Yes, I Cheated…

On the 21 Day Fix that is… not on the husband!

I have had a rough few days with the kids and like I said before I am an emotional eater.  Well once I dropped the not so sweet angels off at the bus stop and at school I came home and had some cold pizza.  For some reason I cannot stop eating pizza. It’s my weakness. Even cold DiGiorno pizza {It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno}.

unnamed (2)

It happens but I am going to pick myself back up and keep on going.  One rough day is not going to stop me.  That’s what I am trying to learn in this whole process. Not to let one slip up derail my whole day, which turns into a week then a month.  I won’t let it stop me from reaching my goal… which is hitting my goal weight {18lbs to go} and wearing a cute white top that doesn’t show a saggy muffin top.  I want to feel more comfortable in my skin.

This picture was 3 years ago and I liked my body then. I felt good then. I want to be there again.

05.28.10 -06.04.10Avalon NJ (22)  IMG_0857

So I think for lunch I will have another awesome shake and reflect on why I’m eating the cold pizza.  One of my Beachbody coaches {hey Nikki} suggested on our Facebook page that when you cheat, it may be because you are bored.  So maybe I am just bored eating the same foods and I need to go through the 21 Day Fix book again and reboot my meals.  I have been eating the same things for almost 2 1/2 months now.  So maybe I need to switch.  Also, after this round I need to get a new workout routine. I love the programs in there but it’s good to switch it up. I keep going back and forth on what I want to try so today my goal is to figure out AND ORDER my next fitness program!!!!!!

unnamed (1)

Well gang, the weekend is here.  Spring Break is starting today when those kids get out of school.  So say a prayer that we all make it through the next week without going off the plan and my exercise routine.  We will be spending some days down in Delaware and I know I will be packing my containers, my shakes and my videos.  Just because I am in a different state doesn’t mean that I can’t continue to reach my goals.

Sooooo are you willing to give it a try? Summer is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!! Do you want to feel comfortable in your swimsuit? I know that I want to not hide under my towel when I’m sitting on the beach this summer and I am going to continue to keep moving!  How about you join me and we can hold each other accountable? I have a great team that I work with and you can too.   Plus there are some great deals right now on a few programs that can help you reach those goals!

If you want to know what Beachbody or the 21 Day Fix is all about please drop me a quick email, call me, visit my Facebook page or just run on over and check out my Beachbody Website.

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21 Day Fix Mission Complete: Round 1

So I officially finished the 21 Day Fix.

Was it easy?  No, not everyday was a walk in the park, but it was totally worth it.


Lost 13lbs

3 1/2″ from my waist
1 1/2″ from each of my thighs
2″ from my hips
4″ from my bust {don’t worry I can afford to lose the weight there}
12 1/2″ overall lost!

How awesome is that? All in 3 weeks!

Would I do it again? Yes, I am glad that you asked because I am doing it again right now. I went right back into the program and I am now almost at the halfway point of round two.  I decided that I am not taking any measurements until the end this time because I don’t want to worry about what the scale is saying.  I am going on how I feel.  I need to make it more about my new lifestyle, not about weight loss.  Yes, I am doing this to shred those pounds but I am also doing it to make HUGE changes in my eating.

I definitely want/need to lose more and the 21 Day Fix has been a fun and exciting path for me. It gave me the jumpstart that I needed to get healthy again. I have enjoyed the meal plans and the portion containers.  I knew that I was overeating but to see how much was shocking.  I have skipped all of the horrible snacks {like my chips and dips and snacks} and I have not had one bit of fast food in over 30 days!  That’s huge for me.  As much as I still want some of the junk food, l I am trying my best to walk away. I know that they make me feel horrible and not worth it.  I don’t even have them in the house anymore {except for the kids snacks – which I am slowly trying to improve as well}. I threw out an entire container of onion dip last week because I knew it would be too tempting.  It was left over from a party that we had and I knew that I just had to get rid of it. I know that what I am doing is the right thing. I even went to a St. Patrick’s Day party this past weekend and I stayed away from the chips and the cheese doodles. I didn’t even touch the hot dogs or the corned beef and cabbage. I had a nice turkey wrap and just enjoyed chatting with my husband and friends.   It was a struggle but I did it and I felt great. I even came home and did my exercises for the day.  I didn’t let the party interfere with my health.

And what has shocked me the most is that I actually enjoy Shakeology. That was one of my biggest fears is that I would not enjoy the shakes.  But they are DELICIOUS!!!!  I wake up in the morning craving my chocolate shake with banana and peanut butter! YUMMY! I have even encouraged my husband to take on a healthier lifestyle.  He just started doing Shakeology and really does enjoy it as well.  He took his bag to work and will have his shakes there.

Now it wasn’t always a walk in the park.  Did I mess up at all. You betcha. I had more wine than I should {umm hello! I am a mom of three boys here}. I had a little bit of pizza but I always, always worked out. In the 31 days that I have been doing the program I have only missed one Yoga exercise.  I made up for it the next day by doubling up on a few others! Another thing that I started doing recently was adding the 10 minute ab exercise into my routine.  My stomach is my huge issue {3 c-sections in less than 6 years} but I can definitely see a huge difference and I want to see more changes.  I have noticed some toning in my obliques but I still have this bump of fat that I MUST get rid of.  I am working on it.

I am also so much more flexible now and I am able to do more exercises without modifying the moves.  I still struggle with planks and the core exercises but I am getting so much better each and every day.  I also just graduated to heavier weights to help tone some more.  I am pretty weak since I was not an exercise person so I started out with very small weights! But I will keep increasing them as I chug along.   I also live in a townhouse so I don’t have a ton of space.  See pictures below to view my gym.  Space is not an excuse.  I just shove all the baby items to one side and get moving.  I even work out with my husband and/or a kid sitting on the couch!

unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

Not only have I changed my lifestyle over the past month but I have made a ton of new friends who are so supportive and encouraging.  I actually enjoy being challenged everyday to make the right decisions. I even signed up as a coach so I could possible help or inspire others on their own weight loss / healthy lifestyle goals.   I love chatting with friends {old and new} about what they are doing to stay healthy.  What programs have worked for them and which ones that they want to try next.

What am I going to do after I finish this round? Well, I will definitely continue with the shakes.  That is just going to be a new part of my life. I may not always have them for my breakfast but they will be part of my daily routine.

I haven’t decided my next challenge yet but I am chatting with my coach about it. I will post as soon as I decide my next challenge group. I really hope that you guys join me on this journey.  You can really try out anything from the 21 Day Fix to the Ultimate Reset to P90X or Insanity.  You can even just try the Shakeology.  There is so much to pick and choose from. You can customize it to YOU! That’s what is so awesome about Beachbody.  Plus at the end of May there is going to be a new release from Chalene Johnson called PiYo. It will be a combination of the best moves from pilates and yoga! I can’t wait. CLICK HERE and enter your email address so you can be one of the first to know about PiYo.

So are you ready to make a change in your life? I was the queen of excuses but I finally threw them all away and got up off of the couch and started my life over!  If you want to know what Beachbody or the 21 Day Fix is all about please drop me a quick email, call me, visit my Facebook page or just run on over and check out my Beachbody Website.

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A Few Updates….. Hey I’m Trying!

Okay so a little note before reading this blog post! I started it a month ago. It’s in multiple parts and I tried to piece it all together for you! What can I say it’s a madhouse around here and I am trying to type posts when I get a minute or two alone.

Wednesdsay, January 29th

My life has been so consumed with the three boys that I have not had a second to write some blog posts about the boys and our lives lately. I really want to get back into writing on here and back into the bloggy world but my brain is still foggy.  Blogging is an awesome outlet for me being at home with the boys.  I love sharing all of the crazy drama that is my life!  For example I am sitting here watching the guys from Stanley Steemer clean my carpets because Ben had a bloody nose two weeks ago and walked all over the house in the middle of the night dripping blood everywhere.  My bathroom (thank god for tile) looked like a murder scene.  It’s crazy what a little blood from a 6 year old boys nose can do! But my carpets look gorgeous again!

It’s been a crazy few months now that I have the three boys.  We are still trying to figure out a routine {is that even possible}? I have gotten down the routine of packing lunches, laying out the clothes, packing book bags and doing homework.  We even have worked out a little system with my friend Wendi on getting Ben to karate!  But the bedtime routine, Oh that dreaded bedtime routine DOES NOT EXIST! I try my best to do baths, books, and bed. But I have one kid afraid of being alone, another who still needs to cuddle and a third one who picks that time of night to scream his head off.  It’s just mass chaos around here between 6:30-9:00pm.  I do it all by myself most nights and I am still struggling to figure it all out.  But we are doing it somehow? It may not be quiet or sane but I get them to sleep … most nights!

Thursday, January 30th

Last night I actually registered Sean for Kindergarten. I cannot believe that my baby {oh wait he is now the middle child} will be headed off to Kindergarten.  He will be riding the bus with Ben and will be forced to grow up.  I am happy and sad about it all.  I am happy that he is going off to school and I will get just a few more hours a week as a break but I am going to miss his sweet, smiling face {in between all of the I hate you mommy comments}.

Saturday, February 15th

Wow it’s been over two weeks since I started this post.  Ahhh sorry guys! I know that I blogged a bit about my newest health and fitness plan.  If you haven’t read it, you can check it out here. I start on Monday so I hope to update you this week with my progress! I need to take my before pictures, my before measurements and of course my before weight! Ahh I think that I will pour a large glass of wine before I step on that scale.  Oh wait I should drink it after I step off the scale .. every ounce matters!

The boys have been pretty great with Owen.  I have only  had a few incidents. Sean is so in love with him and is such a great helper.  He loves holding Owen’s bottle and throwing his diapers in the trash.  Sean will sing to him and try to make Owen laugh.  Ben loves to read to Owen. Just tonight he read the entire Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham to him.  Owen was mesmorized {as was I} with Ben’s awesome reading skills.  Ben has come so far this year with his reading! Every day I am more and more impressed.

Last week we finally celebrated Ben’s birthday with a few of his friends.  It was crazy and chaotic but a great time.  Ben was happy so that made me happy.  His behavior during December was pretty out there so I told him that he couldn’t have a huge party at some expensive place. So we had a smaller one at home with pizza and cupcakes and a few kids! Of course it was Star Wars themed — which is his latest phase!


Last night Ben’s bus had a little incident and it seemed to have “disappeared” for 2 hours.  It was quite scary and there was no communication between the bus company, the school or the parents.  Finally parents called the cops and after 2 scary hours his bus showed up with a police escort.  It was a pretty traumatizing situation for me! Ben didn’t notice at all. He said he never realized that he was on the bus for so long and that the substitute driver got lost. It’s a good thing that he didn’t have to go to the bathroom or he would have noticed that it took two hours to get home instead of 8 minutes!   What a Valentine’s Day!!!!

Sean has been doing pretty well too. I have his conference coming up at the end of the month and I cannot wait to hear all about his progress. I think he is doing well with his writing but his behavior is still a little bit insane. I just hope that he behaves a little better at school than he does at home.  He is still a ham and makes me laugh each and every day!  That kid will drive you to the nut house one minute but the very next minute you will want to snuggle him and never let him go.


Owen is doing great! He is eating like a champ and growing like a weed.  At his 2 month appointment he was almost 12lbs and 25″ long.  He is wearing 6 month clothes already and size 2 diapers. I swear he will be wearing 9 months pretty soon!  He is laughing a lot and babbling quite often.  The kid despises tummy time and being set down. He loves being held and snuggled {especially in my bed}.  He is getting better at going back to sleep in his crib at night.  We had a two week stretch were it took me two hours or more to get him to go back to sleep after a 3am feeding. There were a few nights that I would get him back to sleep, lay in bed and then boom five minutes later Ben and Sean were up for the day!  But it’s getting better.  Right now he is sound asleep in his Mamaroo chair and I am afraid to transfer him to the crib.

IMG_3938  IMG_4727    IMG_4792 IMG_4361IMG_4842

Well I guess that’s about it for now! Sorry for the multiple updates in one post! I am trying to get my act together I swear.  I need to start writing stuff down and then spend a few hours typing it all up for posts!  I usually end up just posting on my Facebook page or over at Instagram.

It doesn’t help that I have been trapped in my house for 2 months with all three boys. Can this snow PLEASE STOP NOW!


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Belly Pictures

I was looking through all of my pictures the other day from my pregnancy and I still can’t believe that I was carrying around a baby over 10lbs.  I thought I would put all of my stomach pictures together in one post to show everyone how large my stomach grew.  I still look like I am about 7 months pregnant and I know that this 3rd {and final} pregnancy destroyed my stomach. It’s going to take me months {probably years} to get it back in shape.  I will be joining Weight Watchers again soon and I hope to document my progress on here. I just need to get in the right frame of mind. Oh and 6 weeks later I am still trying to get my head above water with this 3 kid thing!

Here are the pictures of my belly from 13 weeks to delivery day!  Yes I know towards the end I wore the same 3 shirts but I was so big that they were the only ones that actually covered my stomach!!!

12 weeks13 weeks14 weeks15 weeks16 weeks

17 weeks18 weeks19 weeks20 weeks21 weeks22 weeks23 weeks24 weeks25 weeks26 weeks27 weeks28 weeks29 weeks30 weeks31 weeks32 weeks33 weeks34 weeks35 weeks36 weeks37 Weeks38 Weeks39 Weeks

Delivery Day Picture – 1 day shy of 40 Weeks
40 weeks
Worth every single ache, pain and stretch mark!

{image by Photography by Jen Davis}


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Am I Ready To Start Up Again? Weight Watchers Update

Okay gang, I woke up this morning very mad and upset. I think today is the day. The day that I am getting my butt back into gear and back on the weight loss plan.  I am starting my Weight Watchers again. I finally got sick and tired of the weight gain. I was doing so well and then I just lost my will power somewhere. But I am hoping that it is back! My goal now is to lose between 13-18lbs. Yes I was doing so well before but I gained about 5-7lbs back since the last time I did it.   I am still down 10lbs but my goal is to lose a total of 28lbs. 
I know that I can do it, I just need to continue to be pissed off at the number on my scale. This past weekend we had a little party at our house and for two days straight I ate complete crap. I had chips & salsa, spinach dip, Doritos, subs, beer, wine, etc. You name it, I ate it. Oh yeah and cupcakes too!  
But now my wine supply is gone (except for one bottle that I need to write a little review on for the blog) and then that’s it. I am not going to buy anymore for a little bit.  Now that’s not saying I might not have a beer or two or a glass of wine when out (I can’t give that up completely) but I have to calculate it all now in my point system. 
Oh and this Saturday I do have our neighborhood St. Patricks Day Parade and after party so I will be eating and drinking a little off my plan. I will try to stick to it as best as I can but I can’t make any promises. It’s going to be hard but I am determined. I need to lose this weight before summer. I mean my beach trip is coming up in less than 3 months! AHHHHHH. 
Plus on April 1st I will be signing up for my first 5k and I need to lose the weight and run my butt off at the gym! Otherwise I will be the girl coming in last place 2 hours after the race started!
My goal is to look a little bit more like this 

And a lot less of this
FYI – a little side note, I received one of those It Works! Body Wrap Applicators in the mail today. They are all over the Internet now and I won one in a recent contest. I don’t think I would have bought one but I was secretly dying to try it out. I will measure and take pictures (but don’t expect to see them on the Internet).  I want to see if I can tighten, tone and firm my stomach in as little as 45 minutes.  I will keep you guys posted on whether it works or if its just another scam. 
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Weekly Weight Watchers Update

Okay, I don’t even know what week I am on anymore. All I know is that I have been failing at my Weight Watchers these past few weeks. I can report that I haven’t gained anymore weight back, I am sitting at the same weight for 2 weeks now so I can’t complain (I guess). But I am not happy with myself at all. I just threw in the towel and I need to pick myself up off the floor and get my behind back in gear.

I can give you three reasons for ignoring my diet these past few weeks.

Number 1: 

Number 2:

Number 3: 

Yes, all of these beautiful drinks have been a part of my life over the past few weeks and once I have a drink or two, then I want to snack! I could have easily said no to the drinks but in this house when a new beer comes in you better drink it quickly, if not, the hubby will!  We can’t help it we like our craft beers! That’s something I can’t give up. 
I am going to pick a day real soon to get back on track. I am not in the right frame of mind and when I am not there mentally, then I know that I will fail.  It will happen soon, I know it.  I am still running at the gym (not as much as I should) but I am still doing it.  I am glad that Sean likes to go because he helps me out during the week begging to go to the gym play room.  I can’t turn him down. On the weekends my husband is my support. He gets me to the gym!!!  He goes every weekend so I might as well join him, right? 
So I know I will get there one of these days. It’s not like I can just pick a day, I have to just get so pissed off at myself or gain more weight and then I will get back on the Weight Watchers Wagon.  

Before I go and have a snack with Sean, I wanted to share a new Weight Watchers Anytime meal that I discovered on a recent trip to Target.  

Chicken Slider

Spicy Chicken Slider

Now, I know it’s not Chick-Fil-A but they are pretty darn good for being a frozen chicken sandwich.  Much better than the frozen Weight Watcher cheeseburgers.  The spicy ones were actually quite delicious. If I can use these to fight my Chick-Fil-A cravings then I might be able to get away from the fast food and get that portion of my binging under control.  They are 5 points each – not too bad for a snack in between meals or for my breakfast when I want something different than egg whites.  Now I just have to remember that the serving size is one … not two or three! Ha.

Happy Tuesday!

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All You Runners, Please Help!!!

Okay so I started running as some form of exercise about 9 months ago. I started off well, then slacked off a bit, but now I am trying to get my butt back into gear so I can run my first 5K this year! I already know which one I am signing up for the Dogfish Dash in Delaware. Of course the end goal is beer so I know that I can make it 3.1 miles for beer! I just don’t want to come in last place so I need some help, advice, etc. I have a few questions for all of you runners out there (see below). Please comment in the post so I can become a “runner” soon!

Right now this is my motto!

  1. What are the best types of sneakers to wear. I am using just basic every day sneaker from Kohls. I know that they are not great for running but I didn’t want to make an investment until I started showing improvement. 
  2. What’s the best type of clothing to wear? Any specific brands? I am talking tops, shorts/pants and socks? 
  3. Girls – Now this is for the big busted ladies out there (woo hoo!) but I need a really good sports bra. I was in pain while running the other day and my back still hurts and I am still sporting black eyes! Any recommendations? I can’t spend my entire run holding onto the girls b/c that may look a bit weird to the other runners. 
  4. What is a good time to expect for a “novice” runner. I started out with 15 minute miles – remember I am sooooooo out of shape! I mean I couldn’t even run more than 2 tenths of a mile when I first started and today I did under an 11 minute mile – my personal best! I know that I WILL DO BETTER but it’s going to take some time.  Again what is good for an average runner who is doing it for fun?
  5. Any other tips you can share with me? Please do! 

Thanks for any and all advice!

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Weight Watchers Update – Week 8

So, I totally forgot that today was Tuesday and I didn’t weigh myself first thing this morning. So I will give a real update tomorrow but I am eating white cheddar cheesy puffs as I type this so that should tell you how my week has gone! Plus I hit up Victory Brewing Company yesterday and I had the most delicious cheeseburger, fries and a 5 sampler of beers (IPAs of course). 
So I can guarantee you tomorrow’s Weight Watchers update is going to be a real doozy.  I need a swift kick in the rear end to get myself back in gear!!!!!  
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Finish the Sentence Friday – Week #7

It’s Friday, so you know what that means. It’s time for the Finish the Sentence Friday Blog Hop hosted by

 Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic (TwitterFacebook)

Finish the Sentence Friday

This Week’s Sentence: ”I get so frustrated when……”

Wow, this one was another hard one because I could go on for about 25-30 different blog posts. It was hard to narrow it down to just one little thing but I will give it a try.

I get so frustrated when I sabotage myself, my goals, my dreams. I do this all of the time. Right now it is my weight loss. I seem to always set myself up for failure and it frustrates the crap out of me.  I know that I can lose the weight but when i almost reach my goal I give up and sabotage myself by eating pizza and Chick-fil-A.  

My husband always tells me that I roadblock myself. That I give up before even giving it a shot. Whether its in my weight loss or a new business opportunity. In all honesty, I feel like my reasons are truthful and serious and it is just how I feel, but I know that I am a pessimist. I know that I always view things with a glass half empty approach. Maybe it is just because I’m just scared. Too scared to take that extra step forward. To scared of failure.  I’m not sure all of the reasons as to why I tend to sabotage any success.  But right now that is my biggest frustration. 

Hey I have done okay with the blog. I’ve pushed myself and taken risks. Some have worked and some have not. I’m learning to just jump in feet first and not be so afraid. What do I have to lose? 

PS. Here’s a list of other things that I could have written about:
I get so frustrated when …. People don’t use blinkers or cut me off. 
I get so frustrated when …. My kids are out of control and I can’t calm them down. 
I get so frustrated when …. My husband leaves his stinky socks on the floor.
I get so frustrated when …. My wine box is empty or my IPA beer is all gone.
I get so frustrated when …. I can’t keep up with the housework, kids, life.
I get so frustrated when …. I come up with awesome comebacks after a fight.

I get so frustrated when …. I forget things when traveling. 

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Weight Watchers Update – Week 7

Okay I am officially getting fat again! It has not been a good week for me. Scratch that 2013 has sucked when it comes to my weight loss.  I was so close to reaching my goal and then something happened. I gave up, I guess.  This weekend my house was filled with pizza. For some reason when it snows, pizza makes everything better – oh and we didn’t order it on just one night but two nights in a row. So basically I consumed 32 slices of pizza over two days! Well maybe not that much but I am not far off! 
I need to get my act together if I am ever going to reach my goal weight. I now have 13lbs to go. I was so close a few weeks ago. I only had 8lbs to go but then I hit a road block. I just need to focus and get back on track. 

Weekly Weight Loss: +1lb
Overall Weight Loss*: -4lbs
Overall since I started Weight Watchers a few months ago I am still down 15lbs but in this latest round I am only down 4lbs.

This is my constant reminder. I look at this picture and vow to never get like this again!!!! I know I will never be super skinny again – but I do want to be healthy and 13lbs lighter. I  think I can! No,  I know that I can do it.

Please check out my previous posts on my Weight Loss Journey here:
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