It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, I am not talking about Christmas!  You know what time it is. It’s Back to School time.  Yes, I know that the boys have been back for a few weeks now but I finally have the chance to catch up on everything!


The first few weeks have gone very well. Ben is an old pro at the bus and full day of school thing. Homework starts tonight for him so we will see how that goes. Oh and his first spelling test is this Friday.  Why am I soooo nervous? He loves that the first graders can buy snacks at lunch so of course he asks for a dollar everyday.  He LOVES getting an icy pop!  The kid is having a blast meeting new friends. Every day he comes home with a new name of someone that he met on the playground or he recognized from karate. It’s so cool seeing his excitement.  


Sean has done very well too. He loves the bus and as far as I can tell he loves school too. He has had a few glitches with the bus but nothing major. On the second day of school he was stung by a bee right before he got off at our stop. The poor guy was hysterical but after 45 minutes of screaming and icing it, he passed out on the couch. 

unnamed (22)

Then on the 3rd day of school he got off at the wrong stop. Thankfully he figured it out and jumped back on the bus before the driver pulled away. I wished he had never told me, but I have recovered (slightly). Other than that the bus has been ok.


Both of the boys are quiet when it comes to what actually happens at school. How was your day? Good. What did you do? Nothing.  I’ve tried asking in different ways.  Did you play kickball or basketball in gym?  Who did you sit next to at lunch today? Did anyone have to go see the principal?

But they still don’t answer.  Oh well, I guess that I better get used to that.

IMG_9935    IMG_9943

This week we had back to school night for each grade. Sean has the same teacher that Ben had last year so I know what to expect.  She said that Sean is doing well, he is just a chatterbox! SHOCKING! They have a very busy schedule each day but Sean is hanging tough. I think the hardest part is not having lunch until 1:25 pm.  

unnamed (19)    unnamed (18)

Last night I met Ben’s teacher and sat in his desk. He is so excited that he has a spot in his desk for all of his papers and books (aka a real school desk and not a table).

unnamed (20)    unnamed (21)

So overall, this school year has been a success.  Let’s pray that we have a very UNEVENTFUL year of Kindergarten and First Grade! I will fill you in after conferences in Oct!

Oh and what have I been doing these past few weeks? Well I have been snuggling up with Owen, decorating for fall and trying to organize this house! Every day I tackle a new project.  I just fixed my kitchen sink this morning.  Later I need to tackle the toy room!




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