It’s Sean’s Turn Today

Now that I am finally over the emotions from yesterday {you can read all about Ben’s morning here}, I get to start all over again today with Sean.  It was his first day of preschool {year 2}.  This year he is going 5 days a week until 1pm.  This is the same program that we sent Ben to last year. I love it because they get to enjoy lunch at school and have a little bit of a longer day to prepare them for full day kindergarten next year {which is a super long day}.

He was very excited this morning to get back to school.  Yesterday was meet the teacher day so he got to visit with his classroom for about an hour.  He has the same two teachers that Ben had last year so he was happy.  Plus the teachers know how “energetic” Sean can be!  I have warned them!!!!  But he enjoys school a lot so I don’t think he will be too crazy like he is at home.   He is my independent, don’t look back kid.

Here are some pictures from this morning.  Taking pictures with Sean can be difficult.  The kid either has a crazy psycho smile or his mouth is wide open screaming.  But I did manage to get a few good ones.  Oh and check out the pictures with me. That’s when he decided that he was done and didn’t want to smile anymore!

IMG_1724    IMG_1734

IMG_1728    IMG_1736

IMG_1747    IMG_1751



IMG_1771    IMG_1773

Here are a pictures of Sean headed off to school last September.  He has grown sooooo much over the past year.  Don’t worry I have given the kid a haircut since this picture was taken.  Just look at that crazy hair.

IMG_4848   IMG_4865

IMG_4867  IMG_4869


My little man is growing up way to quickly.  Some days I can’t wait for him to grow up and be a little calmer and less crazy but other days I can’t stand the thought of him getting older.  He is so freaking funny and the faces this kid makes crack me up every single day!  I almost {almost} forget that he runs in the street, takes off without me and is a very dangerous and wild child.   Thank goodness he is one hilarious and good looking kid.  As I tell him every night “I love you to the moon and back”.  His response last night “I love you to the potty and back”.




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  1. Both my girls survived their first day too. Emma has really grown and is like Sean being her second year. But it was Lily first day of her first year and although she didn’t cry we were told at one point it looked like she would and that she stayed close to the assistant teacher for most of the 2 1/2 hours. Now she is snuggling with me while I catch up So glad to hear they all did so well on the first day back and now here is to some free time for us moms, as well!! 🙂

    • I’m so glad that the girls had a great first day! It’s always such an exciting and nervous day for moms! Happy for some free time but also worried about the adjustments! And sad because our babies have grown up! I hope that you get to enjoy your time!!!!

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