He’s Definitely My Son

So Tuesday was a very traumatic day for Ben.  He had to get eye drops! Yes, I said that right, eye drops.  Poor kid!

As you know Benjamin has worn glasses for about 2 1/2 years now. I don’t recognize him when he doesn’t have them on.  They are just a part of him now. And he is so adorable with them.

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Well he wears them because at his 4 year check-up we discovered that he had some eye issues.  His right eye has a cataract and poor vision.  It’s not terrible but because of his cataract he used his left eye a lot and his right eye never strengthened.  We tried patching for a year and that didn’t work.  So we figured that the boy would just wear glasses going forward.  After his last eye appointment his doctor suggested that we meet with a top doc in Philly to confirm that the cataract is “normal”.

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On Tuesday Ben, Owen and I drove down to Philly while Sean was in school. I knew that it was going to be a long day so I packed accordingly.  Teaching hospitals / doctors offices never move quickly.  We learned this from his yearly visits to the NYU Skin Cancer clinic.  A 20 minute appointment usually takes several hours because of all the doctors that pop in to check him out.

And because it always happens this way…. the kid with the most medical issues is the one with the most fear/phobias/anxiety.  The poor kid is definitely my son. I hate all things medical and I have had multiple skin cancers removed, three c-sections, etc.  I tend to have panic/anxiety attacks whenever I am faced with anything medical — even if it’s just something minor.  So of course Benjamin is that kid in our family.

The first thing that he asked the doctor was if he would need eye drops? The doctor said maybe {which we all know means yes} and it all went downhill from there.   The first doctor did the eye exam, then the second one did his.  Now it was time for the drops.  Three doctors and one mom {me} had to hold the kid down to get those drops in.  But we got them in after a ton of hysterical crying and kicking and screaming.  Once they were in we had to wait for his eyes to dilate.  A half hour later we were back in the room to visit with another doctor.  This is when he got upset all over again.  The drops had worked and now his eyes were all blurry.  He kept crying to me that he was going blind and he couldn’t see.  I felt so bad for the boy.  It’s hard to explain that they will wear off in a bit and he can go back to reading his Lego Chima book.

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The poor kid was so tired from the long ride, appointment and screaming.  He fell asleep for a few minutes while waiting for the final doctor to come in and visit with him.

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  Finally after three hours (and 3 doctors) we met with the head doctor and he confirmed that his eyes are great.  The right one does have a cataract but he was born with it and it hasn’t changed at all. His eye sight is not getting any worse.  The risk of any surgery to remove it would not be worth the reward.  Meaning it wouldn’t change his vision much {if at all}. So he said that he would NEVER put the boy through the surgery and a few weeks worth of daily drops just to see if it helps his vision.  THANK GOD! I would not want to wheel Ben into eye surgery EVER.  So despite the drama of the 3 hour visit and drive to/from Philly it turned out to be great news.

PS — give me NYC traffic anyday over Philly!!!!



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