My Two December Birthday Boys

Like I mentioned in my last post, things have been a bit crazy around here lately.  But in the middle of all the chaos and confusion we did celebrate two very important birthdays.  The first one was my little man Owen.  He is now officially two years old.  Where did the time go? I swear that I just gave birth to that 10 pound little sucker!!!   But now he is no longer my little baby!

Owen fresh 48_16

He is officially two and in 2 weeks I will be registering him for preschool. I still don’t think that we have recovered from the “I’m pregnant” news and here he is walking, talking and throwing temper tantrums. Ahh the joys of a toddler.

Since all of our family was able to make it up on Thanksgiving, that’s when we had his official party.

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Then just 3 weeks later Joey had his big birthday. He turned the big 4-0. The kids wanted to throw him a surprise party and since he had his office work party that evening we celebrated at 6:30am with ice cream cupcakes!  As you can tell the boys weren’t quite awake yet…. Until the sugar kicked in 10 minutes later. I know that the hubby has had a difficult year but we all love him so much. The boys look up to him and we are all so proud of what he’s accomplished for our family. He’s provided for us in so many ways. We are forever grateful. Even if the boys don’t express it to you.




And these two December birthday boys seem to share a really special bond.  Owen and Joey get along so well.  Owen really is a daddy’s boy! I love the connection that they share with one another. It’s magical.


Happy Birthday to two of my 4 favorite boys!


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