, we don’t even need to wait until the summer for our first vacation. We will be traveling a bit in April. Next month we are headed down to North Carolina for a long weekend to spend time with some friends that we haven’t seen in probably 5-7 years! They are Joey’s friends from college and we have always lived so far apart from one another that it’s been nearly impossible to get together.  We will stop at my husbands college, Radford University in Virginia, for one night on the way down to break up the driving on the trip. I already know that I will need to get a prescription for anxiety meds for this trip since it will be quite a long drive with the two boys in the back of the car. I need to start hitting up the dollar store for some little treats to help get us through the trip. I might also need to pick up some new movies at the library for the car DVD Player! But it will be worth it to catch up with some old friends. We have never met each others kids and it will be nice to catch up again.

Then after this vacation I am headed on a girls trip with my mom and sister to Hershey Hotel and Spa for a night away from the kids (with a few spa treatments and a delicious dinner thrown in there).  I cannot wait for this trip. It will be our third year in a row and I LOVE this tradition!!!!  I am just hoping that the weather is nice so we can see the Gardens and drink wine on the patio.


 In June we are headed to Avalon for a wonderful week in the sun and sand.  This is an annual trip with the family.  It’s just so nice for the kids and I to see my husband for an entire week straight. The kids love catching frogs, building sandcastles and eating ice cream. I love having extra hands for a week as well as sitting under my umbrella, in my hat and 100+ SPF sunscreen watching my husband play in the water with the boys! It’s too cold for mommy (brrrrr).

July will be filled with camps for the boys and then a trip to Hershey Park. This time it’s not for the spa (damn) but for a family trip to Hershey Park! It should be a great vacation – of course my kids will probably be all hyped up on chocolate but they will love it. Oh and mommy and daddy will definitely hit up Troegs while we are there!  Can’t miss the brewery!

August we will have another week of camp for Ben in preperation for Kindergarten (ahhhh I’m crying now).

Of course we will spend a lot of time at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ since we live about 15 minutes away. This is our second year in a row that we have had season passes and we even got one for daddy this year.  The boys love all of the rides and this year I might actually be able to take them both there by myself without having a meltdown (me not them – they will definitely have meltdowns).

 And of course there will be tons of trips to my moms pool in Delaware and my in-laws house in Rehoboth.  We will hit up the boardwalk, the rides and of course Dogfish Head Brewery.

So what are your plans for the summertime? Do you guys usually stay close to home? Do you travel cross country? One year I would like to go to an island or even Disney World but I am not ready just yet to put the kids on an airplane? Maybe next summer?