It’s Been 8 Long Years But I Had 31 Great Ones

Over the past few years I have shared many stories, pictures and jokes about my dad.  Today on the 8th anniversary of his death, I wanted to share with you some pictures from the early years. Below the pictures is a post that I shared a few years ago. It still has so much meaning and I will always continue to share it each year.


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Taking selfies with an old fashioned camera.  They weren’t even called selfies then!


What have you done over the past 8 years?

I have tried to raise three insane boys. I have gone grocery shopping. I have cooked dinners {okay that one is questionable}. I have attended weddings. I moved into several new homes. I have made friends and I have lost friends.  I have sent two of my babies to school.  I have spent weeks at the beach. I have gone to the zoo, aquarium, and many other museums and events.  I started a blog, I celebrated high school reunions and I discovered that I love wine.  I celebrated holidays. I have cleaned rooms. I moved forward.

They tell you that you will move forward. That your life will go on. Eight years ago I never would have believed you. Eight years ago my life changed forever. But you know what, life did go on. We did move forward. We did continue on with our lives. Never once forgetting. Never once taking life for granted. Never once not laughing or enjoying the funny things in life. We have laughed. We have cried. We have celebrated.

Eight years ago today I lost my father to the most horrific and fastest moving forms of cancer. I never even knew stomach cancer existed until he was diagnosed with it. Four months later, he was gone. So little time.

Eight years ago I witnessed someone moving on to another life. I witnessed death. I remember the phone call from my mom, telling us to get down to the house ASAP. I knew. I just knew it would be the last time that I would rush down there to visit with him.  Joey and I packed up what we needed for Ben {he was only 3 weeks old that day}.

But here we are eight years later. We miss him every day but we have moved forward. We had too. We had to support each other. I had a husband, a child (now three), a sister and a mother. We had too. We could not stay stuck.

We miss him each and every day but I am thankful that we were able to move on together as a family. We are stronger than ever and we never take each other for granted. The memories are painful but we choose to remember the good ones. Never the bad ones. Just remembering the greatest father on earth. My father.

We love you and miss you more and more as each day passes by. I still can’t believe it’s been eight years. You would be so proud of us dad! I hate that you don’t get to see my boys. We hate that you have missed so much. But I know somewhere you are watching over us laughing non stop. I just wish that we could talk to you about it….


PS – So Dad, I wanted to let you know that mom sold your house and moved into a new one… We threw some stuff out, just thought I would let you know! She couldn’t take care of your damn pool anymore!


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