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Hello everyone! I am having a wonderful time at the beach. So far the weather has been pretty nice! The kids are wearing me out but I am at the beach so I can’t complain!  I know that it’s been pretty hot the past week but let’s talk Christmas!  Yes, I said Christmas!

But I am not talking about presents {yet}.  I am talking about wreaths.   I wanted to send a shout out to my featured sponsor this month: Jen’s Wreaths. You might remember my post about Jen a few months ago. You can read it HERE. This time she is sharing a fun new idea for fundraising, Christmas Wreaths. Now I know you are thinking CHRISTMAS IN JULY? But seriously, it’s not that far away and it’s time to start thinking about these things. If you work at a school, church or another group and you need something new for your fundraising this year, check out Jen’s Wreaths.


Here’s a little more information about Jen’s Wreaths and their fundraising program.

We currently work with 60 organizations that sell our balsam fir products to raise money, and we work with organizations in the lower 48 states.   We are in the process of revising our program for 2013!  We offer more than just wreaths.  We have balsam fir candy canes, swags, crosses, and multiple sizes of wreaths.  We expect to have the new fundraising packets ready to mail out June 1st, 2013!  Advisors of organizations can request a packet of information from our website and look it over to see if it might be a good fit for their group.  Our fundraiser is unique and has virtually NO RISK.  We do not have a minimum order size and are happy to accommodate even small group sizes.  Our shipping charges are all up front and there are not hidden costs.  We are flexible and willing to customize our program for groups with special needs.  We have great customer service and are always happy to visit one on one via phone.  Our office ramps up for the holiday season starting September 1st and will be fully staffed at that point.

So what do you have to lose, head on over to Jen’s Wreaths and request your “Christmas Wreath Fundraiser” packet today!

And if you are not looking for fundraisers but want to order some Christmas wreaths, make sure that you bookmark her page and check it out as we get closer to the holiday season!

You can also find Jen’s Wreaths over at Facebook / Twitter 


Thanks again Jen for your sponsorship! We appreciate it!  Remember if you are looking for a place to advertise your business or website, Erin the Irish Mama is a great place!  Head on over to my advertising page and check it out!  I am also going to give away one free large ad spot ” The Full Growler” very shortly! So stay tuned for details.

Happy Christmas in July.




  1. They look so beautiful, but seriously even though it may not be that far off, I am so enjoying the warm weather and don’t want to think about the cold or snow again for a bit!! Glad you are enjoying your beach trip, too 🙂

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