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Hello guys! I know it’s been awhile but I’m back. I am going to blog in a few days about my oldest turning 9, latest dramas with the middle and of course all of the crazy antics with the little.  I’ll just leave you with these three things, broken iPad, knives and potty training. I just haven’t been in the right mindset to write about my little devils angels.

But I did want to share with you guys about the newest Kwik Stix product from The Pencil Grip. I know that you have read about them on my blog before back in my original Kwik Stix Review. If you missed it, click here to read about the original product. They also took part in my 1st Holiday Gift Giveaway. Well this time I can say that I love them even more. In my original review I mentioned that the only downside was that they needed to be a little thinner. The older kids had trouble staying in the lines when painting.  Well, they listened to me (ok, I am sure that it was already in the works when I did my review, but I am going to take credit for it. Kidding).

Check out the latest Thin Stix.

unnamed-5    unnamed-3

Sorry that I didn’t snap clearer pics of the packaging but Owen was grabbing them out of my hand and ripped open the box! See here’s the proof


Once again I just hand Owen some paper and his “paints” and he goes to town. They are non-toxic and the paint dries so quickly I don’t have to worry about messes. I can actually get a few things done while he’s painting me beautiful pictures of circles. I don’t have to help him because he’s a pro at using them now. He can uncap them, paint and then clean up. But I did just discover that he did a little art project off the paper and onto my kitchen table. Thankfully these Thin Kwik Stix are so awesome that it came off very easily (even after sitting for a few days).

unnamed-7    unnamed-8

They work on paper, wood, cardboard and more. This time we tested them out the wood! My older boys had to design and paint their pinewood derby cars for cub scouts. Well Owen was so excited that he wanted in on it too. Now this was the morning of the race and we didn’t have time to cut his car, so he just painted his block of wood. We installed the wheels and he was able to race as a sibling in the derby. Unfortunately his Trolls car didn’t place. Ha! But we painted it and within minutes it was dry and ready to go. The boy loved his car. He still takes it to bed every night. And the best part, the paint has not rubbed off at all onto any of his bedding! I mean how cute is his car! And it was all done using his Thin Kwik Stix.

unnamed-2    unnamed

Once again I cannot say anything bad about this wonderful paint from Kwik Stix. They now have a large variety of Kwik Stix. You can find the original ones, the thin ones, you can also order them in neon or metallic colors.  They have small starter sets and then larger sets as well.  Go ahead and order them, you will love them.  As always they are available on their website The Pencil Grip or on Amazon. If you have young ones in the house that love to paint but you hate the bowls of water, the dripping messes, etc. then I definitely recommend Kwik Stix. We cannot get enough of them in our house. They are non-toxic, convenient and so easy to use. Just ask Owen!!!!

Remember to check out Kwik Stix

I would definitely recommend these for kids of all ages!


*** Please note that I did not receive compensation for the above review but I was given free samples of the above products by The Pencil Grip, Inc. All of the opinions posted above are my own ***


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