Finish the Sentence Friday – Week 25

Thank goodness it’s almost Friday {or Friday if you aren’t reading this until Friday morning}!  This week has been a crazy one.  First we celebrated Father’s Day, then Ben’s graduation, followed a day in NYC with Ben and another day I spent at my doctors appointments.  Thursday was a nightmare because of the boys behavior but it’s FRIDAY!!  It’s the freakin’ weekend baby!   It couldn’t get here any quicker!  Tonight we hope to hit up the local carnival and then this weekend hopefully get to the beach one day and Great Adventure another! Let’s hope it all works out!  I really could have used a couple of bottles of wine this week!!!!


But not it’s time for Finish the Sentence Friday!  This week’s question is: “If I could have dinner with anyone in history it would be…”

Well this is an easy one. If I could have dinner with anyone in history it would be Kim Kardashian!  KIDDING!  It would definitely be my dad!  I would give anything to have one last meal with him!  We would eat a bunch of crap, drink a lot of wine and shoot the shit for a few hours! It would be great! All those times that we did have dinner together, I took them all for granted!!!!


Thanks for joining me again this week for another Finish the Sentence Friday.  This blog hop is brought to you by four awesome ladies! Make sure you stop by and like all of their pages.


  1. Oh my day today was quite insane, too. No nap for Emma, who needed to be entertained all afternoon. Yeah, I am tired just thinking about it. And looks like we are on the same page with spending one last dinner with those we lost and love with all our hearts. Beautiful post and thank you so much for linking up with us as always. Here is to a great weekend now!! 🙂

  2. At first I was …NOOOO not one those mindless robots…but then your dad….wipes tears from my eyes. I bet he is so proud of you! you are right, we take for granted each moment with our loved ones

  3. Aw, love that you chose your dad!

  4. Good call! I actually still feel guilty about not getting a chance to make my Dad his favorite dish again before he died. 🙁

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