Checking Off the Sacraments

My first born Benjamin is well on his way to becoming a smart, kind and holy little gentleman, at least according to the Catholic Church.  Now as I type this is he is definitely on my naughty list.  The kid has really been pushing the limits lately with his behavior.  Talking back, hitting his brothers, not listening when put in timeout, the list goes on an on.  He was having such a good streak lately but the past three weeks he has been quite the handful. He has been so disrespectful. Let’s hope he is just in the middle of spring fever and needs a break from school.  Just a few more weeks left.

Over the course of the school year, both Ben and Sean have been attending CCD.  I “think” that they are learning wonderful things in class but I can never tell.  The moment I pick them up from class, they always get into a full on fist fight in the car. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.  I always ask why they have to go nuts and attack one another while getting into the car in the church parking lot.  Why after an hour of learning about God and all of his wonderful creations, they have to tear each other down.  I can’t figure it out. But after all of these past few months of classes, it was time for Ben to continue on with two sacraments.

Back in February? March? I can’t even remember, Ben was scheduled to make his First Reconciliation. I kept joking that he would finally be free of sin and I wondered how long that would last. Stay tuned and you will find out….

The day of his Reconciliation he was terrified.  It was a very casual service but I completely understood his fear. He has the same anxiety that I have when doing something for the first time.  When we got to church he was a mess and his CCD teacher noticed.  So she helped us out and when it was time to confess those sins, she let Joey and I walk him over to the priest. Plus he was able to go at the beginning of his group so he wouldn’t have to wait long.  He looked so adorable and grown up sitting there talking to the pastor confessing those sins {i.e. I hurt my brother, I talk back to my parents, you know the standard 8 year old sins}.  I wish that I could have snapped a picture but it was confession and all so I couldn’t. I did snap this picture after mass but the lighting was terrible and my phone was the only camera that I had.



P.S.  In case you were wondering, Ben was free of sins for approximately 8 minutes after his confession.  He got into the car and started running his mouth and talking back to us. But he was finally relieved that it was over with.  He also came away knowing that it’s not as scary as he thought.  He could bring his cheat sheet of prayers and he wouldn’t get in trouble.

Now just 3 weeks ago Benjamin celebrated his First Communion. It was a beautiful day. We were supposed to get rain all day but thankfully it held off until after our dinner.  Ben wasn’t as nervous for his First Communion as he was for Reconciliation. I think it’s because it wasn’t one on one with the priest like confession was. Mass was packed but we were able to get decent seats. We couldn’t see him perfectly but we were still able to get some pictures. And thank goodness for a few friends and family who sent me some other pictures that were much better!

  image  image

image  image

Not nervous at all. He found time to do a little dancing before heading off to Mass.


He did everything beautifully {except that he forgot to make the sign of the cross aftewards but that’s okay}. Oh and he did not go into the line for wine.

unnamed (2)  image


After mass our family headed back to our house to celebrate his big day.  We had a great afternoon, eating, relaxing and enjoying our time together.  Ben was in heaven because his cousin gifted him some of his older Pokemon cards from a decade or so ago! We were also able to celebrate my uncle’s 60th birthday and I was able to meet one of the newest members of our family, my cousin’s son.  It was a wonderful day!

So now Ben has completed 3 sacraments {Baptism, Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist}.  He has a few years off before his next one {Confirmation}. But next year, Sean will get to go through all of this as well.  I cannot wait for that.  I might need to monitor his confession.  God only knows what he will tell the priest.

Have a great weekend.


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