It’s Graduation Day!

Get ready for a massive amount of photos!  Sorry but I am a proud {and teary eyed} mama!

I was pretty impressed that we got 5 adults and 2 kids out of the house before 8:30am so that we could get to the church in time to scoop up the prime seats.   We even had plenty of time to go out front and snap our end of year pictures!  Ben wasn’t being to cooperative at first but he finally got into it.

Here are a few of Sean on his very last day of 3 year old preschool.  Next year he is moving up to the 4 year old class {which is five days a week – WOO HOO}

IMG_5145  IMG_5151

Finally, Ben decided to put a big smile on for a few pictures.


Brotherly love!

IMG_5163 IMG_5168

IMG_5169 IMG_5175

Our family {baby 5 is photo bombing in my massive stomach}

IMG_5181  DSCF0927

Grandparent love

IMG_5195  IMG_5189

And now onto the actual Graduation ceremony at Little Tree Preschool.

DSCF0936  DSC00264

DSC00266   DSC00265

DSC00281  DSCF0951


There’s my little man walking across the stage!

DSC00289  DSC00290 DSC00291

Carrying his diploma and bible.  When he walked past me he whispered “we get to keep this book”.


Ben and his ladies!  Emily is his classmate who he bought the shiny gold necklace for {you can read all about that here}.   Maddie {on the right} is one of his lifelong friends from the neighborhood!   Oh and in case you didn’t notice it, she loves the camera {and the camera loves her}.

DSC00307 DSC00311

Ben with some of the boys from his class.  I just love the hands in the pocket!


Now back to the house for some subs, cupcakes and end of school year presents!






I can’t believe that my baby is going to kindergarten in September! I was pretty proud of myself today. I held it together during the ceremony until the very end.  The last song they sang before diplomas was “Kindergarten Here We Come”.  I shed a few tears but I really lost it when one of the teachers got up to talk and she started crying.  I think every mom lost it at that point.  I am so glad that we chose to send our kids to Little Tree.  All of the teachers really do care about the kids, even if they are not in their class.  Ben went through a lot this year with his seizures and I felt that they cared so much about him and his safety.  I am so glad that Sean has another year there {and if we are still living in this town the baby will go there as well}.

School’s Out for SUMMER!!!!

Stay tuned for my baby update!  I am officially 16 weeks now!  



  1. Wow, that Kindergarten is looming for Ben. I have both girls in pre-school next year. Emma has one more year until Kindergarten and Lily is just starting the three year old program, but just can’t believe our babies are growing up. also, so exciting that you are 16 weeks already. This pregnancy feels like it is flying by to me and can’t wait to hear your update now!! 🙂

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