Mother’s Therapy Organics {Product Review & Giveaway}

As a mother of three boys {I still can’t believe it either}, I am always looking for a great hand sanitizer or lotion.  Especially since we have a newborn in the house. Between the cold weather, the multiple diaper changes, washing bottles and just regular hand washing my hands are very dry and cracked.   Plus since it’s cold and flu season I have been trying everything to keep these boys {especially baby Owen} germ free.

I was recently sent some Mother’s Therapy Organic products to test out in my house.  I received the germ-fight’n hand lotion as well as the hand sanitizer.

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The germ-fight’n hand lotion is wonderful.  It is something that I can use before/after diaper changes.  I don’t need to wash my hands constantly which dries them out.  The lotion is soft and smells awesome — like fresh cucumbers!  You won’t be disappointed.  Oh and it’s safe for kids too.  Sean’s hands are always dry and cracked and it’s hard convincing him to put on lotion. But since this smells so good he has actually let me use it on him quite often!  And I like that it is also germ fighting, because we know all about boys and germs!

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The hand sanitizer is excellent as well.  It does not dry out my hands and I love that it’s organic. I have had it in my purse for  a few weeks and I use it all of the time {especially after pushing shopping carts at Target or leaving my son’s preschool}.

Mother’s Therapy Organics uses the purest organic and natural ingredients. As the natural alcohol evaporates, it leaves behind our skin-softening aloe vera-based lotion which becomes infused into the skin so no extra rubbing is required. The end result? A non-greasy hand sanitizer that can be used as often as needed without the worry of damage to sensitive skin.

If you would like to read more about Mother’s Therapy Organics or order some for yourself, please click one of their links below for more information. Not only do they offer the two products above but they also have a baby lotion and a kids hand sanitizer!

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Mother’s Therapy Organics™ is a woman-owned company that strives to provide parents with healthy options for our children.

Mother’s Therapy Organics™ pledges to use safe, natural and organic ingredients in all of our children’s cleansing products; our dedication to the health and well-being of children is paramount.

Today I am also hosting a giveaway sponsored by Mother’s Therapy Organics. One lucky reader will win a free trial pack of the the lotion and sanitizer!  Enter below! U.S. Residents only.

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