If I Were to Write a Christmas Letter, It Would Go Like This….

It’s that time of year where everyone sends out Christmas and Holiday cards of their gorgeous families. I love opening up each and every one.  I also love getting letters from friends and family, especially when I haven’t heard from someone in awhile and they aren’t on Facebook so I don’t get updates.  But I was thinking about the letters and what I would write if I had the time (or energy) to sit down and write one out.  I figured, I would give it a try here and share it with you all.

Our Christmas Letter


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Over the past year, the boys have done so many amazing and wonderful things. It’s truly amazing at what they have accomplished in 2016.

I will start off with Ben.  He turned 8 in January and will be 9 in a few short weeks.  Since he turned 8, he has lost his ipad about 1,743 times for hitting his brothers and acting up.  He also learned quite a few curse words as well. He even knows the correct use for almost all of them.  Ben’s latest fascination, besides back talking, is that the middle finger isn’t just used for counting anymore. His father and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  Ben made a few sacraments this year at church.  One of them was Reconciliation. He confessed his sins to the Priest and God and was free of sin … well for about 8 minutes anyway.  He had a great summer, especially when he missed some of our vacation because of his naughty behavior. Glorious times.  This year he started 3rd grade.  He’s working really hard at becoming the class clown. Multiplication is a little tough for him but we work on it daily. And by working on it, I mean he screams at me  telling me that I don’t know what I am doing when I try to help him.  I love that little kid.

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Now Sean. What can we say about Sean.  Well, no broken bones or stitches/glue this year. But hey, we still have a week left in the year.  Sean is now 7 and enjoys lip singing horrible songs on his musical.ly app on his ipad. His latest obsession that he can’t stop is bottle flipping.  He is pretty talented.  He also loves to do the dab.  He only picked up the dab about 6 months after it went out of style. I expect him to start the mannequin challenge in late June 2017. Oh and he did successfully destroy his ipad in a minor playground incident and just like his brothers, he also loves hitting (they all seem to enjoy a little smack down with each other).  Sean has done wonderful in school this year, he is reading well and trying really hard. He hasn’t been in too much trouble (wait, what? yes it’s true, he’s been really good in school this year).  He is also our sleep walker, sleep pee’er (?) and a sleep eater. He only peed off of our two story foyer twice.  We are so proud of that talent, now if he can just get it into the bowl…. I am always amazed at the things that I find in his room, Owen’s kindle (which I just realized is still missing), bananas in his sweatshirt drawer, equal packets under his bed and a can of icing behind his bookcase. He loves hiding food. I can’t wait until he becomes a true closet eater! Last night he snuck the icing off of the gingerbread house that we were going to decorate today. Guess that’s not happening now. Merry Freaking Christmas!

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Owen, my little sweet baby Owen. Our precious pride and joy. He cursed at me the other day.  The boy loves to scream at the top of his lungs all of the time. He just recently gave up his naps, so I just increased my wine consumption. He did start school this year.  I know that he misses me those few hours a week. Owen refuses to potty train and will not go near the thing, unless he is playing in the water bowl like a cat. He successfully broke 4 wine glasses this year, but it’s not all his fault.  I shouldn’t have left my glass out on the kitchen counter when he decided to start throwing stuffed animals around.  Owen hasn’t slept in his bed in months. He prefers the floor next to his door so he can stay up late watching the tv downstairs in the family room. Smart kid! He’s the perfect combination of his two older brothers, so basically I’m screwed in about 2 years! But he is so freaking cute.

unnamed-4   unnamed-5

unnamed-9   unnamed-11


Combined this year, the boys had 7 cavities, 2 ear infections, 2 bouts of pneumonia, a pair of broken glasses and 1 bad diaper rash!  They have broken so many things that I can’t keep track anymore. My favorite was the virus that Ben uploaded onto my old laptop. Destroyed that thing in seconds! Heck, the boys even got into a fist fight at the Veterans cemetery. What a wonderful moment. It brought a tear to my eye. They have destroyed furniture, tore down curtain rods, flooded bathrooms into the kitchen but they still found time to catch a ton of Pokemon in Pokemon Go. I mean what mom wouldn’t be proud!?

14666215_1133731366713806_8285886277739726524_n   unnamed-10

Despite all of the destruction, bad language, hitting, and peeing, we made it through another year!

See you in 2017 (hopefully).


Merry Christmas from Erin the Irish Mama




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