Family Game Night

I have always wanted to start the tradition of family game night.  Right now it’s very hard to do with the baby, Joey’s work schedule and homework.  But I know that soon we will pick a night that works best and start our “official” game night.  But we do try and squeeze in games every now and again to pass the time on a rainy day or just for fun.  The kids discovered UNO this fall and have been obsessed with it ever since. I remember playing it as a young kid and I love that my boys are enjoying the same games!

A few weeks ago I received a box from Gamesformotion filled with a stack of familiar games. But there was a twist. These games had their pieces and tiles replaced with some very yummy Belgium chocolate! Yup that’s right, I said CHOCOLATE! Now we can play Candy Land, Scrabble, Battleship and many other games with actual pieces of chocolate.  The rules of the games have been modified a bit but nothing too confusing and who cares, you are playing with chocolate!


I finally had the perfect time to break open Candy Lane and play it with the boys. Of course it was a huge hit.  The boys had a blast playing. Candy Land is already a great game but it’s even better with chocolate. Yummy! Sean won the big 1st Place medal (made out of chocolate of course). But he ate it before I could get a picture of it! Sneaky Kid!

Guess Who? Is next on our list to play.

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All games will be available for purchase at mass retail stores such as Target, CVS, at select SuperValu store locations, Kmart,, Meijer and Fred Meyer, Bed Bath & Beyond and select smaller distributors with retail prices starting at only $9.99.

I was in Target this past weekend and found a display in the Christmas section.  I would have snapped a cute photo but my phone was dead! So keep an eye out for these fun {and delicious} games! They are the perfect gift this holiday season!  But you really don’t need to wait. Enjoy them today.

Guess Who_deksel_packshot Low Res Monopoly Classic_deksel_packshot Low Res

I did not receive compensation for this review but I did receive sample products from Gamesformotion.  All of the opinions stated above are my own.


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