Owen Thomas – 8 Months Old

Only 4 more months of formula! WAHOO {I am typing this as tears stream down my face}. My baby boy is growing up way too quickly. I cannot believe that he is 8 months. 4 more and he is going to be 1. I just can’t even think about that right now or I will be curled up in a ball on the floor crying hysterically. There’s just something about knowing that this is going to be the last of everything. No more babies so I am trying to savor and enjoy every moment with this guy.

IMG_8974    IMG_8982

Seriously, I still think of little Owen like this:

IMG_3938    IMG_3960

oh and this:

Owen fresh 48_16   Owen Newborn14

Photo Credit: Photography by Jen Davis

But now that he is 8 months old, he looks a lot more like this

IMG_8799    IMG_8659

So what has this little man been up to the past few weeks? Well let’s see. He now has two bottom teeth and a few more are trying to come through. He has a few grumpy days when his teeth hurt but other than that he has no issues. The drooling has slowed down a bit thank goodness because he was a soggy mess all day long.


He said his first word a few weeks ago! Thankfully I recorded it!  Of course it was dada.  You know the guy who isn’t getting up with the kid twice a night?! Dads always get the first word! But that’s okay Owen calls me dada all day long so the word really doesn’t connect yet!


He has been doing awesome with his rolling and sitting up. He doesn’t really fall over anymore when he’s sitting — except if he reaches too far for a toy. He hasn’t started crawling yet but I know that it’s coming soon. The past two days he has been getting up on all fours and rocking. Oh he definitely has the backwards scoot down now. I will set him on the floor with his toys to play while I clean or cook and I will look over and the kid is half way across the room. It’s almost time for baby gates and baby proofing! AHHHH I am so not ready for that. I feel like I finally just got all of that stuff put away from Sean and it’s already coming back out. So just a warning if you are coming to my house. I apologize if you have to go through 2 gates, a door knob lock and a toliet lock just to get to the bathroom!

Owen also had his first beach day last weekend.  We drove to Avalon for the day and he enjoyed every minute of it.  It was his first time in the sand and ocean.  It was the first time he ate sand too!  He loved the beach and smiled the entire time!

 IMG_4232    IMG_4244

  IMG_4250     IMG_4251 IMG_4262     IMG_8837IMG_8820

He also had his first taste of ice cream at Springers in Stone Harbor and sat in a high chair for the first time!

IMG_8854    IMG_8859

Then it was off to the park in Avalon for some swing time.  He loved it of course! Seriously this kid is ALWAYS SMILING!!!


So we have had some wonderful times with this kid! He truly is a blessing to our family. I didn’t think that I was going to have a third kid and now I cannot imagine my life without him.  He just warms my heart up each and every day.



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Wordless Wednesday – Avalon Edition

I finally uploaded the rest of my iPhone pictures to my computer so get ready for a photo dump here!  If you want to see some of the other beach pictures that I snapped of the boys, then click here to view my post from yesterday!

We have arrived!

photo 5

Sunday – Checking out the beach for the first time this summer.  Ahhh, I finally got my feet in the sand {yes, I know that I am pale}.

IMG_0006  IMG_0003

975027_585357844819002_625962034_n   983451_585364271485026_929292083_n936270_585425874812199_267925201_n

960896_585648248123295_646898305_n   986617_585648078123312_174805029_n

Ben was a little chilly on the beach but he still had a blast.  Sean, well he is just like a little old man sitting in his chair watching the waves roll in.  Love that kid.


photo 4

Sunday night we went to my Aunt & Uncle’s beach house on the bay of Stone Harbor for a wonderful dinner and great conversation. Oh and this was the same shore house that Taylor Swift used to spend her summers in and her dad still owns it.   Pretty cool.


photo 3 (1)

Ben is so silly and so freaking cute!



Then it was time to catch some frogs!

IMG_0024   IMG_0025

Monday we headed back to the beach and filled our buckets with tons of water & sand

IMG_0029   IMG_0038

Tuesday was my belly shot day! Officially 14 weeks!


Tuesday night we headed out to dinner at The Circle Tavern.  Always a great meal here!


IMG_0063   photo 1 (7)

After dinner, Sean passed out on the car ride home. Ben was lucky and got a few minutes at the park with daddy.

975045_586673371354116_701298083_n   960872_586673448020775_1281503375_n

Wednesday morning we had a delicious breakfast at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House!  Yummy. Yes, Sean is wearing the same shirt that he wore at dinner the night before – don’t ask!


Then it was back to the beach for a few hours of sunshine!

Sean was so cold but was determined to eat his snack! Silly boy!


Just rolling around in the sand!






We pretty much had the beach all to ourselves most of the week!



A little selfie.  I never do this but I really liked my hair that day!


Thursday was another wonderful beach day! The rain came in late in the afternoon but we were able to squeeze in a few hours under the sun before we decided it was a little too windy & chilly.



Sean and I decided that just because neither one of us could drink wine we would toast our water in fancy plastic wine glasses! Cheers!! Oh and yes, I had to addt hat second picture in there! He looks trashed! He has the best facial expressions!

IMG_0147   IMG_0149

Friday was a wash from the rain so we just went to Stone Harbor and did some shopping {after another great breakfast at Bill’s Pancase House of course}.

This is what washed us off the beach on Friday night.  New Jersey is under there somewhere!


Saturday morning we packed up the van and said goodbye to Avalon.  We hope to visit a few times this summer but can’t wait to spend another week there next year! I just love this family tradition!!!


When we got home I realized how much I missed my own shower! But I would do anything to spend my summers down the shore!  I’m still trying to find a way to make this happen!


Avalon… In Pictures

I like to do my annual beach photo shoot but this year I could not get my good camera to work so I used my mom’s little camera. I also didn’t have good lighting this year. Due to the expected rain, we had to move it to the morning and the sun was just a little too bright for the boys. We have a lot of squinting and closed eyes. Oh and they were NOT in the mood for pictures {especially Ben}, so I couldn’t get as many shots as I wanted. Oh well, I was still able to get some cute pictures of the boys.

DSC00188   DSC00192

DSC00195  DSC00200


DSC00204  DSC00215

Is he deep in thought or just mad at me for taking pictures?



DSC00219  DSC00220

This one picture cracks me up. Ben was crying because of the sun and Sean was holding himself because he had to pee! Nice one boys!


The one photo I have with me and the boys!


DSC00228   DSC00234





Stay tuned this week for a few more pictures! I am trying to go through the ones on my iPhone.

Wordless Wednesday

AHHHHH relaxation! There’s nothing better than a little R&R down at the shore {yes, I am officially New Jersey now, I said the shore and not the beach}!!!


Talk to you guys soon!

Baby Update: Week #14

Even though I am sitting here relaxing on a beach, I thought that I would give you guys the latest and greatest on baby #3.  I am having a great time with my family in Avalon and I do miss you all. I hope that you have enjoyed some of my picture updates on Instagram and Facebook page.  If you don’t follow me on those pages, be sure to head over there now!!!!

Number of Weeks: 14 Weeks


Weight Gain / Changes: So I haven’t really gained a ton of weight.  During the first few weeks of my pregnancy, I actually lost about 6-7 pounds but I have been slowly gaining it back.  Not to say that I am not already HUGE.  I started showing with Ben right around 12 weeks and with Sean at about 8 weeks.  This little baby has been kind to mommy and I didn’t pop until I hit 12 weeks.  But when I popped, I popped! I already feel huge and I still have 26 weeks to go!

Cravings / Adversions:  I am still craving everything greasy right now.  Plus I want everything that I am not supposed to have during pregnancy.  I want a large turkey sandwich {can’t have lunchmeat}, with a hot dog on the side and I want to wash it all down with an ice cold pint of beer!  AHHHH! Hey if that’s my biggest complaint this pregnancy {not drinking} then I will be okay!

Sex of the Baby: Sooooo… You are all dying to know, right? Well I finally found out what we are having! But…. You will have to wait a little bit longer until I share the news with you.  Yes, I like to torture my loyal readers but giving them cliffhangers!  So keep checking back, I will be revealing it to you all this week!!!  Is it a boy? Is it a girl? You will just have to wait and see.



Vacation….Jersey Shore Style

So we leave tomorrow for a week at the shore! I can’t wait!  New Jersey has been through so much since Hurricane Sandy but like the Governor and President said “We are Stronger Than the Storm”.


But don’t worry, I will be posting next week. I have some posts that are scheduled and ready to go.  Plus I will be writing one or two posts to share with you all while I am down the shore.  I will definitely have my Wordless Wednesday, ThrowBack Thursday and Finish the Sentence Friday posts.   I may also have a post that will reveal the sex of the baby{no I don’t know yet but soon}.   I also have a great sponsor to share with you.  So don’t go anywhere!!!!

Oh and if you want to see some pictures of us down the shore, make sure that you follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I am sure that I will be posting obsessively on those two sites!  Check them out now!!!


Have a great week everyone!