Europe Trip Part 2: London, Baby

Thanks for joining me this week for Part 2 of my European vacation series.  Today I am going to show some pictures from our trip to London, England. It was an absolutely fabulous 5 days and I would love to get back over to London again soon.  You can click here to read about our Europe Trip Part 1: Dublin
We flew from Dublin to London via Ryan Air. Oh my, what an odd little airline.  It’s a really cheap, discount airline that’s always in the news for their odd charges {i.e. fee to use the bathroom}.  Well our flight for the two of us was a combined $35. Yes, that is correct, $15 per person. But of course, there was a catch. We were not traveling light since we were going to be gone for 10 days without laundry so our suitcases and carry-on bags were quite heavy. So heavy that we had to pay over $250 in fees to get them on the plane.  Oh well it balanced out the cost of the flight. And what a flight it was. I think that the pilot had just finished up at the pub before he hopped on the plane because that 45 plane ride was pretty scary! Plus the airline attendants didn’t walk around with snacks or drinks, instead they were selling raffle tickets. I think Joey and I spent the entire flight praying we were going to make it to London. When we arrived in London we somehow missed customs so the entire rest of the trip I felt like I was sneaking around the different countries! LOL
Once we got to London, we jumped into one of their awesome taxis and set out for The Cumberland Hotel. It was our home for the next 5 days.  It was such a perfect little room and a gorgeous hotel.   So clean and modern. The restaurants were delicious too! 
Once we got all settled in our room, we headed out to explore.  Our hotel was right on the edge of Hyde Park on Oxford Street.  We were steps from a tube stop and it was such a great location to stay.  One of our first stops of course was a pub.  We were starving and thirsty.  I can’t quite recall what I ate this week but I know that Joey had every single Fish & Chip in the city of London! I am not exaggerating when I say that he probably had them at every single meal {except breakfast}.
We met up with Joey’s cousin Allen, who stayed at the same hotel as us.  The three of us had a blast together wandering the streets of London for a few days.  Of course we had to do the double decker bus tour, we stopped by Big Ben and Parliament, we saw The Tower Bridge and the London Eye {which none of us went in, we were all a little wimpy}. 

We had to go shopping of course! Harrods is simply amazing. Oh and I loved hitting up Burberry, Thomas Pink and some of the other fabulous stores.

 I had to do the typical “I am a tourist” photo. 


We saw the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. We had to wait a very long time for it to start and then it took forever, but it was still really neat to see and totally worth it. 

One day we took the train out to Oxford University and walked around there all day.  That was another great day. The town itself was gorgeous but the University grounds and buildings are simply amazing. We even went into the dining hall that the Harry Potter one is based on. Oh and they had a main street of cute shops and bookstores. Allen and I lost Joey for a very long time that day. I even got lost myself. I don’t like walking around foreign countries alone. Thankfully I found them after about 45 minutes. I knew to find Joey in a bookstore. 

University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

How gorgeous is this campus?

Looks pretty close to what they had in Harry Potter. This room was absolutely stunning.
The Radcliffe Science Library

After our trip to Oxford, Allen left us to head back home and Joey and I were going to head off to Paris.  We have just hit the halfway mark of our trip! It was such an amazing time in London. I felt right at home there. I guess because it’s similiar to NYC with the hustle and the grandness of the city.  It was a wonderful town and despite the cold weather I loved every second of it.  I think if we ever get back there I will finally be brave enough to get in the London Eye. 

I’ll be back on Monday to talk about our trip to Paris! I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.  We have a birthday party {you know for the girl that Ben needed to buy the Shiny, Gold Necklace for} and then we are headed down to Delaware for a Beef & Beer Fundraiser for Katie’s Cancer Crusade.  And hopefully we will be able to get to the Philadelphia Zoo on Sunday.

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Talk to you soon! Happy Friday.

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  2. I love this trip and seriously looked like a wonderful time and now look forward to seeing Paris!! 🙂

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