I Don’t Do Blood!!!!

I think that God {or my father} is laughing up in heaven right now. Someone has to be since I was blessed with three insane boys. Now if anyone knows me at all, then they know that I do not do medical stuff at all. The fact that I have had 3 c-sections is a freaking miracle. I am the girl in 2nd grade that saw someone bleed a bit and went to the nurse because I was nauseous. On my way to the nurse I passed out and knocked out a few teeth. I’m the girl that when someone talks about stitches or anything medical I must cover my ears or leave the room. I just can’t handle blood, stitches or any other kind of physical wounds.

I will admit that I have gotten a lot better lately now that I have three boys. But I’m not completely there yet. Last year I dropped a lightbulb on my foot and gashed it pretty bad. I was about to pass out and told Ben to call 911 if I did. Thankfully I did not.

The majority of the kids injuries have been minor and not enough blood to make me freak out. That is until 2015. Back in February Sean was playing at the bus stop on the snow and ice. He was just kicking it when he slipped and busted his eye and lip. I grabbed him and put him in my car. I then proceeded to sit on the curb with my head in between my knees. Thankfully a mom at the bus stop came to urgent care with me to help me through it all. I survived (barely).


Ben has had a few seizures over the years and I have only witnessed one but they just scare me. They don’t make me queasy. Thank goodness.

Then again this year Sean had an incident at school. Sean’s mouth + some kids skull = a busted lip. It was a little deep and I had to pick him up from school. I took him to urgent care where again they glued him. It really required a stitch but he wasn’t having it. So they tried glue. Again I survived.


Well just two weeks ago we had the worst of all injuries. A fall from the monkey bars at a friends house. Immediately I knew that Sean broke his wrist. It was just so misshaped … I just knew. I grabbed him and drove straight to the ER. I did pull over once to puke. But I put on my big girl mommy pants and got him to the ER. It wasn’t pretty but we made it there safely. 9 hours later he had his wrist reset and a new blue cast.  We went today for round 2 of X-rays and it looks like we are healing perfectly.  Hopefully in 2 weeks he can get a new cast that’s below the elbow.


Now yesterday Owen fell down 5 steps while I was in the bathroom. I heard him hit every step going down. Thank goodness there is a small landing. Well when I saw him I just saw a mouthful of blood. I scooped him up and spent a half hour getting the bleeding/crying to stop. I thought that he just busted his lips up but I think that we have some minor injuries to his teeth. Tomorrow he’s headed to the dentist to make sure that everything is ok.  Wish us luck.


image  image


Ugh im so not ready about the next 15 years with these boys and injuries.




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