Belly Pictures

I was looking through all of my pictures the other day from my pregnancy and I still can’t believe that I was carrying around a baby over 10lbs.  I thought I would put all of my stomach pictures together in one post to show everyone how large my stomach grew.  I still look like I am about 7 months pregnant and I know that this 3rd {and final} pregnancy destroyed my stomach. It’s going to take me months {probably years} to get it back in shape.  I will be joining Weight Watchers again soon and I hope to document my progress on here. I just need to get in the right frame of mind. Oh and 6 weeks later I am still trying to get my head above water with this 3 kid thing!

Here are the pictures of my belly from 13 weeks to delivery day!  Yes I know towards the end I wore the same 3 shirts but I was so big that they were the only ones that actually covered my stomach!!!

12 weeks13 weeks14 weeks15 weeks16 weeks

17 weeks18 weeks19 weeks20 weeks21 weeks22 weeks23 weeks24 weeks25 weeks26 weeks27 weeks28 weeks29 weeks30 weeks31 weeks32 weeks33 weeks34 weeks35 weeks36 weeks37 Weeks38 Weeks39 Weeks

Delivery Day Picture – 1 day shy of 40 Weeks
40 weeks
Worth every single ache, pain and stretch mark!

{image by Photography by Jen Davis}


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Welcome Owen!

I have been trying to write this post for about 2 weeks now.  It has taken me forever but that’s what happens when you have 3 boys under the age of 6 at home!  It’s been a long and crazy 2 weeks and we are struggling to adjust (I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s been tough) but we are surviving and we keep on chugging along!  So finally, here is my birth story.

Well guys he is here! FINALLY. After months and months of anticipation and prayers and a ton of late night bathroom breaks he finally made his way into this world! And in a BIG weigh (yes I spelled it that way for a reason).

On Monday December 2nd at 8:38am we welcomed Owen Thomas into this scary, exciting and wonderful world!

He weighed in at 10lbs 4ozs and was 21″ long. Yes, you read that correctly. This 5 foot mommy had a 10lb baby. No wonder I couldn’t walk right and was in so much freaking pain the last 3 months.

Owen’s Birth Story

Joey and I went in to the hospital bright and early on Monday morning for my scheduled c-section. I was a nervous wreck but I was actually much calmer than when I delivered Sean. Here are my very last pictures as a pregnant mommy!
image  IMG_2870
The hospital was wonderful and everything ran right on time!  I went back to the operating room right at 8am. Within moments I had my spinal and was laying down on the table waiting for Joey to come in. And within minutes (and lots of crying & tears) they pulled him out! It took a second or two but then I heard the familiar sound of a baby crying. Heaven! It was such a beautiful sound. All of the nurses kept saying he was a big one. Now I knew that I was having a large baby but not that large. I mean my other boys were 9lbs 8oz and 9lbs 2oz and I was large again with this guy. I don’t know why I thought that he was going to be much smaller than Ben. But he proved me wrong. I am still in shock from the moment that they told me he was well over 10lbs! My little chunky monkey weighed in at 10lbs 4ozs. He was 21″ long. It’s amazing all three of my boys were 21″. It’s a lucky number now.  

This was my very first time that I had a chance to do the skin to skin with any of my boys. Usually they whisk them away so quickly. Not this time. I got to hold my Owen as soon as they cleared his lungs. It was a wonderful few moments with just the three of us. And he was perfect. No cone head, no marks, no freckles. It was amazing. The very first thing that Joey and I noticed was that he looked just like Ben did when he was born.

IMG_2926 IMG_2995
I was finally wheeled back into recovery after what seemed like forever of getting stitched up.  Once in recovery my mom was able to come in and visit. It was a nice calm and quiet two hours. Owen got his bath and I just sat there amazed that it (the csection surgery) was all done and I had another beautiful boy.
Joey and I then began sharing the news with our closest friends and family.  Another great moment and fun memory. Joey’s parents rushed over after they picked up Sean from school. They have been wonderful helping with the boys all week. They were all excited to get their first peek of baby Owen.
Sean came into the room very excited but quickly turned shy. But after a few minutes he warmed up to Owen and was so excited to check him out. Sean was very calm and gentle with him. It was amazing.
After about an hour or so Joey, Sean and his parents left so they could go and get Ben off the bus. Joey then brought Ben back to the hospital. Ben was so excited to see Owen. He cracked me up when he heard the name and said “that’s the name that I was thinking of today at school”.  He loved meeting him but was quickly distracted by his Star Wars toys. Then 10 minutes later he came back over to Owen and said that he couldn’t stop thinking of him. Ben was a little too hyper and starting to get rough but he tried to help daddy with Owen’s bottle.
Overall the boys had a great first meeting with Owen. I think they are as much in love as we are.  I am still on shock over everything. I have three boys. Three!!
After Ben left with my mom it was time to settle in for the night. There was a lot going on the first night so I never got a chance to sleep. Because of Owen’s size they needed to do a little blood prick test to see his sugar levels. If he had two readings over 50 he was good to go. But of course my big would get a 55 the first time then 45 the second. This went on all day and all night. Finally after we increased his feeding by 6am (almost 24 hours later) he had two good readings. It was a relief.  So all night we did a feeding, diaper, prick and them had to start over again. Plus I was getting my vitals, incision checked, and other stuff done non stop. It was a long night but we survived.  The nurse also made me get out of bed and into a chair for 10 minutes.  Joey stayed with me every night to help when I needed him.
By 7am the next morning things were back into full swing. The sun was up, I was texting home to see how the big brothers were doing and the doctors were coming in for their rounds!  By mid morning my IV was done, my catheter was out and I was allowed to get up and start moving. Csection recovery is not easy.  You have a very major surgery and then you are forced to move and get up and oh yeah here’s a 1 day old baby that you need to care for.  Now I wouldn’t change any of my deliveries because I did need csections for all three but it is very hard for me to recover. I hate that I can’t just get up when he cries. I can’t move around to change the diaper or get his bottle. I do miss out a lot the first week. But thankfully Joey is here and just loves his snuggle time with him (he doesn’t like the 3am wakeup times so much) but once he’s awake Joey just adores him! It’s sweet. I have had to ask him a few times to pass the baby over to me. He can be a little bit of a baby hog. But I’m not complaining! I’m glad that they have their moments together bonding.

Wednesday was another busy one. My mom headed home but my inlaws will be here a few more days to help out with the boys. Thank goodness for wonderful family members! It’s been a great help do I can have Joey here with me and Owen. My sister came to to meet Owen on Wednesday.  Plus she got the lucky job of helping me shower and get dressed in some real clothes!!  Lucky her! Oh and of course Owen peed and pooped all over her. It was quite amusing.


My good friend Jen also came to visit us on Wednesday.  Jen is also Owen’s godmother. We have known each other for about 5 years now and she got a chance to squeeze her godson. She even changed his stinky diaper for me! What a trooper. Oh and you may remember Jen from some of my previous posts. She is an awesome photographer (Photography by Jen Davis). She snapped off some gorgeous pictures of Owen. You can check some of them out over at her website. Just click here! But stay tuned. I hope to get a post up this week of all her gorgeous photos that she took of Owen and the boys!

After Jen left Joey arrived with his dad and Ben. So we finally had all 3 boys together in one room. The boys weren’t as interested in Owen tonight. Joeys dad got his snuggle time in with the little guy while the boys entertained themselves with my dinner tray and computers. As you can see by this picture they were so happy to see Owen!


After a nice visit everyone left to go back home while Owen and I had some one on one time. I was feeling good from my meds and was able to change him  and cuddle until Joey got back later that night.


Overall, things did go pretty well.  Of all three of my csections, this one was probably the least dramatic (for me and my anxiety).  Despite my painful recovery everyone is doing beautifully.  The hospital and staff were awesome. The food was pretty good and did I mention that everyday at 3pm the ice cream cart makes its rounds. Yummy hand dipped ice cream. Such a wonderful afternoon treat.


So there’s Owen’s birth story.  It’s been a crazy 2 weeks and I really hope to get some new posts up soon.  I have some topics I wanted to discuss about csections, not breastfeeding and other fun stuff.  Oh and I definitely want to share with you all my gorgeous photos of Owen!!  So check back in.  I know that I have been missing in action on here the last few months but I am trying to get back into the swing of things again! 
Remember you can always follow me on Facebook and Instagram for any new pics of Owen!

Baby Update – Week 31

Number of Weeks: 31 weeks, 9 to go!

31 weeks

photo 1

Doctor Updates: No real updates this week. Everything is still moving along normally. I go back to the OBGYN next week.

How I’m Feeling: Well today I can say that I feel OK. If you had asked me on Saturday or Sunday it would have been a different story. The baby was sitting in such a way that I could not move without being in excruciating pain. It was horrible. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t stand and the worst part was trying to get up to walk from my chair. But it seems that late last night the baby may have shifted just enough for me to have some relief. I was using ice packs to help ease the pain {so maybe he shifted because it was starting to get a little cold}.

Mini Babymoon: Well not really but it’s a weekend away without the boys before the little guy arrives.  Joey’s good friend is getting married this weekend and it just happens to be out 10 year anniversary on Friday so we are making the trip down to Virginia for the wedding.  It’s going to be a long car ride for me so on the way down we are spending Friday night in DC for our anniversary.  Then Saturday we will finish the trek down to Virginia for the wedding.  Then Sunday will be a day spent traveling back to New Jersey!  I am not sure if my husband realizes that taking a 7 month pregnant woman on a road trip is going to be easier without the kids.  Hahaha I am going to have to stop to use the bathroom a lot more than those boys {and this mama doesn’t pee on the side of the road}.

Names: Still no final decision.  Maybe we will just decide when we meet him.

Delivery Date: I have my delivery date scheduled but I’m still not telling you!

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Thank you guys so much for your support.  I absolutely love blogging about my life {even if it’s boring}. I love having this website to document all of the craziness that goes on in my household.  I love being able to look back at pictures and laugh after reading about something that I completely forgot about.  But the fact that other people come to my page and want to read it too is amazing to me!  Thanks again!!!

PS.  ROYAL BABY TALK…. I know that I am going to look that freaking awesome when I leave the hospital 4 days after giving birth to this little guy.  NOT. I am happy to see that Kate still had a bump, I was expecting her to have a flat stomach and wearing a tight dress! She is normal!!!!!!  And I love the fact that she sat in the back seat when the hubby and proud father drove them back to their house {castle}.  See they are just like us {except for that whole King thing}.


Baby Update – Week 20

Yeah, I have finally hit the half way mark! It feels like I have already been pregnant forever but at least I am half way done.  Only 20 more weeks {okay most likely 19} until I meet this little guy.   Hurry up already!  Everyone that’s a mom to their 2nd or 3rd always says that they forget they are pregnant and the weeks just fly by — why do I not feel that way? Maybe it’s the heat and the humidity but I am reminded every second of every day that I am pregnant.

Number of Weeks: 20 Weeks

photo (14)

MRI Update: Well I finally got my results back from my MRI. Negative! Thank goodness I have nothing to worry about in my head.  I was pretty nervous about getting these results but I am thankful that there is nothing out of the ordinary going on that would cause my headaches and facial numbness.  So now I get to blame all of these things on my unborn child! Sweet!

Doctor Updates: No real update. The baby is the perfect size and his heartbeat is right around 145 {which is where all the boys heart rates were throughout the pregnancy}.  I don’t go back again until the first week in August.  Then I’ll get my orders for the glucose test as well as the prescription for my Rh shot!  I did have my first real weight gain this past visit.  About 5lbs over the past month. I knew that was coming because I have been eating sooooo much ice cream and snacks!  Now I just have to keep an eye on it so I don’t gain another 5 this month. Oh but my face is filling out just nicely. It’s now nice and round.

I do go on Monday for my next ultrasound.  I need to go back for a few more pictures of the baby’s heart.  Nothing was wrong with it, they just couldn’t get him to sit still long enough to do their measurements! Hopefully I will get a few more pictures of the boy without a name to share with you all.

I don’t think that I have any more updates to report.  I haven’t bought anything else and I haven’t found a name for the little man yet so no news there!!!!

I hope to have a quick update later from our weekend in Hershey, PA.

Baby Update: Week 18

We  have had such a busy week around here that I haven’t had a moment to blog. I hope to get a new one up for you tomorrow with some updates on the boys! But for today I’m just going to post a quick baby update (and then my Throwback Thursday post).

Number of Weeks: 18 weeks, 2 days


Doctor Updates: I have my 20 week ultrasound on Monday so I can’t wait to see how the little guy is growing. I should have some pictures of him to share as well.  I also have my 20 week OB visit Next week. I will only be 19 weeks but my doctor is on vacation the following week.  It should be another quick visit! I just love hearing his heartbeat!!!

I have also been playing phone tag with my neurologist so no updates on the MRI. I am assuming if it was bad they would have called. But this office is a little crazy so she probably hasn’t looked at it yet.

Baby Names: Nothing yet! We still haven’t come close on picking yet. I have names and Joey has names but we don’t share any (yet). We have picked {and asked} the godparents but no names yet!!! Ahhhhh!!!! I need to get a name soon so I can start ordering some personalized stuff!!!

Baby Gear: so I have been shopping like crazy the past two weeks. I told you I wanted to get everything done by the end of summer!!!! The stroller and car seat came in so I tested them out on Sean (well just the stroller). I love it!! Plus I know the hubby will too. He’s pretty tall and always complained how low the stroller handles are — well this one is pretty high! He should be happy.  And how cute is Sean?? He looks so tall and grown up in this picture. I can’t believe that he is going to be four in August.


I have picked up a ton of odds and ends as well. I picked up a bath tub, a space saver high chair as well as the changing pad and cover.  I also bought a ton of clothes! I am so happy that I was able to get my hands on some Ralph Lauren outfits. I really do miss working there!!!


All I really need to get now is a playmat, my crib and some new crib sheets. The rest will just be little odds and ends. I did stumble upon this awesome seat at Buy, Buy Baby. I really wish that I had an extra $240 because this seat is freaking awesome.  It’s from 4moms and this seat does everything.  Ahhhh if only!!  I guess my kid will survive without it!



Alright! That’s it for this week. I hope that everyone has a wonderful July 4th holiday! I’m off to a BBQ plus I get to see my little Ben tonight. He’s been spending his time in the country at my inlaws. It’s his first time away from home and he’s been having a blast, but I can’t wait to squeeze him.

Baby Update: Week #15

Alright so I am now at 15 weeks and I already feel like I should be at 30 based on my size and my body aches.  I swear this is the worst pregnancy thus far because of my old body! I have leg pain, back pain, headaches, etc… You name it, I have felt it.

Number of Weeks: 15 Weeks (ignore the goofball smile on my face, not sure what I was doing here but I just woke up 10 minutes before).


Sex of the Baby: It’s a Boy!  I am officially going to be a mom of three boys! One of these guys better like football or I’m going to move!  I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I am having yet another boy.  I knew deep down that I would have one so it really isn’t a huge surprise!

Baby Gear: Okay the stroller and carseat have been purchased.  I decided to go with the Britax B-Ready Stroller and the B-Safe Car Seat.

britax-slate-427 britax-black-277

Shopping:  So I finally broke down and bought a few things.  I was walking through Kohl’s and just happened to go through the baby department.  Show me a cute onsie and I’m done! I had to pick up a couple of things.  Not too much though, I do have to go through what I already have before I start buying more clothes.

NamesWe have nothing yet.  This is going to take awhile!

So there are a few updates for this week!   Thanks for checking in!  Next week I am going to show you what the nursery looks like.  It’s not pretty!


Week In Review: Week of April 29th

Happy Saturday everyone! I know that it’s been a crazy few weeks here at Erin the Irish Mama. I have been super busy with the kids and life! I know that I have been slacking on some of my posts and I do apologize. But I am so happy to introduce the new blog design to you all. I worked with Andrea from A Kay Web Design on the new website. I found a great template and she made all the changes for me to make it a little more “Irish”. She also did the blog transfer for me. I have officially left blogger and moved the blog over to WordPress. I started off at WordPress a long, long time ago but thought Blogger had more to offer. Well I am back and so far I am happy! I can actually do blog posts and editing right from my iPad. Summertime is coming which means I may not be blogging as often. I still hope to get your at least 4-5 posts a week but I will admit that having the boys home all summer is going to cut into my blogging time. I mean they are going to want me to pay attention to them! Kids, so demanding! But I promise you that I will still be here posting all the craziness just not 7 days a week like I was doing!

Okay so enough about me, let’s get you caught up on this week.

Monday 04/29/13
Yes, I Am Alive! See guys, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. I have just been extremely busy and as always family life comes before blogging life! But I couldn’t leave you guys for long. Here’s a bit of what has consumed my past 2 weeks!


Tuesday 04/30/13
Today I wanted to share with you a great new gift that I received for a review. I was given a fun 17 Piece Children’s Baking Set from ProCook. The kids and I decided to bake some cookies with the new set! They loved the toddler sized kitchen utensils! The mini rolling pin was a hit! If your kids love backing, you should really check out my giveaway! You can win your very own ProCook Children’s Baking Set. Just click here!

photo 2

Wednesday 05/01/13
Happy May Day! Oh yeah and it’s Wordless Wednesday too! I have been thinking about the summer a lot now that the weather is FINALLY warming up on the East Coast. I shared with you all a bunch of pictures of the boys and their many summertime adventures. We try to pack as much fun into the summer as we can! I think that the boys always have a great time!


Thursday 05/02/13
It’s Throwback Thursday! I thought I would show you an older picture of myself without any hair. I was a baldy for quite a few years. My kids were both bald for the first year of their life as well. Now you know where they get it from. I am just happy that they started growing hair!

erin pic

Friday 05/03/13
Today is Finish the Sentence Friday! This week’s question was “If I were stuck on an island, I would like to have”. Click here to see what is a MUST for me when deserted on an island.


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Yes, I Am Alive!

Hello everyone! Yes, I am alive.  I can’t believe how busy the past two weeks have been for me. I am so sorry for not getting my blog posts up regularly.  We went on vacation, I had my mother/daughter weekend at the spa and then a few of us were sick.  So it’s been non-stop here in our household.  I just didn’t have the energy to blog at all.  Sorry!!!  Are you ready for one of my longest blog posts in history? Okay I know some of you will just look at the pictures but that’s okay.  I am trying to cram 2 1/2 weeks of family stuff into one giant post.
So where do I start?  Two weekends ago we headed out on our road trip to North Carolina and Virginia to visit some friends.  The car ride down to North Carolina actually went pretty smoothly.  The boys were entertained with movies, snacks, crayons and various other little toys.  My husband hid angry birds around the car, the kids sang some songs to us, they fought a bunch of times and they laughed a little too.  We stopped for the bathroom a few times, we stopped for gas, hash browns and ice cream. But overall the kids did great.  I was in complete shock.  We spent about 8 hours in the car on Saturday and we were so happy when we finally arrived at our friends house at almost 4pm.
We had a great two days catching up with everyone.  It had been way too long so there was a lot to chat about.  The boys had a great time playing with our friends kids and they especially loved the huge backyard and trampoline!  The kids bonded over their love for Angry Birds!
On Monday morning we packed up and started on our next drive over to Radford, Virgina.  This is where my husband went to college.  It was a rainy, overcast drive but by the time we arrived, it was pretty nice out!  We stopped off at one of my husbands college hangouts, Macado’s, for some lunch.  The boys were pretty wound up from the car ride so they didn’t want to sit for long.
We strolled around campus, hit up the book store and walked through some buildings so my hubby could reminisce about the “good old days”.  The boys had a blast running around with all of the college kids.  Things were going great until Ben found out that he is going to college one day and started to freak out.  He was so upset and said he didn’t want to go because mommy and daddy wouldn’t be there.  He asked a million questions and I think he would have had a panic attack if we didn’t change the subject.  Poor kid!
Hanging out at the Radford University bookstore! They were excited to get new Angry Birds.
Walking with daddy around campus.
After walking around Radford for a few hours, we got in the car and headed over to visit Virginia Tech {it was the day before the anniversary of the mass killings}. It was around this time that I started getting updates about the Boston bombings.  I was listening to some of the horrifying news stories.  Such a tragic event….
We didn’t get out at VT because the kids were getting hungry and were a bit tired of sitting in the car.  Sean actually fell asleep for a bit.  But I finally got to see what the campus looked like!
We headed to the hotel to get some rest for the night before our trip home the next day.  The boys enjoyed their new angry birds goods and some pizza!
Here’s a picture of the hotel bar!
Sean’s hotel room artwork!  The Super 8 inspired him to make this masterpiece.

Well we spent the night in Radford and woke up the next morning for our LONG car ride home.  And when I say long, I mean LONG!!!  It was quite an adventure.  The kids weren’t as interested in their games and toys, the TV wasn’t as exciting and they had to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes.  We would drive past and exit and no one had to go but within 2 minutes everyone had to go.  I think that we stopped at every gas station known to man in Virginia! We finally took a lunch break at Mrs. Rowe’s, where the boys enjoyed yet another meal of chicken fingers, fries and ice cream   After we got stuck in DC / Baltimore traffic it was smooth sailing to my moms house in Delaware.  We stopped there for a quick bite to eat and to stretch our legs before we headed back to NJ.

Overall the boys did wonderful! Yes, they had their moments but we survived.  No one jumped out of the car, no one got left behind in the hotel and Ben sure as heck didn’t enroll in college!

It was a quick week after we got back.  The kids had school Wed-Friday and then Saturday morning it was my time for some relaxation. Joey dropped me off at my moms house and he took the boys down to visit with his parents.  My mom, sister, niece and myself headed up to The Hotel Hershey & Spa.  God, I love that place so much.  It was a quick trip this time {just one night} but we made the most of it.  We have already done most of the stuff around Hershey so this time we really just stuck to the hotel grounds.  We all went down to the spa for some of our treatments.  I absolutely LOVED my massage! This is only the second massage that I have ever had and it was absolutely divine. I think next time I might splurge and either get a longer one or a cocoa one.
I love the chocolate bar at check-in!
After we all got pampered and relaxed, we went to Harvest for a delicious dinner.  Mmmmm cheesesteak fries!  They are so delicious and they better have them again next year when we go back!  We went to bed early, woke up for some more spa treatments before we packed up and hit the Chocolate Factory for some presents and lunch!
I honestly did not want to leave this spot on my bed – EVER!
The gorgeous view from our bathroom!
Ahhh quiet time at the spa!
After lunch at Chocolate World,  it was time to head home BOO!!!  Plus I knew I was going to be in for a rough couple of days when I got home.  Joey informed me that Sean had a fever and was sick the entire time that I was gone.  Sure enough he ran a fever for the next 2 days.  He missed school on Monday but was fine on Tuesday & Wednesday.  Then of course he woke up Thursday morning and couldn’t walk and he had a rash all over his body.  I went into panic mode… I mean my kids have had viruses but when your son can’t even stand up or walk it’s a bit terrifying.  Thankfully he was okay.  It was probably Fifths disease but by Friday he was fine.  A few doses of Motrin and the kid was back to walking and running and riding his bike.  Thank goodness!
This past weekend was a pretty busy one too!  Saturday we played outside all morning.  Joey cleaned up the yard and the boys rode their bikes around the neighborhood.   They were both so exhausted that they took 2 1/2 hour naps! What? Why don’t they ever do that for me during the week?   After naps, we headed over to our friends house for some great food and conversation!  I took the boys home while the rest of the adults watched a movie {well I think a few people actually slept through it – not naming any names – JOEY}.
Sunday, the boys got new haircuts, we all went to the gym for a quick workout, then we headed over to Great Adventure to get our new Season Pass IDs.  We had to stand in line for over an hour to get the passes so we didn’t go on too many rides today but we have all summer long to do that.  Here’s to another summer of sweating in a theme park! I can’t wait.   Look how cute and crazy they look in their pictures!
 Ben’s prize and our new drink cups for the season!!!!!

And that brings us to the end of my two weeks! Did you survive this post? Who is still here? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?   I don’t know if I have ever written something so long in my life {besides my high school term paper on the Elizabethan Era}.  Thanks for sticking by me while I took a brief hiatus!  I hope to be back regularly this week!  I have to get back into the swing of things!

Oh and I have a few fun product reviews to share with you too!  So please be on the lookout for those! Oh and one other thing…. I have a new blog design coming soon! I am working with Andrea at AKay Web Design. The new page is coming along quite nicely! Oh and I will be making the switch from Blogger to WordPress too!
Have a great week everyone!!!

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