My Sweet Little Owen

So let’s flashback to just a little over two years ago, say November 2013.  Alright, are you there yet?

I was VERY pregnant with Owen {aka every time that I walked I thought a child was going to fall out of my body}.  See, here’s the proof: 


But I also had Ben and Sean to take care of. Ben was finally in Kindergarten and Sean was in his last year of pre-school.  Sean was always getting into trouble. He was the destroyer and Ben was turning from his quiet, calm self into a crazy, fighting, back talking maniac — but I say that with love.  The moment that I found out that I was having a third boy, I kept doubting myself.  How on earth could I handle three boys.  I don’t do blood, Joey doesn’t do messes and together we were already exhausted from our first two boys.  BUT…. everyone kept telling me that third child is always the calm one.  The kid that just goes with flow, he will be relaxed, easy going and just a fun, quiet kid.  I thought wow this new baby will be awesome. He will be the chill kid in the house.  And he was…. until now.

God, just look at how adorable this kid was back then.

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The first year and a half Owen was an angel. The kid was an awesome sleeper/napper, he ate foods that I wouldn’t even try. He was what everyone promised me he would be.I should have known better than to think it would last. I knew it was too good to be true. His second birthday snuck up on us and BAM Owen’s new behavior hit me like a ton of bricks.  First, I was sad emotionally that my very last baby was no longer a baby and second, that he was no longer the chill, calm, go with the flow kid that I had the first 2 years.   

Now I know that he learned all of his tricks from two other boys in our house but man, he has come up with a few doozies that even Sean, my insane toddler never even attempted.  He turned into this adorable little maniac. He colors on my cabinets and floors and walls. It doesn’t matter if he is using pencils, pens, markets, crayons.  He has no preference in his writing device.   He climbs higher in the pantry then Sean ever tried. He constantly flushes toilets and dumps bath soap everywhere.  He gets into everything in under 4 seconds.  Just the other day I was in the family room cleaning up a water cup that he spilled and turned around to this image.  

Mom, if you got me my yogurt when I asked, I wouldn’t have to climb


I never even heard the stool slide or the fridge open.  Not only is he quick but he’s quiet when he’s being sneaky.  The kid could be downstairs playing nicely and I’ll run upstairs to grab one thing. I will turn around and they little devil will be right there at my feet. Scares the crap out of me every single time.

Just trying to make this plane fly mom


It’s okay mom, I can get my own bowl of crackers


I spy peanut butter balls on this ledge!


Now he has pulled out his latest trick yet.  Climbing out of his crib.  Ben and Sean stayed in their cribs until very close to their third birthdays.  I don’t even think Ben ever attempted to crawl out, but we decided it was time for him to get a toddler bed.  Sean definitely climbed out many times, when we finally got his bed but again he was much closer to three.  I am not at all prepared for this part of parenting.  We are going back to sleepless nights. Nights where I worry about him escaping his room, the house, getting into some type of dangerous situation.  So while we are away this holiday weekend I am thinking of my plan of attack when we get back home.  The Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed will be making another appearance and child safety handles, door alarms and gates will be coming out of storage once again.  I swear this part of parenting is much more difficult than the middle of the night feedings.

Wish me luck!

Oh here’s one more picture that my friend snapped the other day while we were shopping.  This is the type of stuff that I deal with every single day!!!!!!! But God, I love this kid more than life!

Lollipop, oh you mean the one stuck in my hair? I was saving that for later!


P.S. Preschool for Owen starts in:

Countdown Clock


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