Finish the Sentence Friday – Week #3

So I missed last weeks Finish the Sentence Friday Blog Hop, but I’m getting back on track and I’m ready to go this week.

As you recall, one of my fellow blogger friends, Janine, from Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyaholic is hosting a weekly Blog Hop called “Finish the Sentence Friday Blog Hop”. Janine along with Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine present you with the start of a sentence and you finish it with your own response. Simple enough.

Finish the Sentence Friday
This Friday’s sentence: The last time I went on vacation, I….
The last time I went on vacation, I actually relaxed a little bit. I mean how can you really relax on vacation when you have two crazy toddlers? It’s not easy but I managed to chill out a few times over the week. Alcohol helped me out a lot with that relaxation!
Every summer we spend a week in Avalon, NJ. We absolutely love it there. It’s a quiet and beautiful town with great beaches, restaurants and shops. We have gone down the shore for three years now and I will admit that each year it gets slightly easier.  We know what to pack, we are familiar with the town and we are getting this beach thing down!  The boys are starting to get used to sleeping in a bed other than their own (even if it takes two hours to get them settled). They love playing at the beach every day, even if I hound them every 45 minutes to put on more sunscreen or to wear a hat. The sand and the ocean makes them happy and plopping my butt in a beach chair under an umbrella makes me happy. Thankfully my husband enjoys playing in the sand and doesn’t mind getting in the cold water, because it can get really cold! The three boys have become the best frog catchers in town, but I think that Joey enjoys the frog hunt just a little bit more than the boys. Ben loves catching them and Sean loves squeezing the life out of them. Poor frogs. They don’t stand a chance when the Callaway’s are in town. We love cooking on the grill every day, going out to breakfast for the largest stack of pancakes and enjoying a nice cold ice cream cone when walking down the main street. It’s just the perfect time…….plus we get a whole week with Joey.
It’s a fun new family tradition and I hope that it’s something that we can do each and every year! Time too book the house for this summer!
Summer 2010
Summer 2011


Summer 2012

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  1. Erin, I love your family vacations and reminded me of when I was kid. We used to got to Wildwood, NJ. I loved it there and may need to try to take my kids sometime soon. Your pictures were beautiful and thanks for linking up with us!!!

  2. This is just what I want so badly for my family! It’s a little more of a pain in my ass to get us to the beach (we live in central Texas). But how I love the beach! I grew up in Yorkshire and we went to the beach lots. My hubs (the Texan) is not such a big a sand fan as me! I love getting my bucket and Spain and building a Castle and a moat in the wet sand…!!!

  3. Beautiful photos! For having two young children, those vacations sound pretty fantastic! It is hard to completely relax when your kids are toddlers, but it ges easier, at least! Enjoy!

  4. Great photos! And congrats on being able to relax, even just a little bit. That’s a huge accomplishment with two toddlers in tow! Sounds like it was a big success!

  5. I love the profession of the pictures. So cute! What a beautiful family vacation. We need to do something like that. We’re always on the go, never staying in hotel/house more than two nights.

  6. Looks like so much fun! And this is definitely getting me thinking that I need to plan a vacation for soon. What a great place to take the little ones too!

  7. What great pics! Being from the Midwest, I tend to have a mental image of New Jersey that’s a lot grittier and urban than this. Thanks for the different perspective!

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