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No, I didn’t die, I just went MIA for  few months.  Okay for 6 months. I can’t believe that I have not blogged since February.  FEBRUARY!!!!  It’s now late July {eerrrr I mean mid August}and I am finally getting the chance to sit down and share everything. Not that anything drastic has happened since February {do you sense the sarcasm here}? Now this is going to be a pretty long post since a lot has happened over the past 6 months.  We have experienced a move, seizures, broken bones, new friends, smiles and tears.  We have experienced it all.  So sit back and get ready I am about to unload it all on you now.

So let’s see where do I begin. It was the end of January and my husband and I were thinking about moving.  We were in the townhouse with the three boys and we thought {hoped} that this might be the year that we would jump into the housing market and buy/sell.  So we discussed it one night and then the next thing  that I knew I had a week to get the house show ready and listed.  No sooner than we had our own house listed,  we found and bought our dream house. Those few days/weeks went by so fast I can’t even remember if I fed the kids during that time {don’t worry blogger trolls, I did and they are just fine}.

It was a hectic few weeks until our house sold but it all worked out perfectly.  My husband did all of the dirty work {thanks JC for dealing with the realtors / banks / lawyers }.  We settled on our new house right around the same time that our townhouse sold.  From what I hear the new family is so happy in our old house.  I am glad that they love it so much.  We did too but we just outgrew the space. Good bye old house.  You were so good to us.

Now onto the new digs.  We were here for about three weeks before we hired the movers to bring everything over.  It was so nice just driving by and checking on it {but I did not like having to shovel two houses during the snow storms}.  Finally in mid March we moved in.  We had the kids rooms and kitchen painted but everything else was pretty much ready to go.  I love my  new house so much!  Here are some pics. We made a lot of changes on the landscaping, paint colors and furniture, but the house is awesome. I never want to leave it.  I am so thankful that my husband spent so much of his time getting it done!  I promise to take some pictures of what it looks like with our furniture, but after 5 months I still have not decorated everything. I am still trying to find some minor pieces of furniture, curtains, etc.

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Here are a few that I took recently.


IMG_5637  IMG_4025  IMG_4053 IMG_4900 IMG_4884IMG_5001

So we have been in this house for almost 5 months now and the kids are thrilled.  They have a ton of kids around to entertain them and we finally have a backyard now WITH SPACE.  So of course we had to put in a swingset and a basketball net for the boys. They love it. Ben even decided to take a nap in there one day.

unnamed (12)   IMG_4051

unnamed (11)  unnamed (10)

During all of this buying/selling stuff we had a few injuries with the boys.  The first was back in the winter when Sean fell at the bus stop and busted his head open on the ice.  I almost passed out and thankfully another mom came with me to the Urgent Care while they glued his eyebrow shut. You can see he was devastated by his injury.


Then towards the end of the school year Ben had a few more seizures so we had to increase his medicine.  I am not lying when I tell you that within 2 weeks of school I was called to the nurse about 6 times.  There was one day that I had 3-4 phone calls.  It was a rough few weeks.  Oh and then Sean had to get his lip glued because he bashed it into some kids head on the playground.  So we had to stop by urgent care twice and the ER once over the past few months.  I guess that’s just the norm when you have 3 boys.

We finished up Ben’s basketball season and started Sean’s baseball.  It was a busy spring but the boys did great.  I am so proud of them.  We were hoping to do fall ball but with Sean’s recent injury I am just not ready to push him.

IMG_2776  IMG_2333 

 IMG_4052  IMG_3220 IMG_2954

Joey and I have managed to squeeze in some together time as well.  We went to a few concerts this summer.  David Gray in NYC, Dave Matthews in Philly and Bare Naked Ladies right here in our local park.  I’m not going to complain about the rain at these shows but I will say that I HATE RAIN!!!!!! We were with great friends and had a few beers so it was an awesome few nights of fun.

IMG_4689  IMG_4650  IMG_4739

Somewhere in there we had the last day of school.  Sean is moving onto First Grade and Ben is headed to Second.  I can’t believe how quickly the school year flew by.  I am excited but also nervous for this year.  The boys will have a lot of homework and let’s just say that they aren’t the patient, sit on your butt and do your homework type of kids! PS. Yes Ben has had a haircut since these pics.  I know his hair was out of control.

IMG_4337   IMG_4346

Oh I almost forgot….. right after I moved, my mom listed her house and decided to move as well.  So after being in her house for over 40 years she packed it up and is waiting for her new place to be built.  It was sad to see the old house go. We have a ton of wonderful memories in that house. I will never forget those years.  Bye Bye Penn Acres.

IMG_3807  IMG_4558


I am not going to lie, it’s been a pretty overwhelming few months. Between everyone’s health, moving, new cars, entertaining friends, a trip to NYC, camps, swim lessons, and sports I am ready to just sit back and relax. But… I know that is not going to happen for a long time since we have 3 very active boys.  I haven’t talked much about Owen in this post but don’t worry. I will post all about that crazy kid soon!  Here are some random pics from our summer.

IMG_4475 IMG_4471 IMG_5618 IMG_4971 IMG_4461 IMG_3617 IMG_3961 IMG_3129

IMG_3531 unnamed (6) unnamed (8)

IMG_5525 IMG_5508 IMG_5494

IMG_5441 IMG_5420

Oh I almost forgot, Sean’s latest injury.  He broke his stinking wrist.  We were dropping Ben off for swim lessons and we got there a few minutes early. I told the boys to go play on the swings while we waited for our turn.  Well within 5 seconds Sean fell off the monkey bars and was screaming bloody murder.  I saw his wrist and almost passed out. I knew right away that he broke it.  I rushed him to the ER {but not without pulling my car over to puke on the side of the road first}.  Of course they confirmed what I had suspected, two broken bones in his wrist.  Of course he had just eaten and they couldn’t sedate him for 8 hours so we had to wait until 11pm before they could reset his hand and put the cast on.  He was in so much pain so I was thankful when the morphine kicked in.  Now if they only supplied wine or morphine to the moms waiting with their sick kids …..  But he is doing great.  It’s been one week and the bones seem to be healing properly.  He uses it to much so we have to keep him in his sling for now.  Hopefully he will be getting the cast off right around the time school starts. Poor kid just can’t catch a break this year.

IMG_5621 IMG_5678

Alright. That’s all I have for now! whew. It’s only taken me 2 months to type up this one post.  I apologize for all the grammatical errors.  I have not had any time to proof read so deal with it!

Talk to you all soon!



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