Jen’s Wreaths — Fresh Christmas Wreaths

It’s time to talk Christmas people. Yes, I said Christmas! It’s right around the corner. Thanksgiving is done, my house is 95% decorated and I just got into the full swing of shopping. I love decorating for Christmas. It just makes the house feel so comfy and relaxing. And if you are like me then you love a good fresh wreath. The smell! Love it.

Well then you must check out Jen’s Wreaths


Welcome to Jen’s Wreaths! We are a family owned company located in the north woods of Minnesota. If you have been looking for a truly authentic Christmas wreath, you have come to the right place. All of our hand crafted Christmas wreaths are made using the freshest, sustainably harvested, balsam fir available to ensure a crisp evergreen scent as well as a beautiful door wreath or a grand large Christmas wreath you will find it here. Please feel free to browse through our large assortment of different fresh Christmas wreath options and let us know if you have any questions. Have a great holiday season!



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Happy Decorating.  I can’t wait until my wreath arrives  I will definitely post pictures


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