Happy Birthday Sean!

Again because of vacation, school, teething and just the fact that I haven’t sat down at my computer, I am a little behind on all of my posts! I’m playing catch up this week.  I will be back on track in a week or two I PROMISE YOU!

So a few weeks ago we had a big birthday in our house.  My middle guy turned 5.   He is now one whole hand.  Five full fingers! The kid couldn’t have been more excited.  He was very lucky and had a few birthday celebrations!

This is what 5 looks like.


The first was a great party with his friends and family at our local bowling alley.  Watching a bunch of 5 year old kids bowl is quite hilarious.  Some are pretty awesome, some are pretty dangerous but they are all adorable.

IMG_9339 IMG_9349

The boys spent and hour and a half bowling.  They dropped balls, threw balls over the gutters and bowled in other people’s lanes.  But it was a blast.  They devoured pizza and cake and then hit up the arcade to play games.

After the party the family headed back home to open up some more presents.  My mom as well as my in-laws were there to celebrate Sean’s big day.

IMG_9361 IMG_9380

I can’t believe that Sean is five.  Time has flown by with this kid {even though the days seem to be so long and drawn out with him}.  I remember when he was born he was already scaring me.  He was in NICU for a few hours for breathing issues, then he had jaundice and was under the lights in the hospital and then again at home for a week.  Every day since his birth he has surprised me with his antics.


He is my little daredevil, my crazy maniac.  The kid makes me lose my breath at least once a day and he definitely keeps me on my toes.  But he has such this sweet, kind and loving side to him.  He is very sensitive but he is now starting to fight back.  And my goodness the kids is smart and athletic.  Everytime I introduce a new sport to him, he just “gets it”.  He even taught himself how to ride a bike after 3 days.

227428_2010240413633_6872594_n   247504_2060278464553_6073646_n

386496_2744833898011_532956734_n  10629650_10204237259429644_8188839653003501781_n

Now he is in Kindergarten.  Full day with a bus ride and all.  My little guy isn’t so little anymore!


We Love you Sean!

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