My 3 Sons

I am curious, do you have a favorite child? Is there one kid in your house that you let get away with more things than the other? Right now I have a favorite and it’s Owen.  Why? Well he doesn’t talk back to me, he eats, sleeps and poops and right now he is giving me 8 hours straight of sleep each night! The other’s well they call me names, kick me, refuse to eat dinner, have potty mouths and basically demand things non-stop.  Yes, they are boys and yes they are young so I get it, but seriously.  Owen you are my favorite!  Now give him 3 years when he is talking and running his mouth. I am sure that he will be low on the totem pole! But for right now he is so stinking cute!

IMG_5506   IMG_4907

But let’s talk about these boys now!  All three of them are so darn cute! I don’t know how I got so lucky to get such beautiful children!


I don’t normally coordinate their outfits but I was trying to snap off a few pictures to send into the University of Delaware magazine!


On Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting with Sean’s preschool teacher for his mid year conference. I am always worried when I go into these conferences because Sean does things his way.  He always has and always will. There’s no changing this kid.  Yes, we think that he is a little ADHD and has an extreme case of impulsive behavior. Just the other day he jumped out of the van {not on the side that he always gets out of}.  He stopped Ben’s door from shutting and hopped out. I was walking around the car and didn’t see him.  Right as this happened a huge box truck drove down my street then slammed on the brakes and stopped.  My biggest fear was OH SHIT he got hit.  I didn’t realize that he had jumped out the other side.  Here comes Sean just walking around the car with a big smile because he pulled a fast one on me.    When the driver realized that he just didn’t run down some 4 year old he kept on driving but my body was shaking and I almost dropped Owen’s car seat!


Dressing Owen up like the Lorax

But after today’s conference I feel so much better about my little Sean.  He has always worried me but it seems like he is a different kid at school.  His teacher told me that he is very smart and really thinks things through before answering or working on a project.  He knows everything that he should for a kid his age!  He scored a + for everything.  The only +- was for sitting still during circle time!  But she said once she speaks to him he is fine.  Who is this kid that she is talking about.  I was in tears when I got into my car.  Maybe I don’t have to worry about him after all.  Maybe, just maybe he is going to be alright {if I can keep him from jumping in front of trucks and cars}.


Trying to do some of my Beach Body exercises!

And now onto Thing 1 {Ben}. He now calls himself Thing 1.  Sean has been given the title of Thing 2 and of course Owen is now Thing 3.  Ben is again obsessed with Dr. Seuss.  I love that every year when it’s time to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday Ben falls in love again with The Cat in the Hat all over again.  He pulls out all of his books and stuffed animals and now he has sheets for his bed as well.  He is so proud because he can read Green Eggs and Ham all by himself.  I am so proud of that boy! His school conference is this week.  Joey is going to go and take this one.  His teacher didn’t request one {which is a great sign} but Joey wanted to go and meet her and chat.  He never gets to do these things because of his work schedule.

Ben doesn't like posing for pictures these days so I have very few of him right now.

Ben doesn’t like posing for pictures these days so I have very few of him right now.

Ben just earned another belt in karate, his third one.  He is doing great with it and I hope that he continues to enjoy it.  It’s a struggle to get him to class some days but once he is there he has a blast.

IMG_4466  IMG_4430

Plus the poor kids bus got lost two weeks ago for 2 freaking hours.  One of the scariest moments in my life.  No one knew where the substitute driver was with a bus full of K-3 graders!  TWO HOURS.  Let’s just say a few wrong turns, turned into a few more wrong turns and then the cops were called to find the bus and escort it home.  He normally gets home at 4pm and that day it was 6pm before we were headed back to the house.  The school is doing their investigation and I seriously hope that policies are changed and they put GPS in the buses soon.  I didn’t know if the driver was drunk, lost or kidnapping them.  It seems like he just didn’t know his way around Robbinsville.  Which is scary since he was assigned to a bus full of kids.  It really isn’t hard. There are two stops and they are 8 house apart from one another.  And it’s just down one road from his school with one turn!!! It was not a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day. Thankfully Ben didn’t seem to mind and was wondering what the fuss was about!

Owen Baptism_08

My gorgeous family (photo credit: Photography by Jen Davis)

Owen Baptism_15

photo credit: Photography by Jen Davis

I know that I may complain a lot but like every mom, I need to vent.  But in all seriousness, I love these kids with all of my heart and soul.  And knowing that my family is complete {aka no more babies} makes it all the more special.  I really am trying to cherish every moment that I can.  Cherish every first with Owen and every new experience with the older boys.  



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  1. Your boys are adorable and definitely have every reason to be one proud mama!! 🙂

  2. I have three kids, two boys ages 5 and 3 and a 15 month old baby girl. And I love that you so simply stated that you have a favorite “right now”. Because so do I. The baby doesn’t yell no at me, fart in my face and laugh, refuse to eat and indulge in nonstop wrestling matches allll over the house. Of course I love them all the same, but she is my favorite right now. Although she did throw a thirty minute temper tantrum today because I left the room without her. She acted as if I crushed her entire soul and then turned into a mini rage machine. So she might be starting to come out of the favorite spot a little bit. . .why cant they just stay babies a little bit longer?

  3. I just wrote a longer comment and then I don’t know if it worked. . . so the run down is: this is great, I have a favorite, it’s the baby, and why can’t they stay babies longer. 🙂

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